The Exceptional S. Beaufont Boxed Set #3: The Complete Political Conspiracy Collection

Sarah Noffke - 2020

To Catch a Witch (The Witches of Castle Clair Book 3)

Sharon Booth - 2020
    It's three hundred and fifty years since the famous witch's leap happened in the North Yorkshire town. Riverside Walk is swarming with eager tourists, wanting to pay tribute to the legendary Blaise St Clair. It's also Christmas Eve, and the family has gathered to celebrate an eventful year, and to look forward to even better times ahead. But a shock event changes everything, bringing a whole lot of trouble to the door of Castle Lodge. For something big is happening in Castle Clair. Strangers are arriving, a prophecy is unfolding, a mystery is deepening, a reckoning is coming ... and someone's getting rather too fond of Mrs Greenwood's baking. The past is colliding with the present, and the future is in jeopardy. No wonder the High Council of Witches is a bit miffed. Will the St Clairs have enough strength, courage ~ and chocolate fudge cake ~ to see them through? Or is this the end of the world as they know it?

The Time Takers

Saxon Andrew - 2014
    Throughout history, humans have been saved a moment before they died. Those that are taken, awake to find themselves in a strange new world different from anything they had ever seen. They discover that some agency has taken them out of the time they lived and dropped them into the early Cretaceous Age. They are now faced with surviving in a world that was called the Golden Age of the Dinosaurs. Not only must they learn how to survive the giant carnivores but also survive other humans. They are challenged to build a civilization ninety million years before the first Homo sapiens appeared on Earth. The humans struggling to survive wonder if the Time Takers are a larger danger than any they face in the prehistoric world they now inhabit. One of them is determined to find out why they were taken and his quest could endanger everyone. Excerpt from: The Time Takers Suddenly, the cave was filled with a deafening roar. Everyone in the cave turned, grabbed their ears and looked to the left, where they saw an opening in the cave wall at the end of a short corridor. Something was filling the opening. Andy was stunned at what he saw. This was a nightmare that could only come from an overdose of bad drugs. Everyone fled across the cave to the wall furthest from the opening. The Romans broke formation and ran with the others. The Roman Leader held his ground and Andy saw he was shocked and frightened out of his wits. It was easy to see why. Andy sprinted across the cave and moved into the short corridor leading to the opening where a giant head with rows of sharp teeth was being pushed further into the cave. He stopped twenty feet from the head, raised the bow and fired an arrow directly into the open mouth of the huge Allosaurus. The giant reptile screamed and jerked its head back out of the opening but not before Andy had notched another arrow and hit it between the eyes with an arrow that buried itself to the fletching. The giant’s roar was silenced as it straightened up and then fell backwards. Andy put the bow over his shoulder and ran toward the entrance. He saw a large stone wheel on the right side of the opening designed to block the entrance and he ran behind it and tried to push it forward. The roars from outside the cave were getting louder…and numerous; everyone inside could hear that there were more of the nightmares that had stuck its head in the cave outside the opening. He pushed as hard as he could but the wheel was just too heavy to move. There was a channel cut into the floor for it to roll in; but it was just too massive to budge. The Roman Leader sprinted over and started pushing with Andy. They looked out of the opening as they struggled to move the stone wheel and saw ten of the giant carnivores were just outside the entrance surrounding the dead Allosaurus,. They appeared to be trying to determine what killed it. One of them looked at the cave opening and started moving toward it. Ten Samurai and five Vikings arrived at that moment and began pushing with Andy and the Roman. The wheel started moving and then rolled over the entrance just before the dinosaur arrived. The men gathered at the wheel felt it lean into the cave for a moment…and then fall back against the opening. This book is dedicated to my brother, Wayne. I wish you could have read this one. Thanks for reading Science Fiction to me when I was five years old. You started me on the path that led me to all the stories that spring from my imagination, I miss you and love you. Visit us on face book at or our website at You may contact me directly at

Like Lovers Do

Lori L. Lake - 2011
    Lake, winner of the Ann Bannon AwardKennie McClain is a security guard who, unbeknownst to her tenants, owns the Allen Arms where she works. She’s still recovering from the loss of her partner three years earlier and has moved from upstate New York to Portland to escape the tragedy. In her off hours, she rehabs apartments and nurses a broken heart.Lily Gordon, a nationally-acclaimed painter, lives in the Allen Arms penthouse. She’s beautiful and accomplished – and haunted after her lover ditches her. Sparks fly in a big way when Kennie and Lily finally connect . . . but then in one shattering moment, Lily betrays her, and Kennie’s world comes crashing down, leaving her untrusting and in deep emotional pain. Can Kennie ever rise above these losses and risk her heart again?

Alison Brownstone Omnibus #2 (Books 9-15): A Brownstone Response, A Brownstone Solution, Keep Your Enemies Closer, Rise Up, Dark Reunion, Drow Conqueror, Drow Triumphant

Judith Berens - 2020
    But Alison and her team know better. Trouble’s always coming for a Brownstone. Good thing she has an answer for them. Brownstone Security’s reputation is spreading, which means more jobs for the growing team. But more money means more mayhem looking for them. Can the team dig deeper and pull out another win? A Brownstone Solution: What could be harder for Alison than hunting magical beasties? Meeting Mason’s parents. Now she knows what Mason felt like meeting her father. Well, that was James Brownstone, so… maybe not.No time to ponder impressing the parents anyway – she has other issues to deal with.And an unknown person has reached out to Tahir and Hana about Omni’s owner. Something smells a bit fishy about the whole situation – and it’s not Omni being a fish. Keep Your Enemies Closer: Alison bloodied the Tapestry, but has she defeated them? With her foes operating under the radar, Alison thinks she has time, but when the mysterious magic-enhancing drug Ultimate arrives in Seattle, she is faced with a shocking conspiracy that might reach from Las Vegas to Seattle. Sadistic wizards willing to experiment are flocking to town. Rise Up: It’s hard to plan a wedding when the bad guys just won’t take a hint. Invite only… Brownstone Security is hired for what should be a relatively simple job. Nothing about the job is as it seems and Alison ends up working with the FBI’s first witch on the case. Dark Reunion: Sometimes even a Brownstone needs to get away from it all. Did the bad guys not get the memo? Alison Brownstone is on vacation. Do not disturb. Oh they disturbed.But when your mom is Shay Carson and she makes two requests of you, you take them seriously. 1. Go on a father-daughter bounty hunt. 2. Go on vacation. How can Alison say no? She can’t.Two Brownstone’s on a bounty. That dude’s going down hard. It’s not like Seattle will burn down because Alison isn’t there, right? Drow Conqueror: Alison Brownstone is a Drow Princess with no ordinary powers. Time to remind a few people just what that means. Kick ass, don’t bother taking names. Alison is in Mongolia to rescue Mr. D’s nephew, but things aren’t adding up. Are the other Drow trying to off Alison and her team to secure their succession? Drow Triumphant: It’s the beginning of the end. The other Drow princess and queen just don’t know it… yet. It’s business as usual for Brownstone Security. Drow threats or not, they still have work to do.

Christmas Kringle: Silent Night

Michael Anderle - 2020
    The children will smile on Christmas morning at all costs. Even if Kris has to die to try to make it happen.Someone has set a trap for Kris Kringle. The problem is, Kris is willing to go anywhere to get those gifts to the children.Including to his dark place.This time, even Kris is surprised by who helps him.Be careful, world. You don’t want to piss off Saint Nick.

The Magelands Eternal Siege (Books 1-3)

Christopher Mitchell - 2021
    Thrown out of every unit defending the City, either she takes on a new role, or she will be sent to the Rats, a company of misfits given the perilous tasks beyond the Great Walls.Her new role, if she takes it, will bring her face to face with her deepest fears, for beneath the walls, in a secret and hidden lair, lies a dragon, imprisoned and waiting… This box-set includes the Blade Trilogy - the first three books (complete arc) of The Magelands Eternal Siege, over 1300 paperback pages or 2000 Kindle pages.The Mortal BladeThe Dragon's BladeThe Prince's Blade

Kill the Willing / Bury the Past But Shoot It First / Reload Faster / Dead In Plain Sight / Tomb Raiding PhD / Tomb Raider Emeritus

Martha Carr - 2020
    Requires Life Insurance. Will be working with deadly magical artifacts and killers. Kill The Willing: Shay Carson had a wake up call when a hitman was sent after her. Her previous profession was getting a bit personal. Then, life offered her a chance to disappear, and she did. What's a girl to do with a very specific set of skills? Take up Tomb Raiding!Behind every complicated woman is a story. For Shay, it happens to be a little complicated and she can't share with her new friends. Better to lie to her friends, than have to kill more for knowing too much! Bury The Past, But Shoot it First: Magic is back on Earth and there’s money to be made. It didn’t take long for Shay Carson to figure out that being a hitman isn’t good for a girl’s retirement plans. Time to fake her own death and get the hell out of town. Start over in L.A. with dream job number two – tomb raider in a world just coming to terms with magic. Just as dangerous a profession but the payoff’s bigger even if someone’s still shooting at her. Good thing this girl has better aim and no problem pulling the trigger. Reload Faster: Killer for hire needs to retool her skill set. Find a new career with a little less risk. Meet Shay Carson – Tomb Raider for hire. Good with weapons, works badly with others, can leave at a moment’s notice and not thrown by magic. She’s already making a name for herself on the dark web. Rich people in search of treasure willing to pay to send someone else. Look out world… Dead In Plain Sight: Shay Carson's rep as a tomb raider grows, along with her list of new friends. The former killer for hire has managed to figure out what a life looks like without killing off her inner circle. But a teenage elf may upend all of it.New adventures across France hunting for the lost scepter of Dagobert protected by dark magic or finding the answers to a broken piece of machinery that’s 300 million years old. Not your typical day job. Shay is not your typical woman… just ask Brownstone. Tomb Raiding PHD: What do you do when someone threatens your man? If his name is Brownstone, you can take the easy way out and just tell him. He’ll take care of the rest. But if you’re Shay Carson, archaeologist of magic and history, you take care of it, permanently. It’s her specialty. In a surprising twist, Shay’s turned out to be teachable and is taking along Lily, a Gray Elf to help her settle the score, while Peyton, her IT specialist with a love of costumes and pizza has her back. Tomb Raider Emeritus: Shay Carson has a secret. Not all aliens are Oricerans.

The Forever Gate Ultimate Edition: Books 1-9 (Complete Series)

Isaac Hooke - 2019
    It has been one of the highest-rated sci-fi series on Amazon over the last three years. This bundle contains books 1 through 9--the complete series--and will captivate fans of science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, and cyberpunk. In this riveting nine-volume set, Hoodwink Cooper infiltrates a tyrannical alien regime and traverses multiple realities in a daring attempt to save his daughter from certain doom... There's only one problem. He might destroy the last living remnants of humanity in the process. This ultimate edition contains THE FOREVER GATE volumes one through nine. Strap yourself in, because the mind-bending thrill ride that explores what it means to be human has only just begun.

To Be Unbroken

Stein Willard - 2015
    But wealth and esteem came second only to the passionate, albeit illicit, love she felt for Princess Anima. Their secret liaison came to an abrupt end when Anima’s duty to her father and the Kingdom tore them apart; triggering an ancient curse. Heartbroken and cast in stone, Maxima was left yearning for her paramour. Finding Anima’s soul was the only way to break the curse and reclaim her lover. Rich and beautiful, Sara Laramie grew up as one of the most sought after socialites in Boston’s elite circles. A failed relationship caused her to retreat from the social scene and instead focus all her attention on starting a private gallery. Finally, with a purpose in life, she thought she had enough to keep her busy. That was until she received an unexpected request to showcase the statue of a formidable ancient Greek female warrior in her gallery. The arrival of the statue coincided with the appearance of a gorgeous flint-eye stranger who with a single kiss spun Sara’s life out of control.

Blood of Patriots

Richard Tongue - 2017
    They failed. And millions died as a result. After decades of oppression, the rebels are getting ready to move again, to succeed where their predecessors could not. Their last hopes lie with the Federation's greatest space commander, now a drunken derelict, and a ship that was lost in deep space at the end of the war. The Starcruiser Polaris. Once the flagship of the Federation Fleet. And if the rebellion can find her before the dreaded Political Directorate, the key to a new rebellion, one that might accomplish the near-impossible. But they are not the only ones to seek her, and the future of all humanity depends on the winner of a desperate race, to find the lost starship, and bring her back into the fight...

Possession: A Jack Nightingale Short Story

Stephen Leather - 2017
    But he can't do the exorcism alone - for that he needs the help of a priest. A very special priest. But Father O'Grady is all too well aware of the dangers of tangling with demons and he's going to need some persuading. Possession is a fast-paced supernatural story of almost 11,000 words. Jack Nightingale appears in the full-length novels Nightfall, Midnight, Nightmare, Nightshade, Lastnight, San Francisco Night and New York Night. He also appears in several short stories including Blood Bath, Cursed, Still Bleeding, Tracks, My Name Is Lydia, The Creeper, The Undead, The Asylum, The Mansion, Wrong Turn and The Cards. The Jack Nightingale time line is complex, this story is set sometime after Lastnight. Jack Nightingale has his own website at

Inner Secrets

Suzie Carr - 2011
    She's a lesbian. In a moment of weakness, she gets caught in a love affair. Now, she must start all over as a divorced woman with little clue how to navigate the complex world of being single. Along this new path, she gets tangled up in a web of euphoric highs and lows that test her character, friendships, and future. As Hope struggles to preserve what's left of her integrity, what ensues is a dance between right and wrong and truth and forgiveness. This book beats a tantric rhythm as it explores romance, sexuality, women in love, bisexuality, and infidelity.

Shift (The Other Pack Book 3)

Erica Stanciu - 2014
    Like any shifter, she transformed into her beautiful and unique wolf but what they didn't know was the secret that plagued her for two years. Without having the courage to tell anyone she does the only thing she can think of, run. She leaves the comforts of her city to enter the brand new world of college. Will she finally be able to tell her loved ones what happens when she shifts or will the harsh reality of what she is cause her to self destruct?

Chasing Love

Ronica Black - 2010
    You name it and Adrian Edwards is there, prowling like the fiercest of hunters, focused on a perpetual search for that ever elusive four letter word called ‘love.’ From woman to woman she goes, relentless in her pursuit. Tamara, her best friend since high school, is always there to lend an ear or to roll her eyes as Adrian once again casts aside another woman, ticking off all the things that were ‘wrong’ about her. So used to the game, Tamara gives her gifts for the ‘hunt’ like safari hats, compasses and old fashioned looking glasses. Only problem is, they don’t seem to help.Searching as if truly blindfolded, Adrian continues on her quest, going from a young, troubled go-go dancer, to an obsessive mail carrier, to a tweaked out tomboy, to a lusciously aggressive accountant with way more than numbers on her mind.Until one day Adrian realizes she has to learn to be with the person she’s been resisting all along. Herself. It is while on this inner journey that a special someone truly steps into view and shakes up her world for good, proving once and for all that love is never elusive… as long as you love yourself.Chasing Love is a heartfelt journey, one full of humor, sex, startling frankness, gripping reality and hard learned life lessons.