The Summer Society (Gull's Landing Book 1)

Elizabeth Bromke - 2020

A Confusion of Murders

Marina Johnson - 2017
    A brother obsessed with his looks, a dog that thinks it’s human and a happy though, dull routine. Until that is, her father starts talking nonsense and she makes a shocking discovery about herself. Not to mention the strange events occurring in Frogham – a missing person and a case of dog-napping. And then, on top of everything Louise finds romance in the unlikeliest place....

Grind (30 Book Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

Hannah Ford - 2016
     Pick this box set up and before you know it, you will feel the grind… Contained inside this bundle: Obsessed With Him by Hannah Ford (The Complete Series, 6 Books) The Billionaire’s Fake Fiance by Ella London (The Complete Series, 3 Books) The Debt by Kelly Favor (The Complete Series, 13 Books) Naked by Kelly Favor (The Complete Series, 7 Books) Take Three by Kelly Favor (1 Book, Complete)

Hidden in the Overworld (An Unofficial League of Griefers Adventure, #2)

Winter Morgan - 2015
    Go on an adventure right into the game with bestselling author Winter Morgan!Will Noah and Violet find the griefers who escaped to the Overworld?Noah and Violet are busy rebuilding their town when the Ender Dragon flies above the village streets. The following day the Wither attacks them. As the town battles these harsh hostile mobs, Noah and Violet, with their good friends Hannah and Ben, set out to search for Daniel, whom they suspect is behind these vicious attacks.As they search for the griefers, they find clues leading them to believe the griefers haven’t disappeared but are actually planning a master attack. Instead of battling the griefers, the gang has to find head griefer Daniel and his friends before they stage their next attack. While battling strikes from Endermen, the Wither, and the Ender Dragon, the group’s journey to find the tricky griefers leads them to an unexpected place, where the griefers have been hiding. Upon discovering the griefer’s hiding spot, a war ensues between Noah and Violet and the league of griefers.Will Violet and Noah take down the league of griefers and survive all the mob attacks they face? Find out in this second installment in a new series for Minecrafters, the League of Griefers!Sky Pony Press, with our Good Books, Racehorse and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of books for young readers—picture books for small children, chapter books, books for middle grade readers, and novels for young adults. Our list includes bestsellers for children who love to play Minecraft; stories told with LEGO bricks; books that teach lessons about tolerance, patience, and the environment, and much more. In particular, this adventure series is created especially for readers who love the fight of good vs. evil, magical academies like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter saga, and games like Minecraft, Terraria, and Pokemon GO. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Six Weeks

Jessica L. Degarmo - 2011
    Degarmo departs from the style of her very successful Romance novels - 'Hooking Up', 'The Storm Within', 'Decisions' and 'How To Meet A Guy In The Supermarket' - to examine every teenage girl's nightmare: that she is pregnant and not certain she's ready for a child.It is a life and death decision – not her life, but her decision - and despite the opinions of those around her, she is on her own.In a world of gray, one thing is black and white. Six weeks is her deadline to decide.Maybe you have been there, in which case you will understand.

The Engagement Party

R.J. Gould - 2012
    With eight adults to contend with, making the celebration a pleasant experience for all is going to be tricky. In fact, the obstacles seem insurmountable. Number One: the two families are from vastly different social backgrounds. Number Two: there are severe tensions between the exes. Number Three: some of the new relationships are falling apart.Things go from bad to worse during the week leading up to the engagement party and the stress of it all is threatening Wayne and Clarissa's relationship.This laugh-out-loud dive into family life will help the reader appreciate that however bad things are in their own family, it could be a lot worse!

Looking Past

Katharine E. Smith - 2014
    Completely unprepared and suffering an acute sense of loss, she and her father continue quietly, trying to live by the well-intentioned advice of friends, hoping that time really is a great healer and that they will, eventually, move on. Life changes very little until Sarah leaves for university and begins her first serious relationship. Along with her new boyfriend comes his mother, the indomitable Hazel Poole. Despite some misgivings, Sarah finds herself drawn into the matriarchal Poole family and discovers that gaining a mother figure in her life brings mixed blessings. A mother-in-law who just can't let her sons grow up, a midwife who treats her charges like girls in a private school dormitory. These are some of the people who Sarah must deal with as her own pregnancy turns to motherhood and she realises that she must find her own two feet. Looking Past is a tale of family, friendship, love, life and death – not necessarily in that order. This is the second novel from Katharine E. Smith, author of Writing the Town Read. The narrator’s voice is clear and strong, with vivid descriptions and intelligent observations. Readers will quickly empathise with Sarah, whose grief and confusion at the loss of her mother at key moments in her life is contrasted with a dry and sometimes subtle humour derived from situations and characters which help colour the book. The father-daughter relationship which develops between the bereaved husband and daughter feels very real, as both come to terms with their grief and learn how best to live together. Sarah's father is unassuming and appealing, as he struggles to find a way to deal with his broken heart and support his daughter throughout school, puberty and on into adulthood. Smith's readers have praised her honesty, realism, warmth and humour. Both Looking Past and Writing the Town Read - Katharine's first novel - are written from a strong female first person perspective. However, don't be fooled into thinking this is chick lit - or indeed exclusively women's fiction. Looking Past has received praise from a number of male readers, including an ex-US Marine. You don't get much more macho than that! Nevertheless, this is a story guaranteed to strike a chord with mothers, daughters - and daughters-in-law - everywhere. The dual settings of Yorkshire and Cornwall will interest people with strong links to those places but the characters and events hold universal appeal. This is a book for people who like people. Looking Past was selected for the People's Book Prize Winter 2015 Collection.

A Tangled Summer (The Summerstoke Trilogy)

Caroline Kington - 2006
    Charlie Tucker, dreaming of victory in a motocross race and flirting with the local barmaid, is unaware of the danger the farm is in; while little sister Alison, busy with her A levels, is determined to dispense with her virginity before the end of the summer and falls for the enigmatic biker, Al. Their brother Stephen is hopelessly in love with the star of the local Am-Dram society, while mother Jenny dreams of escaping to Weston-Super-Mare in the arms of the local vet. Fed up with watching her family squander their birthright, septuagenarian grandmother Elsie - the only Tucker with a lover - issues an ultimatum: either her grandsons find brides by the end of the year, or they lose their share of the farm. And that's only half the problem... Up on the hill in Summerstoke House, the land-grabbing, unscrupulous, Hugh and Veronica -call-me-Vee Lester watch the demise of Marsh Farm with undisguised pleasure. If they can get the Tuckers turfed off the land, their dreams of owning a bigger stud farm will become a reality; and if they can help hasten the demise of Marsh Farm with a few schemes of their own... And at Summerstoke Manor, in the heart of the village, live the three elderly Miss Merfields and their ancient nanny with nothing better to do than pull strings and watch.

Save Us a Seat

Fletcher McHale - 2013
    As the young wife of the much sought after and wealthy Jack Whitfield, Carrigan's days revolve around having fun with her best friends, Ella Rae and Laine, playing sandlot softball and juggling an affair...or two. But on an idyllic summer day, a shocking and unexpected discovery turns her 'perfect' life into a tumultuous storm and transforms a girl into a woman. Save Us a Seat is the endearing testament of a brutally honest, no holds barred and fiercely loyal friendship between three women. Ride the rollercoaster of emotions as the friends navigate the sometimes hilarious, often touching and always loyal road of friendship and the joys and trials it brings.

Lovers and Liars

Nigel May - 2016
    WOW! I needed to know who done it!!!! … I truly loved this book … This is def a 2016 Must Read!’ Steph and Chris’s Book Review Welcome to the Velvet Hotel Barbados where money and sex go hand in hand with murder .... When millionaire playboy Sheridan Rivers is found dead at his luxurious hotel on the paradise island of Barbados, there are several suspects in the frame… Sutton: Sheridan’s long-suffering wife was permanently pushed aside for his younger lovers. Was it time for her to make a stand? Kassidy: Sheridan’s assistant longs to be wealthy in her own right. Employed for her sexual and organisational skills, could she have had her eyes on a bigger prize? Nikki: Sheridan’s oldest daughter has done something really bad that her dad has discovered. What price will she pay to keep his silence? Heather: The apple of her father, Sheridan’s, eye. But she blames him for a terrible tragedy that turned her world upside down. Is the time ripe for revenge? Four women, each with a cross to bear – all waiting for the perfect moment to get even... This summer, pour yourself a glass of bubbly and escape with the elite to the golden beaches of Barbados for a sexy, scandalous romp that you won’t be able to put down. Read what everyone's saying about Lovers and Liars: ‘Just freaking awesome … I really can't praise this book enough, and like the Velvet Hotels it features, It needs 6 stars, but I can only give 5, so it's got to be 5 Big fat huge golden stars.’ I Love Reading ‘Simply amazing and reminiscent of losing myself in many a Jackie Collins novel. The scandal, the intrigue, the bitching, the gossip - oh how I love it so! … I defy anyone not to enjoy this … 5***** from me.’ The Ferris Conspiracy ‘Brilliant … An absolute page-turner … full of twists and turns that keeps you guessing, superb characters, steamy scenes - a perfect holiday read! I enjoyed every bit of it.’ Goodreads Reviewer ‘I raced through this book … I was constantly guessing as to who committed the murder and was surprised when it was finally revealed in the end. Didn’t see that one coming!!’ Fluff Smut and Murder ‘Wickedly entertaining, outrageously sexy, and positively captivating! … characters you will love and characters you will love to hate … my new guilty pleasure!’ What’s Better than Books? Praise for Nigel May: ‘LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED!!!! this book … seriously exceeded all my expectations and then some!’ Book Addict Shaun ‘Hooked me from the first few pages ... Unputdownable.’ Rachel’s Random Reads ‘Oh my gosh! ... perfect ... Couldn’t put this book down.

Honeysuckle House

Christina Jones - 2003
    Her husband, Leon, tells her he’s leaving her, her three children are very unhappy and unsettled, and even her beloved home, Honeysuckle House, is at risk. Without Leon and the painful disruption to everyone’s lives, the family is also finding it hard to cope with the running of the family restaurant, Cookery Nook. However, although Rosie could never have imagined it, Leon’s leaving isn’t the end, but a new beginning for everyone…

Family Fan Club

Jean Ure - 2000
    Reissued in the Jean Ure branding.“People always fall out after they’re married. I’m going to stay single.”Jasmine, Laurel, Rose and Daisy. Four very different sisters, four very different attitudes! As if living with each other wasn’t bad enough, living with their parents is worse – particularly parents who are both actors. Please!But after the Great Row, the girls find themselves living with Mum, while Dad has gone to America to find work. How are the sisters going to achieve their own personal ambitions: become an actress, model, writer, vet… when they can’t even achieve their joint ambition – to reunite parents who are on different continents?

What Dreams Are Made Of

Sheila O'Flanagan - 2016
    Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes, Erica James and Marian Keyes, this free collection of Sheila's previously published stories will make your heart skip a beat, make you laugh with abandon, and smile in the knowledge that just about anything's possible... A passenger spots the man of her dreams on her daily commute - and decides to make her fantasy a reality.A widow on the verge of giving up everything rediscovers the magic in her life.A publicist attending a star-studded event ends up in the spotlight.A mother reveals a secret to her family that will change their lives for ever.A pop star discovers she can't hide - even in paradise - until she takes fate into her own hands.A young girl comes to term with who she is - and who she isn't - on her island escape. These feel-good stories, together for the first time in this exclusive digital edition, are taken from Sheila O'Flanagan's bestselling collections Destinations, A Season to Remember and Connections. In addition to these wonderful stories, don't miss the chance to get up close and personal with Sheila in WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF's special extra material, including a sneak peek of her upcoming novel, THE MISSING WIFE.

Time Trials

Terry Lee - 2015
     None of the Bad-Ass Girls are girls anymore, not since their freshman year in college when the eight of them formed a most unlikely bond. Diverse in personalities, the Bad-Ass Girls continue their on again-off again friendship during stages of growth spanning forty-plus years. Time Trials depicts how close friends can help each other navigate through the most catastrophic life events, accomplishments, and disappointments, often with tears and laughter. Lifelong friendships…what a treasure.


Abby Paden - 2013
    Rosalind is whisked away to a nearby town where she finds that her parents weren't unique in their transgressions, and that those who claimed friendship weren't really friends at all. Follow Rosalind as she meets new people in a new town, tries desperately to embrace the normal life she never had, and does her best to deal with an old wound that returns to threaten her new existence.