Ed Brubaker - 2009
    but all you could think about were the days when the rules didn't apply to you? Could you be a humdrum office clerk after being the best at years of leaving destruction in your wake? And what if you couldn't stand it? What would you do then? Incognito - a twisted mash-up of noir and super-heroics - by best-selling creators Criminal and Sleeper: Ed Brubaker (The Death of Captain America), Sean Phillips (Marvel Zombies), Val Staples on colors.Collecting: Incognito 1-6

Black Panther: Enemy Of The State

Christopher J. Priest - 2002
    The story reels from intense polictical drama to wild adventure to hilarious social commentary.

Marvel Masterworks: Luke Cage, Hero For Hire, Vol. 1

Archie Goodwin - 2015
    Now, the Marvel Masterworks proudly present the complete Luke Cage, Hero for Hire — the historic first title to headline an African-American super hero — in one hardcover volume! Cage’s adventures depicted New York City’s 1970s grit and the plight of its people unlike any other, all while incorporating larger-than-life villains including Black Mariah and Doctor Doom.Collects Luke Cage, Hero for Hire (1972) #1-16.

The Thanos Quest

Jim Starlin - 1990
    In return, he's pledged to kill half the population of the universe. To do so, he sets out to secure the most powerful weapons in existence: the Infinity Gems!Collects: Thanos Quest 1-2

Avengers Assemble, Vol. 3

Kurt Busiek - 2006
    The crisis of the Eighth Day is followed by Triathlon's first day as an Avenger, which takes the team south of the border and back in time thousands of years! And how does the mystery of Madame Masque match the curse of Count Nefaria? Guest-starring Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Citizen V, the Crimson Cowl and Scourge! Includes an untold tale of the Avengers' earliest adventures! Collects Avengers #23-34, #1½, Thunderbolts #42-44.

The Maximortal

Rick Veitch - 1992
    Seven years before The Amazing Adventures of Kavelier and Clay, Rick Veitch married the larcenous history of the comics business to the outrageous themes and characters of his infamous Brat Pack universe, creating one of the most startling and uncompromising visions of the super-hero archetype ever put to paper.

Wolverine: The Long Night

Benjamin Percy - 2018
    They soon find there's more going on than meets the eye... Marvel's hit scripted podcast "Wolverine: The Long Night," comes to life on the page! Chilling twists and turns, brought to you by the original author of the podcast, Benjamin Percy, and the art talents of Marcio Takara! COLLECTING: WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT ADAPTATION 1-5

Iron Man: Hypervelocity

Adam Warren - 2007
    Besieged by ballistic missiles, supersonic jihadi LMDs, seductive viral avatars and cyberdrug-addled roboravers, Iron Man must push himself far beyond his technological and biological limits to survive the onslaught of ultra-tech war machinery... Collects Iron Man: Hypervelocity #1-6.

Secret Avengers, Volume 1: Reverie

Nick Spencer - 2013
    launch their first attack, igniting global war - with Quake and Nick Fury caught in the crosshairs!COLLECTING: Secret Avenger s 1-5, material from Marvel Now ! Point One

Osborn: Evil Incarcerated

Kelly Sue DeConnick - 2011
    But can any cell contain Norman Osborn? After the events of SIEGE, the former Green Goblin, Iron Patriot and power-mad director of worldwide security isn't allowed to have a toothbrush...and he's surrounded by the deadliest criminals in the world. Lucky for Osborn, they're fans.

Grendel Archives

Matt Wagner - 2007
    Containing the black-and-white interiors and full-color covers of Primer #2 and Grendel #1-3 originally published by Comico, this handsome hardcover volume is an essential piece of comics history, presenting the earliest work of Matt Wagner, the legendary creator behind such acclaimed projects as Mage, Sandman Mystery Theatre and Batman: The Monster Men among many others.

Batman: The Dark Knight, Vol. 1: Knight Terrors

David Finch - 2012
    But when his enemies gain powers and abilities far beyond their normal capacities, the Caped Crusader's crusade may finally be at an end!Collecting: Batman: The Dark Knight 1-9


Mark Millar - 2011
    KICK-ASS? A warmup. What if the smartest, toughest costumed bad ass in the world was totally evil? Meet Nemesis. He's systematically been destroying the lives of every police chief in Asia, and he's now set his sights on Washington, DC. Between you and me, the police don't have a chance. Do not miss the book that EVERYONE will be talking about by the creative team that made CIVIL WAR the biggest book of the decade. COLLECTING: Millar & McNiven's Nemesis #1-4

Top 10

Alan Moore - 1999
    Bringing these powered beings together solved some problems but created others - turning Neopolis into a pressure cooker that normal policing methods could never contain.Join rookie cop Robyn Singer, alter ego "Toybox," as she hits the streets for the first time along with a colorful crew of fellow officers, each having the required training to deal with science-villains and super-crimes. You'll never look at powers, or police work, the same way again!Written by Alan Moore (WATCHMEN, V FOR VENDETTA) and drawn by the team of Gene Ha and Zander Cannon, TOP 10 combines superheroics and cop drama like no series before or after it. Collects issues #1-12.

Daredevil: Dark Nights

Lee Weeks - 2014
    The greatest talents in comics bring you gorgeous new stories featuring the Man Without Fear! First, a blizzard brings New York to a standstill - and a little girl in desperate need of a heart transplant lies on death's door, unless Daredevil can get to her in time! The trouble is, DD is recovering from a severe concussion...but although everything may stand in his way, nothing will stop Daredevil from rescuing a young life! Then, Daredevil's life gets a voltage of violence from the Shocker! Matt Murdock must track a fugitive and reclaim the stolen evidence Matt needs to protect his innocent client - while the Avengers confront some massive monster mayhem in the streets of NYC! It's a race against time, but just another day for Daredevil! COLLECTING: DAREDEVIL: DARK NIGHTS 1-8