Book picks similar to
Mr. Mysterious & Company by Sid Fleischman


Manners and Mischief: A Samantha Classic Volume 1

Susan S. Adler - 1986
    But when she becomes friends with Nellie, she learns that life isn't so easy for everyone. Samantha is determined to help her new friend--but Nellie ends up helping her, too Then Samantha tries to help decorate for Christmas, but is disappointed when her plans are being changed. Discover what happens to help make this Christmas even better than Samantha planned.

Finding Freedom: An Addy Classic Volume 1

Connie Rose Porter - 2014
    But before they can leave, the most terrible thing Addy can imagine happens--her Poppa and her brother, Sam, are sold! Addy and her Momma decide they must head out on their own. Although the road to freedom is difficult, Addy�s new life brings new friends, school, and even the opportunity to help others. But when will her family be reunited?


Laurence Yep - 2008
    Clair is a ten-year-old girl living in upstate New York. She has grown up playing ice hockey wit her three older brothers on the pond behind their house. Mia's got the skills and the scrappiness it takes to be a star hockey player, but she's tired of skating in her brothers' shadows and has decided to follow her heart and pursue figure skating instead. Does she have what it takes to grow and compete as a figure skaters?When a new coach arrives, Mia finds herself gently pushed by the coach at the same time that she's pulled by her brothers. Can she stay true to her heart and follow her own path? Can she hold her own in a world of competitive skating?


Elizabeth Levy - 1988
    Cindi, Lauren, Darlene and Jodi knew they'd be friends from the first day they met. Coach Harmon said they'd be in a real gymnastics meet right away, even if they were only beginners. Now they had to learn how to be a team.

Judy Moody's Mini-Mysteries and Other Sneaky Stuff for Super-Sleuths

Megan McDonald - 2012
    "The Great Class Heist" is just one of the whodunits tackled by Judy Drewdy and agents Dills Pickle (aka Frank), Spuds Houdini (Rocky), and James Madagascar (Stink), who need readers’ help in cracking these addition to six solve-it-yourself missions, kids can get in the mood to: Create a detective kitSketch suspectsTest powers of observationPuzzle through ridonkulus logic puzzlesWrite super-sneaky codesAnd more!

Sweet Farts #1

Raymond Bean - 2008
    Unfortunately for Keith, it has earned him the nickname "S.B.D." (silent but deadly). To make matters worse, Keith's dad is a self proclaimed "Fart Machine" who really stinks it up at home. With the science fair quickly approaching, Keith decides he has had enough. He comes up with a science fair project idea to turn the foul smell of human gas into something sweet smelling. The idea lands him in the principal's office, and in big trouble with his mom. With the help of his little sister Emma, his dad, his crazy grandma, and Benjamin Franklin (great American scientist), Keith will attempt to make the greatest scientific discovery of all time, the cure for the common fart.

The Blind Colt

Glen Rounds - 1941
    Relates the adventures of a blind colt as he roams with a band of mustangs and is eventually adopted and trained as a saddle horse by ten-year-old Whitey.

All Hail the Queen

Erica David - 2015
    Now that the castle gates are open, Anna and Elsa are thrilled to be finally getting to know their kingdom. Anna bubbles with enthusiasm for all the things to do and the people to meet in Arendelle, and Elsa loves using her magic to help the town. But sometimes even a queen needs a day off.

The Seventeenth Swap

Eloise Jarvis McGraw - 1986
    Having no money, a thirteen-year-old begins a series of swaps to get the child he babysits for a pair of cowboy boots.

The Glowing Heart: A Josefina Mystery

Valerie Tripp - 2016
    Everyone is delighted with the stunning ruby ring, but as soon as the ring appears at the rancho, things start going wrong. What is going on? With all her heart, Josefina is determined to find out.

The Gift of the Pirate Queen

Patricia Reilly Giff - 1982
    She certainly doesn't want her cousin Fiona from Ireland to move in and take over. Grace has enough to worry about, what with Amy's diabetes and her own problems at school with her teacher.But Fiona does arrive and tries hard to fit in with the family. It's still hard for Grace until the day Fiona shares her story of the brave pirate queen named grace O'Malley. The tale makes her wonder: Does she have the great courage of the pirate queen?

Missouri Homestead

Thomas L. Tedrow - 1992
    It’s 1894, and after devastating losses in South Dakota, Laura, Manly, and little Rose head East to Mansfield, Missouri, in search of a new beginning...

Cat Running

Zilpha Keatley Snyder - 1994
    "Appealing and informative". --School Library Journal, starred.

The Worst Gymnast

Thalia Kalkipsakis - 2005
    DREAM BIG! Gemma loves gymnastics.  But she’s just had the worst class EVER, and her coach isn’t happy.  Is Gemma’s life as a gymnast over?  Or will her clever plan keep her on the team?

The Berenstain Bear Scouts in Giant Bat Cave

Stan Berenstain - 1995
    But now crooked Ralph Ripoff wants to turn the cave into an underground theme park. Can the Bear Scouts "save the cave" before the bats become homeless?