Fantasy Surrender

Lori King - 2017
    Each man exemplifies something she’s always wanted in a man, and they treat her like a queen. As they approach their five year wedding anniversary, the guys have asked her what she’d like to do to celebrate, but she’s nervous about telling them the truth. It’s insane to want to be seduced as if they were starting over, right? Join the four Brooks brothers as they remind their wife how lucky she is…

Regina's Men

Lynn Ray Lewis - 2014
    Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MFMM with MM scenes. Mild BDSM. Regina would do anything for the cousin who took her in when she had nowhere else to go, even stand in as a replacement for a dinner date. What she is confronted with at the dinner could change her life, she just doesn't know if it is for the better. Trey and Quinn come to town for business with plans to play in their down time. Instead, they meet a woman who has the ability to offer them everything. Adam is a cop who has lost the will to survive after losing everything he held dear. A chance encounter with a victim brings back memories he is not sure he is ready to face. To Regina, one attentive man would be enough for any woman, so with three, the doubts begin to surface, will she be enough for them? Add in the baggage that each man carries with them, and she is not so sure. Will the men choose to move on with her? Or wallow in the past with bittersweet memories.

Destined to Play / Destined to Feel / Destined to Fly

Indigo Bloome - 2013
    No sight. No questions. 48 hours. An innocent drink with an old lover turns into an extraordinary weekend for psychologist Dr. Alexandra Blake. If she allows herself to be placed utterly at his mercy, he will give her an experience more sensual and extreme than any game they have ever played before. DESTINED TO FEEL First he opened her mind. Now she must really feel... Abducted in London, Alexandra Blake becomes caught up in a dangerous game exploring the darkest enigma of female sexuality. How far will Alexandra be willing to go to satisfy her curiosity and her desires? Is this a game too far, or is there still everything to play for? DESTINED TO FLY Escaping captivity was not enough to get Alexandra Blake out of danger. In order to unlock the secrets she holds within her and become truly free, she must embark upon a quest to explore the long-forgotten sexual and spiritual nature of her ancestry. Despite believing that she has experienced everything possible in her erotic adventures, she discovers that there is still so much more to learn. The Avalon trilogy is a daring, erotic exploration of trust and betrayal, experimentation and control, lust and love that will leave you breathless for more ...

The Life to Freedom

Dixie Lynn Dwyer - 2020
    She's trying to blend in, but it just isn't easy when Daniel Perkins, the Chief of Police, notices Sophia, and then his brothers do, too. Daniel, Mosely, Mack, and L.T. have the ability to break down her defenses and make her want to take a chance. The brothers promise her honesty, protection, and even love if she just takes a chance with them. The road to freedom has been rough and violent for Sophia. These four men represent everything she is afraid of from her past, yet they are all she desires for her future. As she learns to trust again, the past returns and puts at risk everything she has fought for. ** A Siren Erotic Romance **Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.Note: Due to mature themes and content, this book is intended for readers 18+. Book length is 45,000 words.

Andre's Mechanic

Nikki Sex - 2019
     I’m also sexually submissive with kinky fantasies, but unfortunately I also have an amazing ability to attract bad men. That’s why André Chevalier is helping me find the right Dominant. But he set me up with the wrong guy! I’m turned on by men who are trim, tall, and urbane; Max O’Neal is built like a linebacker. I love culture: Max acts like a caveman, and looks like he’s done time. The man's André’s mechanic for crying out loud! I’ll give him a chance though. . . even if only to prove the sexy Frenchman wrong.

Quick & Dirty Box Set One1)Quick & Dirty Books 1-2

Sienna Blake - 2020
    But at twenty-six, I’ve left my “perfect” life in New York behind and ended up in Ireland. When my car hits a ditch, I’m rescued by the three sexiest men I’ve ever seen. The three Irish O’Callaghan brothers. Broad shoulders, strong arms, accents that make me wet just to hear them. Killian, the bossy one. Fionn, the cheeky one. And Aiden, the silent one with a secret. They all want me. I want them. All of them. I have to choose...right? Or will I be the thing that tears this family apart. MY IRISH KINGS We will protect all costs. Ireland’s most ruthless gang leader is forcing me to marry him. I escape to the only place I can be safe—home of my captor’s biggest rival, the Irish Kings. There’s X, the living weapon with a haunted past. He won't touch anyone. Except me. Jace, the teddy bear with a warrior’s heart. His melodic Irish brogue is a balm to my soul. And Magnar King, their intimidating leader. Whose eyes flare with hunger when I’m near, yet backs away like I’ve burned him when we touch. He doesn’t remember me. But I remember him. They’re all so different. But they all make me feel safe. They awaken needs in me—strange needs. I want all of them. I just might need all of them to heal. And when my ex comes hunting for me, they will protect me at all costs...

Force of Nature

Kris Norris - 2015
     Conservation Officer, Finley McKay, isn’t a stranger to criticism. Taking risks to protect delicate ecosystems doesn’t impress most people—including the doctor renting the cabin beside hers. The man’s arrogant, opinionated and far too sexy in his faded jeans and tees. She already knows he’s an ass—she just wished it mattered enough to make her keep her distance. Dr. Coen Brady isn’t looking to fit in. Having recently retired from the military, he’s hoping to spend a few months hiding from the world in a small, out-of-the-way town in northern Washington. But just his luck, he has the misfortune of running into his next-door neighbor. A girl who seems determined to get herself killed before his time there is up. She’s reckless, stubborn and slowly driving him insane. When anger morphs into angry sex, Coen knows taking her to bed is a calculated risk—one he might regret when her investigation turns deadly, leaving Finley’s life hanging in the balance. Breaking a few rules to keep her in the game doesn’t seem that dangerous, until it becomes painfully obvious she won’t stop until justice is served—even if the price is her life.

The Interrogation

Robin Roseau - 2013
    She spends the weekend in The Bay Area prior to a Monday morning job interview only to meet the dark and dangerous Katrina. Katrina is a domme and introduces Bethany to a world she's only imagined in her darkest fantasies. This novel is 61,000 words. This story features sex between two women, bondage, domination and submission.

Legal Heirs - Box Set Edition: Books 5-8

Kimball Lee - 2014
    The tortured triangle between Charlotte, Bly and Finn is put to the test. Can Maddie stand the heat of being a billionaire’s wife? The love affairs and loyalties of JP and Amanda, West and Evangeline, and even Jude, are in jeopardy. What would the Legal series be without a few jaw-dropping surprises? Who are these new additions, and are they all welcome bundles of joy? Everything happens as it’s meant to, as Charlotte and company play out their dramas and set the stage for their legal heirs! LEGAL HEIRS 2: Who committed the original sin, Charlotte, Finn, or Bly? Does it really matter if a new act of betrayal has the power to ruin them all? Desire and deceit go hand in hand and come in unexpected forms, the two together will unleash a chain of events that will alter lives forever. Charlotte will feel the sting of deception that sends her careening down a forbidden path. In the end one little boy’s future hangs in the balance. The heirs have grown up in the prequel to Legal Heirs 3, Hearts of Fire, and their lives will be wilder and more fascinating than anything that has come before! LEGAL HEIRS 3: HERE WE GO! Another wild ride with Charlotte, Bly, Finn, and the gang from LEGAL ACTION!!! Answers from the past and action for the present!!! Did Finn forgive Charlotte? Who ended up with her love? Also, a few surprising new developments are always part of the story! By the way, is Atticus a Bly or a Hale? What happened in the 13 years when the heirs were growing up, AND, what are they up to now that they’re free to run the world?!!! The past, the present, and all the thrilling details that keep the LEGAL SERIES going strong, while keeping readers on the edge of their seats and wanting more!!! LEGAL HEIRS 4: The Ghost has Charlotte, Angus has Skyler… so many lives hang in the balance! Bly and Finn will have to strike a serious bargain and come to terms over Charlotte’s love… more than once. Holden and Hadley find their bliss, but Hadley’s career is about to sky-rocket, and… there’s a new bad-boy in town. Atticus has some serious soul searching to do, is he truly “a child of luck and fortune”? Big changes are in store in this final book of the Legal Heirs series, paving the way for the final four books to come in Legal Legacy!!! GET ALL 4 BOOKS NOW, THIS SPECIAL PRICE WON"T LAST!! SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF ONLY $7.95 FOR ALL 4 NOVELLAS! (Regular price $11.96 when buying all 4 novellas separately) If you haven't already, read BOOK ONE of this series entitled, LEGAL ACTION, it's FREE on Amazon!!

Duty Bound: Uniform Romances

Lucy Felthouse - 2019
    A woman needs a man like that in her life like she needs a temporal lobe headache, right? Think again, because when the uniforms come off and the temperature skyrockets, it’s time to forget Hell and take a trip straight to Heaven. How about multiplying that by three, four, or more? You get the picture? This set of uniform romance stories will have you gasping, panting, squirming and sweating. Read late into the night with these page-turning tales featuring priests, military men, S.W.A.T. officers, gardeners, waiters, and more. For a limited time only, grab your own collection of hot men who are determined to be the best of the best, especially when it comes to adoring their woman.

Tainted Love: The Complete Alpha Billionaire Romance Series Box Set

Elizabeth Nelson - 2016
    Show you what a big mistake you made. He wasn’t just anybody. He was billionaire Jared Northrup, my ex. I knew what he’d done. Why we broke up 3 years ago. But seeing him now forced me to forget the pain he’d put he through. The way he looked at me was simply irresistible and I realized right away that I wasn’t over him. Not even close. I tried to be strong. I really did; but his temptation won me over and I couldn’t resist jumping into his bed. But I wasn’t the only one he had his sights set on. Or at least that was what I thought. Once a playboy, always a playboy. And if it came down to having him choose me or her, you better believe I wasn’t going to be the one going home alone. Not this time around. I was in it to win it. Mature audience only. 18+

Her Drama, Her Ecstasy 2

T.M. Pigatt - 2018
    Wonderful businesses, great best friend, a woman that he loves with all his heart and mind blowing sex. Everything seem to be going great until jealous people and the danger from the past resurface. Kenya had the love that that she had been dreaming of. She has a surprise to give to him, but will she be able to tell him? Or will her sister’s actions cause her future to slip through her fingers? Will Robert and Kenya make it through the storm together? Or will the drama rip them apart?

Strength of Desire (Desire, Oklahoma #16)

Leah Brooke - 2021
    She loved the sense of community and hoped to become a part of it. She’d forgotten what it felt like to belong. Love wasn’t in her future, but she’d made her peace with it. But she couldn’t deny her attraction to John Dalton and Michael Keegan, the owners of the bar in town. Their need to share was one thing, but expecting her to submit was another. She couldn’t lose control. Before she could begin an affair with them, the nightmares began, plaguing her sleep and soon she thought she was losing her mind. Worried about the change in Ava, John and Michael took charge, furious when they learned that someone was stalking her. And when they learned why, and just how much danger it meant for her, they stayed close. Close enough to know they wanted her forever. [Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, Romantic Suspense, MFM, HEA]

A Touch of Death: Marci and Grave

Annitia L. Jackson - 2020
    Doomed to live an existence alone, she commits a selfless act and sacrifices her own life to save a baby. However, her good deed isn’t enough. When she gets to the afterworld her past misdeeds come under fire. Marci is placed on trial to decide where she should spend eternity. She is to be judged by the same council, who have shunned her most of her life; Marci knows she is doomed.Grave is the King of Death and head of the council. Being the man of the afterworld has afforded him money, power, and the most beautiful bedmates in the realm, but never the love of a mate. He had held the fate of many souls in his court for centuries in the Underworld. But never had he run across someone like Marci. With her fate in his hands, Grave finds himself drawn to the unstable half-fae beauty. But will Marci be too much for even the King of Death to handle?

Kiss-Mate Shifters

Juniper Hart - 2020
    I wanted a fresh start, away from those who judged me so harshly.Why, then, does fate keep conspiring against me and throwing Harry in my path at every possible opportunity?I’m an Omega female all alone in the world with only one person who understands—an Alpha who isn’t even my friend and who can never know the secret I’m hiding.********Books in this Shifter Romance Collection:Bear’s LegacyWolf’s HeirVampire RegentDragon’s RulesKiss-Mate Shifters Series EpilogueContent Warning: Explicit love scenes and lots of sexy shifters. Intended for mature audiences.