Suspicion on Sugar Creek

Susannah B. Lewis - 2016
    She hoped to work on her novel, play Rook with the old lady next door and spend some lazy time with her husband and daughters. But when a new neighbor winds up dead, Tessa and her Rook partner find themselves jumping to suspicious conclusions. Add a young hippie named Rusty to the mix, and these three seem like an unlikely trio to solve an alleged crime. When you’re not laughing at the humorous rhetoric in Suspicion on Sugar Creek, you’ll be on the edge of your seat wondering how it will all play out.

Cozy Mystery Cover Up Boxed Set

Stacey Alabaster - 2018
    Six amateur super sleuths. Can the criminals cover up their crimes or will our super sleuths put them behind bars? Six cozy mysteries from USA Today and Amazon Bestselling authors Cozy Mystery Cover Up includes the following cozy mysteries: Mud Pie Murderess - A Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery from USA Today Bestselling author Stacey Alabaster. Croissants and Corruption - The first book in Margot Durand Cozy Mystery series from Amazon Bestselling author Danielle Collins. Murder at Macbeth - The first book in Flight Risk Cozy Mystery series from Amazon Bestselling author Susan Harper. Steps from Death - The first book in Craft Circle Cozy Mystery series from USA Today Bestselling author Stacey Alabaster. High Seas Homicide - The first book in Hannaford British Cozy Mystery series from Amazon Bestselling author Danielle Collins. Dying for a Drive - The first book in Senoia Cozy Mystery series from Amazon Bestselling author Susan Harper. Always free on Kindle Unlimited

The Weight of Water / Resistance

Anita Shreve - 2011

Senoia Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 - 6

Susan Harper - 2018
    When her friend is accused of murder, her inquisitive nature is rekindled and she quickly becomes Senoia’s premier super sleuth. She quickly finds herself involved in murder mystery after murder mystery. If she is going to save her friends, and herself, she must solve everything from crimes of passion to mass murders. Can Felicity overcome long odds or will it be too much for the young party planner? This collection of cozy mysteries includes the first six books in the Senoia Cozy Mystery series. If you like cozy mysteries with interesting characters and unexpected turns, the Senoia Cozy Mystery series is for you. Buy the Senoia Cozy Mystery Boxed Set and start solving your next mystery (or six) today! Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited Included Books Each book in the series is a stand-alone story, but your enjoyment of each story will be increased if you read them all. Be sure to check them all out. Dying for a Drive - When Felicity gets her first big break as a party planner, a murder turns the event into one that she will never forget. After the police arrest her friend, who she knows is innocent, she is forced find the killer herself. If she doesn’t find him soon, though, she just might be the next victim. A Fatal Fall – Felicity’s party planning business is booming after solving her first murder. When she lands her biggest job yet, she finally has a chance to enjoy the fruits of her success . . . until a young girl falls to her death. When ex-boyfriend and police officer Jack Hudson comes to her for help, Felicity must work around the police and solve the murder before she and her friends become the next victims. Murder in the Morgue – Felicity Senoia’s premier party planner and has taken on the mission to raise funds for the new NICU at the hospital. When the haunted house theme gets an all too real decoration, Felicity is thrust into the middle of another murder investigation. Can Felicity solve the mystery of the Murder in the Morgue? Horse Drawn Homicide - Felicity’s party planning business is booming. When someone close to her is killed, she literally gets dragged into the middle of another murder mystery. But after a second murder, things get too real. Can Felicity solve the mystery before she becomes the third? Framed by Friends – Felicity has become Senoia’s premier party planner and amateur sleuth. When the past and present collide, Felicity’s friends, old and new, become embroiled in a murder mystery. At a party she organized, no less. Felicity must put aside old friendships and hurt feelings and catch a killer before one of her friends gets away with murder. Victims of His Vengeance – Felicity has become a celebrated amateur sleuth in addition to being Senoia’s premier party planner. When the criminals she has put behind bars start dying, she must again solve a perplexing case. Can she catch another killer or will she be the final victim? Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Missing Mona: A Tommy Cuda Mystery

Joe Klingler - 2015
    As he looks squarely at his next decade of life his smartphone convinces him the time is ripe for a change. A gift from his grandfather provides the means, so he embarks on the path of blues artists and beatniks before him-and hits the road. He immediately meets a damsel in hitchhiking distress who says her name is Mona. Her presence persuades him that the bright lights and dark clubs of Chicago might be his kind of town. So on a summer Saturday night they settle into a fancy hotel overlooking the beaches of Lake Michigan. On Sunday...Mona disappears.But she leaves behind more than a sweet memory that involves Tommy in a brand new cash flow problem he never imagined. While trying to sort out how to stay on the right side of the law and get back on the road, he meets a young criminologist who helps him, a DJ who doesn't, and a librarian who teaches him about the city, women, and the art of the makeover. After truth and lies are stirred like a blue martini, being assaulted by a pink monkey, and witnessing a drive-by shooting that drowns a Ferrari-Tommy is desperate to help Mona.If he can find her.Praise for Joe Klingler:"...dramatic, vivid, evocative, and perfectly detailed."--San Francisco Book Review"Fierce writing chops...balance action and subterfuge...effortlessly clever prose."--Kirkus Reviews"Klingler is skilled at writing action scenes. He puts the reader directly in the line of fire, and doesn't let up."--Foreword Clarion Reviews

Mystery Ranch

Arthur Chapman - 1921
    You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

"I'm just an ordinary girl." The Sharon Kinne Story

James C. Hays - 1997
    husband, her boyfriend's wife and a man in Mexico. All this before her twenty-fifth birthday.Sentenced to thirteen years in Mexican prison, she escaped and is still at large with an active murder warrant biting at her ass.This story has been featured on Unsolved Mysteries and Discovery I.D.'s Deadly Women series. (Episode-"Born Bad").

How to Borrow Books from a Public Library for Free Using your Kindle E-reader and Kindle Fire: Step-by-Step Guide with Screenshots on How to Borrow Kindle ... and Audio Books from Amazon Through Ove

Alexa Danvers - 2018
     You’re about to discover how to borrow, read and return books from your Local library for Free. You don't need to buy every book that you want to read. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... What You Need to Get Started How to Find and Check Out Ebooks At Your Local Library via the Website How to Find and Check Out Ebooks At Your Local Library Using the Overdrive App How to Return a Library Book How to Delete Borrowed Books That Expired Already and Still Showing On Your Device or Reading Applications Much, much more! Download your copy today!

The Tide Washed Her Away (Jessica Carter Mysteries Book 1)

J. Moriarty - 2015
    Some remembered her as the innocent daughter of a local minister, while others whispered rumors about a recent lascivious turn. Was she really the 'other woman' who came between her friends' engagement? Is it true she convinced someone to give up a life of crime? Did she really spend time in jail for a DUI? After failing to maintain a blogging career, Jessica Carter must return to her home town of Hampton, New Hampshire. The place is nice enough: a beautiful summer destination with sandy beaches, a touristy boardwalk and a cozy, small-town atmosphere. But Jessica knows coming home means owning up to her mistakes and mending relationships with everyone she left behind. Corinne's death brings Jessica closer to her former friends, but as she digs into Corinne's life, she exposes dark secrets her friends wish would remain hidden. Caught between her investigation and her friends, Jessica seeks to answer the one question everyone else seems content to leave unresolved: who knew the real Corinne, and why would someone want her dead?

Unwanted Inheritance

Glen Ebisch - 2001
    The new tenants, siblings Caroline and Michael Compton, have recently inherited the run-down estate by the terms of an unusual will. Mysterious accidents and obvious acts of vandalism soon make it evident that someone doesn't want the new owners to ever occupy the house. Although Heather finds herself strongly attracted to Michael, she eventually begins to wonder where his true loyalties lie. Surrounded by strangers and unsure who to trust as the dangers mount, Heather must rely on her own nerve and resources to solve a mystery that is rooted in the dark past of the Compton House.

The Strange Death of Father Candy

Les Roberts - 2011
    His late parents were close to the ruling mob clan in Youngstown, his sister was a bad-tempered and dissatisfied nag, and his middle brother was a corruptible police lieutenant. But in 1985, their oldest brother Richard Candiotti---beloved by every Italian Catholic in Youngstown as "Father Candy"---dies, and Dominick returns home for the funeral.Dominick is greatly disturbed by Richard's death, which has been ruled a suicide. Dissatisfied with this answer, he sets out to find the truth, revealing secrets and coming face-to-face with brutality and violence.Award-winning author Les Roberts pens a riveting and moving tale about walking the fragile tightrope between love and hatred.

The Furnace Girl: The Mysterious case of Elfrieda Knaak

Kraig W. Moreland - 2018
    The Furnace Girl is Kraig Moreland's theory of what really happened to Elfrieda Knaak, as told to and beautifully written by Toby Jones, It is a stranger-than-fiction story, told through the eyes of Griff Morgan, a young orphan boy, whose harrowing journey makes him an accidental witness to what still remains one of the most puzzling, unsolved crimes of the early 1900s.   In this fictionalized account of the mystery, Griff and his young sister land at the Lake Bluff Orphanage, where they must learn to navigate their new surroundings and face their fears. The 12-year-old Griff stumbles upon unlawful activity throughout the town, from Elfrieda’s illicit relationship with a married man, (and prime suspect) to characters so dark that he feels his safety slipping away with every day.  The Furnace Girl appeals to crime buffs and those looking for a powerful coming-of-age story that pulls on even the toughest of heartstrings.

Songs and Portobellos

M.A. McCormack - 2015
    Songs and Portobellos is a magical story that captures the creativity and clarity of perception that young people possess.The book centres on the development of teenagers Conor and Melanie during the summer of 1967 and explores the influences that bring them to understand their uniqueness.By the end of the summer they have transcended the ordinary, discovered who they are and determined what they stand for.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith Summary & Study Guide

BookRags - 2010
    1 Ladies' Detective Agency Study Guide contains comprehensive summaries and analysis of the book. This study guide includes a detailed Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Character Descriptions, Objects/Places, Themes, Styles, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion on The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith.

Meredith Potts Cozy Mystery Anthology

Meredith Potts - 2018
    These entertaining cozies are perfect quick reads. Enjoy these crime-solving adventures in waiting rooms, at the bus stop, or anywhere! "Meredith's stories are like yummy potato chips. You can't stop at one!" - K.M. Morgan "If you love clean mysteries (no swearing or adult content) with fun characters, and crimes that keep you guessing, you will love all of Meredith Potts' wonderful stories!" - Bridget Bowman Included in this wholesome collection: Murder in Happy Creek Killer Amnesia College Can Be Murder Deadpan Murder Murder in Happy Creek.