Book picks similar to
Hoodwinked by Quentin Carter


Ghetto Bastard

K'wan - 2014
     Tayshawn Torres is a child born in the slums and cursed by the sins of his parents. His mother is a notorious drug addict and whore, more concerned with getting her next high than she is with his well-being. His stepfather hates him so much, that he literally treats him like an animal. Tayshawn is forced to sleep in a cage and scavenge for scraps of food wherever he can find them. Because of his squalid appearance, he is also the object of ridicule by all of the neighborhood kids who have given him the nickname, Animal. The only person to ever show him even the slightest bit of kindness is his older brother, Justice. Justice keeps him out of harm's way the best he can. However, when Justice is taken from his life, Tayshawn finds he is alone in the streets. With his guardian angel gone, he is now at the mercy of the world Justice tried to protect him from. Tayshawn quickly learns that if he is to survive the jungle, he will have to adapt. Love and companionship constantly elude Tayshawn, but death and heartache cling to him like a second skin. Gradually, the layers of the frightened child he had been are stripped away until there is nothing left of Tayshawn, and all that remains is, Animal.

Street Players

Donald Goines - 1973
    He's known as "Earl the Black Pearl," and he's left the homeboys behind—way behind. He's cool, sharp as an ice crystal, and it seems that no one can touch him. Until someone even higher up puts the heat on and his friends begin dropping like flies—of lead poisoning. That's when Earl fights back...and all hell breaks loose!

The Block

Treasure Hernandez - 2012
    He has a father he looks up to and an older brother who keeps him under his wing--until the day his father crosses a line that changes everything. Tone is forced to enter a world he knew nothing about. Detective Abraham is obsessed with power and money, so he has figured out a way to play on both sides of the tracks when it comes to organized crime. The only thing stopping him from making it to the top spot is Santiago, one of the most feared suppliers in the country. Santiago's only weakness is his daughter, Serena. Detective Abraham develops a plan that involves his son, Tone, getting close to Serena.Against his better judgment, Tone goes along with his father's plan and sets out to win Serena over with his charm. What he hasn't planned on is Serena turning the tables and stealing his heart. Now Tone is faced with choices that leave him questioning his loyalty to his family.

A Hustler's Promise

Jackie Chanel - 2011
    Faced with the task of raising her two sisters, Jaicyn reluctantly resorts to boosting clothes and selling them.Rayshawn and his twin brother, Dayshawn, were 11 when their father killed their mother. In order to avoid foster care, they were taken in by their grandparents. The situation is unbearable, but Rayshawn has a up with the city's drug kingpin, Andre "King" Carter.When Jaicyn and Rayshawn meet, it's not teenage puppy love. It's fate. Shouldered with the task of making a better life for them and their siblings, the pair take on the streets as washington Height's teen Bonnie and Clyde. They earn their money the old fashioned way...guns and drugs.Full of ambition and goals, Rayshawn and Jaicyn's lives are full of high points and the lowest of lows. Their need to survive for each other as well as with each other is the fuel that keeps them hustling. A Hustler's Promise is the story of two young lovers who are commited to one another, their family, and their dream.

The House That Hustle Built

Nisa Santiago - 2015
    Pearla is a born hustler, and Cash was born to steal. Pearla sets her sights on Cash and motivates him to take his petty crimes to the next level.Together, the two get money throughout the tri-state, while friends and family want to be upgraded without putting in work. At first, the couple makes it rain in the hood, taking care of those they love, but a hustler always knows when to draw the line.Suddenly, Pearla proclaims the ATM closed, and a quiet storm begins to brew. When the beggars can't beg anymore and the borrowers can't borrow anymore, friends become enemies. Words and bullets are exchanged, leaving The House that Hustle Built under attack and at risk of collapse.


Takerra Allen - 2014
    Have you ever cherished the pain because you knew the kind you’d face without them would be way too unbearable? That’s me. To young Neeka Perry, Denny is one thing. In the streets, he’s a whole other entity. But she was brave enough to love both sides, upside down, all around, and back again. He provided her with all a girl could believe she dreamed of – security, desire, and most enviably, genuine love, all wrapped up in gold and diamonds.He removed her far from the course of her ordinary college girl lifestyle and swept her into his world of whimsical madness. For this and more, her love went beyond loyalty. She was devout… devout to him. But is there a such thing as too much passion? Can you love someone too much? And when you realize the person you love and the person everyone fears can also be the one everyone loves and you can one day soon fear, who will save you? Especially when the person you need saving from, is yourself…? Stop right there. I don’t want to be saved. I’ve shackled myself to him with love. And I swallowed the key. I’m in this for the long run. I am devout.

Diary Of A Broken Doll

Tatum James - 2018
    Life may not start out all peaches and cream for Courtney...but with a little savvy and a lot of determination she might just turn it all around. Join her on a journey from innocence to independence. Determined not to be consumed by life's struggles, Courtney learns to take advantage of the obstacles she faces. Will she self-destruct or burn bright?

He Brings Out The Hood In Me 2

Nikki Brown - 2019
    Hudson stands firm in his reasoning about why he doesn’t want his daughter with a man like Kahleno, and not even Sutton’s feelings will change that. Will Sutton take heed to her father’s warnings or will she follow her heart? When Sutton walked into Kahleno’s life he knew that she was it for him and he vowed to never let anyone come in between that, not even her father. On a mission to show Sutton that her father is wrong, he runs across a few issues of his own and they come in the form of his son’s mother, Karson. Can he keep Karson’s irrational tactics under control, or will she force her way into their relationship and ruin it forever? After being forced to up and move, Icelynn vowed to close her heart off to men for a while. Her main focus was to take care of her daughter and finish school. The last thing on her mind was a man until she walked on the Maler farm and met the man of her dreams, Adoreé. When her past comes looking for her will she be able to be the woman that Adoreé needs or will their past come and ruin them before they even get started. Adoreé has never been a people’s person, outside of his family and the occasional stripper, he pretty much stays to himself. When he meets Icelynn, better known as Ice at the club he knew right away that she was different. Allowing her to get close to him causes some old wounds to resurface, something that he isn’t mentally prepared for. When he’s forced to look his past in the eye, will he be able to face the pain, or will he blame Icelynn for drudging up old memories? Ego’s and secrets threaten to tear the lives of the Maler’s apart. With a huge family secret on the horizon, will they be able to get a grasp on the situation or will life blow up in their faces?

Secrets of a Side Bitch 4

Jessica N. Watkins - 2015
    Just the thought of Simone Campbell makes him turn away from any chick. Whether it's the baddest bitch or a foreign chick, he'll pass. But then "she" came into his life and that all changed. He's ready to live and love again, and she just might be the one. That is, if Simone doesn't ruin it like she has everything else in his life. Simone and her wicked, deadly ways are back. But she isn't still that devious side bitch that's obsessed with Omari Sutton. Now, she's obsessed with staying out of prison. However, one glimpse of Omari and his new leading lady causes her insanity to resurface. Little does she know, Detective Keisha Howard is just as obsessed as she is and won't sleep until she tracks down Simone to ensure that she pays for all of her murderous ways. In Secrets of a Side Bitch 4, every lie, trick, and murder is laid out on the table, and karma begins to take its revenge on some, while new life begins for others.

Duffle Bag Bitches

Alicia Howard - 2012
    Louis ducking the FEDS on dope charges. When he relocated, he stepped his game up even another notch. He turned up on all the major hustles. He was getting money in every way- from moving work, robbery, and even pimping. He was getting it on all cylinders.Initially he ran a clique called the Duffle Bag Crew- the men on the team were beasts, and were comprised of Zane, Mack, and Dizzy. They hit every go-getter that liked to floss that paper. And they went hard all the time whether they needed the money or not.But sometimes you can’t send a man to do a woman’s job. Dallas set out to find a different breed of bitch. Not the kind that lie down and spread them wide to eat, but the kind that blew your fucking head off and took what the fuck she needed to survive. He had to train them well though so they would know he was the master. If he didn’t one of them bitches might bite him and takeover his whole operation.Shannon, Jasmine, Nisha, and Jay Baby are his thorough-breds. These women are headed to a world much bigger than what they were use to. Will money change them? Are they in over their heads dealing with Dallas? Can Dallas be trusted? Find out what happens when love, money, and trust gets tangled up in this gripping street masterpiece.

The People Vs. Cashmere

Karen Williams - 2009
    Carmen's jealousy rages out of control when she sees their pimp falling for her sister and sets off a chain of events that land Cashmere in jail.

California Connection

Chunichi Knott - 2008
    This doesn't leave much time for friends, but she'll always make time for Touch, the local hustler. He's been her friend since grammar school, when they made a lifelong pact to look out for each other. Lucky for them, their promise has never been put to the test--until now. When Michael Burroughs arrives on the scene from L.A., he floods the East Coast with top-notch product, and quickly earns his title as the California Connection--Calico for short. He's also a smooth brotha with a knack for getting whatever he wants out of women then tossing them to the side. When he meets Jewel, sparks fly, and things quickly spin out of control. Touch knows how Calico operates and doesn't want to watch his friend get used and abused. Little does he know, he doesn't have to worry about her, because Jewel has a few tricks of her own. When Calico shows his true colors, Jewel knows just how to get revenge. Will her plans backfire, or will she be the last woman standing?

The Connect's Wife

Nako - 2015
    She was unaware of his lifestyle. A man of his caliber was way out of her reach, yet he chose her anyway. Christian Knight was a man that people only dreamed about in their sleep. Petty hustlers admired him off the strength of stories they heard in the hood. You could walk past Christian Knight in the mall and not know that he was "The Connect." Real men moved in silence. Wealth is quiet, rich is flashy. Christian Knight was more than a man that supplied the streets with the work. He was a mogul, a self-made billionaire who found comfort, peace and joy in the arms of Farren, a woman almost ten years younger than he was. Many people never expected him to settle down or to be so open with his affection. Despite what he heard about her, he chose her to wear his last name and to become, "The Connect's Wife."

Next Semester

Cecil R. Cross II - 2009
    JD needs to shake academic probation, but he and his crew still act as if college is one big frat party. After all the drama of first semester, you'd think JD would learn from his mistakes. But once again he finds himself in trouble—both in and outside the classroom. What's worse, JD's future hangs on his class assignment: helping Kat get elected student-body president. To do that, he'll have to learn who to trust and who's trying to play him, or his next ticket home to the hood will be one-way.

A Good Girl and a Hood Millionaire

Khadijah J. - 2020
    Being the good girl that she was, she had never smoked, drank, or done any drugs a day in her life. She had never even had a boyfriend, nor a first kiss. Pilar never found anyone worthy until one eventful night where she ran into one of the most sought-after men in her town. Legacy Powers came from an unstable household and had to practically raise himself and the adults around him. Known for his striking looks and charming demeanor, he kept three women in rotation and ran from commitment. That was until he ran into a rare beauty that set a fire in his once cold heart. Despite these two being total opposites, they find themselves incredibly drawn to each other like a magnet. After the first mishap on the first night they met, time quickly passes as they try to forget each other. However, what’s meant to be will be, despite what the journey throws at them. Could Pilar handle Legacy’s lifestyle and was Legacy ready to let his past life go? Will these two figure it out together or end up going their separate ways after the chaos ceases?