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The Rancher's Homecoming by Arlene James


A Family Forever

Brenda Coulter - 2006
    The discovery of her unplanned pregnancy guaranteed those dreams would never be rebuilt.A KNIGHT IN A BIKE HELMETTall, husky cyclist Tucker Sharpe promised his dying brother he'd look after Shelby. When he learned there was a baby on the way, a marriage of convenience seemed his only option. But would love for the unborn child be enough to bring them -- and keep them -- together?

The Courage to Dream

Margaret Daley - 2003
    But a family crisis brings her back home -- and back to Michael Hunter, the man she'd once loved. Michael helps Rachel come to terms with life's challenges, and they soon realize that they belong together forever.

Mirror, Mirror

Judy Baer - 2007
    Even thoughit isn't her idea of reality, model Quinn Hunterreluctantly agrees to host the show. That way, she can help a needy friend and follow her truecalling--teaching children with special needs.Her latest student is very special, and so is hisfather. Widower Jack Harmon is as far from theshallow fashion world as Quinn could imagine. But he and his little boy are teaching her moreabout beauty--and reality--than any TV show ever would!

Her Secret Alaskan Family

Belle Calhoune - 2020
    Now she’s returned to Alaska to learn about the family she was stolen from—without disclosing her identity. But keeping her deep secret from gorgeous town sheriff Hank Crawford is much harder than Sage thought…especially when she finds herself falling for him.Home to Owl Creek

A Certain Hope

Lenora Worth - 2005
    Her faith and belief in happy endings all but destroyed, April threw herself into working her father's ranch. But as she struggled with this new life, she found herself headlong in a romantic attachment she never thought possible.Rancher Reed Garrison resented April's leaving Texas so long ago, but he loved her still. Now Reed wanted her to succeed, to recapture her joy and love of God. He hoped the tender feelings between them would grow—and that this time, April would be willing to put down roots...with him.

Her Texas Family

Jill Lynn - 2016
    When she agrees to take a job in Doctor Graham Redmond's office, the two instantly clash. The same can't be said for the widower's daughter. They quickly form a bond when Lucy begins teaching the little girl to dance. Graham soon realizes how good Lucy is for his daughter—and for him. Yet his late wife's parents don't agree. Their ultimatum to choose between them or Lucy fills Graham with despair. He can't let his daughter lose her grandparents…but he also can't lose the woman who could complete their family.

Small-Town Bachelor

Jill Kemerer - 2015
    But when a a tornado postpones the wedding, the town is in shambles and Reed is injured. Thankfully maid of honor Claire Sheffield offers him one of her cottages to recuperate in. Dedicated to her family and her dream job at the zoo, Claire is all about roots. She's this city slicker's opposite, yet as they help the town rebuild, Reed is captivated by her stunning looks and caring ways. He can't ask Claire to leave the life she loves for him, but he also can't imagine ever leaving her behind…

Mission: Motherhood

Marta Perry - 2008
    Her darling nieces are orphaned, their parents fallen soldiers. So Caitlyn trades New York City for Prairie Springs, Texas, the small military town she'd run from at first chance. Loving the girls is easy. Learning how to be a slow-paced soccer mom is not. Which is where handsome army chaplain Steve Windham steps in. Just in time to show Caitlyn that sometimes you find the man--and life--of your dreams where you least expected.


Irene Hannon - 1998
    Rich in faith and understanding, these two people also find romance with one another and work together to become a family.

Holly Jolly Christmas

C.C. Warrens - 2019
    . .Three decades have passed since Marx last set foot in his family's Georgia home. The house has faded over the years, but the haunting memories contained within its walls remain crisp and unforgettable.If not for the girl asleep in the passenger's seat of his car, Marx would turn his car around and head back to his life in New York City. But it's time to face his demons.This novella is a Seeking Justice Christmas novella that falls between "Injustice for All" and "Imperfect Justice."

Finding Her Way Home

Linda Goodnight - 2009
    After all, she's come here to hide from her past--not to make new friends.But single dad Trace Bowman isn't about to let Cheyenne hide away her heart. He can't ignore the special way she has with his daughter, Zoey-- or how she's reminded him of the power of real love. Now he needs to convince Cheyenne that Redemption is more than a place to hide--it's also a way to be found....

Winning Her Heart

Emma Kingsley - 2018
    A relationship? Maybe someday, if ever. While interning for the summer in Florida, Nicole’s world is shaken when tennis star Aidan Coleman shows up. Marked by her parents’ dramas, she is certain that any involvement with a man will end in pain and she does her best to stay away from the handsome athlete. After an injury ended his career, Aidan Coleman is left struggling to find his path. Becoming the youngest world number one in the history of tennis brought him wealth, fame, and success, but not happiness. He is in Florida to shoot a commercial, not to find love. But when he meets Nicole Carson, he quickly realizes that he’s been waiting for her all his life. All his other victories will be worthless if he can’t win Nicole’s heart. When the right person arrives, your life can change forever in a blink of an eye.

Hasty Wedding

Debbie Macomber - 1993
    It should be everything she's ever wanted, but can a man like Reed ever fit into the life she left back home?

Falling for the Fireman

Allie Pleiter - 2012
    Widowed mom Jeannie Nelworth knows firsthand what it is: loss, hurt and yes—bitterness. Ever since the fire that changed their lives, Jeannie's young son has borne that same look, pushing everyone away. So she's grateful when Chad tries to get through to the boy with the help of his trusty fire station dog.But the man who's all about safety and prevention keeps himself protected—from loving and losing again. Seems as if Jeannie will have to add his kind, guarded heart to her rebuilding efforts.

An Accidental Hero

Loree Lough - 2003
    An Accidental Hero by Loree Lough released on Jun 24, 2003 is available now for purchase.