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Bunty of the Blackbirds by Christine Chaundler


Two Chalet School Girls in India

Priyadarshini Narendra - 2006
    The Robin is also in need of a break, after losing her father earlier in the year. The visit will change their lives forever, and the friendships they make will have long-lasting repercussions. This is the book that Chalet School fans across the world have been waiting for. Elinor M. Brent-Dyer’s story of what happened when Joey Bettany and the Robin visited India was never published, and no trace of it remains. Readers seemed destined never to know the answers to questions ranging from how did Joey meet Erica Standish’s mother, to why Joey tore out the pictures from Mollie’s copy of Queechy? Now Priyadarshini Narendra has written her own version of the story, remaining as true to the Chalet School series as possible. Priyadarshini lives near Delhi, and has been a Chalet School collector since the age of six.With a foreword by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer’s biographer, Helen McClelland, explaining the history of the original book.

Visitors for the Chalet School

Helen McClelland - 1995
    Brent-Dyer's own titles, but a new story written by the president of The New Chalet Club, following notes left by Brent-Dyer. Patricia Davidson hopes to train as a doctor but is prevented from realising her ambition by her possessive mother. Luckily, on a school trip to the Austrian Tyrol, Patricia meets Joey Bettany and other members of the Chalet School and is guided by them to find a way of convincing her mother of her future plans. Interspersed with a dramatic accident and typical practical jokes by the Middles, and with all of the Brent-Dyer pace and style, this is a book in the true Chalet School tradition.

The Nicest Girl in the School

Angela Brazil - 1909
    Patty Hirst was no great scholar, but she was the "nicest girl" at Morton Priory, and a gifted artist as well.

The Chalet School and Rosalie

Elinor M. Brent-Dyer - 1951
    Rosalie wants desperately Tom Gay to be her best friend. Both are Middles, in the Upper Third. Tom was asked to look after her on the train journey to school, but doesn't really know how to have a relationship with another girl ... particularly one who has such an opposite personality from her own. Rosalie wants to do whatever Tom is doing. For example, despite being a fair tennis player and never having played cricket, she signs up for extra cricket lessons because Tom does. When told that she was being switched back to Tennis, she gets in the first of several rows.

Viking at School

Jeremy Strong - 1998
    He lives with his friends the Ellis family in a seaside hotel and constantly causes chaos. When Tim and Zoe Ellis take him to school with them a series of seriously funny disasters results.

Climbing a Monkey Puzzle Tree

Karen Wallace - 2002
    She's rolled up from the backwoods of Canada, eager for a new life brimming with adventure. But boarding school isn't the fantasy that Nancy had imagined. It is an austere, loveless world where budding relationships are soon put to the test. Nancy wins friends and finds solace by telling stories, but still feels horribly alone inside. And when she leads her dorm in a special fund-raising event that goes tragically wrong, things go from bad to worse. Nancy longs to meet the glamorous brother of her friend, Caroline, and as her troubles build it's an encounter that can't come soon enough—until a shocking revelation comes to light.

Eat Your Dinner, Becky Sue

Kimberly Bennet
    With simple, rhyming text and fun, adorable illustrations; the first of the Little Sue Series begins.

A Sweet Girl Graduate

L.T. Meade - 1891
    Benet's College for Women, but it is threatened by false accusation. Never a seeker of popularity, Priscilla holds true to her noble character. But is she prepared for what it will cost her?"A Sweet Girl Graduate is a vivid and detailed description of college life among a perfect bevy of young misses in the old English university town of Kingsdene. It follows the fortunes of a young Devonshire lass who goes away to college and finds herself among entirely different conditions of life and points of view than those that prevail in her own narrow village." -from: The Critic, Volume 16, 1891Originally published in 1891 as A Sweet Girl Graduate, then reprinted in 1998 as Priscilla's Promise, part of Harvest House Publishers' "Victorian Bookshelf Series."

The Big Switch

David Warner - 2014
    He lives in Sandhill Flats with his mum and dad and his brother Steve – and his stinky dog Max. Davey and his schoolmates – even Max – are MAD for cricket. All they want to do is play … but there’s always something getting in their way.In this first book in the series, Davey and his friends have a big game coming up against Shimmer Bay, their arch rivals in the local comp. They need to practise, and spend all their free time at school – in the morning and at lunchtime – making sure they’ll be ready.But disaster strikes. Davey and his friends find out their new teacher is Mr Mudge, a strict grump who HATES cricket even more than he hates Year 6 boys, and thanks to bully Mo Clouter, they find themselves on detention. Which means no cricket.The boys are desperate. They’re going to need to pull something special out of the bag to win against Shimmer Bay. Davey’s mates have some ideas, one that could really get them into trouble, but it means getting around Mo, who seems to be everywhere they turn.But Davey has an idea that he thinks may just work … he just needs to practise. Will he pull it off in time for the game against Shimmer Bay?

The Lark in the Morn

Elfrida Vipont - 1948
    Along with three older brothers who are currently away at school, dreamy, untidy Kit has been raised by their young, energetic cousin Laura. Ever since the death of Professor Haverard s wife, Laura has given herself to maintaining an ordered life for her uncle, conscientiously caring for his children, but also jealously protecting him from the day to day affairs of the household.Though Kit is a frustration to her orderly cousin, a stranger to her father and a puzzle to herself, she finds comfort in the realm of make-believe in books and in time shared with her close friends Pony and Helen. Her world begins to expand when, after an illness, she goes to stay with members of her mother's family whom she has never met. To her own amazement, Kit discovers within herself a deep love for music and as a person and as a singer she begins to raise her voice.

Wedding in the Family

Rosamond du Jardin - 1958
    She was delighted that her sister and Brose were so happy, and thrilled with the wedding festivities, but sad that Tobey would be leaving home. The best man, Johnny Randall--an older man-- catches Midge's eye. But Johnny's behavior and brotherly advice from Brose make her act her age. Later in the summer, Midge goes with her family and her friend Judy to the lake resort where the Heydons spend their vacations. It is there where Midge finds herself attracted to a good-looking, smooth, popular young man. Will she fall for this one or will her friend Tom Brooks help her see the light?


Madeleine L'Engle - 1968
    As she learns how to accept the conflicts of her unorthodox home life and then her fellow students in a boarding school in Switzerland, we follow Katherine through all the torment, loneliness, and adorations and passions of a fifteen-year-old girl as she tries to realize her ambitions in the tumultuous world of the arts and make her own way to maturity.

By the Light of the Study Lamp

Carolyn Keene - 1934
    The girls plan to place it in their study room at Starhurst when they return for their sophomore year. But before the girls leave, the lamp is stolen! After the sisters return to Starhurst, they discover the lamp in a secondhand shop and buy it back. Unwittingly, the girls make an enemy of their classmate, Lettie Briggs, not only because the girl had planned to buy the lamp but because the Danas' room is the one Lettie wanted to have at Starhurst.The Danas are overjoyed when they discover that their friend Evelyn Starr has returned to Starhurst. Evelyn's family once owned Starhurst, but Evelyn and her brother now have very little money, and Evelyn is unsure that she can pay for the tuition. The Danas hope that they can find a way to help Evelyn stay at Starhurst, little realizing that the solution to Evelyn's problem is held within the antique study lamp.

The Naughtiest Girl In The School & The Naughtiest Girl Again

Enid Blyton - 2007

Four Girls at Chautauqua

Pansy - 1876
    Mitchell, Ruth's most intimate friend. Lighthearted and indifferent, Eurie knew how to laugh and chat merrily in any and all circumstances.Flossy Shipley, born to a wealthy family to be loved and cherished and allowed to have her own sweet and precious way.Marion Wilbur, a young woman of poor, yet hard working stock. She dressed in severely plain black or brown suits with almost--and sometimes quite--no trimmings at all on them. And yet, for all her apparent plainness, she ruled them all.Though they didn't know it, all four were about to embark on the adventure of their lives!Heartwarming stories of faith and love by Grace Livingston Hill's aunt—Isabella Alden. Each book is similar in style and tone to Hill's and is set in the late 1800s and early 1900s.