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Surviving Slater by Regan Ure


Life Altering Beautiful

T.A. Hardenbrook - 2013
    Running away from her past Seven was bound and determined to make a new life. She moved halfway across the country to a school where she hoped to fly under the radar. What could possibly go wrong if she just kept her life quiet? Stone has no interest in commitment. Dating always seemed to lead to broken promises and heartbreak, keeping it simple was easier on everyone. But then in the middle of his crazy world he meets this girl, and somehow the universe aligns leaving him wanting more. How can he make her see that it’s okay to trust again; how does he combine his two lives and make both of them worthy enough to be with her? If love is all that someone needs, then why are there so many broken souls in this world? Can one individual really make a change for the better and make peace within themselves and others? When two souls collide can they save each other?

Among a Thousand Stars

Jo Bartlett - 2015
    Ten years later, with best friend Stevie at her side, and a successful career as a freelance photographer for monthly magazine Glitz, it looks like she might have finally got the hang of things. Only she seems to have inherited the embarrassment gene from her mother and her every encounter with new boss, Tom Rushworth, looks set to send her career spiralling backwards. Getting past their shaky start, Ashleigh and Tom embark on a relationship that was only ever meant to be a bit of fun. But when life, paparazzi and love-sick Labradors get in the way, they suddenly find themselves caught in a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Almost Never

Amy Lamont - 2018
     Son of an aging rock star, Declan Cooper is considered royalty on the Warren College campus. When he meets petite freshman Harper Warden, he dismisses her as just another groupie. He realizes his mistake pretty quickly, but despite his near-obsession with the premed student, he keeps his distance. The last thing she needs is the notoriety that comes along with being connected to his infamous family. Getting blown off by the sexy and popular King of Campus is the kiss of death for the new life Harper hoped to make for herself at college. Her only goal now is to get into medical school so she can leave her past, and Declan Cooper, far behind. But when the plans Harper made are threatened, Declan might be the only person who can help. All she has to do is trust him with a few small things—like her heart and her future.

Lessons Learned: A sequel to Teach Me

Amy Lynn Steele - 2014
    Two years later all of Allison's dreams seemed to be coming true. She had survived major heart surgery, gotten married to the man of her dreams, and was accepted to one of the top literary schools in Southern California. It wasn't until her best friend, Christina Harper, revealed she was pregnant that Ali began to feel a void in her life. As desire for a family grows, so does the realization that with her heart condition having a child could mean losing her life.

47 Things

Lilliana Anderson - 2015
    I wasn't his sweetheart, and he should have already known my name. But, that was the moment I became caught in Tyler Lohan's sight. He was wonderful and complicated, and I'd spent my life trying to hate him for being the golden boy who had everything so easy. However, as with all things, Tyler wasn’t the person he appeared to be from the outside, and once I saw him – the real him – I fell, and I don’t think I ever got back up.There would be a total of forty-seven things that sucked me into Tyler's life then forced me away. Forty-seven things that ruined me forever.Forty-seven was never going to be enough.There was no number great enough...47 Things. A standalone new adult romance that follows a couple as they come to terms with falling love in a world they can't control, and the certainty of the inevitable.


C.A. Williams - 2013
    She put up a front, displaying a picture perfect girl that everyone wanted to be, but no one was truly there for her. Then she was sent away to live near her grandparents due to bad behavior when her mother decided she just didn't want to deal with her any longer. Without a penny to her name and no where else to go, her life was uprooted to North Carolina. Everything seems to be changing for the better with her fresh new start until she meets a guy who flips her world upside down all over again. Sometimes you have to make it through the struggles of imperfection in life for everything to come out as complete perfection, but Della hasn't quite learned that lesson yet.

That One Night

Josie Wright - 2015
    For me, it was one perfect night.I have always had a thing for my brother’s best friend, Ben. When I found him on my parents’ couch, drowning his sorrows in a whiskey bottle, my attempts to comfort him quickly turned into a night of raw and intense passion. My foolish heart hoped he might feel the same way I do. But Ben wasn’t there to stay and I woke up the next morning alone with a broken heart.I attempted to forget the guy with a smile to die for and a touch that sets me on fire.I thought I was over him.I thought he was gone forever.Until, eighteen months later Ben returns and learns my secret. Now, he is hell-bent on winning me back. He plays dirty. And he won’t stop until he gets what he wants—me.But he has secrets of his own. Secrets that could destroy everything we might have and everything we are.Not suitable for under 18's due to strong language, violence and sexual contentThis book is an interconnected standalone and first in the series.approx. 86,000 words

Desperately Seeking Landlord

Micalea Smeltzer - 2019
    It would end and we’d go our separate ways. I should know by now nothing in my life is ever that simple. When Jamie Miller knocks on my door ten months after we ended our … whatever it was, I promptly punch him in his smug face, for no other reason than I feel like it and he deserves it. It’s probably not the best way to handle things, but I’ve never been good at doing things properly. When he tells me he’s my new landlord, my whole world is rocked. But Jamie? He wants to prove to me he’s more than an egotistical jerk and for some reason he’s decided he wants me. I don’t think love is in the cards for me, and definitely not with Jamie, but he’s determined to prove me wrong.

Irresistible Lies

Juliette White - 2013
    Well, all traces of him besides their son, whose existence she decided it was best to keep secret from her ex.Years later, Jamie walks right back into Grace’s life, demanding answers for her unexplained disappearance and seeking a second chance. With everything dear to her on the line, Grace must find a way to resist the one man she never could...

Breathe Again: A Love Story

Joelle Charming - 2014
    But after her fiancé cheated on her, she ran away to Los Angeles, determined to start over. Hiding behind red lipstick and her grandmother’s pearls, she started working at her cousin’s bakery and drew up a practical plan for her future. But spilling cake all over herself in front of Hollywood’s hottest leading actor wasn’t part of that plan.Despite Mellie’s embarrassment, Hollywood star Jackson Traver seems strangely charmed by her. At first, Mellie can hardly believe her luck. How could the guy voted “Sexiest Man Alive” fall for a clumsy pastry chef? But once she gives in to temptation, she finds herself dining with A-list stars and shopping on Rodeo Drive…all while Jackson gives her a delicious taste of true desire. Now, Mellie’s not sure she can ever go back to her plan for a nice, sensible life. But can a red-carpet love really last forever?

Imperfect Bastard

Pamela Ann - 2016
     Falling in love with your brother's best friend can be is unrequited love. Love was one hell of a mother*&c#!$. Not only was it addictive, but it was that kind of drug that could get you so high you floated out of your physical existence, and then it had the potential to drop you more swiftly than a lactose-intolerant monkey could shamelessly take a crap. It was so powerful, in fact, that it could drive any sane, lucid person to become thoughtless, mental to the point of destruction, consumed with taking desperate measures in order to win what they yearned for the most. But playing with fire could end up engulfing me inflames, burning every ounce of me until I was left in ashes, a speck of dirt that could be smeared and wiped away, left to be forgotten, unloved, alone. Drew Cavendish was every woman's bad boy fantasy. Not only was he cool and smart with a bevy of women lapping up everything he did; he also happened to be my brother's best friend and secretly the love of my life. After losing my virginity to him, I hadn't seen him since. Now I was moving to study at NYU and about to live with my brother ... in a condo where Drew lived, as well. At one point, he had meant the world to me, but circumstances had changed. Consequently, even though the palpable attraction was intoxicating, I knew better than to succumb to his easy charm. I would try to keep my composure and stay aloof. There was no need for panic. Yet my heart was a beat away from having a serious meltdown. I would survive this as I had all my life--by loving him from a quiet distance.

The No Asshole Rule

Ashley Erin - 2015
    She doesn’t befriend them and she certainly doesn’t date them. Upon transferring to Parkland University, she is irritated to discover her neighbor is not only an asshole, but an attractive one that her body and mind can’t seem to ignore. Can Andie let go of the one rule that safeguards her heart?Lucas doesn’t date. Ever. At least not anymore but the sexy, distant woman across the hall intrigues him and the draw is more than he can resist. Will he like what he finds hidden deep inside her wounded soul? They both fight to keep their rules, but the pull is irresistible. As Andie struggles with the demons from her past, old wounds open. Both Lucas and Andie will need to decide what is worth fighting for.Some rules are meant to be broken. Are they up for the challenge?The No Asshole Rule is a standalone novel.It is Book 1 in the Rule series.NA Contemporary Romance.


Sky Corgan - 2016
    The memories of the things that he had put me through in high school made me want to run in the other direction. I was the dirt on the bottom of his shoes, my only purpose someone for him to torment. No one else saw it. To his peers, he was a man's man. To all of the girls unaffected by his cruelty, a lust object. He was the hottest *sshole you could ever meet. Pretty face. Amazing body. Ugly on the inside. I moved to another city for college to avoid him. I never expected that he would already be there. Maybe I should have done my research better. The night that I ran into him couldn't have been any worse. He was the straw that broke the camel's back. I wasn't taking his crap anymore though. I used my inebriation to give me courage and told him everything I thought about him. And then I ended up in his bed... This is a stand alone novel.

Strays: An Anti-Hero Romance

Cora Brent - 2021
    She’s headstrong. She’s spoiled as hell.And, thanks to a weird chain of events, she’s my freaking roommate.A part of me wants to turn her world upside down in the cruelest way imaginable.The rest of me wants to worship the ground she walks on.This can go one of two ways.Either I’ll decide be the worst version of myself.Or I’ll surrender the past in order to build a family and a future.And maybe along the way I’ll prove something.That the guy everyone loves to hate might be redeemable yet...

Do Anything

Wendy Owens - 2014
    But when her fiancé's philandering ways shatter their happy future, she decides she’s through playing the victim. Now, rather than read about life, she wants to live it—starting with a sabbatical from her editing job in Chicago to travel the world. But the past refuses to let her go so easily.He thinks he has his life figured out.After watching the woman he thought he loved walk away from him, Holden Blackburn is still picking up the pieces. Content with his life as the owner of an English Inn, just outside the sleepy town of Alton, he’s living his new and peaceful normal. That is, at least, until Annabelle stumbles into his life, and he’s overwhelmed by a desire to learn all he can about her. Now if only he can get her to stay in one place long enough.Will they risk their hearts on a new chance at love?When her past returns in a way she can’t ignore, Anna panics, running from any possible future with Holden. She’s determined to keep her life from falling apart again, but she soon discovers the only place she feels safe is in Holden’s arms.But some things even he can’t protect her from.