I Want You Both

Amanda Martinez - 2017
    But after several weekends of driving eight hours both ways, Stella was regretting that decision. The only thing worse than the long drive, was not seeing Paul at all. Then Stella met a new friend who made the distance and separation a little easier to bear. Now Stella had a choice to make. Stay with her new friend, or forget her and go back to her husband.

THE GIRL TAKERS Part 1 Bombshell: A Kat & Robin human trafficking thriller (Kat & Robin Thrillers)

Edwin Tipple - 2016
     A chance meeting, one wet afternoon in Manchester, brings Robin and Kat together. When he falls in love with this rich lady his life slowly takes several turns for the worse and he becomes uncertain about Kat. But after some passionate lovemaking one night, he knew all his fears were unfounded - until she dropped her bombshell. She needs him to do something very unusual, something very important for her, something no other woman would dare ask of her man - unless? But after Kat mysteriously disappears, and despair set in, he was ready to let her go. Yet, as the weeks passed by, he knew he was still madly in love with her, knew he had to find her. His travels take him to the other side of the world where, months later, a second chance meeting brings them together once more. But others are looking for Kat and whoever they are, they’re deadly. Set in Manchester and Hua Hin, this free 33,000 word trafficking, dark romance is part 1 of 3. All three parts are available in one complete volume. Scroll up to start reading straight away.

Meet the Kennedy's

Nako - 2018
    Jacob Kennedy, leader of The Kennedy Family, is known in the underground as TKF. Jacob was never interested in settling down until he met the love of his life. After a million-dollar wedding that had the streets talking for months, five children, and a few fairytales in between, all hell breaks loose when his wife is found gunned down in the middle of the street. Jacob went to war to get to the bottom of who would even think about harming his wife, being that he had no beef with anyone. The Kennedy Family was devastated, but no one hurt more than Jacob’s children, Sienna, Savannah, JJ, Jordan, and baby Savona. Nako, the author of The Underworld series and The Connect’s Wife, has penned a book series so gritty and riveting that readers will hang on to every page in anticipation of wanting to solve the mystery and discover the hidden truth surrounding the death of Jackie Kennedy. It was unfair to be left alone without their mother, and once a few layers are peeled back, the children will bond together to bring justice for their mother. But what happens when loyalty is put to the ultimate test? When blood isn’t always thicker than water, can their relationships withstand the late nights and early mornings that come along with being a Kennedy? What if being a part of this family is a burden more than a blessing? The money and fame doesn’t impress everyone, especially not Savona, who’d rather be broke and in the streets than belong to The Kennedy clan. In Too Deep is the perfect summer read. DISCLAIMER: In Too Deep: The Kennedy Family (Prelude) is book one of a five-book series. This series is for mature audiences ONLY. This installment is a fast-paced, short-read novel containing profanity, erotica, and illegal dealings. It serves as an introduction to the children of Jacob Kennedy, leader of the TKF Cartel.

Espionage - London

John Day - 2017
    A simple idea became the miracle Hitler needed, to bring Britain to its knees over night. Not only that, but it would save both German and British lives and leave the infrastructure of the English towns and cities intact. This character driven story of intrigue and guile will transport you back in time to Alderney and the back streets of London, on a suicide mission. Discover the details of Germany's plan and it’s execution, exposing the best kept secret of WW2. Timing is everything, and a cruel twist of fate changes history. A super-intense John Day Thriller.


Regulus Draak - 2015
    “Miles and miles across most of ancient Alexandria. There are an incredible number of tunnels and dwellings, many still to explore. Some Egyptian believe Alexander the Great lays buried down there.” “Ok, that sounds interesting!” Katarina said. “Alexandria once was a city of the World; superior to Rome or Jerusalem. Alexandria’s library, the most complete ever built was the center of worldwide data with thousands of manuscripts from all over the Globe. Huge in size and greater with Knowledge. Sadly set on fire during the Roman invasion, some say by mistake. Nevertheless, most of the precious literature turned to ashes and the remaining scrolls divided throughout the several empires of Earth.Some of them are in the Vatican archive… that you should know Theodor!” A lingering smile played on her eyes. She was beautiful. “You are correct, dear Katarina. I have studied some of it. Primordial Greek philosophical works, several African texts by unknown authors, even Chinese scrolls dating from 2600 BC during the Yellow Emperor ruling period.Many more are still to open. Often I think about all that invaluable information and beautiful tales of the past that no matter with short or long years I may live, I’ll never read.” “You know Theodor!? There are additional things in live besides reading.” “Everyone with its own pleasures, Peter.” We all laughed, it was a good idea keeping up moral high before our swift incursion into Egypt. We discussed a few other details and mentally warmed up for the mission. As we arrived at Alexandria’s Borg El Arab airport.

The Berlin Spy Trap: A classic espionage thriller

Geoffrey Davison - 2013
     How do you find the answers when they are locked in your own lost memories? Cold War Europe John Stack wakes up in a strange hotel room in Spain with his memory of recent events wiped. It is clear he has been attacked. But what did they want? Stack is a journalist by trade but under that façade he is also an undercover British agent. Stack needs to remember what his mission was in Spain – and what happened to his two partners. Aware his life is in imminent danger, he does not know who he can trust. The doctor who treats his injuries offers to help him, but in return Stack must help smuggle someone across the Berlin Wall from East Germany to the West. Stack finds himself in a race against time to recover his memory and complete his mission before his pursuers close in and silence him forever… THE BERLIN SPY TRAP is a heart-pounding espionage thriller, following one man navigating his way through the tensions of Cold War Europe – desperate to recover the secrets locked away in his mind.

Dream and Drake 3: A Cartel Love Story

Princess Diamond - 2017
    Having no memory of who Drake is, Dream does not think there is a possibility that he could be her child’s father. She only has memories of her ex-boyfriend, Spencer. Therefore, in her mind, Spencer is her child’s father. Spencer is thrilled about Dream being pregnant, since he plotted to impregnate her while she was unconscious. Drake is furious that the love of his life does not remember him and threatens to never speak to her again. Drake’s attitude towards everyone, including his cousins Quay and Fresh, is relentless and unapologetic. His stubbornness nearly costs him his life. Channa seeks revenge on everyone who gets in her way. Realizing how manipulative and selfish Channa is, Drake sets a plan in motion to divorce her, even if that means living with her until the court date. Conversely, Channa refuses to go down without a fight. She plans to take Drake and Dream down the dark road with her. Dream continues to ask questions about Bey, who is still missing. She makes an effort to find her, once she is well enough. Is Bey still alive? If so, who will be the one to save her? Will Dream ever remember Drake? Will she be happy when she finds out who fathered her child? Or will she live out the rest of her life with regret? Dream and Drake 3 will leave you speechless!

The Secret of Crybaby Hollow

Cara Swann - 2013
    Soon she meets a county sheriff's deputy, and together they begin to discover there's something all too real and sinister behind a local superstitious folk legend. [Mystery/Romance]NOTE: New edited/updated version July 28, 2013

Nine Millie: Execution Style

Allen Manning - 2017
    After growing up and forming new friendships, new families, their lives are shaken up again as each child is evaluated for different programs later in their training. Each group represents an advanced set of specialized skills. Alphas are the assassins and experts of espionage. Betas learn battlefield tactics and military weaponry. Gammas blend into society using grayman skills and concepts to infiltrate and create chaos and confusion. Millie and her best friend are separated, each joining different programs, but they promise not to let it keep them apart forever. Training in the new house starts out like Millie expects, but her new trainer has different plans for the children in her care. When she learns the truth about what the organization’s plans are, Millie finds herself in the crosshairs of the powerful puppet masters pulling the strings. Breaking free of her programming and escaping the system, Millie is hunted down by her own. Can she expose the ones responsible, to save her friends and stop more children from being taken? Nine Millie: Execution style is a gripping, tightly-paced thriller, tapping into the frenetic chaos and gunplay seen in modern action movies.

Crowned: The Return of a Savage

Deshon Dreamz - 2017
    Crowned Queens, an organization that Ashura and Nacobi created when they were freshmen in college, had turned into a lucrative empire right before their very eyes. Young, successful and content with life, Ashura implements the necessary changes to put that lifestyle behind her, but with the power that she’s gained comes a slew of enemies prepared to snatch everything that she has worked for. Nacobi has always been there for Ashura. Her rider to the point of no return and that will never change. When Ashura gets fed up with Crowned Queens, Nacobi reluctantly follows suit in getting things shut down. However, what they don’t know is that the enemy who is out to get them is closer than either of them would expect. With love found, love betrayed, and love tainted, the savage that Ashura has fought tooth and nail to keep suppressed is threatening to rear its ugly head. Unbeknownst to the enemy, if the beast is released, they will soon learn why she’s the diva who was Crowned Queen.

Dirty Rotten Billionaire (Part One)

Paige North - 2018
     “Please, Ajax. Make me yours.” When billionaire real estate mogul Ajax Remington buys the building where I live, I think nothing of it. Until he decides to try and destroy my life. And all because I won’t sell him my tiny little apartment that my father passed on to me when he died. Apparently, the billionaire mogul finally wants something he can’t have…. Ajax Remington thinks he’s so above it all, that he can do whatever he wants just because he has money and insanely good looks. Sure, he can get any woman he wants, and he can get any building he wants, but he can’t get this apartment. But then he decides he doesn’t just want to own the place I live, he wants to own everything. Me included. And he will put his hands anywhere he wants. His lips anywhere and everywhere imaginable on my body. Touching me in places and ways I never thought possible, making me feel emotions I never wanted to feel… The worst part of all? I love every minute of it. I am in so much trouble…

Cuffing Season: Volume 1

Solae Dehvine - 2015
     "You thought I would leave you lonely? When money is involved I'm always around." Landis McCall is an opportunist, preying on women in the winter for a spring come up. But his devilish ways catch up to him. Like always, when it rains it pours but Landis isn't new to the storm. Will he build a boat and wade through the waters of his problems or drown in despair? Find out in Part 1 of Cuffing Season Series

Bittersweet Revenge

Dynasty Dawson - 2013
    INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS!!!Cadence, Meadow, Lexi, and Tegan have it hard living in a residential facility located in Youngstown, Ohio....and you won't believe the bizarre things that unfold behind closed doors.

The Best of Laugh Yourself Silly Jokes for Kids Sampler: Children's Juvenile Humor Ages 6-14 Riddles Knock-Knock Jokes

H.A. Riddle - 2018
    LAUGH YOURSELF SILLY is just what this book will do to readers, with a ton of jokes and hysterical illustrations, there's something for every kid ages 6-14! This 70-page book features samples from some of the best jokes from each book in the series: jokes for kids, knock-knock, spooky, sports, school, holidays, animals, food, funny situations & more, Plus--new, original jokes you won't find in other joke books! Sign up at the author's website, hariddle.com, to get the full book - free! Get info about upcoming titles in the series.

Domestic Violence: The Sara Farraday Story

Annette Reid - 2011
    Naive, innocent Sara Ramsey, fell madly in love with bad-boy, Mike Farraday. Despite the negative rumors, Sara, married Mike, and soon became the the target of his drunken rages and erractic behavior. After eight years of physical and mental abuse, Sara, finally realizes that she has to get out. Mike is determined that Sara won't live long enough to escape the hell that he has prepared for her. This story weaves lies with love, treachery with truth and serves up a menu of suspense-spiced with a tablespoon of murder. This story is fiction, but the events are based on true episodes that took place.