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Asher's Sonnet by Ja'Nese Dixon


The Sheikh's Pregnant Teacher (Khalid Sheikhs Series Book 3)

Leslie North - 2021

Dying To Love Her

Tina Martin - 2014
     CEO of Rockwell Computer Components, his company is on the verge of the biggest merger in its twelve-year history. However, his attention is soon diverted from company matters after a chance meeting with Ava, a young woman he met on vacation two years ago – the one that got away. And he can’t help but notice that the little boy beside her looks just like him. Andre begins to juggle the complexities of work while seeking answers from Ava – wanting to know why she chose to neglect telling him about his son. Angry and confused, he also needs closure regarding her disappearing act two years ago and demands to know the reason why she never called him after the week they spent together in paradise. But he’s not prepared for her answer... Ava knows she shouldn’t have kept Andre’s son a secret from him. But she couldn’t find it in herself to tell Andre the reason she cut off ties with him – that she’s in failing health. When he finds out the truth, Andre must decide what’s important to him – his company or his family. Will he walk away from Ava and his newly discovered son to grow his business? Or will he find forgiveness in his heart for wrongs that had been committed against him. Will love ultimately prevail?

The Other Side of The Game: Diamond Lake Rattlers, Book 2

Tiye Love - 2021

Move Your Body: Carnivale Chronicles

Stephanie Nicole Norris - 2020
    Practicing day and night has her team in tip-top shape, and she's confident they will take home the win. That is, until she discovers the rival dance studio across the street is who they'll be facing off against.And not only will they compete for the victory, but getting to know the leader, Messiah West, has Tatiana wondering if they're battling for something a little more. Determined to ward off any sentiments of desire, Tatiana's guard remains elevated. But Messiah's perseverance is just as strong in his ambition to break down her walls.

THE PATTELS: HAWK & RAVEN II: Absolute loyalty, Unbreakable trust

S.K Hardy - 2019
    However, she didn’t count on falling for the youngest of the clan, Hawk Pattel. Hawk is wealthy, handsome, intelligent and charming. Raven tries to resist him, but when a Pattel wants something, nothing will stand in his way. Just when Hawk is on the verge of convincing Raven that the two of them could have something special, something real, all of his skeletons start falling out of the closet, one ugly bone at a time. Self-preservation takes over for Raven, and the only thing she can do is run. But Hawk is determined not to give up. He’ll break down the walls she’s had time to rebuild one brick at a time if he has to. However, old hurts and secrets are revealed that will test Hawk and Raven beyond anything they’ve come up against. Will they be strong enough to withstand a storm a second time? The Pattels: Hawk and Raven II is the continuation of the first book in the hot new series by National Best Selling author S.K. Hardy. It’s sexy, thrilling, and intriguing, all of the elements that S.K. is known for. This exciting saga is a story that will engage every one of your emotions: anger, happiness, laughter, and fear. The Pattels is a spin off of S.K.’s previous bestseller, The Sin City Heat Series. However, it is not necessary to have read Sin City Heat in order to start this new series. **Warning: This book is an erotic romance novel. It contains strong sexual language and themes that is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18.

The Billionaire's Predicament (The Billionaire Club #4)

Johanna Evelyn - 2019
    Can they come together for the sake of the ocean’s coral? Erin, one of the country’s lead coral specialists, fly’s to Florida to make a decision. She must choose to follow her boyfriend to Colorado in support of his career or take her dream job across the country away from him. When a helpful aquarium employee encourages her to follow her heart, she realizes her heart has always been in the ocean. Devastated her boyfriend won’t support her dreams, she takes the once in a lifetime offer, only to find out that perhaps she made the wrong choice. She quickly learns she has some competition in the form of the helpful aquarium worker. The only problem is, he’s not only trying to coax her away from her dreams, he’s also trying to steal her heart. Blake never imagined when he gave a distraught woman some friendly advice, the decision she was trying to make would destroy his plans. He has a once in a lifetime opportunity to research coral on a special island only a handful of people have been allowed to visit. And it will only happen if she’s on the team. When he learns he got the go-ahead from the government, he’s forced to pull a few strings to get her to join him on his trip. But with it comes a price, and he’s afraid the cost will be his heart. Can he convince her to go, or will her heart stay with the one she left behind? Other books by Johanna Evelyn: My Christian and inspirational Billionaire Romance Series: 1. The Billionaire’s Secret 2. The Billionaire’s Conflict 3. The Billionaire’s Promise 4. The Billionaire’s Predicament 5. Coming soon: The Billionaire’s Gift Standalone inspirational Romance 1. The Popcorn Prince

The Playboy

Sloane Hunter - 2020

Even Me

Celeste Granger - 2020
    He sees a woman worth loving.Jennifer Williams faces the hardest battle of her life. She is incarcerated in maximum security prison behind the death of her husband, sentenced to life. She resigns herself to the hand fate has dealt her. Jennifer killed her husband. That fact is indisputable. Yet, some things happen that are completely unexpected. A higher court decides to hear her legal case on a clemency petition. Attorney Tareef Ali fights to protect Jennifer in the courtroom. Prison guard, Quinton Miller enters her life. He’s seen her before, even though she’s never seen him. He’s drawn to her even though she’s behind bars. Quinton fights to love her even though Jennifer feels she doesn’t deserve it. A romance begins to brew that neither can deny. But breaking Jennifer’s barriers isn’t easy when she feels love isn’t within her reach.This is a standalone novella with a HEA.Trigger warning: Gratuitous profanity, some violence, detailed sexual encounters

Halstead Billionaire Brothers: A Contemporary Romance Series Boxset

Lauren Wood - 2020

Just Can't Get Enough

Cheris Hodges - 2007
    She gave it all up to gamble on her talent, and found success she'd never imagined as one of New York's hottest painters. But when she returns to her South Carolina hometown to care for her ailing father, she gets an even bigger surprise. That "bow-legged" neighbor's boy she used to play with has grown up into Darius McRae, a lawyer who gave up the D.C. fast-lane to get back to his roots. Now, Darius' dark-chocolate build and slow, easy smile are proving to be just as tempting as any city lights...The last thing Darius was looking for was a relationship. He'd been burned by too many women who put finance over romance--including his conniving ex-girlfriend Cortina. But Celina's sense of humor and unpretentious ways are igniting more than his passions. And when Cortina starts stirring up a mess of trouble, Darius will do whatever it takes to show Celina a home-grown love is a dream worth everything...

Rival's Desire

AlTonya Washington - 2008
    He's all grown up, but the famous pro athlete still enjoys getting under her skin. Now their matchmaking grandmothers think handing over the family business will turn spitfire rivals into lovebirds, but the man makes Vivian's blood boil.Okay, there was definitely all the years of feuding, and maybe it's time Caesar did something about it. Vivian always made him lose control, and now he knows why. She doesn't care about his fame, fortune or fine looks. She just knows him too well. Now all he wants is to know her--every inch of her--for a lifetime.

A Billionaire's Love

Christina Tetreault - 2020
    However, with his and Taylor's wedding just weeks away, he wants to adopt Reese so she'll be his daughter not only in his heart but also in the eyes of the world. Unfortunately, a single letter from Reese's biological mother in prison sends Jordan King, a man who believes he might be Reese’s father, to Taylor's door and puts his plan in jeopardy.A Billionaire's Love is the fifteenth book in USA Today best selling author Christina Tetreault’s The Sherbrookes of Newport Series. While it can easily be read as a standalone story, you'll likely enjoy reading the other books, too.

Wanting You: Part One

A.C. Arthur - 2007
    He’s a man that’s never had to take no for an answer, who gets what he wants, when he wants it, no questions asked. Until he meets Celise Markam. In the midst of searching for the person responsible for sabotaging his hotel, in walks the first woman to tame Jason’s burning need.Celise Markam may be a spoiled and pampered heiress on the surface, but beneath that media created facade lies a passion desperate to break free. Her surge to independence comes when she breaks her engagement and moves to Monterey, California to venture into the restaurant business. She has a plan for her future, one she’s not willing to let anyone—fiancé or relative—change. Her life is her own and she’s ready to do whatever is necessary to make her dreams come true. Then she spends the night with Jason Carrington and everything Celise thought she knew about love disintegrates in the flames of their desire. Inexplicably drawn to each other, Celise and Jason ignite a fire bound to burn until someone gets hurt.

Her Broken Billionaire Boss

Kayla Watkins - 2018
     The hitch? Donovan and Elliot are still getting over a painful loss. Mrs. Redding has disappeared, leaving her child and husband both emotional wrecks. Elliot has been acting out, and Donovan? Well, he has buried himself in work to avoid any feelings at all. Though he is determined to keep his distance, the sizzling chemistry between Donovan and Aisha is unavoidable, and he soon falls for her. As their love blossoms, can Aisha tame the rampant pain in Donovan's broken heart? And what happens when his still-married legal status gets in their way? **** This is a standalone Novel with a touch of steam and HEA. ****

That One Missing Piece

Alida Alana - 2017
    Of course he wasn’t an established author back then, just the only man that has ever truly owned Jade’s heart. During the height of their passionate engagement, Jade made a decision that changed their lives forever. A decision she has regretted ever since. Unfinished business and a past seared with regret is what leads Jade to pay an unexpected visit to Ellis’s Brooklyn book signing event with a glimmer of hope that all isn’t lost. For Ellis, Jade was undoubtedly the love of his life. Seeing her again not only brings back memories of the love they used to share, it reminds him of the painful way things ended. Although it was so long ago, Ellis can’t help but wonder if he could allow himself to fall again. They’ve lived a life a part, both becoming successful in their own rights. And yet there’s always been that one missing piece to each of their happiness. Jade and Ellis, along with their charming and funny cast of friends travel through a roller coaster romance that proves love will always find its way back home.