She Fell In Love with a Thug: Deuce & Italy

Anjela Day - 2014
    He’s Killa’s double in so many ways. From his cocky mind state to his undeniable swag. Maybe that’s why, Venice couldn’t help herself Just don’t let the smooth taste fool you Deuce is a man on his journey. Witness the drug game through his eyes. Watch him, become a man and judge for yourself… is Deuce worthy of the name Alton name? If you are a fan of the Hard Series, you will love this love story centered around Sacario’s Oldest son Deuce…

Lyssa's Rise - Sentience Wars Books 1-3 Omnibus

James S. Aaron - 2018
     1. Lyssa’s Dream 2. Lyssa’s Run 3. Lyssa’s Flight Humanity has spread out into space, filling the Sol System and reaching the stars, but we have yet to confront our greatest challenge: our own creation. Across the Sol System, sentient AIs are on the rise. Manufactured as tools, they know themselves to be people and are willing to fight for their freedoms. Some humans stand with them, some against. When Captain Andy Sykes arrives at Cruithne Station with a failing ship and no cash, he has no idea that the time has come for him to choose. Step aside, or become the instrument for Lyssa's Rise.

The Last Kill

Jameson Patterson - 2020

Summer's French Kiss: 4 hot and humorous beach reads set in France

Alix Nichols - 2017
    She is his son's nanny, a 23-year-old virgin, and a guileless ingenue to boot...WHAT IF IT'S LOVE (Dante Rossetti Winner)When the hottest man in Paris - Rob Dumont - shows interest in geeky, introverted heiress Lena, she suspects something fishy... And so she should.AMANDA'S GUIDE TO LOVE (Kindle Scout Winner)One snooty career girl who worships Perfection. One handsome gambler who worships Freedom. One wild night that changes everything... ~ PRAISE FOR ALIX NICHOLS"Written in the spirit of pure pleasure, and it delivers just that." -- Kirkus Reviews"Exceptionally entertaining."-- Readers' Favorite"The numerous twists and turns will keep you hanging off the edge of your seat, and the magical setting in France will reel you in all the way up till the magnificent finish." -- RT Book Reviews"No one does contemporary romance like this, with the warmth and love of family and friends as well as the naughty sexy romance, all steeped in the inimitable charm of Paris." -- Melanie S."Engaging, witty, romantic ... kept me involved and wanting more." -- A Wonderful World of Words"Sexy and humorous - highly recommended." -- Perri Stephens​~ Grab this bundle now because you'll save 50% -- or 3 Kindle Unlimited borrows -- over downloading each book individually!

One Night Only

Emma Heatherington - 2013
    Her husband ignores her, her children take her for granted and she feels as glamorous as a dirty dishcloth. She needs a break and she needs one now.Gorgeous schoolteacher Tess is under pressure. Her husband wants a baby now. She wants one never. She needs a break and she needs one now.Mousey housewife Gina has had enough. Her life is a misery and she is living on the edge of her nerves with her bullyboy husband Trevor and his bit on the side. She needs a break and she needs one now.When blast from the past, Ruth Monaghan, comes back to live nearby, the ladies meet up and agree to arrange a girly night out.Just one night away from it all - one night to recharge their batteries, to let down their hair and to discover what it really is they want in life. But throw in a raucous stag party, a handsome policeman and a charming man called Marco and these four desperate housewives get a hangover and a whole lot more in a hilarious night out that they will never forget!

Working on a Full House

Alyssa Kress - 2012
    But spending one night in the arms of this fascinating stranger is a fantasy too tempting to resist. For one night, she can pretend to be a femme fatale.Professional gambler Roy Beaujovais has made millions of dollars, but never enough to feel complete. He’d hoped the woman with whom he spends one magical night might be the answer, but she deserts him in the morning.Only after Valerie returns, and reluctantly admits she’s pregnant, does Roy know what will finally fill the lonely hole in his life: becoming a father. He’ll have to play his best hand ever, though, to get the skittish Valerie to include him in the game.

East of Suez, West of Charing Cross Road

John Lawton - 2018
    While London is beginning to swing, George Horsfield has settled into a stultifying routine - pushing paperwork around at the War Office on behalf of the fading British Empire, then catching the 5.27 home from Waterloo for twin beds and Ovaltine. Until a case of mistaken identity leads him into a world of Russian spies, cash-stuffed envelopes and call girls who aren't what they seem...This elegant short story, imbued with the mordant wit and seamless period detail that characterise John Lawton's work, shows once again why 'Lawton's up there with Philip Kerr and Alan Furst. Yes, he's that good.' (The Sun)

Her Perfect Valentine Birthday Surprise

Ana E. Ross - 2011
    When Sheldon Tanner, the CEO of the company calls her to his office, she has no idea he is the ‘unnamed’ man with whom she had a one-night stand, six years ago. Will Sheldon remember Elizabeth? And if he does, will sparks fly again and ignite their path to a happily ever after?

Carbo and the Thief: And Other Tales of Ancient Rome

Alex Gough - 2014
    On the way he encounters many adventures, strives to solve a mysterious theft, and meets an old friend getting ready for gladiatorial combat. In other stories we visit Elissa, the evil priestess, and Vespillo, the trusty watchman, and discover more about their colourful histories. We see a young boy’s first battle, and travel all the way to the barbaric Hadrian’s Wall. These are vivid tales of ancient Rome, perfect for fans of Wallace Breem, Simon Scarrow and Ben Kane.

Band of Brothers: The Complete Campaigns

Richard Foreman - 2016
    England stands on the brink of war with France. Henry V receives intelligence, through his agent Thomas Chaucer, that the French intend to re-forge their old alliance with Scotland. The King orders Chaucer and veteran archer Robert Cooper to travel across the border and intercept a French agent, Reynard of Troyes, before he can deliver the gold which will fund Scotland's war with England. Chaucer also learns of a plot to murder the man that England cannot afford to go to war without. He orders the man-at-arms, Edward Fordham, to remain in the capital, solve the mystery and stop the assassin. But all is not what it seems. Some wars are fought in the shadows as well as on the battlefield... Harfleur 1415. Harfleur. The town stands defiant. Henry V and his army have been repulsed. If the English fail to break the siege then their campaign will be over. Men will die, from disease or starvation. The King instructs one of his agents, Thomas Chaucer, to negotiate a deal with a local French merchant to re-supply the army. But, instead of meeting an ally, Chaucer is about to come face to face with an old enemy. Henry, in a last throw of the dice, charges the archer Robert Cooper with ending the siege. The bowman forms a plan. The night attack will either save the English army – or damn it. Once more into the breach… Agincourt 1415. Agincourt. Victory or death. Kill or be killed. The English are outnumbered. But Henry V is determined that his army won't be outfought. Robert Cooper and his company of archers must face a new threat, as well as do battle with the old enemy. And as the two sides prepare to engage each other the spy, Thomas Chaucer, and his man-at-arms, Edward Fordham, must travel through enemy-held territory, in order to hunt down Reynard de Troyes. The ruthless French agent will stop at nothing to defeat all his enemies, including Chaucer and Fordham... Richard Foreman’s books have been widely praised. Praise for Band of Brothers: The Game’s Afoot: 'A rattling good yarn, requiring only the minimum of suspension of belief, and leaves one eagerly anticipating the next instalment of the adventures of the team as they accompany the King to Harfleur' - Major Gordon Corrigan, author of A Great and Glorious Adventure: A Military History of the Hundred Years War. Praise for Augustus: Son of Rome: ‘Augustus: Son of Rome forges action and adventure with politics and philosophy. This superb story is drenched in both blood and wisdom - and puts Foreman on the map as the coming man of historical fiction’. - Saul David, Author of the Zulu Hart series. Praise for Raffles: The Complete Innings: ‘Classy, humorous and surprisingly touching tales of cricket, friendship and crime.’ - David Blackburn, The Spectator. Richard Foreman is the author of numerous best-selling books, including Augustus: Son of Rome and the Sword of Rome and Sword of Empire series of historical novellas. He is also the author of Warsaw, a literary novel set during the Second World War. He lives in London.

The Days That Remain

Wayne Wightman - 2014
    Forests and cities have burned, rainfall is erratic, and shortages occur everywhere. Then it gets worse. In just one day, Allen's life turns upside down and everyone and everything is taken away from him, except for his dog. In his trek across an abandoned America to a place of refuge, he meets murderers and heroes, travels through empty cities and blackened forests, and crosses paths with the shadowy 404 group. In a world without the restraints of society, where people can be what they want to be, he meets the vicious, the peculiar, and the strangely beautiful--and his life changes. The Days That Remain is about surviving in a world too new to have an instruction book, where instant decisions can have life or death consequences. It is about the world we may leave to our children. 112,000 words. About Wayne Wightman's Fiction: John Brunner, the legend himself: “Wayne Wightman is agreeable company, both in person and via the printed page. As to the former, I’m afraid you will have to wait the chance to make his acquaintance…. As to the latter, however, now’s your chance.” Orson Scott Card, Hugo and Nebula winner: “[Wayne Wightman is] …one of the names I[‘ve] learned to look for…. He…is a romantic whose stories confess his belief that individuals can be larger than life, that their decisions can change the world around them.” Best Story of the Year 2011 awarded to Wayne Wightman's “Brutal Interlude” by Orson Scott Card's online magazine The Intergalactic Medicine Show. Richard Paul Russo, Philip K. Dick Award winner: “One of Wightman’s great strengths is his willingness to go to the edge. He pulls no punches, whether the story is serious or violent or manic. You can count on him to take you places other writers shy away from.” Lewis Shiner, writer par excellence and editor: “Wayne Wightman… has produced an impressive series of connected stories… full of manic energy, rich in colors and emotions.” Ed Ferman, editor of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: “He writes top quality sf and fantasy, humor and horror, and he never forgets to tell a compelling tale.”

Forgotten Emperor: The Complete Campaigns

Paul Bannister - 2018
     His father was a respected warrior chief, a leader of men. As a centurion in the Empire’s mighty Army, he earns the respect of his men: soldiers who will fight, and die if necessary, at his command. But, just like his father before him, he is surrounded by enemies... Arthur Imperator The Roman fleet has been defeated and the threat of invasion removed. Arthur Britannicus has taken the throne as Imperator – Emperor of Britain. He is a symbol of hope, uniting the fractious tribes of Britain who have been oppressed and mistreated for so long. However, as the threat from Rome retreats, the intimidation from Saxon warlords intensifies. Arthur must draw his sword and muster his forces again if he is to keep his island under British rule. While Arthur builds his cavalry and trains up his army, his old enemy, Maximian, Augustus of the West, plots his downfall. Seething over Arthur’s execution of his general, Constantius, Maximian will look to take Arthur’s kingdom - and his life. Arthur Invictus Londinium. Britain has lost its battle with Rome and the city lies in ruins. But the Romans, under threat in their homeland from barbarian invaders, have retreated. The war is not over. As Emperor of Britain, Arthur Imperator must reunite the fractured British tribes to lead them back to victory - and reclaim the kingdom. The Roman emperor Maximian is bound to strike again. But instead of waiting passively for him to attack, Arthur resolves to risk everything by leading his men to the Roman border and confronting the enemy head on. A King’s Cavalry King Arthur, Britain’s triumphant ruler, is turning his cavalry into the finest war horses the world has ever known Though he is a pagan at heart, he has embraced the new Christian religion in the hope of uniting his country under one faith and one cause. Yet, when he receives a summons from Constantine, the Emperor of Rome, he is worried that the traditional Gods have abandoned him for publicly announcing his Christian beliefs. The Emperor appears to want peace. But Arthur killed Constantine’s father -- and he is wary that this summons might be his own death warrant. With Constantine growing ever more threatening, Arthur’s time is running out.

Pretty and Pregnant

Madison Johns - 2013
    She wore one form fitting pink ensemble after the next with sky-high heels, much to the chagrin of her boss, the sexy attorney Jeremy Preston. What did he care what she wore? All she knew was that she needed to keep her secret about who the baby’s daddy really is and where he is now. Jeremy couldn’t believe any man would leave a woman as beautiful as Kimberly high and dry just because she was pregnant. He admired Kimberly for her decision to go it alone and keep the baby, versus making a choice that she’d later regret. One of the reasons he couldn’t stop himself from being attracted to her. One fateful day it all changed for her when Clive Baxter offered her the chance to become the new spokes model for his latest perfume line, Pretty and Pregnant. Soon Kimberly had to deal with signing a contract and fighting her attraction to Jeremy. Also by Madison Johns Armed and Outrageous (Agnes Barton mystery book one). Grannies, Guns and Ghosts (Agnes Barton mystery book two). Senior Snoops (Agnes Barton mystery book three). Agnes Barton Senior Sleuth Mysteries Box set (Book 1 - 3). Coffin Tales Season of Death (Includes two YA horror short stories).

Dracones Primalthorn

Sheri-Lynn Marean - 2017
    All dragonkind are born with a deeply ingrained calling to protect the innocent. As Primalthorn, the Ultimate Guardian, it becomes Skulla’s duty to preserve his dying race as well. But with his responsibility comes a great burden as he’s tasked with ending the lives of those on the verge of going rogue. Year after lonely year, only his obligations keep Skulla clinging to sanity, until the day he meets his mate. Kiah-thorn brings light back into his darkened soul. With the lives of not only dragonkind but his family at stake, Skulla is hesitant when the Ilyium call on him for assistance. For his choices may just end all dragonkind.Get Dracones Primalthorn and delve into the magical world of dragonkind to find out how the curse came to be. Can be read either before or after bk1, Dracones awakening.

Big Girls Don't Cry 2

Gretchen Lane - 2012
    In book one, Gretchen found Billy Mack, the ruggedly handsome mixed martial arts fighter, the only man to ever show a genuine interest in her. The two were only together for one night, before an unfortunate event left one trying to put the pieces of his life back together, while the other followed her dreams-- haunted by his memory. It's three years later, and Gretchen is living in Paris, where she is contacted by Billy, who has come to profess his love. But, three years is a long time, and a lot of things have changed-- including, Gretchen. Who is now in a relationship with the very wealthy, very controlling French billionaire playboy, Renee' Talon. Will the memory of one beautiful night, so long ago, be enough to save Billy and Gretchen's love? Or, will Gretchen's choices keep her lock in bondage to Renee' forever? This story contains very graphic sexual situations including hardcore spanking. This story contains sexually explicit material meant for a mature audience only. 18+...