Silence Implies Consent: Pride and Prejudice sequel

Elin Eriksen - 2021
    A few weeks of wedded bliss were bestowed upon them before their marriage broke apart in a short but dramatic confrontation—betrayed by someone dear.Elizabeth turns to her father but there is little he can do to aid her, he has his other daughters to consider. Elizabeth must rely on her stubbornness and resilience until a reconciliation with the husband who showed her no mercy proves unavoidable. While her love never wavered, her trust has been shattered. Mr Darcy must prove himself while they fight the power that wants to rob him of more than just his inheritance.A dramatic and chaste novel of approximately 49 000 words, which ends in a happily ever after for our dear couple.Due to the theme, a mature audience is advised.Excerpts from reviews:“A wonderful if sad story...”“A page-turner, I am glad I found it!”“I appreciate how you didn’t drag on the misery for too long and overall it was the right length.”

A Very Merry Mix-up: A Pride and Prejudice Novelette

Jennifer Redlarczyk - 2018
    Looking for some diversion, the good colonel happened upon a local Romani woman who was selling her people’s treasured Moon Wine. Find out what happens to some of our favourite Jane Austen characters when her advice is ignored in A Very Merry Mix-up.

A Covenant of Marriage

C.P. Odom - 2013
    But it can also apply to a marriage as Elizabeth Bennet learns when her father binds her in marriage to a man she dislikes. Against her protests that she cannot be bound against her will, the lady is informed that she lives under her father’s roof and, consequently, is under his control. She is a mere pawn in the proceedings. With such an inauspicious beginning, how can two people so joined ever make a life together?

Service of a Friend: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Kate Speck - 2017
    Their friendship develops quickly and their pride and prejudice are set aside to form a lasting bond. Happy, low-angst story of friendship.

Fine Eyes and Pert Opinions: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Maria Grace - 2019
     As guardian to his younger sister, he wants her to become a properly accomplished woman--she is coming out soon, after all. But Georgiana steadfastly refuses despite the encouragement of Elizabeth Bennet, long time Darcy family friend. Darcy invites a few guests to Pemberley in the hopes of encouraging Georgiana's improvement with a taste of society. Unexpected additions to the party prove dangerously distracting, leaving the Darcy family on the brink of disaster. Elizabeth holds the key to their restoration, but she has fled Pemberley, unable to tolerate another day in the Darcys' company. Will Darcy relinquish his pride and prejudice to seek out a woman below his notice before his family is irreparably ruined?

Darcy to the Rescue: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Novella

Martine J. Roberts - 2016
    However, she miscalculates the weather and is caught in a raging snowstorm, and when a stranger on horseback begins to pursue her, she flees into the forest. Mr Darcy, acting as a reluctant Good Samaritan, comes to her rescue. But as the storm worsens, they are forced to seek shelter. There, Mr Darcy sets about tending to the unconscious Elizabeth. With Elizabeth’s reputation in tatters, Darcy does the honourable thing and proposes to her. But, will the noble Mr Darcy be able to persuade Mr Collins to give her up, or will Elizabeth have to marry her odious cousin after all?

Elizabeth: A Pride & Prejudice Novella

Christie Capps - 2018
     Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy finds himself in the unusual position of chasing a woman rather than being chased. Miss Elizabeth Bennet is exasperated as Mr. Darcy, the rudest man of her acquaintance, is being nice—to her! How can she continue to despise a man who apologizes so well? Based on Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride & Prejudice, Mr. Darcy’s arrogance and pride are equally matched by Miss Elizabeth’s prejudice. While Mr. Darcy hesitates to speak, his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, quite against his canon character, blurts his thought in the most inconvenient manner, adding to Darcy's distress. In this fast-paced novella set in Regency England, can they both overcome strongly entrenched personalities and the attempts to matchmake by the colonel to discover peace and happiness? Of course, they can. This is Mr. Darcy and his Elizabeth, he hopes. Elizabeth is appropriate for all readers. This story can be read in about an hour and is around 100 pages.

Courage Requires: A Pride and Prejudice Continuation

Melanie Rachel - 2017
    When she invites the enigmatic Hawke sisters and the Fitzwilliams to join them for the festive season, will the company provide the friendship and solace Darcy hopes for his wife? Or will the Earl's opposition to Richard's love interest divide the family?Courage Requires is a full-length novel (approximately 90,000 words) that follows the events of Courage Rises. It is Book 2 of 2 in the Courage Series.

Words Spoken in Anger: A Pride and Prejudice variation

Margaret Gale - 2017
    Enjoy a what-if journey with Elizabeth and Darcy, Jane and Bingley and more of Jane Austen's beloved characters as their lives are changed by a bit of plain speaking.

Never So Bewitched By Any Woman: A Pride And Prejudice Variation

Isabelle Mayfair - 2016
    She also makes a new friend in Hyde Park, the young and innocent Miss Georgiana Darcy, who is waiting for her brother, Mr Darcy to join her in London. But Elizabeth soon suspects Wickham is not all he seems, and while seeking to engage her affections, also has designs on her wealthy and naive young friend. When her fears are realised, she knows she must protect Miss Darcy from an elopement with a man who cares nothing for her. The only way she can do so is by reaching out to Mr Darcy, Georgiana's proud and arrogant older brother, who is currently in Bristol, searching for a suitable wife. Elizabeth is forced to put aside her own dislike for the man and persuade him that his sister is in danger. But as she gets to know him better, it soon becomes clear that she has been just as deceived by Mr Darcy's true character as she was by Wickham's. Is it possible she has judged him too hastily? And as for Mr Darcy, could it be that the pert, yet bewitching Miss Bennet is exactly the woman he has been searching for? A Pride and Prejudice variation from the author of An Encounter at Pemberley.

Mysterious Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Monica Fairview - 2018
    Mr. Darcy receives a visit at his isolated manor in Cornwall. It is Charles Bingley, and he is there to ask for a favor... He needs help with his new estate, Netherfield. As for Miss Elizabeth Bennet, there is nothing she likes more than a laugh – except for a mystery. From the moment she first encounters Mr. Darcy, she senses he is hiding something. But the more she tries to find out about who he is, the more evasive he becomes. However, Elizabeth soon turns her attention to someone else. As Mrs. Bennet points out, Mr. Darcy is a nobody, and Elizabeth needs to marry someone who can provide for her and her sisters. Meanwhile, Mr. Darcy doesn’t want anyone to know about the scandal that haunts him from the past. He certainly doesn’t need someone like Miss Bennet, who asks him questions and tries to slip him up. Fortunately, he is more than equal to the task of putting her off. What he doesn’t expect is that before he knows it, he finds himself longing to tell her the truth. Are Elizabeth and Darcy meant to come together in this variation, or is Elizabeth destined for somebody else? Note: Mysterious Mr. Darcy is not a mystery. It is a ‘what-if’ in which Mr. Darcy has to deal with the consequences of his past, a past that will change the shape of his future.

Pemberley in Peril: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary

Arthel Cake - 2017
     Fitzwilliam Darcy, handsome, wealthy, heir to the vast estate of Pemberley, is unmarried after a six-year quest for the perfect wife. Elizabeth Bennet, lovely, intelligent and independent, is unmarried after a three-year quest for a husband who will appreciate her as an individual. When Darcy’s father George is diagnosed with a fatal illness, he fears that if something happens to his son before another heir is born the Darcy line will end. Mr. Bennet, a highly successful London solicitor, fears his daughter would be destroyed by the life of a spinster. The fathers arrange a marriage between Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth, much to the consternation of the two young people. As the two principals attempt to find common ground for a marriage of convenience, Darcy’s initial physical attraction to Elizabeth grows into admiration and love. Elizabeth, however, must grow past her anger and resentment to understand her own heart. But then, as the courtship progresses, a mysterious letter from a dead man brings the reappearance of Darcy’s reclusive great-aunt, Lady Agatha Quintain, whose motives may not be as benign as they seem. And a series of robberies perpetrated by Darcy’s old nemesis Wickham agitates high society and ends in the attempted murder of a family member, drawing Darcy into the pursuit. Joined by Colonel Fitzwilliam and a stranger with a personal vendetta against Wickham, they discover their quarry’s long-standing grudge against his mentor puts George Darcy in immediate deadly danger. Now as Darcy and Elizabeth begin their lives together, Wickham’s plan for revenge takes a murderous turn, while Lady Agatha follows her own plans to right an ancient wrong, whatever the cost to the Darcys. Thus is set in motion a series of devastating events that will force Darcy and Elizabeth to face a terrible secret from the past, with the power to threaten not only their marriage, but everyone and everything they love. And to ultimately put Pemberley itself in peril.

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Earl of Matlock: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Cressida Lane - 2017
    With a title between them, how can Mr. Darcy marry her now?What readers are saying about this Pride & Prejudice retelling:"If you are looking for suspense, intrigue and romance, you've come to the right place.""...both thrilling and captivating"" entertaining, well-written story"

Netherfield Park Quarantined

Melanie Schertz - 2014
    Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy when he comes to visit his friend at Netherfield Park. There, they come to know each other, learning about one another much sooner than expected. A sudden outbreak of scarlet fever comes to the neighborhood, and Netherfield is turned into a makeshift hospital. Who will survive the epidemic and who will have their lives changed forever?

More Than Admiration: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Wynne Mabry - 2017
    Wickham and Mrs. Younge. Mr. Darcy, shocked to have his sister’s errors known to strangers, fails to convey any gratitude, and Elizabeth is left with a poor impression of him. Through letters to Georgiana, however, she learns to view him in a different light. His later appearance in Meryton comes as a pleasant surprise, and she gets to know him better when he stays at Netherfield. They become close, but can she believe that he really loves her and is not swayed by his sister’s feelings? And what will happen when Mr. Wickham reappears and threatens her dear friend’s reputation and her own happiness?