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Carnal Desire (Desire Series Book 2) by Hadley Raydeen


His Match

Niya James - 2020
    His big blue eyes were everything to me back then. The night we spent together blew my mind but it was just that, a night. I had plans, dreams, goals and even the most gorgeous guy I’d ever seen wasn’t going to stop that. Now I’m looking at him from across the desk and wondering what could’ve been. That young kid is now a man and he’s looking damn good.HimShe is just as beautiful as I remembered her.I know she wants to keep things professional but I can’t look at her everyday and not want to kiss every inch of her sexy body.I want her and she knows it.We have a job to do and if she keeps taking all these chances, she’s going to get us both killed.She left me behind back then but I’m not going to let her go again.His match is a 30k word suspense stand-alone novella romance. Too hot for eyes under 18!

Arrogant Bastard

T.M. Pigatt - 2020
    Why would I? I never gave one a chance. My Motto: Take them home, show them a good time and send them home with a smile. NO repeats. NO call. Many people would say that's arrogance at it’s best. I could careless. I’m living my life by my owns rules and looking good while doing so. That all changed when my sister threw me together with her best friend. My dick instantly turned hard the moment I saw her. My mind thought of all the wicked things I could do to her. However, little did I know I met my match in her.HIS MATCH:I knew all about him. I knew how he treated woman, and I be damn if I become like the many others. Yeah, I will admit that his sexy good looks and boyish smile make me want to give in. Yet, I refuse to give him the pleasure. He thinks his sweet talk will get him what he wants. He’s wrong. Even though my mind says to fight him, I crave his touch. No matter what the cost.THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL. NO CLIFFHANGERS

A Baby for Christmas

Tiana Cole - 2020
    Only I didn’t’ count on Ryan being gorgeous.Or charming.Or a good dancer.Or an excellent kisser.It was one fake date for a fake one day relationship.But the consequences of that date would last forever.RyanI just wanted to avoid looks of pity from my non-single friends and colleaguesIt was one date—one fake date—for a friend’s wedding.Nothing more.But Shonda was just my type.Curvy, brown and nerdy.She knocked me for a loop and that one date turned into an entire nightAnd then she was gone. Poof. Out of my life.Until fate, and my boss Michael, stepped in and changed everythingChristmas in San Diego was meant to be a vacation, a chance to recharge my batteries,Instead it changed my whole life and helped me find my heart in the form of a beautiful little girl with green eyes like mine.And her mother, curvy, brown & nerdyJust how I remembered her.Was it possible to have a second chance with a woman I’d only known for a day?I didn’t know but I was hoping for a Christmas miracle.***This is a standalone novel with a touch of steam and HEA.***

The Dad Surprise: A BWWM Father's Best Friend Romance

Izabella Brooks - 2020

Every Shade Of Perfect

Stella Adeyemi - 2019
     Miranda Keaton has had her share of tragedy and heartbreak. In need of money and a better life, she agrees to be a surrogate in exchange for 5 million dollars! But once she sets eyes on her employer, the gorgeous Xavier Hilton, she can’t resist his pull! CEO billionaire Xavier decides to honor his late fiancée’s memory by having a child via surrogate with the eggs she left frozen for him. But he never expected to fall for the woman who agreed to have his baby! The sex is great, the companionship awesome, but two things remain in the way of the couple’s happiness: Xavier’s late fiancée, and Miranda’s fear of being hurt. With the paparazzi making things worse and the hormones from the baby toiling with Miranda's emotions, will these two manage to work things out and live their happily ever after? Find out in this emotional yet sexy romance by Stella Adeyemi of BWWM Club. Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot, you'll want to run off with your own billionaire CEO!

Her Broken Billionaire Boss

Kayla Watkins - 2018
     The hitch? Donovan and Elliot are still getting over a painful loss. Mrs. Redding has disappeared, leaving her child and husband both emotional wrecks. Elliot has been acting out, and Donovan? Well, he has buried himself in work to avoid any feelings at all. Though he is determined to keep his distance, the sizzling chemistry between Donovan and Aisha is unavoidable, and he soon falls for her. As their love blossoms, can Aisha tame the rampant pain in Donovan's broken heart? And what happens when his still-married legal status gets in their way? **** This is a standalone Novel with a touch of steam and HEA. ****

Nikos: The Greek's Downfall, Part 1

T.C. Clark - 2019
     Nikos Stravanos didn't believe in love. He definitely didn't believe in love at first sight. So when he meets a woman that turns his world upside down, he has no idea how to react. Can Ada teach a man nicknamed the Greek Beast how to accept the love of a good woman or will his actions destroy them before they find out what true love is? Tune in here to find out... Part 2 can be found here:

Private Property (A Dangerously Curvy Novella Book 1)

M'Renee Allen - 2019
    She’s dangerously curvy. Having her around could possibly destroy everything he’s worked hard for. Yet, he can’t seem to stay away from her. Former hitman, Constantine Novinkoff is close to paying off his debts to his former boss. Soon, he’ll be able to retire from a life of crime. Then in walks temptation. Her name is Cristal Dawson and she’s nothing like the women he’s used to. She challenges him at every turn. Her smart mouth makes him want to kiss her until she can’t speak. Her curvy figure haunts him when he’s awake and when he’s asleep.Yet, it’s the sadness he sometimes witnesses in her gaze that makes him want to claim her. It makes him want to protect her. It makes him want to find out who hurt her in her past so he can destroy that person and everyone that person loves. The sadness in her pretty brown eyes makes him want to protect her from the cold hard world.For her, he’s willing to do all that and more.But first, she must agree to belong to him and only him. ~Warning: This BWWM Romantic Suspense features a mob lifestyle and contains violence and graphic scenes. This book was previously part of the Obsessive Temptation boxset. Proceed with caution. ~ More books that feature characters from this mafia world... The Going Nowhere Fast series. The Dangerously Curvy series.

Rescued by a Mobster ( Russian Mobster #4 )

Raven Rivers - 2019
     After assaulting her and leaving her for dead, she narrowly escapes his clutches thanks to her high school sweetheart. Now, after years on the run, it looks like he’s finally caught up with her. Figuring it all out a moment too late, her only hope is reaching out to her old lover who’s become one of the most notorious Russian gangsters in the world. What she hadn’t planned on, however, was falling for him. A respected and highly feared member of the Russian Bratva, Yuri is as ruthless as he is handsome. Money and women always come easily for him. Yet, in spite of the years gone by, he could never forget the brown-eyed beauty who’d stolen a piece of his heart forever. And when she reaches out to him for help, he knows he can’t stay away. As the two of them find themselves intertwined in each other’s lives again after ten long years, will Jade ever be free from the dangerous shadows of her past ****All books in the Russian Mobster Series series are standalone, full-length steamy romance novels. They can be read in any order and do not contain cliffhangers. HEA is always guaranteed.****

Caleb (Members From Money Season Two #50)

Katie Dowe - 2021

Knocked Up by the Mob

Rebecca Dupree - 2020
    What he doesn’t know is that she’s pregnant with their baby. Benito She doesn’t belong in my world. Hell, my life is as dark and twisty as hers is shiny clean. Except I can’t stay away from her. And I know just how to keep her close. The last thing I expected was to fall for her. Which is exactly why I’m broken by her sudden disappearance. She might be in mortal danger because of me. And I know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do, no one I wouldn’t kill to keep the woman I love safe. But even I was not ready for the shocking secret she’s been hiding from me. CiaraThe last thing I expected was to fall for mafioso Benito Armando. Sucked into his world, I allowed myself one night of passion with one of the most notorious men in the country. I fell prey to his charms and now my heart’s on the line. Until I discovered I was pregnant with his baby. And that’s something he must never know. Not with enemies closing in from all sides. I’ll keep my baby safe at no cost. Even if it means running away from the dangerous man that I happen to love. ***All books in the Armando Brothers series are standalone, full-length steamy romance novels.They can be read in any order and do not contain cliffhangers.HEA is always guaranteed.***

Make It Last

Christine Gray - 2020
    ​I’m gut punched. I have to fight hard to control my breathing. Her one question holds all my dreams, wants, and needs. **** ZAHN- “Do me a favor.” ​ Four words to fuck up my already fucked up world. Although I’m dealing with enough shit, my dumb ass agrees. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be standing face to face with her; the Naomi Henson. Oh, the countless times I wacked off to her growing up. I should be on a cattle drive, yet here I am, training her to ride horses for a role. I don’t doubt my friend asked for this ‘favor’ knowing damn well I wouldn’t pass up the chance of possibly teaching Naomi how to ride a beast of my own. It’s Austin’s way of forcing me stick around, to deal with people that are more like lingering shit on the bottom of my boots. Yeah, it’s time I dealt with these fucker of the past…and hopefully, I’ll get a sweet piece of Naomi as my reward. **** NAOMI- Washed up. Has been. Past her prime. All the phrases that has been used to describe me and my acting career. I guess you can add reformed crack head and whore to the list, too. No one is to blame. Well, many are, but complaining won’t change the nature of the beast that says that a man in this industry can work till he’s wheeled out, with wrinkles and a shady past. However, a female actress, no matter how great her talent, has a limited shelf life. The doors her age doesn’t close, her mistakes being played out in a constant loop will. I faced the hard facts that it’s a man’s world in Hollywood a long time ago. Being 42 years young is a death sentence in the industry. Yet, here I am. Completely godsmacked at the offer of the role of the century. We’re talking leading lady, Oscar worthy. Then fast forward to- “Can you make it last?” ​ What the hell am I saying? I’m here to train for my comeback role, not for whiskey and a roll in the hay. Now this good looking, tall, 48 year old joker that seems to say all the right lines from the raunchiest Native American romance novels is fucking me up. Zahn Ewing needs to get a clue. I’m just faking it in hopes that I make it, again. If he knew, I mean really knew my history, my secret, he would understand why I pop pills just to be able to look at myself in the mirror. He would understand why I, of all people, don’t deserve a second chance at anything…and I damn sure don’t deserve the likes of him.

The Fall of the House of James

Annette Austin - 2018
    She’s attractive, opinionated and kind. But she’s a slave – a definitive non-starter as a son of a plantation owner in South Carolina in 1860. Yet, Lawrence cannot help himself and as he spends more time with her, his feelings continue to grow. However, there are other problems for Lawrence. He has been groomed to take over the Havers End plantation, but Lawrence has a deep uneasiness about becoming a slave owner. His position is not helped by his volatile relationship with his father, Edward and what the consequences will be if Edward finds out about his relationship with Jasmine. There are also concerns over his eldest sister, Belvedere Rossiter, and her growing friendship with a rebellious slave, Donald Archer. While Lawrence loathes Donald, Belvedere has an opposing view. Lawrence’s biggest dilemma is - does he choose to be the dutiful son or risk everything to be with Jasmine?

Plus Sized Woman's Babies for her Billionaire Cowboy

Ciara Cole - 2021

Mafia Boss's Unknown Black Daughter

Brittney Brooke - 2018
    She was the light in my dark underworld… I’ve never tried to deny who I am.Where I come from.And who I’m expected to be.But I am not my don father.It’s on me to change things.Take the “family business” in a more lawful direction.But that’s not my only game plan.I have other unfinished business in this city. And her name is Evelyn Davis. It’s been almost sixteen years.And she’s haunted my dreams ever since I left.I knew it wouldn’t be easy winning her over again.Convincing her that I was on the straight and narrow.However, I wasn’t the only one keeping secrets… Evelyn has a teenage daughter. I’ve done the math.And the resemblance is uncanny.The kid’s mine.Now, no matter what it takes, I will close up shop.To hell with the consequences… Note: Mafia Boss's Unknown Black Daughter is a steamy second chance romance between a mafia boss and his long lost lover.