Binding Agreement

Kyra Davis - 2013
    Part 3 of the Just One Night series. One wild night in a Vegas hotel changed everything for Kasie. Sleeping with a powerful, sexy stranger made her rethink her impending marriage, and a whole lot more.As her affair threatens her job and the sexy billionaire Robert Dade becomes more controlling, Kasie has to figure out if her passion is leading her down a path she really wants. She’s seduced by his gifts of power, success, and adventure, she’s overwhelmed by what he can make her feel with a single touch, the way he can make her ache for him with just a look. But is the cost of absolute power and pleasure a price Kasie can afford? And does she truly know this man who says he can give her everything…or is he still a stranger after all?

Maliciously Obedient

Julia Kent - 2013
    A boss she didn't know she had. Matt Jones now had the job she had been waiting to apply for (and win) for the past year, and to add insult to injury, he's the kind of guy her parents would adore.Damn it.The only kid of six to choose to run off to Boston and leave behind her idyllic family in Maine, Lydia's determined to prove herself in the big city, but she has to keep Matt at arm's length. After a steamy elevator encounter that leaves her missing her panties – and most of her resolve – she decides that maybe it's time to let him get inside her. In more ways than one. But when Matt suddenly closes off she's upset and confused. When he also acts like he owns the place, she decides that malicious obedience – following his every command to the letter – will prove how much the department needs her creativity after he insists he knows best.What Lydia doesn't know is that “Matt” is really Michael Bournham, the CEO of the company, part of an undercover reality television stunt. Keeping his hands off Lydia's luscious curves was becoming an exercise in restraint, but what was harder? Keeping his heart from her. For Michael, Lydia's malicious obedience ignited a night of unbridled passion in the office that made him forget everything – including the rolling cameras – until it was too late. When unscrupulous producers make their lovemaking viral, Michael pulls out all the stops and calls in every favor as Lydia...maliciously obeys.

The Debt

Kelly Favor - 2014
    Because of him… Gorgeous pop idol Jake Novak is smoking hot and blazingly confident. For him to take an interest in someone like Raven is beyond unthinkable. And now she has a problem… Before the party, Raven Hartley was a waitress, struggling to make ends meet, still running away from the darkness of her past and the betrayal that haunts her. After the party, she’s presented with a choice… Become Jake Novak’s personal escort or have her life destroyed. The Debt 1 is the first book in the sexy and smoldering new Club Alpha series, by the bestselling author of For His Pleasure and Naked.


Maya Banks - 2006
    The distance he puts between them costs both him and Ellie Matthews dearly. Jake will never forgive himself for not seeing what a bastard his friend was. Now that Ellie is free from her nightmare, Jake waits, needing and wanting. He ll be there when Ellie is ready to spread her wings.Warning: this title contains: Explicit sex, graphic language.

Sexy Berkeley

Dani Lovell - 2013
    Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.

Club Luxe 1: The Private Room

Olivia Noble - 2014
    A man who's used to getting exactly what he wants... Victoria Chase is Chicago's hottest new reporter, looking to make the scoop of the century. Rumor has it that in the bowels of the city lies a private sex club for the wealthy elite. Willing to do anything for a story, she infiltrates the club, determined to uncover this urban legend. She didn't expect to run into him: Malcolm Cage. The famous billionaire bad boy is the king of Club Luxe. Every Friday night, he reigns supreme over untold sinful pleasures in his underground kingdom. His one rule? He never participates and only watches--until he sees Victoria. She sets his body and soul on fire, and Malcolm does not plan on letting her go. Can Victoria keep it professional and get her story? Or will her heart betray her under Malcolm's smoldering gaze? This is book one of a sizzling new contemporary romance series by Olivia Noble. Expect frustrating cliffhangers until the very satisfying ending!

Hot and Sexy 1: Seductive Persuasion

Jenn Roseton - 2013
    She wanted time alone to mull over Jared’s proposition that she move in with him. Since they haven’t been dating long, she wants to make sure she makes the right decision.But when Jared follows her, hoping to persuade her with his own special brand of seduction, she realizes there’s more to him than meets the eye.Can Jared use seductive persuasion to his advantage?

That Man 1

Nelle L'Amour - 2014
    Until he meets Jennifer McCoy, his outspoken new assistant and development executive.Newly engaged Jennifer has no idea that her devastating new boss is the man she kissed, blindfolded, in a game of Truth or Dare. That kiss, that man, that beautiful stranger she cannot forget.Blake hasn’t been able to stop thinking about that kiss either…and he’ll do anything to win Jennifer —even if it means being a beautiful bastard and breaking all the rules.

The Walk-In

Mimi Strong - 2012
    Thorne smells good, or at least his clothes do.Lexie doesn't know what he looks like, because Mr. Thorne's staff is doing everything they can to keep her from meeting him.Over three days of organizing at the Thorne mansion, she gets herself closer and closer to him, until at last it seems they might meet, face-to-face. But is the sexy stranger with the fiery eyes who he seems to be?* * Contains erotic sex scenes with two hot characters (M/F) doing wicked things to each other; 18+ Adult eyes only * *Note: this is an erotic short story, one episode within a larger story arc.

HUGE (Ten Book Romance Box Set)

Hannah Ford - 2018
    That’s what I am. My virginity auctioned off to gorgeous billionaire Connor Kenyon. His demands are simple. Do exactly what he wants, when he wants. No questions asked. I have no idea why he’s chosen someone like me —an everyday, average girl next door—when he’s famous for dating gorgeous sexual goddesses. He carries himself with an authority that goes beyond his twenty-six years, and his eyes are so blue they pierce me. He’s an American prince from a family with political connections, a golden boy who went to prep schools and Harvard, an entrepreneur who created an astoundingly successful business because of his brains and admirable drive—not because he was handed everything on a silver platter. The first time I meet him, his gaze is intense with a hunger that leaves me breathless. I flush with arousal at that first look, my most private place beating for him. But a man who would buy a woman’s innocence can’t be as perfect as Connor Kenyon seems. No, a man who would do something like that is bruised and broken beyond repair. And with every touch, every kiss, every demand, I’m realizing that he has the power to break me too… Because He Owns Me by Hannah Ford Recent college grad Adriana O’Connor came to New York City to focus on starting her publishing career—not to fall in love. Even if she were looking for her soul mate, Callum Wilder would be the last person she would choose. The sexy and demanding billionaire is completely unattainable – not to mention his penchant for whips, chains, and punishment. Falling for Callum can only guarantee one thing – devastating heartbreak. Callum Wilder lives his life by one unbreakable rule – never surrender control. But when a chance encounter with Adriana leads to one hot and sexy night, the hold she has on him threatens to break his will. But Callum’s need for control is there for a reason, a devastating reason he’s vowed never to reveal to anyone, ever. And just one slip up could cost him everything… HUGE contains these stories and more…ten romances from today’s top romance authors!!

The Submission of Alistair Ingram

Kelli Maine - 2013
    A session with club Dominatrix, Black Betty, will do that to a man. With Alistair's manager breathing down his neck and Black Betty's abusive ex-husband alerted to where she's been hiding for the past ten years, there's only one thing to do: Lie.And get the hell out of Las Vegas.But the real ruse is on Alistair and Black Betty, because despite both of their best efforts, they've gotten under each other's skin. Can their explicit dance of domination and submission end in anything other than disaster?THE SUBMISSION OF ALISTAIR INGRAM is the first in a novella series from, where erotic tales from the Dolls & Doms private men’s club are told in weekly episodes.

Thursday Nights

Lisa N. Paul - 2013
    But when fate brings two weak souls together, will the love they find mend the fragments that are barely holding them together, or will the weight of their past finally cause them to crumble?Max DeLucca has spent seven years trying to forget the betrayal of his past. He lives his life from day to day never looking forward and never looking back. The walls around his heart keep anyone from getting too close and prevent him from feeling too much…until he meets her.Her entire life, Janie Silver searched for the kind of love that wouldn’t leave her broken and more importantly, wouldn't leave her behind. She longs for a love that can heal the wounds of her past and give her the future she knows she deserves. She thought she was looking for something that just didn’t exist…until she meets him.Danny’s on Main is where their story begins. A neighborhood bar where strangers become friends, friends become family and some … become lovers… it all started on Thursday Nights

The Billionaire's Wife

Ava Claire - 2014
    A year since she took on America's sweetheart (and personal nightmare), actress Rachel Laraby; a year since she rebuffed celebrity crush Cade Wallace; a year since she and Jacob overcame every obstacle put in the path to their happily ever after. She's happier than she ever thought possible--until Jacob starts pulling away. Is the honeymoon over, or is he keeping secrets? The Billionaire's Wife is a serial novel, containing four parts. It is the sequel to the best-selling His Submissive series. The Billionaire’s Wife Series The Billionaire’s Wife (Part One): November 2014 The Billionaire’s Wife (Part Two): December 2014 The Billionaire’s Wife (Part Three): January 2015 The Billionaire’s Wife (Part Four): February 2015

In the Moment

Olivia Jake - 2013
    Relationships have never been a priority, much less even on her radar. Not only has there never been enough time, but she’s just never found the right man: someone strong enough not to be threatened by her success as well as a man whose own strength could allow her to give up some of her innate control. Between owning a successful Los Angeles entertainment ad agency and being the alpha-dog to her two pit bulls at home, Sam’s used to calling the shots. Always. But when she pitches for, and wins The Network account, its charismatic French founder, Laurent Román makes Sam question everything she’s ever known.At Laurent’s insistence, he and Sam meet daily for the better part of a month. He has a network to launch and the stakes, pacing and intensity couldn’t be higher. Working this closely with the flirty Frenchman, they can’t help but get to know each other better, each day, her resolve w.. (Read more) Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.

Blurred Lines: Volumes 1-4

Breena Wilde - 2013
    Another breaks her heart. Both want Cadence in this erotic story about shattering the rules and blurring the lines. Hooking has four important rules. Cash only. Use protection. Carry mace.Don't fall in love. Twenty-year-old Cadence is a prostitute and she lives by the rules. They keep her alive, and they keep her heart protected. But when she agrees to take one last job to get out from under her pimp, she discovers some of the rules might be worth breaking.Installments 1-4: Blurred Lines Distorted Lines Crossed Lines Dirty Lines