The Storm

Cynthia Rylant - 2002
    Just ask Pandora and Seabold. They've lived most of their lives with the sea -- Pandora in a lighthouse and Seabold on a boat -- and they're each quite used to being alone. Or they were. But one day, the sea did something extraordinary: It brought Pandora and Seabold together! And even better, the sea gave them the ingredients for an adventure that neither of them had considered before-an adventure called "family."

Clifford's Day With Dad

Norman Bridwell - 2003
    Children will love this new Norman Bridwell story about all the fun activities Clifford and his dad do together!When Clifford visits his dad in the country, they spend a fun day fetching, digging and playing together!

The Stray

Dick King-Smith - 1996
    Now in Knopf Paperback, from the author of Babe: The Gallant Pig, comes the touching story of a "stray" old woman's amusing antics and the large, loving family that adopts her.

The Berenstain Bears' Bedtime Battle

Stan Berenstain - 1993
    Is bedtime battle time in your house? Share this funny story with your cubs to help them remember the importance of bedtime.Who wants to go to bed when you can play with dinosaurs, have a tea party, or get a piggyback ride on Papa Bear? Brother and Sister Bear are doing everything they can to postpone their bedtime—even if that means putting Mama and Papa Bear to bed first!This Berenstain Bears story will have kids laughing—and hopefully lead to bedtime being less of a struggle.

Sled Dog School

Terry Lynn Johnson - 2017
    But what is he even good at? The only thing he truly loves is his team of dogs, and so Matt’s Sled Dog School is born. Teaching dogsledding should be easy, right? But people, just like dogs, can be unpredictable. And sometimes the bravest thing a person can do is admit they need help.

Kipper's A to Z: An Alphabet Adventure

Mick Inkpen - 2000
    And toys for T. But what begins with X? That's a hard one.

Lochinvar Luck

Albert Payson Terhune - 1923
    A year in the wild turns a scrawny, runty collie pup into the pedigree beauty who wins ribbons and displays the loyalty expected of his line.

Star in the Forest

Laura Resau - 2010
    As her family waits for him to return—they’ve paid a coyote to guide him back across the border—they receive news that he and the coyote’s other charges have been kidnapped and are being held for ransom. Meanwhile, Zitlally and a new friend find a dog in the forest near their trailer park. They name it Star for the star-shaped patch over its eye. As time goes on, Zitlally starts to realize that Star is her father’s “spirit animal,” and that as long as Star is safe, her father will be also. But what will happen to Zitlally’s dad when Star disappears?“A vibrant, large-hearted story.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred (on Red Glass)Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 3/9/2010 Pages: Reading Level: Age 7 and Up

Julia Gillian

Alison McGhee - 2008
    Ten-year-old Julia Gillian knows everything about her quirky neighbors, her Minneapolis neighborhood, even the inscrutable "claw machine" in the back of the corner hardware store. The one thing Julia Gillian doesn't know is how the book she's reading is going to end. It doesn't seem as if it's going to have a happy ending, and that scares her. But Julia learns a little something about fear: sometimes you just have to work through it. And though bad things do happen sometimes, having good friends and family around you makes life a bit less scary - and much more fun.

Barkus Dog Dreams: Book 2 (Dog Books for Kids, Children's Book Series, Books for Early Readers)

Patricia MacLachlan - 2018
    New friends. And lots more fun.Praise for Barkus:"Fans will be begging for more."-The Horn Book Magazine "The charm is infectious."--The New York Times"Will appeal to fans of the Henry and Mudge series as well as to the younger picture-book audience."-Kirkus ReviewsThe lovable Barkus and his lucky young owner romp through the pages of this delightful series from Newbery Medal–winning author Patricia MacLachlan. The simple text told in short chapters is just right for children ready to take their first steps toward reading on their own.


Dori Brink - 1980
    Laugh with him, and cry with him.

Bunny Party

Rosemary Wells - 2001
    Ruby has invited seven stuffed-toy guests she's sure Grandma will like. Max wants to invite his Jellyball Shooter Spider, his Ear-Splitter Space Cadet and his Can't-Sit-Up Slug, but Ruby says no. Yet each time Ruby counts the number of guests at the table, another one has mysteriously appeared. Is Ruby having a bad counting day? Or is someone making a few changes to the guest list?

Biscuit Finds a Friend

Alyssa Satin Capucilli - 1997
    Perfect for shared reading with a child, this story teaches a lesson about finding friends while also helping to boost reading fluency.

LOST! A Dog Called Bear

Wendy Orr - 2011
    He'll miss all the things he's leaving behind, but at least he has Bear. He loves Bear more than anything else in the world—because Bear is his dog.Hannah lives in the city. What she wants, more than anything else in the world, is a dog of her own.At the Rainbow Street Shelter, Logan and Hannah find a talking parrot, an old black Labrador, a three-legged goat, a puppy that looks like a peanut—and a Surprise that just might be the best thing in the world.

Penny and Her Marble

Kevin Henkes - 2013
    With age-appropriate vocabulary, compelling characters, and a memorable storyline, Penny and her Marble is just right for beginning readers and was named a 2014 Geisel Honor book by the American Library Association. This annual award, given to the most distinguished books for beginning readers, is named for the world-renowned children's author Theodor Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss.Kevin Henkes is known for his mouse characters, including Lilly, Owen, Chrysanthemum, Wemberly, and now Penny! In Penny and her Marble, the third book in the Penny series, Penny finds a marble on Mrs. Goodwin's yard and takes it home. But does the marble really belong to Penny? Kevin Henkes is a master at creating beautifully illustrated books that resonate with young children. The Penny books are new classics for beginning readers and will appeal to fans of Frog and Toad, Little Bear, and Henry and Mudge.