All in one Humor Omnibus (Illustrated): Tales of Birbal, Tenali Rama, Mulla Nasruddin, Maryada Raman & Paramananda

Sufiyan - 2015
    These stories are famous for wits, wisdom and pure humor and have enchanted the readers. In our efforts to bring classic Indian literature onto the modern e-book platform, we present here choicest of these tales. All stories are written in simple and easy to understand language and are accompanied with colorful pictures.

Detective Nikki Galena #4-6

Joy Ellis - 2019
    She must fulfil her father’s dying wish and discover who the mysterious Eve is. Meanwhile a dead drug dealer is found on an abandoned airfield that the locals say is haunted. The trail of both mysteries will lead to the most shocking discovery of Nikki’s career and put her whole team in mortal danger. STALKER ON THE FENSDI Nikki Galena’s friend Helen Brook is involved in a serious accident where she is trapped in a collapsed cellar. After her hard-won recovery, Helen is still getting flashbacks to a man she says was down there with her and who confessed to a murder. But no trace of this man can be found. Then Helen tells Nikki that someone is watching her. But is all this in her friend’s imagination and part of her post-traumatic stress?And why is Stephen Cox back in town? He’s the villain who tore Nikki’s life apart and he seems to have returned for revenge. CAPTIVE ON THE FENSA young woman’s body is found in a remote barn on the fens. before she was killed, one of her fingers had been cut off. Who is inflicting this violence and why?The young woman in the barn had been kept captive for some time. And the case shows strong similarities to an unsolved murder in Derbyshire. When another woman is found alive with similar injuries the case grows even more complicated.

Blaze, A Son's Trial by Fire: A True Story

Nidhi Poddar - 2021
    The journey to salvage the lost friend can still offer myriad opportunities of redemption and self-discovery. It is up to us how we decide to tread this formidable path leading to self-actualization. Time has made us realize that it is not fair to stereotype a person suffering from cancer from the point of view of cure or recovery. Many a time, such stereotyping comes from our own society, and sometimes, ironically, from the medical fraternity, for its inability to go beyond a point, after which you feel you are condemned and vegetative. All these negativities passively entrap the patients and their parents in the viciousness of the disease where they die many times before the actual death. This is the worst form of cancer which has plagued our mindset. In the case of Divyansh Atman, the authors’ son, it was not so. Divyansh was the embodiment of courage and self-determination in the face of adversities. His life journey shows us how the path of opportunities can still be paved in the middle of adversities. He lived a big and a meaningful life that made a huge impact on the lives of people around him. Cancer can bring in self-evolution, both for the sufferer and his caregivers.

Positive Mindset Habits for Teachers: 10 Steps to Reduce Stress, Increase Student Engagement and Reignite Your Passion for Teaching

Grace Stevens - 2018
    Do you dream about increased student engagement and more effective classroom management? How about reducing teacher stress and overwhelm? Or leaving campus at a reasonable hour without dragging a cart full of lesson planning and papers to grade in tow?If the answer to these questions is “Yes!”  then this book is for YOU!Based on current research in positive psychology and more than 15 years “real world” experience in the classroom, this book provides a practical roadmap to reduce stress, improve student behavior and be happier in your classroom and your life.These 10 simple positive mindset habits train you to flex your “happy muscle” and easily: Eliminate teacher overwhelm and stress Leave school every day energized and fulfilled Connect with students in a way that turns every group of kinds into a “dream class” Rediscover the passion and excitement that made you want to become a teacher A quick read in a conversational tone, this book will put a smile back on your face and laughter back in your classroom – two critical elements for teacher fulfillment and student success.*** For a LIMITED TIME your purchase INCLUDES a free download of the 30 page Companion Workbook and a six-week version of the Positive Mindset Journal for Teachers ***

Daring to Fly: The TV star on facing fear and finding joy on a deadline

Lisa Millar - 2021

Adventures in Natural Childbirth: Tales from Women on the Joys, Fears, Pleasures, and Pains of Giving Birth Naturally

Janet Schwegel - 2005
    Not only is it widely considered the best and safest way to deliver a child, natural childbirth empowers women by reinforcing their belief in themselves and their abilities. In Adventures in Natural Childbirth, editor Janet Schwegel taps into this growing movement with a fascinating collection of personal, engaging, and revealing stories from thirty-nine women on their journey through pregnancy, labor, and natural childbirth. These women's tales capture the full range of emotions and physical sensations natural childbirth can evoke—from calm to fear, from elation to pain, and everything in between—and give readers a true sense of the joys and the hardships involved. Divided into sections by caregiver (midwife, doula, physician, or unattended) and complete with essays from practitioners on their roles in natural birth and how they help women achieve their goals, Adventures in Natural Childbirth is essential reading for any woman who is considering—or is simply curious about—giving birth naturally.

In Search Of Spring

Shreya Shively - 2020
    They’re quite stereotypically different from each other - while he’s charming, and loves springing surprises, Sara often comes across as too confident in her skin, almost to the point of being rude, and prefers doing things her way.And yet, they find themselves crossing paths, brutally, destructively, over and over. Across seasons and years. Learning and re-learning the same lessons, and ignoring them.Because isn’t love always meant to be?

Finding A 'G' For Me On Christmas

Antoinette Sherell - 2019
    Now, as an adult, she has everything that she promised herself she would. Still, she can’t help but feel that something is missing. When a trip home for the holidays lands her in the presence of Gyan ‘G’ Parks, she soon realizes that she may need more than what money and a lavish lifestyle can afford her. Find out if Christmas will gift her the missing piece of what she once considered a perfect life.

Special 15 Book Box Set: Regency Romance

Kitty St. John - 2017
    Regency Romance. 15 exciting romantic stories of dukes, earles and other aristocracy titles. Romantic, compelling and appealing reads of Regency nobility trying to find love with ladies of all classes of society. Their adventures spin heart-warming tales. Kitty St John is a lovely newcomer to Regency Romance stories. She gives a very interesting story that tugs at your very heart strings! “I enjoy Kitty St John's writing style. The story moved along in a good pace and I did not feel the need to take breaks along the way. I found that while she wrote a story, it did make me think, what would I do? I could see both characters point of view and yet the author didn't beleaguer the point. When I finished reading this book, I felt I wanted, no needed to read more of her style books. Nothing is worse than those authors who, go over and over a point to the point of making one want to throw the book/kindle at a wall. You won't find that in this book at all. Thanks for a quick read Kitty.” This Box Set Includes: Her Baron, Bold and Brave The Duke's Discovery The Duke's Favourite The Refined Earl The Honourable Duke The Duke's Fifth Governess The Poetic Marquess The Hidden Duke The Duke's Good Fortune The Erin Duke The Earl Incognito The Starry Eyed Earl The Bemused Earl The Earl's Daughter The Admirable Viscount

Once upon an Unlikely Marriage of Convenience: A Western Historical Romance Book

Ava Winters - 2022

Mapping Love

Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari
    My body still hurts. It has been some time since Oorja Chaturvedi has come home; but the wounds she suffered, at the hands of the very people who so aptly named her, cut deep. Her relationship with her father was barely strung together with a few words. But when her mother dies, the woman whose nagging love was both her comfort and her secret hiding place from the world, new grief melds with old bitterness. Reeling from the loss, Oorja decides to come back to India, only to find her estranged father missing. Her search leads her to her grandfather, a man who had lived all his life among books and forest, withering away in his house. As she tries to grapple with her grief for a dying grandfather, she unexpectedly finds love and solace in the arms of a man who inherits her grandfather’s estate. But before she can decide what Anang and her own future together hold, Oorja must first untangle the secrets of their shared past. A quiet gut-punch of a debut, acclaimed filmmaker Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s novel, Mapping Love is heartbreakingly brave and equally delicate. It is a story that digs its claws into you and doesn't let go, long after you've finished it.

Amish Dead & Breakfast: Amish Cozy Mystery (Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book 24)

Samantha Price - 2021

Promise Spoken (The Dupree Boys Book 1)

J. Nichole - 2022

Transformed by Birth: Cultivating Openness, Resilience, and Strength for the Life Changing Journey from Pregnancy to Parenthood

Britta Bushnell - 2020
    How do you navigate this ocean of information—not only to find the best practical solutions for you personally, but also to embrace this incredible opportunity for emotional and spiritual transformation that comes from bringing a child into this world? With Transformed by Birth, Dr. Britta Bushnell has created the transformative, intelligent, and empowering pregnancy and childbirth guide you’ve been waiting for.This book embraces birth as a metamorphic experience—a rite of passage in which you are initiated by opening to the unbidden, embodying your own wisdom, and gaining freedom from limiting beliefs.Our culture has inundated us with limiting ideals that prevent us from fully engaging in the journey of pregnancy and childbirth—including a need for control and certainty, vilification of pain, and reverence for technology and intellectual knowledge, among others. Dr. Bushnell helps you clear away unwanted beliefs and behaviors so you can open to the meaning and power of this uniquely life-changing experience. Here she offers daily practices, rituals, exercises, and more to help you cultivate resilience, power, and connection during this transformative time.Childbirth is more than just having a baby. Transformed by Birth invites you to discover childbirth as a transformational experience that alters your knowing of who you are and lasts long after pregnancy and birth are over.

When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Childbearing Women

Penny Simkin - 2004
    The authors expertly and compassionately address the unusual and distressing challenges that arise for abuse survivors during the childbirth experience. The first section informs the reader of the impact of early sexual abuse on children, adults, and on all aspects of childbearing. The second section teaches skills in communication, self-help skills, counseling and psychotherapy techniques. The third covers clinical challenges and solutions for doctors, nurses, midwives, doulas, and others. Case histories throughout the book clarify and apply the content.