The Bouncer

A.J. Llewellyn - 2010
    Instead, he got a life.Kevin Branigan begins a new life in Austin, Texas, working as a bouncer at his brother's bar. He intervenes when a drunken patron beats up his girlfriend and Kevin winds up being arrested. Sentenced to community service in a gay church, Kevin begins to think that the signs are all bad.However, late one night at the bar, he's seduced into a hot threesome with two of his co-workers. He finds himself drawn to this dangerous mix, as well as to hunky undercover cop Cruz Dixon.Unfortunately Cruz appears to have a boyfriend. Or does he? Can he win over Cruz, who's captured his heart and his mind? Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of menage a trois and menage a quatre sex."

Love in G Minor

Sean Michael - 2007
    These long time lovers are constantly testing boundaries, fighting a delicious battle for control. When they meet young waiter Benji, they’re both intrigued. Such innocence doesn’t come along often, and they decide Benji is the best thing on the menu.Benji might be in over his head with this sophisticated pair, but it might just be Stephen’s musical and artistic temperament that make three a crowd. Can Jack and Steven hit just the right note? Or will Benji end up out in the cold?

Two for One

T.A. Chase - 2012
    He’s looking forward to his new veterinary practice and maybe having some fun once in a while. He certainly isn’t looking to fall for two men.Simon Wittman and Brady Vanderly have been partners for fifteen years. They love each other, but they like to play. When they pick Jack up at a local gay bar, they think they’re just looking for a night or two of fun. They end up finding so much more.Reader Advisory: This book was previously released at another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Total-E-Bound.

A Bun in their Omega's Oven

Lorelei M. Hart - 2018
     Chris is a lucky guy. Good things often fall into his lap, including the TV baking competition that jumpstarted his career. But he wants more than just money in the bank, a bit of fame, and a growing business. Chris wants a family—although he’d probably settle for a good lay with the one man who wants less than nothing to do with him. Adam’s life is all about dough—and not the kind that could get him out of his small-town rut. No, Adam’s stuck running the family bagel business and trying to out-bake the arrogant celebrity donut-maker and adopted town prince, Chris. If only he could get Chris out of his hot dreams. But the guy boasts the best donuts in the state and an ass you could bounce quarters off—and Adam’s subconscious just can’t ignore him. Then there’s Oliver. His life is fan-freaking-tastic—except it totally isn’t. Back home and living in his mother’s basement is the last place he expected to be at his age. Worse yet, the only job he can get is running a delivery route nobody wants. And for good reason. The last two bakery stops are made of evil—or so he’s been told. But his boss forgot to mention the bakeries are owned by the hottest men Oliver’s ever seen. Too bad they hate each other. Or do they? The longer Oliver spends between these two hot bakers, the more he flips their antagonism upside down, their attraction making their alpha instincts kick in, much to their surprise. Now if only they can figure out how to deal with the even bigger surprise that’s about to kick—in Oliver. A Bun in Their Omega’s Oven is a full-length, pun-filled, non-shifter, MMM, Mpreg romance featuring an omega who needs de-flouring, three men who make sure all things rise to the occasion, a chicken with more names than any critter needs, two stubborn bakers who know how to bring the knotty heat, and a special bun in the oven that will not be delivered via a truck.

Set Aflame

K.A. Merikan - 2019
    ---On his third night in the streets after being kicked out by his religious family for being gay, Boar finds an unconscious man in the park. The next day, grateful for the help, Matt invites him to the squat where he lives.But Matt is a storm of intensity, and he draws his new, inexperienced friend into a frenzy of pleasures. When it turns out they’re not as sexually compatible as Matt had hoped, he finds a way around that too.Before Matt, Boar had considered going back to his family. After Matt, a whole new future awaits. *SET AFLAME is a gay contemporary romance short story, a standalone prequel for the “Four Mercenaries” trilogy. The story contains scenes of offensive language, morally ambiguous characters and scorching hot, explicit scenes.POSSIBLE SPOILERS:Themes: ménage, found family, family issues, homelessLength: ~11,000 words


Max Hudson - 2017
    The only things he knows about him is that he's attractive, likes lattes, and his name is Jonathan. Afraid of having nothing to talk about with him, Cameron can never seem to start a conversation, as much as he tries. He decides the upcoming weekend at UnagiCon, a local anime convention, will help him clear his mind and help him find someone to get his attention away from the unattainable Jonathan. Jonathan Nakamura has a huge crush on the cute, friendly barista who takes his coffee order each morning. Afraid that his geeky interests would scare him (or anyone for that matter) away, Jon is unable to bring himself to speak to the barista outside of ordering his usual drink. Jon, shy, gay, and lonely, hasn't had anything resembling a relationship in years and has turned to hookups to keep himself occupied but hasn't been able to get the barista off his mind. He decides his next fling will be at the convention, hoping that it will provide him the confidence to finally ask the barista out. While Cameron thinks Jonathan is way out of his league and vice versa, the two find themselves slowly being pushed together and a whirlwind weekend at a local anime convention may prove that they have far more in common than they originally thought. Please Note: This book contains adult language & steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. Novella, approx. 25,000 words in length. HEA (happy ever after ending). Does not end with a "cliffhanger".

Finding Elliott

R.J. Moray - 2017
    It's cool, casual, no complications. And then Tom finds Elliott, an inexperienced submissive in a bad situation, and he has to step in. But Elliott has been traumatised by his last (and first) Dom, and Tom's not certain he has what it takes to give Elliott what he needs. But both Elliott and Drew seem convinced Tom's the only one who can. Suddenly uncomplicated isn't an option any more. Tom can't abandon Elliott, but he won't give up Drew either. There's really only one way for everyone to get what they want. (38,000 words, MMM BDSM Menage, no cheating)

Out of the Rain

Renae Kaye - 2015
    Finding a stranger crying in her backyard was a new one. Little did he know that rescuing Elijah out of the rain was going to change his life. Elijah is too young, too good looking, and too bruised for Mitch to consider falling in love with. But Elijah is soon in his house, in his bed, and in his heart. At thirty-eight, Mitch has a lot of experience with life. Elijah is only twenty-three and just starting out. Mitch’s bedroom skills enrapture Elijah. Mitch just hopes it will be enough to make Elijah want to stay.

A Second Chance for Three

Christa Tomlinson - 2014
    A beautiful image. But one of them is sad and confused. He’s faced with a difficult choice. There are two men who want his love and Tyler must decide. Who will he share his life with, the man who helped him learn to live again? Or the lover he’d thought was dead… but wasn’t.This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love’s Landscapes" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story. Dear Author,Two years ago, X stopped his friend Y from accidentally killing himself (apathy, starvation, prescription meds, drugs, etc.— up to you) following the reported death of Y’s (military, mercenary, CIA, special ops, journalist, etc.) lover Z overseas. X took Y into his house and X and his pet(s) have helped Y piece his life back together. X held Y as he mourned and watched as Y finally began to smile and enjoy his work again. X and Y have been part-time lovers for the last few months, but X fears he is not enough for Y to be completely happy.However, now Z has escaped from whatever hellhole prison he was in and is at the door, waiting to reclaim Y. X knows he should let Y go, that Y and Z still love each other. But how can X and pet(s) bear to let the man they have come to love go? Y has loved Z for many years— Z is his heart and inspiration— but X has become his rock. Z’s dreams of returning to Y kept him alive, but how does Z feel when he comes home after two years of worrying about Y to find him in the home of another man?Photo Description: Picture One: Two men stand outside in the rain. They hold each other in a tight embrace, the hard muscles of their bare arms straining as they cling to each other. Rain dampens the longish black hair of one of the men, drops trickling down his neck and leaving goose bumps in their path. The other’s lips are slightly parted, maybe hoping for a kiss from his lover in the rain.Picture Two: A dark haired man lounges in bed, his thumb rasping over the well-trimmed scruff of his beard. He’s relaxed, bare chested and only wearing sleep pants that sit low on his hips, revealing his toned, flat abs. But he’s still wearing his wire rimmed glasses as he peruses the work he’s brought with him to bed.This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers. It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers. The M/M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

The Billionaires and the Book Nerd

Harper West - 2019
    . . Brooklyn Surrounded by books is the only place I’ve ever felt like I belonged. From grade school to college, it’s where I found myself. Enjoyed myself. Hid myself. Unfortunately, my favorite thing also made my life hell. I remember the constant teasing like it was yesterday. But now, I’m a grown woman. I’m a BookNerd and I’m damn proud. Between the pages of great read will always be home to me—and I’m done defending myself for it. When my perfect, popular sister, Peyton, begs me to attend her latest masquerade charity ball, I know I can’t decline. Besides, it’ll be fun for one night to pretend I’m someone else without all my usual baggage. I’m actually having a decent time—until I see them. The two guys who most recently tormented me in college, and boy, have they changed. They’re still unbelievably good-looking. But now, there was something else there. Seduction. Yearning. Dominance—and it was all aimed at me. It’s the perfect chance for revenge. I’ll lure them in, seduce them, and leave them high and dry with a heavy set of blue balls. Instead, one night spirals into a dozen more—and suddenly revenge is the last thing on my mind—because the things they are doing to my body are better than any fantasy I could conjure up . . . The Billionaires and The BookNerd is a standalone, thigh-clenching, MFM Billionaire Menage Romance from your new favorite author Harper West. If Savage billionaires filled with wild desire and big . . . egos . . . sounds like a good time, this book is for you! Guaranteed HEA & No Cheating.

All That Drag

Jess Whitecroft - 2018
    Whenever he puts on the wig, the lashes and the heels and becomes acid-tongued drag queen Bunny Boyle, Adam feels invincible – ‘a superhero in lipstick and Spanx.’ Fast forward over ten years and Adam is running a failing drag bar in Pittsburgh. Gnawed by financial woes, not even Bunny can save Adam from the increasing loneliness and anxiety he feels, a situation not improved when he walks in on Ryan – now a high school athletic coach – boning Justin, the bartender. And Ryan’s still in the goddamn closet. As Adam’s mental meltdown approaches Arctic proportions, Ryan finally kicks open the closet door, forcing them to confront the feelings they thought they left behind over a decade ago. There’s just one small problem – Ryan’s no longer single. Bed-hopping, beaded lashes and scandalous behavior – it’s all here in this raunchy comedy about second chances, true love and the vital importance of looking sickening.

Riding Through Fire

Kate Sherwood - 2011
    Then tragedy strikes, and Jeff realizes that Evan needs much more from him than just his body. He also realizes that Evan may not be such a kid, after all.

Waiting for Them

Alie Nolan - 2020
    Caleb, the boy who stole his heart when he was a teenager, and then disappeared in the middle of the night. Over the years, Matty has imagined seeing Caleb again, but his fantasy reunion doesn’t quite go to plan when he turns up at Caleb’s bakery and meets Caleb’s husband, Elliott.Elliott is thrilled Caleb is finally getting the opportunity to reunite with the family he walked away from a decade ago. He has always known deep down Caleb’s ex, Matty, and his lost-lost family would find him one day, but nothing could have prepared him for developing feelings for his husband’s ex-boyfriend.Caleb has never dreamed that he’ll get a second chance with the family that once adopted him, so now that he has, he doesn’t want to risk losing them a second time. Although, when a relationship begins to form between Elliott, Matty, and him, it seems like it can only go one of two ways—he could lose everyone all over again, or finally get everything he’s ever wanted.Waiting for Them is a 56K word MMM romance that includes second chances, a lost-long family, a small town, and cute animals. This is the first book in the Little Hollow series, but it can be read as a standalone.

Triple Threat

L.E. Harner - 2013
    Because anything two can do, three can do better. Now the trio must work together to recover a grieving widow's stolen insurance money, and the thief is...her not-so-dead husband.

Cops and Robby

Carol Lynne - 2015
    They are content with each other until the night they rescued Robby. Beaten and left in an alley by a john, Robby has never known true kindness and soon falls for both men, but Robby's got a problem. His pimp, Vince, isn’t ready to let him go. Can two cops love a prostitute or will Robby’s baggage be too much for them to carry?