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Moon Struck by Heather Guerre


Alien Primal's Prize

Athena Storm - 2020
    They hunted. They fought.And it was always with honor.His life was his own.Until Cress crashed from the sky.A tiny human woman.Rescued by the horned alien hunter who towered over her.She looked at him and saw a monster.He looked at her, and saw something else.His jalshagar.A word his clan used to mean fated one.His mate for the rest of his life.Someone who would grow old with you.One who you’d protect as yours.Who would worship you, as you worshipped them.Someone to please during intimate moments.Who would give as well as receive.Kor would take Cress, and make her his.But in doing so, he would open the door.To conflict. War. Progress. Advancement.And hope.Nothing in the galaxy would ever be the same.Alien Primal’s Prize is the first book within the Precursors series set in the Athenaverse. It can be read as a standalone, but it shares the same universe that you’ve found in other books. This book features a romance of an alpha male alien warrior, a smart, sassy human woman. No cheating and HEA guaranteed!


Miranda Martin - 2019
    My home, my dream.... Well, it was, but not like this. My fantasies of daring space adventure on a cutting edge Explorer are reduced to the yawnfest of jockeying a mining cargo ship back and forth from the asteroids to Earth. It's not the life of excitement I dreamed of as a little girl. That is until I make first contact. Me. First contact. With Dakstal, the Leviatho Commander. He's jacked. Like really big and he has four arms, scales and fins. A real life merman! I'm going to be the most famous pilot in all of history for discovering these guys. My delusions of grandeur meet a quick end because as it turns out the Leviatho are on the run. The last of their race come seeking sanctuary on Earth from the Kriall, the enemies that are trying to destroy them. When the xenocidal maniacs show up, every person on Earth is in danger and it's going to be up to us to save them, whether Earth wants us to or not.

Alien Lord's Captive

Risa Rills - 2016
    In fact, Marie Cassidy was prepared for none of this…. Up until two days ago, the curvy woman had thought she had landed her dream job. Now, in orbit around Planet Venari with no contact from her employer, Marie feels more alone than ever. But, ending up a warp jump guinea pig and the world’s least prepared ambassador to an alien planet is the least of her problems now… With her height coming up to the shoulder of the average Venarian, Marie sees no hope of escape when these barbarians seem to be interested in nothing more than having their way with her. But, what makes her whimper is a single touch of Garin, the Alien Lord and clearly one of the most feared men on this planet. He is shaking. And in the backs of his eyes, Marie senses a sudden, ferocious joy that she cannot understand. The moment he isn’t acting like an ass, she can feel how something in her wants him. Sure, the muscular hunk looks good, smells good. His touch is strangely comfortable. She loves to hear him talk, that velvet voice like a panther speaking... But, his attitude and his impatient demands have already ruined everything for Marie. Or, is it really what it is? So why is it that she still craves his touch and only wants more of the Handsome Monster? Reader Note: 18+ Only!


Mikayla Lane - 2017
     With the portal so close to the Dranovian stronghold, Alderic is forced to participate in a Human Hunt for the first time. As he searches the forest surrounding the Talunaha, he is shocked to see the beautiful and wild-eyed human standing fearfully in front of him. Helena Chapman moved to Nome, Alaska after catching her fiancé in bed with her best friend the night before their wedding. Ignoring the warning of the longtime residents, she set out for a lone hike in the Denali National Forest. Her first night out she saw the strange, Mirage city in the sky and was swept into what she thought was a nightmare. Literally from two different worlds and cultures that are evolutions apart, Alderic and Helena will have to try and forge a new path for the tri-worlds in order to prevent a human uprising that threatens Helena’s life and to unravel everything Alderic has ever fought for.


Susan Grant - 2020
    The future of his remote world depends on his squadron finding their perfect matches and flying partners. With responsibility for the mission’s success resting on his shoulders, finding his own mate never occurs to him — until he crosses paths with the Terran pilot assigned to work with him on Project Sky Mates. 
Fighter pilot Captain Kelly “Crackers” Ritz has always been better at flying than dating. Jets can be dangerous, but they’ll never break your heart. Avoiding love has been easy — until she’s selected to be the liaison for a team of mysterious alien pilots. She feels an instant connection with their part-cyborg leader. But she’s supposed to work with him, not fall for him…isn’t she?
When Hawk claims Kelly as his Sky Mate, his world says no. With only a few weeks to go before he has to return home, will he break his vows to his people to be with the woman he loves, or be forced to leave her forever?
For a sweet and steamy, Texas-two-stepping, afterburner blasting, galaxy-spanning adventure, join the world of SKY MATES and read HAWK today! (An Intergalactic Dating Agency story.)

Conquering His Queen

Viki Storm - 2019
    But it’s mine—including the feisty young queen who’s in way over her head. Because once I see her run out onto the battlefield, about to risk it all for her people, I have to save her. I have to conquer her. I have to own her. She thinks she’s using me, thinks she can strut around and wrap me around her little finger. How wrong she is. Conquering this planet is just a job for me. Subdue and evacuate the human population. And that includes her, no matter how bad I want to keep her… BRYN I’m not sure how I ended up the queen of this isolated planet, but here I am. One problem after another. When I think it can’t get any worse, we’re invaded by huge, savage aliens. The ship descends and I see him—their leader. He claims me for his own. I need his help if I want to save my people. But I have nothing to offer him. Nothing to give him that he couldn’t just take. Except my body. My virginity. But he wants more. He wants my heart. And that’s something I vowed never to give away. A queen can’t trust anyone, even if he’s my only hope... This is the first book in the new Zalaryn Conqueror's Trilogy and can be enjoyed without having read any of my previous books! And as always, HEA guaranteed!

Brocke: Meeting The Parents

Vi Voxley - 2016
    But meeting the parents of said warlord would make anyone take a step back... Rocked by the events of their chase for the Condor and the subsequent victory, Cora thinks life should be all sunshine and butterflies after it. But she's neglected to consider one thing. While she's captured the heart of her husband Brocke, the Guardian, then the hearts of his parents are a whole different matter... Nadar Brenger and Mara James might just be the scariest in-laws a woman could expect to have. And it's time for her to meet them. With only a few short months spent together, Brocke already knows that Cora is his mate for life. He feels it as surely as he feels the weight of his swords in his hands. Yet introducing her to his parents, one of them being the Chieftain of the Corgan race, well... Even a fierce warlord is allowed a little bit of trepidation, right? When Nadar Brenger meets him with a challenge, Brocke knows that his life is nowhere near changing. His only hope is that it'll continue changing with his mate by his side. Brocke: Meeting the Parents is a short story happening after the events of Brocke: Alien Warlord's Conquest. It is best read after the novel. Expect Corgan brutality, heat and the ever-present touch of fate when reading this juicy short!

The Therian Abductions

Ashley McMath - 2014
    The Therian Abductions. Waking to find she is no longer in a world she understands, Beatrice must do everything in her power to stay alive and escape the threat of becoming an alien science experiment. Even though she is prepared to fight for her life, is she prepared for a big, red alien who pisses her off and sets her blood on fire? Is understanding each other's language enough to really understand each other? Ellie was never normal by the standards of anyone she loved. Socially awkward, she wasn't prepared for life on Earth, how will she fair when she's abducted? Will the red, disciplined Commander Sekian be able to calm her, or will the strange attraction she feels for him drive them both crazy? When Beatrice was abducted, her friend Emma wasn't far behind. Accidentally rescued by wayward brother Xark, can she understand him in ways no one else will? Is she bound to return to Earth a broken woman or stay beside and equally broken Therian?


Celeste Raye - 2018
    Dating is a freak show, and her career as a lawyer in Manhattan is a wash. If it wasn’t for her best friend, Christy, Heather would write off relationships forever.And when Christy sets Heather up on a date in a final effort to get her out of her slump, things go from bad to worse.The guy Heather meets is hot, and his name is Blake, but that’s where his similarities to a book boyfriend end. Blake is odd, intense, and may just be out of his mind. He doesn’t want to date Heather. He insists he wants to have a child with her. And when Heather tries to ditch Blake, his cousin Max shows up, and he too is anything but normal.Suddenly, Christy and Heather are pulled into the fantastical world Blake and Max come from where Weredragons and Orcs are not fiction, but reality. And Heather just may have found the life she’s meant for. But will she be brave enough to take it? Warning: Adults Only

Kragen (Alien Hunger Book 1)

Chloe Cox - 2018
    By an alien warrior. Who says she's his mate...Andromeda Knowles has always been a fighter. But when the ex who ruined her life and his drunken buddies confront her about working for the new Leonid-human Mating Service -- the only job she's been able to get after what her ex did to her -- she knows she doesn't stand a chance. Until a huge, powerful, sexy Leonid Dominant shows up and puts his life on the line to save her.Kragen is everything Andie said she'd never touch: a criminal, an alien warrior, and too damn Dominant for her own good. But he's also wounded, and Andie can't bring herself to leave his side -- or disobey his orders.Which is good, because he's not letting her go anywhere. Technically, he's kidnapping her. Because he says they're mates. Like actual, fated mates. And the more time Andie spends with Kragen, the more he gets under her skin--and her clothes. Andie sees a side of Kragen no one has ever seen before, and she starts to fall for the noble heart underneath Kragen's rough, Dom exterior...But when she discovers the secret that Kragen has locked up in his basement, Andie learns that her alien savior has a dark side -- and that there's a freaking reason he's on the run from both the Leonids and the Earth Alliance. One thing is clear: Kragen is a rebel with no plans to change. And he will never allow anyone to take his mate--even if it means taking on the whole world. But when the Alliance finds them and takes Andie prisoner, Kragen must decide: will he choose his cause, or his mate?KRAGEN is the first in a brand new series of full length sugarkink romances from USA TODAY bestseller Chloe Cox! It's got sugar and kink in equal measure, though Kragen is...all Dom. And super fun to write. ;) Happy reading! xox Chloe


Arcadia Shield - 2017
    A hopeful human. An opportunity to change the star system. Kill or be killed? Axen's battle worn ways are tested when he enters a Fraken game and discovers a human who will change his life, and the world of the Vortens, forever. Eloise Harper has her future stolen from her when she's ripped from a starship and dragged into the games of the cruel alien race, the Fraken. Determined to survive, she battles alien beasts, game traps and tests. Then she meets the predator sent to end her life, and everything changes. Axen is book 1 in the sci-fi alien romance adventure series, the Vortex Alien Warriors. When an elite alien warrior squad is forced to take part in the Fraken games, love and honor do battle against ancient beliefs. The outcome will change the star system. But only if the warriors survive. Axen is the first in a four book sci-fi adventure series, following the complete story of Axen and Eloise, as they fight against a common enemy and lose their hearts to each other. Other books in the series: Lazet Thunde Bladen

Synnr's Saint

Kate Rudolph - 2020
    Forced to perform death defying feats by night and undergoing medical tests by day, she doesn’t know how much longer she can take it. When one alien takes particular interest in her she’s afraid things have gone from bad to worse. He’s got wings and fangs, and he makes her heart pound. But she can’t want an alien like that… can she?He doesn’t have time to rescue a human…Oz is on Kilrym for a reason, and it’s not to rescue the ethereal performer who captivates him by night. But covert ops are impossible when his mind is on the human who could be his fated mate. War is on the horizon, but what if the only way to save his people is to sacrifice Emily?Despite the fact that they were born light years apart, they are a perfect match. But Oz is keeping secrets, and when Emily finds out the truth she may never be able to forgive him, no matter how much she needs him to survive and escape the planet alive.Synnr’s Saint kicks off the Zulir Warrior Mates action/adventure science fiction romance series. The heroines were abducted from Earth, but they’re ready to fight back alongside their alien warrior mates.

Loved in Space Anthology

Mina Carter - 2020
    Woken by a kiss, she didn’t expect her prince to be a handsome alien warrior. Kissed by the Alien Mercenary: Warriors of the Lathar by Mina Carter. Clarabelle isn’t about to take orders from anyone. Not even the alien hottie who has a disturbing tendency of shifting into a giant lizardman. Mate Abduction by Eve Langlais. When a dating agency claims to match Earth women with extraterrestrials, fraud investigator Cyan Blue goes undercover as a client to expose the scam. She’s not interested in finding love and certainly not with a pretend alien! KRASH: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides by Cara Bristol. No risk. No reward. When time runs out, she’ll have to make a choice that will change her life forever… Chance of a Lifetime by Susan Hayes. Bethany Walker lost everything the day she watched her husband die. Trapped in a bitter cycle of loneliness and grief, the arrival of a gorgeous cyborg with a familiar face changes everything. Betraying Ko’ran by J Thompson. She was searching for her cyborg husband and found an alien instead. Ashland 297 by Donna McDonald.

Red Planet: The Slave Queen

Jessica Snow - 2016
     And he won’t stop until I am. I’ve been hailed leader of the Human Rebellion because I’m stuck with his royal highness, Alien Prince Tauren. As his jailor, I’m tasked with preventing his escape, but that might prove difficult. Standing nearly seven feet tall, he’s massive, with hulking biceps, broad shoulders and packing a huge bulge beneath his loin cloth. I should be repulsed by him, after all, he’s the prince of my oppressors and an alien beast. But strangely, I’m attracted to him. Every time I’m near him, all I can think about are those powerful hands roaming my body. I can’t resist.  And if my kind knew how I lusted over him, they’d have me executed. I’m conflicted and torn between my desire for his touch and the need for war. But worse than that, I’m hiding a terrible secret. A secret that could get us both killed. I’m pregnant with his alien baby.

Devil in Exile

Fiona Jayde - 2018
    Too bad Kyllell's pull doesn't work on his bond mate. When oceanographer, Ada Charles, is sent to study strange seismic activity off the coast of Northern California, she expects the expedition to be routine. Getting transported to an entirely different planet is not a scenario she thought even remotely possible. Neither is being attacked by lethal aliens and separated from her crew. When a sex-on-a-stick alien abducts her and claims her as his mate, Ada's not about to submit to this alien alpha male. No way in hell is she going to become an alien warrior wife to someone capable of breaking her heart just as thoroughly as her ex-boyfriend did. Her plans involve saving her crew and returning to Earth before the warring Chassaks capture and sell her to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, she has absolutely no idea how to do that. Now she must convince Kyllell to join her rescue mission while resisting that sexy devil of an alien’s pull, but he’s not interested in helping her find her crew or her way home. An erotic interlude might be the only bargaining chip she has. Kyllell has been living in exile-without female companionship-for four long years. When he saves Ada from a Chassak attack, he knows she is his true bond mate, and he is ready for Ada to willingly welcome him into her loving arms. But his mate is not so willing or so loving. Defiant and willful, Ada challenges him in every way imaginable... ...and he craves her all the more for it. When an enemy from Kyllell's past threatens their tenuous relationship, he must find a way to protect himself and Ada from the corruption of the Elysium Council or risk being thrust into exile again and losing Ada forever. Can he save those he loves, or is history doomed to repeat itself? The Warriors of Elysius Series contains standalone romance books with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA. If you love alien abduction romance series, fated mates romances, dark warriors, feisty females, and hot, steamy love scenes, then this sci-fi alien mates romance novel was written especially for you. Steam alert: contains a hot alien alpha male who dominates in the bedroom and a curvy, strong-willed human female who refuses to submit. Strong sexual themes/language is present. Perfect for fans of Ruby Dixon, Cara Bristol, and Evangeline Anderson. This is recommended for mature audiences only. Full-length 90,000+ word Sci-Fi Romance novel.