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Dusan by Poppet


Princess of the Damned

Dahlia Lu - 2012
    Exhausted and mentally drained from her pursuit, she was determined to exact revenge by finding another man who could reciprocate her love.

Demon Soul

Julie Anne Addicott - 2016
    Untamed: Demon Soul, takes you into a paranormal world with six immortal races created by Genesis, the overseer of both the immortal and mortal worlds. With romance, passion, lust, and sin, Julie Anne introduces the reader to an adult paranormal love story where dreams and reality collide into a fantasy world of angels, demons, shifters, and more. Balance is crucial for life on earth. Where there is balance, there must surely be hope. Lola Thorne has spent almost ten years searching for answers to the brutal murder of her parents. Plagued by dreams of angels and demons, she knows another world exists outside her own. The only problem is—no one believes her until in the middle of the night Lola is kidnapped by none other than the black winged demon of her dreams. Belial is a warrior, a trained hunter and the favourite son of Hades. He has one mission, to find and kill Lola Thorne. But the moment he sees her he knows there's something different about Lola. He's drawn to her, her eyes, her innocence, and her ability to hold his attention like no other. When Belial discovers Hades' intentions are far more sinister than expected, he vows to protect Lola and find the truth about both their pasts.

Ever After Series: Five Book Bundle

A.C. James - 2014
    When his past follows him to Chicago he must protect someone that reminds him of all the painful memories he’s tried so hard to forget. But when every touch from her sets his heart and body on fire–he finds it hard to maintain his aloof façade.Holly Ellis has secrets of her own. An encounter with the handsome stranger who frequents her coffee shop reveals a vampire with baggage. Even though it might be more than she bargained for, she can’t resist the one person who understands her. But her life is in danger and a supernatural threat could reveal the underground world of vampires to humankind in this Gothic Cinderella re-telling.Winter Promises – Book 1.5:Holly Ellis never liked Christmas but after being bounced around the foster care system no one could really blame her for being a Grinch. At twenty-two her feelings toward the season hadn’t changed or at least that’s what she thought. A very special scavenger hunt that Arie has planned might be exactly what Holly needs to change her gloomy attitude toward Christmas. This winter promises sensual delights that Holly won’t soon forget. But will Arie promise her more than just passion? Fallen Ever After – Book 2: He can’t lose her when danger strikes again. Arie Cush wanted Holly from the very first moment he met her. A night at the Hellfire Club (HFC) is filled with old friends and new danger. The long-standing feud between the faeries that run the Chicago Crew and a lethal toxin puts Holly and other fledgling vampires in danger.Can they stop a vampire-fae war that’s been brewing for nearly a century?Beyond Ever After – Book 3:>The half-demon unleashed a force that can tear them apart. On the night, Daeveena, a half-fey, half-demon walked out of the Hellfire Club, she left a tide of destruction, but everyone figured that was the end of it. No one imagined that she would steal something so valuable.Can Arie discover who is harboring her before he loses everything?BONUS: CURSED EVER AFTER EROTICA PREQUEL INCLUDED.

Shadows Spark

C. Rochelle - 2020
    Thank you!** Rejected by HellHunted by HeavenA destiny written in the starsCurrent mood: Over itHave you ever had the kind of week where you're supposed to be escorting souls to Hell but instead you save a handsome human with some lightning power you didn't know you possessed then end up in a naughty angel's bed?Well, that's what's new in my life...And now my unrequited first love has left Hell to search for me before the killing machines of the Demonic Forces or the Angelic Army find me.Some believe I'm the physical incarnation of a celestial legend, sent to shake up the already shaky truce between Heaven and Hell and save the human race. No pressure.I failed my Reaper exams and have barely been kissed but that won't stop me from harnessing my powers to claim my divine birthright. All while taking some very tempting men to bed--no matter if they're angels, demons, or anything in between.--The Wings of Darkness + Light is an alternate history that imagines "What if angels and demons walked among us?"This is a steamy, medium-burn (heat index 3-4) paranormal romance with an urban fantasy setting and a reverse harem that builds over time. Our heroine is a force to be reckoned with and never has to choose just one man.MMFM (for now)Multiple POVThis series is meant for readers 18 and over.Book ends on a mild cliffhanger.Possible triggers:Sweary dialogueGraphic sexPlenty of side-eye toward the Old and New Testament and societal class systemsBrief mention of contemplated suicide

Lost Wages of Sin

Rosalie Stanton - 2011
    And he’ll fight all of Hell to save her.Ava, the Sin of Greed, swore over a millennium ago she’d never cry over a man. But after her first-ever boyfriend dumps her, she’s not only crying, she’s a dead woman walking.The devil doesn’t take kindly to one of his Seven Deadly Sins canoodling with an angel.Though she never spilled Hell’s secrets, she’s on Lucifer’s hit list. And since his punishments tend toward the apocalyptic, she plans to run as fast and as far as possible from everyone she loves—including her closest friend, Dante—before she meets her fate.Dante knows every inch of Ava’s delectable skin…in the dreams that burn his body while sleeping the daylight sleep of a vampire. Once they were almost lovers, and that almost still haunts him to this day. As much as her defection with a Heaven-bound hurts, he can’t ignore the siren call of the inner GPS that always draws him to her side.Though she tries to push him away, he’s not getting her face this fight alone. But as need and desire twist together into a fuse primed for the barest spark, Dante realizes he’ll have to make a heartbreaking deal to save the only woman he’ll ever love.

Throne of Fire (Celestra Forever After, #5)

Addison Moore - 2018
     There are moments in life that define you—more often than not, they are born of tragedy. There are moments in life that eviscerate you—more often than not, that is the blade tragedy wields in an effort to kill your spirit. There are moments in life when everything you thought you knew is turned upside down. Try as you might, you can never right it. There are moments in life when everything you thought you’d have forever disappears, disintegrates right before your very eyes. My world is rearranging itself in the most horrific way. These are my moments. This is my hell. Trouble lies ahead. Be warned. Welcome back to Paragon. ***Celestra Forever After is a Celestra Series spinoff.*** From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Moore—Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison's books, "...easy, frothy fun!" *The Celestra series has over a million copies in circulation and has been optioned for film by 20th Century Fox!*

Death and Other Calamities

Sterling Thomas - 2020
    You buy into the whole “American Dream”- get married, buy a house, get a dog- but you’re never guaranteed things will end up all sunshine, roses, and magical unicorn dicks.Take me, for example. I’m thirty, own a cute little bungalow, married to the guy I love, and I get to be my own boss with my best friend. Everything is coming up Lorelai. Until it isn’t. My fifth anniversary sets things in motion I never could’ve anticipated.Now I see dead people. No, not like that movie. I mean I see them die. Apparently that’s my super power now. Yay.The only good thing that’s come of losing my old life? The four supes I work with to help solve bizarre murders. They’re helping me navigate this new world and I foresee a lot of sexual tension in my future. Oh, and a lot of really bad nightmares, but I guess that’s just part of the package.*This is a Reverse Harem romance meant for readers 18 and older. It is a slow burn with high heat. After all, Why Choose?


Brianna West - 2015
    Being ordinary really blew sometimes. That's until she meets Lucas--a man that's unlike anyone she's ever met. Mostly because he isn't actually a man. He is a supernatural creature that proclaims to police the Light and Dark in order to protect humans. And Izzy--well--she isn't the human she thought she was. She is actually a supernatural being as well. And now Lucas is going to do everything in his power to find out what she is and protect her from the Dark lurking around the corner. Awakening follows Izzy as she navigates this new world of demons, vampires, angels, and many other supernatural creatures. Recruited by the Promiscus Guardians and partnering with the most brooding and devilishly handsome man she's every met, Lucas, Izzy is suddenly knee-deep up crap creek. Discover the secret behind her power and why it's such a commodity in her Awakening.

For You, I Will

Georgia Lyn Hunter - 2018
    Flowers, ring, and all, including following a baffling mortal tradition of abstinence—a challenge he gamely takes on.Then the past and future clash…Things start to unravel when an old adversary from an accursed life he thought long over suddenly reappears. Blaéz realizes it’s a tie he must sever and finally put an end to a longstanding feud. A straightforward job...until his vindictive nemesis snatches his mate.It’s a time of reckoning…Blaéz will risk and do anything to get her back. But first, he must face his own dark and painful past for a future with the one woman who is his very heartbeat. If he doesn’t, it just might destroy everything he’s fought for…Author’s note: This novella is set after book 3 in the Fallen Guardians’ series and gives you further insight into the lives of the Guardians. For better reading enjoyment of this book, it is best if you fully immerse yourself in the Fallen Guardians’ World first.No cliffhanger.

Return of the Beast

Lisa Renee Jones - 2008
    It taints his soul with a darkness that can only be purged by finding his chosen mate. Now, as a Knight of White, a demon fighter caught up in an ancient war between good and evil, Chris must battle the soulless Darkland Beasts intent on reaking destruction upon humanity. Sent to save the hometown he left twenty-five years ago from an onslaught of Beasts, Chris comes to the rescue of ranch owner Alexis Wright. He is drawn to Alexis with a demanding passion that nearly overwhelms him and he recognizes immediately that Alexis must be his chosen mate. But, while he knows Alexis can be his salvation, he is torn by conflict. For to draw her into his world, he must put her life...and her unimaginable danger. Previously published by Harlequin.

Crimson Reign

V.L. Moon - 2013
    Bathed in the glow of celestial love and swathed in a blanket of black satin wings nestled a king among kings, a vampire born to destroy the decay threatening to eradicate the race he was destined to save.An angelic heart torn by yearning, suffering and pain throbbed to the rhythm of the life he created; a life prophesied in the scriptures by the Creator’s own hand. A vow of servitude given in blood sealed the fate of a Seraphim's heart and tied it eternally to the creation he craves, protects…loves. Ancient treaties are lost and reborn, rising from the ashes as the Nephilim ravage the vampire race. The deviant desire that soared in Malachi Denali's blood threatens to bring Rome to its knees when Malachi's world, his soul and his heart are brutally shattered and torn apart. Will purity born of an angel's love be enough to calm the savage mind of Malachi Denali? Or will Laziel be doomed to a life of purgatory for loving the life he was gifted to create…

Redemption / Ransom / Retribution

R.K. Ryals - 2013
    "You don't choose a path in life because it's better for you. You choose it because you want something from it."Rebellious Dayton Blainey has always wanted something more out of life. Becoming a nun isn't part of the plan. When she is thrust into a dark world by her delusional aunt, the Abbess of Blackstone Abbey, Dayton finds herself part of a bizarre scheme that could destroy not only herself, but the world. Bound now to a dangerous stranger, what Dayton really wants is her life back. But an insane Demon has other plans. Haunted by a forbidden attraction to a man she should not want, Dayton embarks on a wild journey that will redefine the epic battle between good and evil.

Possessed by the Devil

Nicola Rose - 2019
    No, not from the shadows… he IS the shadows. My name is Angel and I’ve been hunting demons my whole life, sending them back to the festering pit they crawled from. To most hunters, it’s just a job. To me, it’s everything. I come alive with a blade in my hand, only feeling at peace when everything else is chaos.My problem?The King of Hell thinks he owns me. Lucifer is a storm. He crashes into my life after brewing on the horizon all these years, finally unleashing himself upon me and obliterating everything I thought real. He drags me to Hell and I’m lost. My own inner demons thrive in this place of sin and pain. My dark heart and traitorous body begin to agree that I’m his, but I know better than to listen to that pair. Game on, Lucifer. I’m going to destroy you. The Captive Collection A collection of dark and steamy reads spanning different genres. Each is a complete standalone, but they do have one thing in common — they’re centered around a dark and angsty enemies-to-lovers / forbidden romance captive situation with badboys and anti-heroes!

The Bliss Drip

Liddie Cain - 2020
    Especially as a vampire. Macory "Mac" Jacobs walks back into our southern small town and my life will never be the same. He pulls me into his world of supernatural creatures that I thought were only fiction. He asks me to help him run a blood donation program to serve the local vampire protection and protect the neighbors we grew up around. But he has no idea how much risk this request will put me in and I need him close to keep me safe. WIll my heart want him even closer?Or will the confident and oh-so-tempting boss of his, an archdemon named Felix, sweep me off of my feet? He is just as drawn to me as I am to him. Clues will begin to emerge that there are reasons from our past for such an attraction. I had always known there was something different about me and these revelations will surprise everyone I love. The Bliss Drip is a paranormal romance reverse harem romance. This means the main character will be romantically linked with multiple partners simultaneously. It also can be considered a polyamorous romance. There is sexual content in this book that is consensual. One scene could be considered dubcon by some readers.


Kelly Libsack - 2011
    However, Kort and Seth have a secret... Faith is a shy girl who's withdrawn from the happy-go-lucky social settings of typical college life--still grieving the recent loss of her somewhat crazy father--when she's pulled from her mournful daze by the attention she keeps getting from the two hotties on campus. A strange encounter with Kort and Seth reveals their secret..., an otherworldly truth beyond Faith's wildest dreams, and she's left with startling questions about the death of her father, her family's bloodline, and a destiny she never imagined possible.