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Silenced Justice by Joe Broadmeadow


The Crash of 5201

Denny Allen - 2011
    However on it's flight to Eilson air force base in Alaska the flight was anything but routine. Plagued with one problem after another the plane was finally forced down in a mountainous region in Northeast Alaskas interior.. For three Airmen that survived the crash now found themselves alone in a very wild and hostile land. They survived the crash, but now can they survive the great Alaska wild. After giving up any rescue, the three Airman knew their only chance of survival was to walk out on their own. They had no idea how this was going to turn out..They new if thy didn't Find help by the winter they wouldn't survive the up to minus 50 degree temperatures, and without weapons.they couldn't defend them selfs. Also, starvation was a big concern. The author of this book did a lot hunting moose and caribou in this part of Alaska, so he knows first hand how wild and unforgiving this land can be.

The Other Daniel

John Hardy Bell - 2014
    His horrendous crimes went unchecked for four years before FBI profiler Camille Grisham finally caught him. In the stories that followed, she was labeled a hero. In her own mind, she was anything but.The events of that day traumatized Camille in ways the world never knew. And while resigning from the Bureau has done little to ease the pain, she has taken comfort in knowing that she will never have to share that pain with the world.Then she meets a true-crime reporter named Jacob Deaver, and the trauma she hoped to keep hidden suddenly becomes all-too-public.The unforeseen turn that follows will thrust Camille into the harrowing wilderness of the past while revealing a terrifying new menace that threatens to destroy the post-FBI life she is working so hard to build.The arrest of Daniel Sykes was the darkest chapter in Camille Grisham’s life.But a much darker chapter is soon to be written.


David Graham - 2013
    But she is marginalised by her colleagues and her judgement is challenged at every turn. Only if she can expose the truth will she be able to stop the violence and save her career.Michael Larsen is an ex-soldier and hired mercenary who has been contracted to fuel the conflict at every opportunity until it destroys both sides. As he battles his own demons, he hopes that by directing the violence he will attain some measure of redemption.But neither Mesi nor Larsen know the full extent of the forces at play or of what is truly at stake. As they each pursue their own resolution, the violence escalates and they become increasingly isolated and vulnerable to the dangers that stalk them.British Academy of Film and Television Award Winner 2001, Ferdia MacAnna, "I loved it, a page-turner, couldn't put it down ... I'm amazed it's a first book, it's like a 3rd or 4th from an established writer. He's also created an amazing character called Larsen ... the best character I've met in these books, quite chilling but brilliant. Mesi is an enigmatic heroine. It's a great book, if you like thrillers it's just terrific ..."'Incitement' won a national competition from over 500 entrants. The competition was run by one of Irish Radio’s flagship programs on the national station, The John Murray Show, in conjunction with the biggest selling Irish weekly magazine, The RTE Guide.


Ted Miller Brogden - 2009
    On a rare, sober day he begins a casual search through college yearbooks and yellowed courthouse records in hopes of finding the one who got away. Instead, an unrecorded codicil suggests their one union was fruitful and reveals a possible heir to an old-moneyed family used to scams and scammers making claims against the estate. After run-ins with a cabal of bankers, lawyers, in-laws, outlaws, and even the F.A.A. Cape begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together...

Beautiful Tears

David Duane Kummer - 2016
    The bridge holds many secrets.Two hurting women face each other on this night, destinies merging. Mistakes have been made, people have been hurt, and these two are the victims. After the many years, they are ready to give up, ready to end it all. But one thing keeps them from giving up.The bridge holds many secrets, and the city breeds scum. But together, they can heal and help.This passionate, emotional story about the power of forgiveness takes you far away, to a city you'll always remember and never forget. Follow me to the place where mercy and grace mingle, where love and pain go hand-in-hand. Follow me to the bridge.

Dilemma in the Desert (Dane Shaw Adventures)

Dwayne Straw - 2013
    Captain Drew Matthews is sent on a mission behind enemy lines to secure vital information. He is ambushed but is able to escape. Joining a group of American soldiers, led by Corporal Dane Shaw, refugees from the recent battle, they make their way across the desert to the city of Sfax, where Drew is to meet with the mysterious ‘Monsieur Gascoigne’. They stumble across a small group of Arabs and Germans guarding a halftrack filled with treasure looted from murdered Jews and rescue their prisoner, the beautiful Frenchwoman Angelique DuBois. While driving to Sfax, Dane shares his Christian faith with his companions while trying to avoid a group of Arab raiders. Dane relies on God to direct his life while proving himself a wise and outstanding commander with ferocious fighting skills. While Dane and his men fight off the Arab bandits, Drew and Angelique enter Sfax for their meeting only to be met with a number of very unwelcome surprises. Escaping by a series of fortunate circumstances, which leads them to believe that there may be something to Dane’s God, they return to camp only to run into more trouble. Zabronski, one of the American soldiers, filled with lust for the treasure and for Angelique, subverts the other soldiers, kidnaps Drew and Angelique and wounds Dane. Forcing Drew to reveal where the treasure is hidden, they are met by the Germans and Arab bandits who have joined forces and tracked them down. Drew and Angelique are rescued by Dane, and in a wild night ride across the desert, pursued by vengeful Germans and Arabs, they attempt to reach the American lines before dawn. Will they make it, and will Angelique solve the dilemma of which man she loves and which god she will serve?

There Must Be An Angel

Sharon Booth - 2015
     Before you can say Pensioner Barbie she’s in a stolen car, heading to the North Yorkshire coastal village of Kearton Bay in search of the father she never knew, with only her three-year-old daughter and a family-sized bag of Maltesers for company. Ignoring the pleas of her uncle, chat show presenter Joe Hollingsworth, Eliza determines to find the man who abandoned her mother and discover the reason he left them to their fate. All she has to go on is his name – Raphael – but in such a small place there can’t be more than one angel, can there? Gabriel Bailey may have the name of an angel but he’s not feeling very blessed. In fact, the way his life’s been going he doesn’t see how things can get much worse. Then Eliza arrives with her flash car and designer clothes, reminding him of things he’d rather forget, and he realises that if he’s to have any kind of peace she’s one person he must avoid at all costs. But with the help of beautiful Wiccan landlady, Rhiannon, and quirky pink-haired café owner, Rose, Eliza is soon on the trail of her missing angel, and her investigations lead her straight into Gabriel’s path. As her search takes her deeper into the heart of his family, Eliza begins to realise that she’s in danger of hurting those she cares about deeply. Is her quest worth it? And is the angel she’s seeking really the one she’s meant to find?

Run, Run, Run

Mark Capell - 2011
    But even that can't protect him and his wife, Sally. Somebody knows their new identity - somebody who shouldn't.Frank Tong is an artist who finds inspiration for his paintings from the violence of his criminal life. When his brother is put away for murder he wants revenge. And Frank has a mole in the Witness Protection Scheme.Dan and the pregnant Sally have no choice. They have to flee. They go on the run from both sides of the law.They must learn to lie, steal, shoot and fight to survive. They can't use their credit cards, cash machines, mobile phones - anything that will give away their location. They must constantly look over their shoulder. It's living life like a criminal - a difficult task for two law abiding people.What will it take to return to a normal life? How far are they prepared to go? What will they sacrifice for their freedom?'Run, Run, Run' is a crime thriller that will have your heart racing and your mind buzzing....Sometimes the best way to get justice is to run away from it...(2014 REVISED EDITION)

Wish Me from the Water

R.E. Swirsky - 2013
    The town's people believe the suicide was another tragic result of bullying, but the two boys have learned the true reason their friend took his own life, and decide to take matters into their own hands. Detective Dean Daly is called in to investigate the brutal murders and believes there is much more to the murders than first appears. Not far away, a young housewife, Sarah, is in a very bad place. Her husband Gerald finally crosses the line from verbal abuse to physical abuse and breaks her arm. She takes flight in the middle of the night, and Gerald vows he will track her down to the ends of the ends of time, and insists she can never leave him. Detective Daly soon becomes involved in both events, not knowing that he will soon be caught in the middle as the two stories collide. This is a story about courage, strength, and standing up for what you believe

The Search

William Casey Moreton - 2011
    His world suddenly upside-down, he embarks on a desperate search for answers as the official rescue effort begins. As he races to find his wife, John is pursued by a cold-blooded killer when he becomes entangled in a scheme to steal millions of dollars from a New York Mafia boss. In the rush of action as the search intensifies, John’s life becomes a high-stakes guessing game of learning who to trust and who to fear.

Have You Seen Her?

Rich Silvers - 2012
    The successful money manager had yet to get his priorities straight - a flaw that led him to break a promise and cost him both his wife and his unborn daughter. Now his life is a maddening series of obsessions and rituals that alienate his friends and plague his mind.Jack spirals out of control until a postcard arrives in the mail with a photo of a missing, hauntingly familiar, girl.Jack pours his grief and diminished sanity into finding the runaway who looks so much like his wife. Why would she run away? Why doesn't her father seem to care? And why does his sister-in-law seem to care so much? Jack's search for a girl he's never met takes him down dangerous streets and to shady corners of his wife's past, where he uncovers a truth that shakes his perception of reality. Or does it?Early reviews call 'Have You Seen Her?' a "riveting psychological thriller," and debut novelist Rich Silvers a "diabolically clever writer."

The Lost City of the Monkey God--Extended Free Preview (first 6 chapters): A True Story

Douglas Preston - 2016
    #1 New York Times bestselling author Douglas Preston takes readers on an adventure deep into the Honduran jungle in this riveting, danger-filled true story about the discovery of an ancient lost civilization.

Treasure of the Mayan King

Alex Zabala - 2012
    Chauncy Rollock is an amiable archaeologist with just the right knack for solving logic problems. And the Mexican Military captain Gustavo De Leon is tired of fighting corruption at all levels of government. All three men and their families become entangled in the secret of the Mayan Riddle found on the steps of a newly discovered pyramid. Those who would use the treasure for personal gain are never far from their goal and must be stopped at all costs.The Yucatan will never be the same.Treasure of the Mayan King is a clean action-adventure novel that is safe and enjoyable for the whole family to read. “If you like Indiana Jones, you’ll love this book!”From the back cover:A violent tropical storm has uncovered a previously unknown Mayan pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula. On the steps of this temple lies a riddle that leads to the hidden treasure of a great Mayan king. One man, the French linguist Dr. Sova, believes he knows the secrets of the riddle. But his efforts to find it are cut short and the information falls into the hands of unscrupulous people. The race is on to see who will be the first to find the treasure of the Mayan king!


C.F. Fruzzetti - 2011
    Even though we had 80 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, some reviews were no longer relevant based on the improved and revised story line. Amazon is unable to remove a review–good or bad–so we solved the problem by continuing our revision to include a new book title and book cover. The first book in The Whitney Forbes Series is now known as THE PURE ENERGY PROJECT. Thank you for your interest and we appreciate your support as we strive to deliver a dynamic series of the highest caliber to our readers!

Sector C

Phoenix Sullivan - 2011
    Patients in every demographic in the Great Plains area, from toddlers to healthy adults to the elderly, are succumbing to rapid deterioration – and death. Veterinarian Donna Bailey, meanwhile, is dealing with an outbreak of her own. It looks like mad cow disease. But to be affecting so many species? Impossible. Whatever it is, it’s spreading. Fast. As state and federal agencies race to contain the growing threats, Mike and Donna’s searches for Patient Zero intersect at a big-game compound in a remote corner of North Dakota. There they find their answer buried in a secret thought extinct for 10,000 years. A secret entrepreneur Walt Thurman will kill to protect. But even if Mike and Donna can escape the compound with the secret of Sector C, it may already be too late. Because after today, extinct no longer means forever. ___________________ Ripped from today’s research and tomorrow’s headlines, SECTOR C is a near-future medical mystery / ecothriller fans of Michael Crichton and Daniel Kalla are sure to enjoy.