A Baby for the Viking Wolf

Gwen Knight - 2018
    As a professional party-girl, she never considered settling down and having kids. Until she meets the blood wolf—a renowned Viking vampire hunter with a mysterious past—and spends the night in his arms. Now, thanks to him, everything has changed. Not only are there vampires running amok in town, hunting Lucy and her unborn child, but the blood wolf has staked his claim, determined to both protect her and take her as his mate.

Scent Of Desire

Catherine Vale - 2014
    What if he was wrong? He'd waited two hundred years for this. Desperately searching, about to give up...believing he was just not destined to ever find her.And yet here, stuck outside on this dark, rainy night, her scent wafted over him like a fading song in a dream. How could it be that here of all places and tonight of all nights, he may finally have reached the end of his achingly long search?

Human Alpha Protector

Alicia Banks - 2019
    He was always there to protect me. He’s been following me since my childhood and I had no idea. Brandon Scott has been all I need since I saw him naked, the very first day we met. After seeing his tanned body, with those bulging muscles, I want him so badly. He makes me crazy and I am getting obsessed. His eyes can melt any woman’s heart. I’ve never felt like this in my entire life. Now I have to share a cabin with him. And I don’t know if I can trust myself with him. I know he is not a human. He says he is my father’s assistant. He says he can not fall in love with a human. It is against the rules of his pack. Who cares? I am stubborn. I can’t resist this sexy creature roaming around me. My body craves his touch. I need him. I want him to do all the naughty things to me. Lust is taking over my mind. How long can I keep control? How long can I fight my hormones? Now as I am addicted to him, My heart is breaking. All my plans with Brandon are shattering. He already has a mate and he never told me anything about her. Now I am hurt and I want to run from here. Maybe moving to Italy will help me forget him. There he is, again standing in front of me. There is not even a single second when I don’t miss him. Why he can’t be mine? This story contains No Cheating, No Cliffhangers, and it definitely is a HEA story! : ) Warning: Adult Readers only.

The Hunting Game: A Fantasy Romance Novel

Leila Vy - 2018
     It was supposed to be the most wonderful thing in the world when two mates meet.But for Patience, it was the opposite. She was rejected by her destined mate, and it hurts like hell. Instead of moping around, she decided to join the yearly hunting game in hopes to find her chosen—a mate who will fully accept and love her. When Patience met Titus, her new mate, she learned about his terrible past and was trapped in yet another set of troublesome situations. How is she going to face all the problems life had thrown at her? Come and join Patience as she frees herself from a major heartbreak and create memories with the new love of her life. For all werewolf readers out there, this is one new story you should read. Grab a copy now!

Thorne Bay

Jeanine Croft - 2020
    To follow wherever the finger of destiny points. Even if that means heading to some obscure Alaskan town she's never heard of. A place where the primal beauty of the backwoods is rivaled only by a certain pair of steely green eyes. But Thorne Bay has a dark side. It's not just rumors and wary gazes that shadow the darkly alluring Tristan and his reclusive family. Her search for self, as it turns out, leads to a discovery of werewolves and a fight for survival. Alaska might just leave an indelible mark. Love and Death will leave her changed forever.

The Alpha's Wrath (The Alpha's Destiny Book 2)

Donna Flynn - 2015
    Even break their heart… Alpha Tristan Dupree must turn his back on his one true love or risk losing her forever, but when her life is placed in jeopardy despite his sacrifice, he will stop at nothing to make everyone involved pay, even if it means forfeiting his own life...

The Alpha's Curvy Match

Alex Anders - 2014
    His associates were rich, and his women were thin and easy. He was the gorgeously built heir of royalty. He didn’t see why he shouldn’t get what he wanted. Jenny, on the other hand, lived in the real world. She was curvy, quick-witted and struggling to pay for college. She thought it would be a fun escape to go with her roommate to a Sheikh’s party... but she had never met the Sheikh. When they met, the sparks flew immediately. The Sheikh had mistaken Jenny for one of his airheads and Jenny had to give him a quick introduction to what a real woman is like. He didn’t like that so much. Their time together would have been brief if it wasn’t for one thing; the Sheikh was a wolf shifter, and as a wolf, he had scratched Jenny. That presented a problem for the Sheikh. In order to keep his secret, his royal family made his victims “disappear”. The Sheikh didn’t like Jenny, but he didn’t want that. So coming up with a compromise, he decides to watch Jenny to see if his scratch would turn her into a wolf. And offering her a high paying job that she can’t refuse, he keeps her close enough to figure out if the virginal Jenny would have to die. Will Jenny turn into a wolf on the next full moon? Will the Sheikh let her die if she does? And will the two stop fighting with each other long enough to realize that they might be each other’s perfect match? The clock is ticking for them to find out. ‘THE ALPHA’S CURVY MATCH’ is the latest release from international bestselling author Alex Anders and is for those who love steamy new adult romances where full-figured young women bicker with their hot alpha male werewolf before potentially falling in love. 25,000 words * This romantic, new adult adventure contains graphic descriptions of sex written to create extreme arousal in the reader.

Fatal Instincts

Shelby V. Painter
    It's just another temporary place full of temporary people that she'll never let close enough to see the lost girl hiding beneath her tough facade. She's done this all before, she'll do it all again. She's sure this new town won't be any different from all of the others, but then she meets Daimon Kross. Meet isn't even the right word. He demands her attention and she refuses to give it.Leader of the town's unruly biker gang, he's tall, dark, and decidedly deadly. Oozing with dominance and power he's exactly the type of man Alyssa knows all too well that she should avoid, but mashing his buttons is just too fun. Alyssa knows a man like Daimon Kross could destroy her, but she's always had a problem with tempting danger, and turning away now might not even be an option. Kettle's Bell and the mysterious Kross bikers may not be all they seem to be from the outside and Alyssa might not be the only one with secrets to protect. In ways that she never expected, Alyssa is finding out that sometimes love doesn't just bite...it howls.

Hello, Heartbreaker

astoryaboutwar - 2013
    Omegas are fragile little emotional things, needy and whiny. Stiles refuses to become that, or to believe that he’s anything like that.Stiles and Derek have been fuckbuddies for a while when Derek loses his memories of the past three years - and them - in an accident. (Also - everyone's a werewolf, and everyone's alive.)Words:18472 complete

Chronicles of Arcana: The complete collection 1-4

Debbie Cassidy - 2019
    The complete collection books 1-4 City of Demons - Book 1 If Buffy and Angel could have banged without him going all evil, then we would have had Wilomena Bastion. Dragons suck, like literally suck the life out of you if you let them. Trick is not to look them directly in the eyes, like ever. So, the day Wila finds herself staring into the most dangerous Draconi’s pretty, emerald peepers, she knows she’s royally fucked.No one said saving a bunch of kids from being served up as treats to the dragon liege was going to be easy. Options are limited—immediate execution or servitude, and Wila prefers to have her head remain firmly on her shoulders.Now, the self-professed dark avenger must work to bring down a resistance of demons hell-bent on making life difficult for the dragon liege. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, her new position comes with a partner, the dragon liege’s favoured demon enforcer; a creature of fire, fury and washboard abs who—let’s face it—is just gonna cramp her style.With the help of a ghostly receptionist, a talking dog and the thing that lives in the basement, Wila will be forced to take on a most dangerous task. It looks like some serious brooding is on the menu, because for the first time in forever, Wila isn’t sure she’s up to the job. A city filled with monsters needs a woman who can kick ass, and Wilomena Bastion is just the gal for the job. A kick-ass Urban Fantasy with a slow burn Whychoose Romance.  City of the Lost When life gives you lemons, punch it in the face.  Time is running out for Wila and Azren. With the Lost loose in the city and several mechanical monster’s hell bent on attacking civilians in the mix, it’s going to take several slices of lemon cake for the gang to get through the week. City of Everdark Fate can't hold all the cards, not if she doesn't have any fingers. Mission objective, to kick the dragon leige’s ass and take back what she’s stolen.Getting answers means recon and lies, coercion and revelations. But Wila will do whatever it takes to get her Kindred and her draconi prince back, even if it means venturing into a place of nightmares, a place of everdark and monsters with not a pot of tea in sight.The darkness awaits, and Wila better hope it doesn’t swallow her whole. City of War Triumph always comes at a price, but paying it is a bitch. With the Voice finally by her side Wila must take the final steps to claiming back what is rightfully hers. The Triumph Games are looming, and all the pieces are almost in place, but hurdles have a way of springing up at the last minute, and a trip right now could be fatal.War may be coming, whether Wila wants it, or not...

Montana Wolves: The Complete Collection

Chloe Cole - 2015
    What she doesn't know is that giving in to him could mean giving up life as she knows it... Alpha male Liam Albrecht is breaking every rule for the curvy, captivating Amalie, risking his place within the pack and his own life to protect her. As discord among the clans reaches a fever pitch, he must find a way to save her from the monsters among them. Awakening (Montana Wolves #2) Jax Mulaney’s mate is dead and her killer’s trail has gone cold. Eaten up by grief and guilt, it’s an effort just to get through the day. Now, after a year in mourning, his animal instincts have reawakened. As he struggles to control the need clawing at him, his pack mate Chandra’s dangerous curves and snappy wit put his self-discipline to the test. Chandra is heartsick watching Jax struggle, and wants nothing more than to comfort him. If she takes his offer of passion without strings, she knows she’s in for a world of hurt. But if she refuses, she might blow her one chance to convince him that she can rock his world and fill the empty space in his heart. Will Jax let love in, only to risk having it taken away again? Redemption (Montana Wolves #3) Amber Jansen is losing her mind. After a near tragic run in with a psychopath, she’s trying to go back to life as she knew it, but she can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is still terribly wrong. Plagued with nightmares and panic attacks, she wonders if she’s buried some important piece of information in the depths of her mind. Information so disturbing that remembering it could destroy her... Wolf shifter Billy MacKenzie has lived by one rule and one rule only: The pack comes first. Always. But when Amber Jansen accidentally sees something she shouldn’t have, he feels an unprecedented desire to protect her from the powers that be, who would rather silence her forever than risk being exposed. If he breaks the laws of his kind to shield her, he’ll leave himself vulnerable to the one woman he wants but can never have. Opposition (Montana Wolves #4) Times are changing for the Montana wolves, and they’re changing far too quickly for Maggie Porter’s liking. After a bloody battle with one rival pack and another on the horizon, she wishes things could just go back to the way they used to be. But not until she gets to the bottom of this latest mystery. Who is Greyson West, really, and why did he help her escape the enemy? Greyson West can’t wait to bring his all too traditional pack into the future. Stuck under his father’s tyrannical rule that still supports arranged marriages and allows the murder of humans for sport, he knows the time to step in and take over as alpha is now. But his mission is derailed when he meets a stubborn female who he can’t get out of his head. Sleeping with the enemy could cost him his chance at becoming alpha, but he’s never been much on following the rules…


Lynn Leite - 2015
    I have seen them, lived among them. They are not the beasts depicted in legend. The legends were wrong. They don't hunt humans. They don't crave our blood. They don't turn into mindless beasts with the full moon. Bullets silver or otherwise will kill them. They can change at will without the aid of the full moon. They are not bloodthirsty monsters, at least most of them aren't. More important than all of this is the fact that I seem to attract them like moths to a flame.

Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory

SoulMated - 2012
    There she meets her mate, a certain Alpha who holds a grudge against all rogues. Will he get the life he has always craved or will his pride get the better of him?

Ice & Iron (IronMoon Book 3)

Merry Ravenell - 2019
    Gabel marches on SableFur's heart, sworn to reclaim what belongs to him: his birthright and his mate. Aaron has vowed he will call no wolf king. With a fresh Mark etched into her arm, and a secret that will be unravelled at Beltane, Gianna must decide who will wear the crown... and who will die.

The Hopeless Series: Complete Collection

A.K. Koonce - 2018
    She’d be a thief, and Prince Charming wouldn’t have a clue how to steal the heart of the conniving criminal. Zakara saves not one, but three men locked inside the tallest tower. Her first instinct is to ditch them as soon as possible, but they have one thing that intrigues her more than wealth: Magic. Fae magic once ruled the world, until it disappeared without a trace. Only myths of the magic wielders linger in their destroyed society. The three prisoners claim to be fae, but she doesn’t trust them. She doesn’t trust anyone. Can Prince Ryder convince the pretty thief to lead them to the Hopeless City? Or will she kill him before they even arrive? This is a complete reverse harem box set including Hopeless Magic, Hopeless Kingdom, Hopeless Realm, and Hopeless Sacrifice. Recommended for readers 18 and over.