Baby to Toddler Month by Month. Simone Cave and Caroline Fertleman

Simone Cave - 2011

Toddler ABC Guide to Discipline: Quick Secrets to Loving Guidance

Michelle Smith - 2010
    Tired of being yelled AT. Tired of tantrums, hitting, kicking, whining, fussing, biting, fighting, refusing to sleep…when does it end? When do they stop smacking siblings or running from us in the mall? When do WE get to start enjoying how cute and sweet they are? When do we get to SLEEP?! Honey, I hear you. You are exhausted, have no time, and no idea where to start. Good news – this is your quick reference on loving discipline. If you’ve only got five minutes a day to flip through this book, that five minutes can change your life! Learn the inside, professional techniques on how to stop problem behavior in one to four year-olds, and turn your life around. Whether you are a single parent, a parent with little or no support from your spouse, a grandma, aunt, a traveling parent – it doesn’t matter. You can still open up the secrets to loving discipline and stop the nonsense. You will learn:*The 3 step ABC method to change unwanted behavior QUICK*How to eliminate the cycle of negative attention*The Five Basics to good behavior*How to meet needs to keep kids happy, healthy, and balancedand much, much more!

Dad's Guide to Twins: How to Survive the Twin Pregnancy and Prepare for Your Twins

Joe Rawlinson - 2013
    Your mind races with a million questions and you start to stress out about what to do to get ready.This guide will help you be prepared and ready to tackle life the next several months without having to wade through a lengthy book you don’t have time to read. It is perfect for the expectant twin dad whether your twins are your first and second children or ninth and tenth.Read this guide and you’ll uncover money-saving tips, understand your preparation options, and eliminate common surprises that accompany every twin pregnancy and the early days of newborn twins.Money and finances are some of the most common concerns of parents expecting twins. This book covers:* answers to “How am I going to pay for all of this?”* recommended twin supplies and gear: what you should get and what you don’t need* how to get cheap (and free) baby formula and supplies for your twinsHaving twins isn’t easy. When you know what to expect, things go a lot smoother. Get this book for:* real-life twin dad experiences that you can learn from* valuable mindsets to help conquer the overwhelm of twins* brutal challenges twin dads must face* happy things to look forward to* nagging frustrations that you can minimize or avoid* the reality of surviving the twin pregnancyPreparing your family is an essential part of preparing for twins. You’ll see:* how to prepare your kids for their twin siblings’ arrival* tips for keeping your marriage relationship solid* preparations you must make for your newborn twinsBeing pregnant with twins is full of health risks and specialized medical care. Get a peak into what you could experience with your twins:* navigating the logistics of prenatal twin visits and ultrasounds* twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), preeclampsia, and other complications* types of twins and what it means to your twin pregnancy* how to survive bed rest during the twin pregnancy* what to expect with a twin delivery* delivering twins via c-section* NICU time for your newborn twinsAfter reading this guide, you’ll be informed, cool, calm, and collected and ready for the challenge ahead. Implement my tips and you, your family, and home will be prepared for your twins’ arrival.Scroll up, click the buy button & start getting ready for your twins today!

Winging It!: Parenting in the Middle of Life!

Alex Jones - 2018
    Most of us co-parent or fly solo in the true sense of the word, relying solely on our partners and/or friends when more often than not, extended family are too far away to help on a regular basis. Our parents could look to their parents for the usual guidance and extra support, but our situation is new, modern and unique. We are winging it!This book isn't a guide or a parenting manual - it's more of a support group for parents who are having their children in their thirties and forties to get together, to celebrate, share experiences, laugh and find joy in what is still the biggest life changing experience any of us will ever go through. It's the book I looked for when I was pregnant, that spoke to me as a working parent and that I couldn't find so I've had a go at writing one myself.Featuring:- Expert advice from Zita West, Clemmie Hooper, Dr Sarah Jarvis, Mother Pukka, Zoe Williams, Selfish Mother and more. - Hilarious and heart-warming anecdotes plus tips and tricks from parents winging it too.We're re-writing the rule book and winging it, but we are winging it together!Love,Alex

When love is not enough

Cherry Willoughby - 2012
    How devastatingly and terrifyingly wrong she was.Her entire world was about to be broken apart in more ways than she could ever have imagined.Who could she turn to, and more importantly, who would listen?

3 Day Potty Training

Lora Jensen - 2014
    The fun and easy-to-follow guide to potty training even the most stubborn child just 3 daysLora shares the method she put together in a step-by-step book that has children potty trained in just 3 short days.  Not just for pee and poop but for day and night too!  Lora’s method is all about training the child to learn their own body signs.  If the parent is having to do all the work, then the child isn’t truly trained, but with Lora’s method your child will learn when their body is telling them that they need to use the potty and they will communicate that need to you.

Flying with Baby - The Essential Guide to Flying Domestically with Infants Under 1 Year Old

Meg Collins - 2012
    With input from veteran flyers and flight attendants, you’ll learn exactly how to get from A to B as easily as possible. Topics include: - Buying tickets - Where to sit - How to score a free seat - Dealing with you car seat & stroller - Getting through security - Breastfeeding & pumping - Keeping your baby happy - Feeding & more “I was so nervous about our first flight with baby Darren, but your book put me at ease and prepared me for everything I needed to know. Thanks!!” — Janice McCullough “This book is funny and informative, in classic Lucie’s List style. We had NO problems on our first flight. Thank you!!” — Kara Quinn

The Baby Sleep Solution: The stay and support method to help your baby sleep through the night

Lucy Wolfe - 2017
    The secret to helping babies to sleep through the night is understanding their sleep cycles and the feeding/sleeping balance. This book provides simple and effective techniques to help parents establish positive sleep habits and tackle sleep problems without feeling under pressure to resort to rigid, inflexible strategies. Lucy Wolfe, the Sleep Fixer and Ireland's best-known sleep consultant, has developed a 'stay and support' approach with an emphasis on a child's emotional well-being, which has helped thousands of parents and babies around the world to achieve better sleep, with most parents reporting improvements within the first seven days of implementing the recommendations. Discover the issues that prevent a child from sleeping through the night. Learn about biological sleep rhythms and how feeding can affect them. Create a customised, step-by-step plan to get your baby to sleep. Use Lucy's unique two-fold sleep strategy which combines biological time keeping and gentle support to develop positive sleeping habits.

Dude, You're a Dad!: How to Get (All of You) Through Your Baby's First Year

John Pfeiffer - 2013
    Now, it's time to get into the game and help your family through your baby's first year.From 4 A.M. feedings and visiting the pediatrician to getting back to work and hopping into bed with Mom, Dude, You're a Dad leads you through all the trials and tribulations you'll face as a new dad. Author John Pfeiffer has braved the journey not just once but three times, and will tell you exactly what changes to expect as well as what you can be doing for your baby--and your baby mama--during this time. Complete with foolproof parenting strategies for handling tricky situations, this book also braces you for the years to come, which will be full of head banging, temper tantrums, and restless days.The first twelve months are make-or-break when it comes to parenting and Dude, You're a Dad is your guide to making sure that nothing gets broken.

The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three

Susan Mayclin Stephenson - 2013
    The first three years of life are too important for experiments, but the Montessori guidelines presented here have held true all over the world, no matter what the culture of the child, for over 100 years. It is the goal of this book to help parents look for, discover, appreciate, and support the mental, physical, and emotional needs of the child in the first three years of life. There are over 180 black and white pictures from the author’s work around the world with children from birth to three years of age. "The Joyful Child" is used in Montessori teacher training centers, middle school human development classes, birth preparation classes, and it is of interest to anyone studying education and child development. It has been translated into several languages and is often used as a text for parenting classes. Chapters: The First Year—The senses: Before birth; music and language; crying as communication; seeing and processing; the absorbent mind; materials The First Year—Reaching Out and Grasping: The development of movement; toys that aid the natural development of movement; natural materials for toys The First Year—Sitting up and Working: The child’s Work; eating and working while sitting up; safety concerns with new movement abilities; number of toys available at any one time, and learning to put them away; suggested toys The First Year—Freedom of movement; a safe and natural environment; crawling, pulling up, standing, and walking; toys and equipment that aid movement development The End of the First Year—Unique Development and the Child’s Self-Respect: Each child’s path of development is unique; aiding the beginning of a good self-image; preparing the home to welcome the newborn; clothing that supports free movement; attachment and separation, preparation for weaning and toilet learning; sign language and elimination communication (EC); materials that support optimum growth and development; unconditional love; the end of the first year Age 1-3—Care of Self, Others, and the Environment: Participating in the real life of the family; kinds of practical life activities; the work environment and concentration; materials; undressing and dressing; a place for everything and everything in its place; The child's purpose; the needs of the parents; adults and children working together; the child's research of the rules of society; teach by teaching, NOT by correcting; offering choices Age 1-3—Toys and Puzzles: Selecting toys; organizing and rotating toys; learning to put toys away; respecting concentration; visual discrimination and eye-hand control; puzzle toys; open-ended toys Age 1-3—Music: Dancing and singing; percussion instruments and other music materials Age 1-3—Language: Listening comes first; a second language; listening and including the child in conversation; vocabulary, words, pictures, and books; formal language; storytelling, reading and writing; biting; imagination? lying?; materials; supporting language development Age 1-3—Art: Art is more than drawing; art materials; art appreciation; art work Age 1-3—People: Daily life of people of the world; materials Age 1-3—Plants and Animals: A natural love of nature; experiencing and naming plants; gardening; observing and caring for animals; materials Age 1-3—Physical Science and Math: The beginnings of physicals sciences; the beginnings of math Age 0-3—Preparing the Environment: What do we need for a new baby? safety; general environment principles; the environment and the absorbent mind; the outside environment; materials; conclusion Age 0-3—Parenting and Teaching: A gentle birth; gentle family togetherness in daily life; clothing and materials; developing trust in the world; a gentle beginning, the role of the father; a sense of order; the changing environment; the child’s ne

Juggling Twins

Meghan Regan-Loomis - 2008
    Recommended reading for all mothers of twins."" Deborah Platek, MD, Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates The best twin-tested tips used by real moms The stresses that come with raising two babies are numerous - but they are predictable and manageable. From a mom who's been there, Juggling Twins is a funny, realistic, and reassuring guide for every new mom of twins who may be asking herself, ""Can I really pull this off?"" From pregnancy to health issues, to eating, sleeping, bathing, and leaving the house, Juggling Twins is packed with the detailed, authoritative information that parents of multiples crave. Author and mother of twin boys Meghan Regan-Loomis offers an indispensable toolkit of solutions and techniques, designed to create order out of the chaos and help you catch your breath during this daunting and exhilarating time. You'll learn how to: Nurse two babies at the same time, comfortably and efficiently Get exactly the help you need from family and friends in those first few weeks Safely transport two babies at once when it's just you and them Survive the nights by breaking them into shifts (that include you sleeping) Stockpile the right food and supplies in advance of their arrival Maintain your identity and your marriage through the madness Get prepared, stay calm, and count your blessings (two )-raising twins can be a wonderful, intense challenge that draws on the best in you.

Pregnancy week by week : Pregnancy Guide: Voices from the womb

Einat L.K. - 2014
    What can be a better way than "hearing" about it from your baby himself? Being pregnant is both an incredible privilege and significant event in the lives of women that are fortunate enough to carry a child. While it's a time filled with wonder and hope, it's also marked by dramatic physical and emotional changes and major decisions. For each of those 42 weeks, you'll get an insider's perspective - that is, your baby's view - on how he or she is developing inside the womb and what changes you might be seeing or feeling. This book is also available in a journal format!

The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan

Alison Scott-Wright - 2010
    Now baby care consultant Alison Scott-Wright, known by her clients as "the magicthis is a step-by-step, must-have manual for stress-free parenting.

The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-to-Be

Armin A. Brott - 2013

The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide: Your Baby's Development, Sleep and Crying Explained

Frans Plooij - 2016
    Frans Plooij answers questions regarding babies' physical, mental, and emotional development, covering topics such as crying, sleeping, changing family dynamics, and many more. This complete Q&A book is based on the must-have, bestselling book, The Wonder Weeks, and the award-winning Wonder Weeks app. -Developmental charts -Fill-in schedules -Unique insights into babies' development -Practical and concise information The Wonder Weeks..."This book will open parents' eyes to aspects of their children's growth, development, changing behavior, and emotional responsiveness that they might otherwise not notice or find puzzling and distressing." Catherine Snow, Ph. D., Shattuck Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education.All parents want to know about baby's: - physical development- sleep- crying- diet- emotional development- stress- intelligence- health