Bad Babygirl: The Hacker

Zoe Blake - 2018
    I knew computer hacking would get me into trouble one day, but not like this. Kidnapped and held captive in a military compound, I’m held down and branded with the number thirteen. Just when I think my captors have pushed me to the end of my limits, I discover there’s worse to come. A man forcing me to call him Daddy. He’s going to make me submit to him. The more I fight, the more he likes it. Novella previously published in the USA Today Bestselling Anthology Daddy’s Demands as “Daughter #13”. This is a dark romance daddy dom series. There are no sweet hugs and kisses from these domineering daddies.


Alexis Abbott - 2019
     She was just an innocent girl. With her beautiful auburn hair, and those sparkling blue eyes, she deserves better than to be held captive by the monsters I call my friends. I watch over her, biding my time. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. To be the knight in leather armor. After I save her, there’s no going back. Our lives will forever be intertwined, whether she wants it or not. Eventually, she’ll come to see me as her savior. Eventually, she will be mine. Breaker is a standalone romance novel from bestselling romance author Alexis Abbott! Book 1 in the Heartbreaker MC series. Safe from cheating.

Lies He Told Me

Nicole Fox - 2020
    Then he set my world on fire.Gavril Vaknin.Richer than God.Crueler than the devil.And if he has his way…My new fake husband.A chance meeting turns into a once-in-a-lifetime offer.The billionaire don needs a blank slate to turn into his perfect politician’s wife.I’m homeless and desperate—what do I have to lose?But Gavril is hiding secrets. Cloaked in lies.Stepping into his world is a one-way ticket to a hell I won’t survive.Did I do the right thing?Or did I just sell my soul to a monster?

Dangerous King

Sienna Snow - 2021
    A kid forged by the rules of the streets.She sees into my darkest depths and doesn’t blink an eye. She’s my dream, my peace in a place I can never escape.Then one day, she’s gone, whisked into a world I refuse to taint with my touch.Fifteen years later, she’s back in my life, needing a favor only I can provide.I’m no longer the street rat she once knew. Now I’m king of an empire, where my favors come at a price.A price, she says she is more than willing to pay, but the cost is all of her...body, mind, and soul.

SECRET Trilogy

L. Marie Adeline - 2015
    Marie Adeline's sexy and sophisticated erotica trilogy, where women control their fantasies and men will do anything to satisfy themNo judgment. No limits. No shame.     In S.E.C.R.E.T., Cassie Robichaud's days are dull and gray: she waits tables at a rundown café in New Orleans and every night she heads home to a one-bedroom apartment alone. But the discovery of a mysterious notebook leads her to S.E.C.R.E.T., an underground society dedicated to helping women realize their wildest, darkest, and most intimate sexual fantasies. Cassie soon embarks on a tantalizing and unpredictable erotic journey, completing ten fantasy-steps toward sexual fulfillment—discovering acceptance, courage, surrender, and more—with gorgeous men in rapturous scenarios beyond her imagination. As she is set free from her inhibitions, the satisfaction and bliss she experiences bring her a new confidence that transforms her forever. S.E.C.R.E.T. Shared follows Cassie after she has completed her ten fantasy-steps toward sexual fulfillment. She has realized her wildest and darkest sexual fantasies and now dedicates herself to helping new recruits liberate their sexual selves. But Cassie may still have unfinished business with some of the men in her life. Filled with the hot sex scenes and tantalization, Cassie will learn even more about herself, and make new discoveries about the potential for love in her life.S.E.C.R.E.T. Revealed—the final book in the hot erotic trilogy—bares all. All Cassie has ever wanted is Will Foret, the love of her life. But when Will discovers that Cassie is part of S.E.C.R.E.T., he breaks it off. Heartbroken, Cassie devotes herself to helping the latest recruit, Solange Faraday—a beautiful, brilliant local news anchor and divorced mom. Cassie also reignites her relationship with sexy bad-boy Jesse, even if he can never love her as deeply as Will did. When Will realizes he's made a tragic mistake, Cassie must decide if she can forgive him and leave S.E.C.R.E.T. behind.Equal parts scintillating, liberating, and emotionally powerful, S.E.C.R.E.T. is a world where fantasy becomes reality.

Handcuffed Hussy

Marika Ray - 2018
     Jack In my world as a cop, things were either black or white. Right or wrong. Then Bailey arrived, challenging all my principles. She had a mouth on her, the level of sass matching the exaggerated swing of her hips. I couldn't get her out of my head, even knowing she wasn't right for me. I tried to stay away, I really did. But once I had a taste, I kept coming back for more. Something didn't add up though, and I would figure it out even if it ultimately meant we couldn't be together. Bailey The only thing sexier than his dimple was the set of handcuffs the hottie detective threatened to use on me. If only he'd give me a chance to show him I was more than the tough-girl exterior I'd carefully crafted over the years. Oh yeah, and if I wasn't engaged in criminal activity that would land me in handcuffs... and not in a sexy way. More like an orange jumpsuit way, and I can tell you now, no way in hell would I be caught dead in an ugly jumpsuit. No matter which way this thing ends, I'll be in handcuffs. The question is, will Jack join me in the grey area? Or will I have to do the impossible and admit I was wrong?

Fearless Part II: Crossing Lines (Fearless, #2)

Lauren Gilley - 2014
    Welcome to the mother chapter of the Lean Dogs Motorcycle Club; meet the girl raised by outlaws, and the fearsome man who will always hold her heart. After a bloody homecoming, and a shattering run-in with her lost love, Ava Teague is launched into her past, forced by circumstance to remember the events five years ago that led to Mercy’s departure from Knoxville. At seventeen, she was raw, vulnerable, and green, and too in love with him to be coy about it. Mercy had no idea how his feelings for her had become so muddied, only that he had to do something about them. They were electric; they were doomed. Told in installments, this is the second of four parts of a complete novel. Fearless will later be offered in its entirety, as a full 600+ page novel; the price will be comparable; Lauren wanted to experiment with releasing a novel in parts, so readers could enjoy it as she completes writing on each section. Readers can follow along with her, or wait for the finished novel. This rich narrative travels from the swamps outside New Orleans to the foothills of Tennessee, spanning fourteen years, following a family of outlaws bound by brotherhood, blood, and a love that knows no boundaries. Read Part I: “Lying Down With Dogs,” and Part II: “Crossing Lines,” and be on the lookout for Part III: “All-American Monsters,” this fall. Mercy can also be found in Lauren Gilley's third Russell novel, KEEPING BAD COMPANY, a Southern outlaw series that kicks off with book one: MADE FOR BREAKING. Keep up to date with all the new releases and inside scoop on Lauren’s blog:, on her Twitter feed: @lauren_gilley, or her Facebook page: Lauren Gilley – Author. Or contact her at

The Captive Series

C.M. Steele - 2016
    Includes sexual violence against our heroine.The Captive Series The three original stories of insta-love with captor and captive. One captor found his captive tied up, one snatched her from her family, and the other carried her out of her bed: Luciano’s Willing Captive is a dark tale of sex, romance, violence and abuse. This is a HEA story, but with a gritty center that's gut wrenching. ~Luciano Rossi is the head of his outfit. Amber McLaren is a fresh faced high school graduate. Luciano wants to possess her forever but others plot to separate them. Will they be able to be one or will the horrible events to come take away their forever? The Russian’s Captive leaves our hero claiming the spoils of war. He believes the sister/daughter of his enemies belongs to him. Nothing will stop him from making her his own. ~Nikolai Rykov spent a year in America under the alias Vladimir Zarachenko; where he headed his criminal organization. Then he was betrayed and sent to prison in Russia. After the charges were dropped, he was out for revenge. All evidence pointed to the one family, he actually aided. They were in his debt, and this is how they repaid him. He would get his revenge one way or another, and the young beautiful daughter Bianca was looking like their only bargaining chip. Nikolai is rough, unapologetic and instantly in love with the enemy's own. Bianca had a secret crush. She kept her feelings about him to herself. That is, until she'd been caught by her mother. Forcing her to move on, her mother accidentally pushes her and her family into the arms of trouble. What happens when her crush becomes her captor? Sergei’s Stubborn Captive finds our hero frustrated with a woman who was so stubborn, she didn’t know how to quit. She had to learn, though. ~Claudio Santini had been wreaking havoc on all those who crossed his path. When he disappeared no one asked questions. That was until a rookie detective named Lana Grey waltzed into town looking into his whereabouts. Starting with his rivals, the Rossi and Rykov Families, she was certain they had something to do with his absence. Her superiors forced her to back off, but she only changed her tactics. Lana went after Nikolai Rykov’s right hand man, Sergei Antonov. Sergei was immediately intrigued by the beautiful pain in the ass. The biggest issue he had with Miss Grey was her persistence in the search for Santini. After one too many encounters with the nosy woman, he took matters into his own hands. She became Sergei’s stubborn captive. Bonus stories: Love, sex and absolute devotion. All three heroes are captivated with their brides, even when the bloom should have left the rose. Years and kids do nothing to diminish their captivation.

Vow of Revenge

Autumn Archer - 2019
    I’ve become immune to the sound of their breaking hearts.Yet her unsettling fiery eyes threaten to penetrate my Vow of Revenge. She could be my biggest opponent yet. I hate how the tone of her voice teases me with a sexy rasp, trying to draw me in. I hate that I want to play the game, just so I can touch her all over again.But most of all, I hate that I was foolish to think I was in control… It was her, always her.Fate brought us together and hate will keep us apart… Forever?

This Cruel Love

Nikki J. Summers - 2019
    They trick you into believing true love will appear on the back of a white horse, in the form of a perfect, handsome Prince Charming. Most of the time Prince Charming turns out to be even more deceptive and evil than the wolf himself. I thought I’d met my soul mate at high school. Turned out my Mr Wright was so very wrong. Jackson.I live in a cruel and unforgiving world. I learnt from an early age how vicious life can be, but I’m a survivor. Life may have dragged me down to the depths of hell, but I know how to dance with the devil. Sometimes bad things happen to good people for no other reason than to remind us that this life is cruel. Sometimes good people are pushed to do very bad things to right the wrongs of another. But when all is said and done, we need to ask ourselves… how far would you go to protect the ones you love? Ryley thinks she has her whole life mapped out. Her happy ever after with her high school sweet heart Justin is already planned down to the very last detail. But life doesn’t always work out the way we expect it to, and when demons from Justin’s life threaten to destroy everything they’ve built up, Ryley finds herself thrown into a world of deception, lies and confusion. Truths get twisted, love and hate walk a dubious thin line and the enemy you think you know isn’t always what they seem.This book serves as a reminder that the first Prince Charming to cross your path isn’t always the hero in your happy ever after. *An enemies to lovers, second chance novel. Although this story isn’t a dark read, there are elements of darkness within, so please take note of the trigger warnings. There are cameos from Luca’s story in this book. However, you don’t have to have read Luca to enjoy this, it can be read as a standalone. **Warning: 18 years + recommended reader age due to sexual content. This story also contains scenes of drug abuse, suicide and sexual violence that may be upsetting to readers. Please proceed with caution.

Gemini Kings

Noreen Machelle - 2021
    A gentleman is what she needs. I can be both. I’m a Gemini after all. StokesShe may never be able to accept my monster, but I won’t hesitate to use that part of me to protect her. I’m the VP of The Gemini Kings Motorcycle Club.Blood, violence and murder come with the territory. I never needed more until Lilliana showed back up in my life. Now she is thawing the shriveled pieces of my cold, dead heart.I have to find a way to prove to her that the decision to vanish from her life is one that I will regret until hell opens its gates to welcome me. His closeness does things to me that it shouldn’t.LillianaI lost the two men that meant the most to me on the same day. The day my brother died was the day Stokes vanished. Years later, after someone tried to have me killed, Stokes and The Gemini Kings inserted themselves into my life. Stokes has demons lurking beneath the surface, but that’s the kind of man you need to take care of the monsters hell bent on hurting you.While he protects me from the monsters, I must guard my heart. That’s easier said than done.I always did have a thing for the bad boys. Gemini Kings is the first book in The Gemini Kings MC series. It contains dirty-talking bad boys who only soften for their women. It teeters on the dark side and is best for 18+.

Spark in the Ashes

Nikki Groom - 2017
    The quiet beauty she portrays on the outside disguises the rage bubbling within her. Because on the inside, her desire for retribution dominates her every waking thought, until him...… Ramsey Dalton is an outlaw. A criminal that will do whatever it takes to get what he wants and to keep his MC brothers safe. He didn't know there could be more to his life than sex, drugs and death, until her... Their meeting is pure chance. Their connection undeniable. But what neither of them know, is that their relationship threatens to uncover far more than they could have imagined. Secrets and lies are best left buried, but sometimes they’re too real to stay dead.

The Leader

Shanna Bell - 2019
    HIM...I will avenge my parents’ deaths.I will make those who are responsible suffer.All I need is her; the key to my plans.HER...I’m going to leave everything behind and start over.I won’t bow down to anyone.The last thing I need is him; the shackles to my freedom.Game on...

Save Me, Sinners

Jess Bentley - 2017
    An innocent virgin. A debt that must be paid... This is how things have always been done. It’s called the Ceremony. You go in a girl and come out a woman. It’s designed to break you, take your innocence. They say you can ascend, experience pleasure beyond this world. But for me it comes with a price. I was raised in a cult led by two muscular, tattooed, gorgeous brothers. And this is how things have always been done. But when it comes to me, instead of taking it, the two brothers save my flower instead. They train me, tease me, teach me. So they can… sell me at auction, to repay my mother's debt to the cult? They're not supposed to fall in love with me, they're supposed to sell my innocence to the highest bidder. But there’s nothing I want more than to give myself to them. And I know they want to take me for themselves. They taught me to get on my knees. Now the only rules are the ones they give me. When they see how much I worship them, how can they let go of their precious pet? Even if it means the end of everything they’ve built? Everything I’ve ever known? Even if it means sinning by saving me? Author’s Note: This is a full-length, standalone, taboo HEA menage romance. Contains forbidden themes as well as cult undertones not meant to offend. The content may be too extreme/intense for some readers...Please be 18+.

Gambling for the Virgin

Dark Angel - 2017
    But I want her soul...She wants to sell her body to me for cash. Says I'm the only one with enough power and money to help her. And how can I resist saying yes? With my wealth, I can buy any damn thing I want.And God, the things I want to do that body...I can't tell you out here how I'm going to turn her around and squeeze those delicious globes of hers and run my thick python lust muscle between her cheeks as we look out the window at the city I own.Or how I'm gonna shoot her into orbit five or six times as a warm up before I take her to levels of bliss so powerful that she can't walk the next day.But I will tell you this...She'll be coming back for more.Because she wants it. She says she doesn't. But I know she does.When she's around me, she can't control herself.But I want...more.It's not enough to just own her body.No, I want something more. Something that she can't sell. Something that she has to give.I want her heart.All of her. Everything. Every damn word, deed, and thought.Till death do us part...**Come enter a world of dark desires in this full-length standalone romance by Dark Angel. No cheating or cliffhangers but it's going to contain very mature themes with potentially dark undertones as well as scorching steamy scenes that will make your ladyparts thank you. HEA? You know it, babe.**