The Backbenchers: The Missed Call!

Sidharth - 2012
    She seeks revenge on the girl she suspects to have caused it all, Ananya. She is not going to take her downfall lying down. And now that she has her hands upon something that can ruin Ananya’s life, she can’t wait to have her vengeance. To gain back her pride, she aims to come out on top in the most prestigious quiz competition in the city and accidentally teams up with her once upon a time best friend, Shreya. Shreya stays at a distance and sees Natasha destroy herself in hatred, revenge and pain. It aches her to see her throw her life away like this. But what can she do about it?The Backbenchers - The Missed Call! traces the story of Natasha Malhotra, as she struggles with depression, suicidal tendencies, vengeance and the loss of social equity. Will she get her old life back? Or will she destroy herself in the process?

I GOT YOU: Restoring Confidence in Love and Relationships

Rob Hill Sr. - 2013
    It’s about you looking at yourself and finding ways to learn how to grow as an individual. I cannot tell you every single step you should take to get you to where you are trying to go in life. But what I can do is make sure you have enough confidence to trust your own judgments, regardless of past mistakes. I want you to understand that it’s okay to be exactly where you are right now, whether you are single or in a relationship. Appreciate where your journey is taking you, but be able to identify areas that need to change. I want you to read this book and have a better understanding of the present. I want you to know that trying to get it right is a constant process. We never arrive at a place of knowing it all. For as long as we are alive, we are challenged to grow, learn, evolve, and mature. Love is a decision, not a destination. It’s not something you stumble upon. You must choose to walk in it, give to it, and become it. Each of us travels a different path to find the love we are searching for. Some find what they are looking for instantly, while others must jump over a few hurdles before realizing they have finally found something special. In essence, we are all just working towards what we believe we deserve— our fair chance at love and happiness.

Affair: The Truth You Need But Don't Want To Know

Dawn Renee' - 2015
    Whether you are contemplating, in the midst of, recovering from, or attempting to end an affair - this report is for you. Though nonjudgmental, it is brutally honest and provides you with the truth about your actions and those of your lover. The brief yet powerful content, while difficult to accept, is what all those who've participated in an affair need to know.

21 Traps You Need to Avoid in Dating & Relationships (The Truth about his weird behavior, fear of commitment and sudden loss of interest)

Brian Keephimattracted - 2015
    Is he the one? And why would this be a trap?- The Wrong Man (and what to do about it)- The MANipulator(and how to avoid being manipulated by any man)- A Subject to Avoid (when a woman talks about this subject, a man can't help it and will loose interest in her)- A trick to see if he's REALLY interested in you- Jealousy. When to use it and how to deal with it.- The Ex. Is she dangerous?- Your Looks. How to use them...and how to never use them (this is a trap many women step into).- The Overlapping Circles: the secret to a happy long-term relationship- How important are his friends to the relationship YOU have with him?- and more!Read this book to avoid much of the heart-ache that comes with finding and keeping the right guy.You can get started by clicking on the Buy Now button at the top of this page.Good luck!Brian

Like Mother Like Trick

Dannaye Carter - 2013
    With each penetration they gain a sense of sexual maturity. Then later decide, their sweet pea is like treasure and should be discovered with gentle anticipation. By time they realize what it’s really worth, their sexual juices have been ran dry. Get well acquainted with the main character Erin, of “Like mother, Like Trick”, as she unfolds her truth of her mother’s expectations of a woman’s Hustle. Erin, a young girl, recently graduated out of high school is given 2 choices by her biological mother, Nicole Grey. Either hustle to make it, or die thinking about it. Erin referred to her mother as “Lady” She felt no neutering connection to her mother. They were more like sisters sharing the same dwelling space. Lady explained to Erin, “The fastest way to money is through your Pussy. Every man wants some, and will pay great money for it. You better know what it’s worth and use for the better good!” Lady would explain to Erin confusing the concepts of self worth. Erin was taught Lady’s value of sex at a very young age. Middle school lunch spent in the faculty parking lot for 100-dollar blowjobs. High school study hall spent in the Embassy suits for lunch rush pussy, for her clients working on corporate exchange Blvd. Lady exposed Erin to a very lavish lifestyle, and instilled in her the importance of money over everything, including morals and self- respect. Lady insisted that Erin help with the bills as well as feed clothe and finance her own dues from the money Erin received from clients. That was her way of teaching Erin Value of a dollar. By Erin’s freshman year of high school, she had known very well what she was into. She had maintained a very big clientele, and had become a very known and skillful trick expert. Erin felt she mastered her craft, and it still didn’t fulfill her desires. She hated her hustle and absolutely fell disgusted with the thought of engaging in sexual intercourse for income,. She needed a way out. Quick,, fast, and in a hurry. She needed help and knew that there was only one person that could help her. Erin gained the respect of her mother’s current boyfriend Kahlief. In Kahlief’s eyes, Erin was ambitious determined. He could sense through body language, she hated what she was doing. Often times Kalief would introduce Erin to his well known friends in the modeling industry, photographers and agents all over the city, but those small gigs wouldn’t last too long. Well aware of what was taking place with his girlfriend and her daughter. He didn’t give a damn. He was more obsessed with the fact that, to his old hood, his bitch was the baddest; she had bread, and was upgrading his finances on a regular. And to top it off Lady didn’t give a damn what anybody had to say.Erin became very close to Kahlief. When this Double trick Empire was at its best, He knew more than anybody, she was in search for something worth much more. Something not even the highest paying customer could finance. Something that would make her stop this lifestyle and come from up under Lady’s dirty schemes and diversions. She was looking for Love. Real love, that best friend love, that I’m “sorry ladies, I have to be in by 9” love. She was determined to find it. Get involved with this twisted tale as Erin finally finds Mr. Right and falls in love with a man who has everything but only wants to be with her. Just when Erin decides she doesn’t have to resort to her sexual encounters for money, she is soon devastated as she finds Lady lying lifeless in a pool of blood

The Dead Bedroom Fix

DSO - 2019
    I then started a website at After chatting with many men in my situation, I slowly started to notice patterns of behavior. Most men experienced long “Dead Bedroom” periods in their relationship prior to their divorce. Many of these men later discovered infidelity.I wrote about my thoughts on Dead Bedrooms on my website and it is by far the most popular topic to date. It has outranked all other topics combined. Then I started a podcast and recorded a few episodes. The Dead Bedrooms episode was the most downloaded. I seemed to have struck a nerve.Simply put, nobody seems to know what to do to keep the fire going in their long-term relationship. Most of us experience a “honeymoon phase” of intimacy, and then watch it quickly fade as the stress of life and the boredom of familiarity settle in.It does NOT have to be this way. Honestly.I don’t claim to have all the answers for a happy married sex life. What I do know is that my own experience and the experience of hundreds of other men have helped to create a prescription for what I feel is the only true, honest, no bullsh*t way to get your wife jumping your bones again. It works for me and for hundreds of other men just like you.I have finally put that prescription down on paper, and I call it The Dead Bedroom Fix. My readers are fixers and they have tried everything under the sun to light a fire in their wife again. Some have already lost their marriage battle and don’t want to go down that awful road again. What they all tell me: The Dead Bedroom Fix is the best, no bullsh*t, no fluff, no-nonsense guide to getting your SELF, and consequently, your sex life back on track. It works.

Marigold - the Golden Memories

Manali Debroy - 2019
    I make mistakes. I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best," and I couldn't agree more. Life is like a paradox of love and pain that may never leave each other, but in the end, the coexistence is worth the journey. Striving for the best is human nature, but are you really prepared for the roller-coaster rides or do you give up?

The Natural Art of Seduction

Richard La Ruina - 2007
    All pages are intact, and the cover is intact (including dust cover, if applicable). The spine may show signs of wear. Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include "From the library of" labels.Some of our books may have slightly worn corners, and minor creases to the covers. Please note the cover may sometimes be different to the one shown.

10 Secrets to Growing Black Hair Long and Fast | Natural hair care

C. Collins - 2013
    Growing coily, kinky and afro-textured hair can be challenging: Have you ever felt like you hair stops growing past a certain length?Have you ever wished you didn't have to wait several years to have hair growth past your bra strap?Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, your hair is always dry and brittle?Do you struggle with retaining length?Is your hair dull and lacking shine?Well picture this:How would you feel about the possibility of doubling your hair growth every month?how about retaining the length you worked so hard for?Or learning tips on how to keep you hair soft and shiny for beautiful hairstyles?This book is a black hair care and natural hair care reference that teaches you methods on how to grow hair long, retain length and maintain healthy beautiful hair.

A Side Chick Scorned

Solae Dehvine - 2015
     Keith Brown is in a love triangle and he loves every minute of it until all parties find out about each other and all hell breaks lose. He has controlled Jazmine Porter for as long as she has been his side chick but she he turns her lose, all bets are off. Keith and his family soon finds out there is nothing worse than A Side Chick Scorned, especially when she wants revenge. Read the story of this crazy Side Chick and how she will do anything to get her Love back, even if he is a married man. ****NO CLIFFHANGER...THIS IS A STANDALONE***

The Attraction Factor - 4 Simple Yet Powerful Principles That Will Melt Any Man's Heart

Bob Grant - 2012
    In this quick and yet powerful book you're going to learn the 4 factors (or secret ingredients) that when you practice them consistently touch a man's heart in a way that most women don't understand just how deeply they affect a man. Often when I share them with a client the first response is a surprised, "That's it?" Then I ask them what I'll ask you, "Do you want me to tell you something that sounds magical and gives you the impression that you can simply wave your magic wand and bewitch a man...or do you want me to tell you what works, even though you think you already know it?"I mention this because you've probably done some of these things and might even think you understand them already. But here's my bet. I doubt you consistently use these principles. Most likely you pull them out whenever you feel the need but you don't make them a habit. If you did, you'd soon realize that what makes them so powerful is how they flip an unconscious switch deep inside a man's brain that makes him look at you longingly and think of you long after you've left the room. These 4 simple principles have proven to be effective again and again and work on almost any man. Inside you'll discover the most powerful thing you can do to become more attractive to every man. In fact it's so simple that you won't believe me when I tell you. Research has shown that it has a greater appeal than your looks, social status or anything else yet so few women use it to their advantage.Inside I'll show you:* Why the being curious can make a man bond with you quicker than anything else. * The one question you should ask yourself that will show you how men really see you.* The difference between being just pretty and the ability to make a man intensely attracted to you. * Why you should focus on a great guy, not on making one particular guy great. When you follow these easy guidelines you'll notice how men begin to see you as softer and more feminine. Instead of having to focus on being "perfect" you'll soon see how being yourself is actually much more appealing. And much, much more.You get all of this for less than you'd pay for a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

True Love Never Ends

K.B. Cole - 2017
    Her mother abused and hated her. No matter what she did, it was never enough to gain her mother’s love or approval. Tyeis learned and a young age to hide and stay out of the way whenever her dad wasn’t home. But how much can one small child take? When what her mother’s been doing to her is exposed, everything in her life changes. Tyeis is sent to a foster home where things go from bad to worse causing her to shut herself off from the world. Choyce was raised in the streets. He had every plan to follow in his father’s footsteps, even though his mom hated it. Everything changed inside of him. Instead of being a happy, ambitious fourteen-year-old he becomes reckless. The only thing on his mind is revenge. He was consumed with rage that he didn’t care if he lived or died. Fearing for her son’s life and at the end of her rope, his mom sends him away. As much as he wanted to hate his mother for landing him in foster care he couldn’t. But he wasn’t going to let anything deter him from avenging his father’s death. That is until he meets his new foster sister. She never spoke to anyone but he knew she wasn’t crazy. When he looked into her eyes he saw hurt and sometimes fear. When he found out why he wanted to protect her. Every day it was eating him up inside. Should he stay and protect the quiet girl who’d stole his heart? Or should he continue on chasing down his father’s killers? When he turns sixteen he makes a choice. But it’s the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. ​ ​Tyeis knows one thing, nothing good lasts for her. But when she finally gains her freedom thanks to her foster sister Trina. Life takes a turn for the better. She has a chance at living a happy life. But old demons die hard and trusting is even harder. With a boyfriend, she doesn’t love and a guy who makes her feel loved, she has her own choices to make. Tyeis has to learn that you can’t truly love someone until you love yourself. Will she be able to overcome the past and new hurts to become the women she wants to be? Take this journey with Tyeis and found out what happens when a girl who’s lost everyone who loves her fights to find her inner strength.

Easy Chair the rest of Age

Nishtha Shrivastava - 2021
    Shreya and Dev, a young couple will tell you what their life was full of. A Navy officer’s struggle on being on sailings and managing his love life and an old grandfather’s silent lifestyle that was the best companion to Shreya for long. Their story will touch our existence, make us think hard on our living and even hit us hard to hear the end.The intoxicating delusion of young age, its fire, its ambition can distract even the simplest of girls from a small town, who are brought up with family values and principles as their core like it happened for Shreya. Even the strongest officer like Mr. Sahai can feel helpless when he sees his life falling apart and loved ones getting detached from their roots. The battle between love and peace is not verified by achieving the end goal of togetherness but can also be lived by gracefully handling the pain and uncertainties of separation when life doesn’t go as per your plan, as it happened with Dev. The end cannot assure you to have the life of dreams in a lavish house, with your love along your side but a few wrong steps and the guilt of your mistakes can bring about loneliness and there memories left to please you for the rest of age.This is the story of guilt, remorse, ignorance, love, friendship, promises, ambition, passion and reliving. This is the story of Dev- Shreya and the Sahai’s.

Hello Sir Myself Zoya

Sunil Kumar - 2019
    This relationship leads her to think about the social problems of her community and achieve the goals of her life. With the help of Professor Alok, she achieves her goals and fulfils her ambitions. Her two close friends Khushi and Sana help her during the difficult phases of her life. Ultimately, Zoya emerges as a winner in life. This tragic novel also deals with the current social problems of Muslims.

Magic Bullets

Nick Savoy - 2009
    It's a simple step-by-step system that teaches you how to engage sexy women in fun and natural conversations, get their phone numbers, right through to how you can increase intimacy, romance and more. It will show you how to develop a passionate and sexual relationship with the girl of your dreams (plus importantly you will learn exactly how, where, and when you can meet her). It's got the proven ways to get women to initiate “accidental” dates that are pressure-free… AND the 6 best places to consistently meet a huge range of desirable women (plus four specific ways to immediately improve your “game”).