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Blood on the Leaves by Jeff Stetson


The Blue Door

David Fulmer - 2008
    It’s a favor that’s going to turn Eddie’s life upside down. Sal Giambroni buys Eddie a round and offers him a part-time gig helping with his private-detective work. Despite Eddie’s reluctance, a few days on the job reveal that he has a knack for snooping—and then he stumbles onto a cold case involving a missing soul singer. A music lover with a budding interest in the singer’s attractive, talented sister, Eddie finds himself involved in a violent, twisted story of betrayal and intrigue, power and passion—all set to the beat of rock and roll. David Fulmer’s acclaimed Storyville series brought us a New Orleans teeming with jazz. The Dying Crapshooter’s Blues took fans to Atlanta and the blues. The Blue Door now brings us the vibrant city of Philadelphia and the early days of its famous soul.

Ulterior Motives

Mark O'Neal - 2008
    Louis Wolves. His team got bounced out of the NBA Playoffs, so he decided to come back to Chicago to visit his family Mother's Day weekend. However, someone from his past wanted to make him pay, so his stepfather was kidnapped for a million dollar ransom. He had 48 hours to raise the money or else his stepfather was dead. Will Maurice rescue his stepfather, or will the two of them fall victim to this band of ruthless thugs?This is a reedited and reformatted version of Ulterior Motives; and it contains bonus chapters, a more in-depth background of the main characters, and an alternate ending for your enjoyment. Relive the action and suspense in Volume 1 of this spellbinding series.

The Crown Jewel Mystery

Anna Elliott - 2017
    Their worlds collide, and not even Holmes could have foreseen the impact! This novella is the prequel to The Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery series. It takes place three days before the opening of The Last Moriarty. The optimal reading order of the Sherlock and Lucy books is: The Crown Jewel Mystery The Last Moriarty The Wilhelm Conspiracy Remember, Remember

The Lover

Laura Wilson - 2004
    An unidentified female corpse is discovered in an alleyway in Soho. It is the fourth to be found in the last few weeks. The women—all prostitutes—have been horribly mutilated. It’s clear that in the darkness and confusion of the war-ravaged city, a "Blackout Ripper" is at work. Inspired by a true story, this is a breathtaking new novel from one of the most talented and distinctive crime writers working today.

The Mary Russell Series Books 1-4: The Beekeeper's Apprentice; A Monstrous Regiment of Women; A Letter of Mary; The Moor

Laurie R. King - 2014
    King. The Beekeeper's Apprentice In 1915, Sherlock Holmes and his fifteen-year-old protege Mary Russell are called to Wales to help Scotland Yard find the kidnapped daughter of an American senator, a case of international significance with clues that dip deep into Holmes's past.A Monstrous Regiment of Women It is 1921 and Mary Russell is on the verge of acquiring a sizable inheritance. Her attentions turn to the New Temple of God and its leader, a charismatic suffragette and a mystic. When four bluestockings from the Temple turn up dead shortly after changing their wills, could sins of a capital nature be afoot? A Letter of Mary It is 1923. Mary Russell Holmes and Sherlock Holmes are visited by an old friend, an archaeologist just returned from Palestine. She leaves in their protection an ancient, controversial manuscript. When their friend is suddenly killed in a tragic accident, Russell and Holmes find themselves on the trail of a fiendishly clever murderer. The Moor In the eerie wasteland of Dartmoor, Sherlock Holmes summons Mary Russell to aid the investigation of a death and some disturbing phenomena of a decidedly supernatural origin. There have been sightings of a spectral coach made of bones carrying a woman long-ago accused of murdering her husband--and of a hound with a single glowing eye. Returning to the scene of The Hound of the Baskervilles, Holmes and Russell investigate a mystery darker and more unforgiving than the moors themselves.

A Dangerous Road: A Smokey Dalton Novel

Kris Nelscott - 2000
    He has almost no interaction with the white hierarchy, even though they exist only blocks away. So he’s surprised the day a white woman walks into his Beale Street office. Laura Hathaway has sought him out because he’s a beneficiary in her mother’s will, and Laura wants to know why. So does Smokey. He’s never heard of the Hathaways, but his search will take him on a journey that will change everything he’s ever known. Set against the backdrop of the strike and protests that will end with Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, A Dangerous Road combines the politics of race, betrayal, unexpected love, and the terrible cost of trust into a story so memorable the Mystery Writers of America chose it as one of the top five novels of the year and the Historical Mystery Appreciation Society honored it as the winner of the Herodotus Award for Best Historical Mystery. “More than just offering a puzzle, this novel encourages self-examination about identity, responsibility and the consequences of choices. Smokey proves himself a man of conscience able to make tough choices.” — Publisher’s Weekly “Nelscott’s series setting, in the turbulent late ’60s, gives her books layers of issues of racism, class, and war, all of which still seem to remain sadly timely today.” —Oregonian “It’s not hard to draw parallels between Nelscott’s PI Smokey Dalton and Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins, another secretive, canny black man trying to solve mysteries while circumspectly navigating the white world. But Dalton’s no knock-off. (Would you label the hundreds of hard-boiled detectives who’ve appeared in Raymond Chandler’s wake mere Marlow Xeroxes because they’re white?) —Entertainment Weekly Kris Nelscott is an open pen name used by USA Today bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The first Smokey Dalton novel, A Dangerous Road, won the Herodotus Award for Best Historical Mystery and was short-listed for the Edgar Award for Best Novel; the second, Smoke-Filled Rooms, was a PNBA Book Award finalist; and the third, Thin Walls, was one of the Chicago Tribune’s best mysteries of the year. Kirkus chose Days of Rage as one of the top ten mysteries of the year and it was also nominated for a Shamus award for The Best Private Eye Hardcover Novel of the Year. Entertainment Weekly says her equals are Walter Mosley and Raymond Chandler. Booklist calls the Smokey Dalton books “a high-class crime series” and Salon says “Kris Nelscott can lay claim to the strongest series of detective novels now being written by an American author.” Smokey Dalton’s story will continue at long last in March 2014 with Street Justice, the seventh novel in the series. For more information about Kris Nelscott, or author Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s other works, please go to

The King's Writ

Paul Doherty - 2017
    Includes an exclusive extract from his next novel in the series, the follow up to Dark Serpent. Perfect for fans of Robin Hobb and Michael Jecks. In the summer of 1311, a jousting tournament is about to commence in the Tower of London, supervised by Sir Hugh Corbett, Keeper of the Secret Seal.Two powerful lords have come forward with writs from the late king, promising them both the inheritance of a lucrative estate. To settle the dispute, they are submitting their quarrel to the judicium Dei: the Judgement of God. But when a third claimant comes forward, Corbett suspects that something is awry.Corbett launches an investigation to uphold the reputation of the late king as treachery looks set to spread. But it soon becomes clear that more than one person in the Tower has secrets to keep...What readers are saying about Paul Doherty:'A magical author''Paul Doherty has the rare talent of making you feel as though you are there, be it medieval England, or battling with Alexander. The sounds and smells of the period seem to waft from the pages of his books''Doherty has a gift for bringing distant ages alive and for populating his books with endearing, believable characters'

Hitler's Judas (Pea Island Gold Trilogy)

Tom Lewis - 2007
    Bormann, possibly the closest man to Adolf Hitler, knows Hitler's insane decision to invade Russia will destroy The Fatherland. Already in a position of enormous power, Bormann forms an intricate plan of escape. But Bormann has no intentions of escaping as a pauper. When the right moment comes, Bormann leaves the doomed Third Reich forever, taking with him 50 million in stolen Nazi gold. His surprising destination is Pea Island, a lonely strip of sand north of Cape Hatteras North Carolina. Will his plan succeed? Populated with exquisite, compelling, and memorable characters who will stay with readers long after the final page is turned, Hitler's Judas introduces a remarkable supporting cast, including Horst Von Hellenbach, Germany's celebrated U-Boat captain who detests war and the Nazi regime and is in terminal conflict with his sworn military duty; Elisabeth Kroll, an impressionable woman unable to choose between Horst or his twin brother Harold, a handsome, respected surgeon and fanatic Nazi; Edda Winter, Bormann's mistress and talented actress who hopes Bormann will be her ticket to Hollywood; Klaus Berger, Germany's most famous thespian, whose very life depends on how well he plays his most difficult role; and Sunday Everette, a stunning young black woman who stands in the way of Bormann and his goal. Resplendent with historical detail, Hitler's Judas is an intricate, moving and extraordinary tale of intrigue, murder, romance and betrayal. This is the second book of the trilogy Pea Island Gold, of which Sunday's Child was the first.

Mycroft Holmes and the Adventure of the Silver Birches

David Dickinson - 2011
    He was facing the biggest case of his career. The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and the Governor of the Bank of England had learnt through a variety of sources – a private bank in Vienna, an Anglophile moneylender in Munich, a reliable tip off from the Casino in Monte Carlo – that Britain’s enemies were trying to debase the currency. Sherlock Holmes has retired to keep his bees in Sussex, Dr Watson is curing the sick. So Lestrade turns to Holmes’s elder brother Mycroft, still keeping to his unchanging routine between his rooms in Pall Mall, the Government Offices where he audits all Government Departments, and the silent quarters of the Diogenes Club. Mycroft tracks the gang through the banks and Treasuries of Europe, his brain travelling faster than the swiftest express train. Will Mycroft and Lestrade solve the mystery? And who is the mysterious stranger who led them to the gang’s hiding place and then vanished, last seen striding rapidly into the fog? David Dickinson’s brilliant new short novel will appeal to fans of Sherlock Holmes, of detective fiction, and of historical mysteries. It recreates the style and atmosphere of the original stories, but with a compelling new character. The first in a news series, it will establish Mycroft as a worthy successor to his more famous brother. Praise for David Dickinson 'One of the story’s strengths is the portrait it paints of Mycroft, a picture rich with details about his lifestyle, habits, and associates...mystery itself is straightforward and fast-paced...provides new perspectives to enjoy' - Baker Street Babes Podcast 'A cracking yarn, beguilingly real from start to finish... you have to pinch yourself to remind you that it is fiction - or is it?' - Peter Snow 'This is detective fiction in the grand style; the characters and the plot soar upwards and carry us in their wake. Powerscourt's debut in this intoxicating book is the start of a gilded life in the archives of crime.' - James Naughtie 'In this excellent novel, Dickinson weaves a tale of blackmail and murder among the royals late in Victoria's reign... One hopes to see more of Lord Powerscourt and his friends in the near future.' - Publishers Weekly David Dickinson is the best-selling author of the Lord Powerscourt series of historical mysteries, including Death of a Pilgrim and Death of an Old Master. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher. For more information on our titles please sign up to our newsletter at Each week you will receive updates on free and discounted ebooks. Follow us on Twitter: @EndeavourPress and on Facebook via

Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure Of The Primal Man

Derrick Belanger - 2016
    This 'Primal Man' has been triumphantly transported back to England as proof of the 'missing link' in evolutionary theory. The upcoming auction of the specimen causes a stir amongst academics and the board of the British Museum. Whilst many are excited about bidding for this 'yeti', or 'mi-go', there are some with a more sceptical viewpoint. The story of the find just doesn't add up – neither does the fact that no one is prepared to insure the beast.Enter the great detective Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Dr Watson. Sherlock is in no doubt about the Primal Man's authenticity and takes great pleasure in enlisting the assistance of his cousin, Professor Ellington Dynamo to prove the case.The fraud investigation takes a dark turn when it becomes one of murder, and Sherlock's powers of deduction and skill are once again put to the test in this exciting adventure.Full of the skulduggery and surprises you would expect from a Sherlock story, and with the fearsome Professor Dynamo and his delightful inventions to boot, The Adventure of the Primal Man will not fail to please.‘One thing is certain – nothing is as it seems, and Sherlock Holmes is the man to solve the case.’ David Marcum, author of The Papers of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes and A Quantity of Debt, and Sherlock Holmes – Tangled Skeins‘Noted Sherlock Holmes author, Derrick Belanger, has outdone himself again. … a creative tour de force full of mystery, murder, bullet-less guns and electric super-cars shaped like torpedoes.’ GC Rosenquist, author of Sherlock Holmes: The Pearl of Death and Other Early Stories‘This excellent read from Derrick Belanger is sure to delight and enthral, not only fans of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, but will also excite and entertain the enthusiasts of general science fiction and Steampunk.’ Chuck Davis, author of Phantoms of the Skies, and the Sherlock Holmes short story “The Adventure of the White Bird” in The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories.‘Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson and Professor Dynamo are together in one thrilling adventure!’ Luke Kuhns, author of Sherlock Holmes and The Scarlet Thread of Murder and The Untold Adventures of Sherlock HolmesDerrick Belanger is an author and educator most noted for his books and lectures on Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Both volumes of his two volume anthology A Study in Terror: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Revolutionary Stories of Fear and the Supernatural were #1 best sellers on the Amazon Sherlock Holmes book list, and his MacDougall Twins with Sherlock Holmes chapter book, Attack of the Violet Vampire! was also a #1 bestselling new release in the UK. Mr. Belanger’s academic work has been published in The Colorado Reading Journal and Gifted Child Today. Mr. Belanger is also a teacher at Century Middle School in the Adams 12 Five Star School District, and he resides in Broomfield, Colorado with his wife, Abigail Gosselin, and their daughters, Rhea and Phoebe. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher.

Night at Key West

Craig A. Hart - 2018
    Hemingway. Murder When private investigator Simon Wolfe is hired to follow his friend’s wife under suspicion of adultery, he could never have guessed it would lead him into a friendship with the world’s leading writer, Ernest Hemingway. Nor could he have predicted the strange and disturbing twists the investigation would take. The case accelerates quickly when the wife is found murdered in a Key West hotel and discovered to have a secret life. But that revelation is downright boring as the plot thickens with increasingly bizarre revelations, capped off with a macabre ending no one saw coming. Based on actual events, Night at Key West is a wild ride into history and intrigue, populated by many true-to-life characters and places.

The Travis Club

Mark Louis Rybczyk - 2013
    His books receive little notice until he unearths a 100 year old mystery that the powerful had hoped would never have been uncovered. How far will the city's power brokers go to silence Taylor and his band of friend known as The Travis Club? Intrigue and romance bring this mystery alive in a one of a kind city, San Antonio.

The Last Train

Sue Lawrence - 2018
    on 28 December 1879, a violent storm batters the newly built iron rail bridge across the River Tay, close to the city of Dundee. Ann Craig is waiting for her husband, the owner of the largest local mill, to return home. From her window Ann sees a strange and terrible sight as the bridge collapses, and the lights of the train in which he is travelling plough down into the freezing river waters.As Ann manages the grief and expectations of family and friends, amid a town mourning its loved ones, doubt is cast on whether Robert was on the train, after all. If not, where is he, and who is the mysterious woman who is first to be washed ashore? In 2015, Fiona Craig wakes to find that her partner Pete, an Australian restaurateur, has cleared the couple's bank account before abandoning his car at the local airport and disappearing. When the police discover his car is stolen, Fiona conducts her own investigation into Pete's background, slowly uncovering dark secrets and strange parallels with the events of 1879.

The Masada Scroll

Paul Block - 2007
    Douglas and, more recently, Christ the Lord by Anne Rice and Stone Tables by Orson Scott Card, The Masada Scroll is bold and reverent, with deep and important meaning for today's world.  At the heart of this timely novel is the discovery of a previously unknown gospel that predates the four gospels of the New Testament. The scroll introduces a mysterious symbol that combines the Star of David, the Cross of Christianity and the Crescent and Star of Islam. None of these symbols existed at the time the Gospel was written, adding to the mystery that Michael Flannery, an Irish priest, must unravel.  Flannery discovers that the symbol represents the Trevia Dei, or Three Paths to God. At the heart of Jesus' message is the unity of the paths that lead to God. The true meaning of Trevia Dei has become perverted over the centuries, turning the message of unity into a single path to salvation.  But there are those who do not want the message of this wonderful book of light and love brought to our troubled world, who have chosen to separate rather than unite God's children. The Masada Scroll is the story of the new Apostles who struggle to bring the simple message of Jesus back into a world desperate for joy. The Masada Scroll is a tale of the timeless quest for spiritual truth and redemption. It is a story that will change the way you look at the world…and your own heart.

The Bones and the Book

Jane Isenberg - 2012
    When Aliza's bones turn up in Seattle's underground streets in 1965 along with a book written in Yiddish, recently widowed empty nester Rachel Mazursky offers to translate the book. Aliza's surprising and poignant story compels Rachel to search for clues to the identity of the young woman's murderer, but her quest for the truth unearths disturbing secrets about her own past as well as Aliza's. The Bones and the Book carries the reader back to a far-flung outpost of the Jewish diaspora where gold, good table manners, and assimilating often trump Torah, tribe, and tradition. "Isenberg's story pulled me in right from the startling prologue. The twin historical stories of Aliza and Rachel are compelling and poignant. The lives of these women in 1900 and 1965 are beautifully woven together, the strands balancing each other as each discovers her strengths and revises her own identity as a woman and a Jew." - Sharan Newman, author of The Shanghai Tunnel