Forever Yours, Faithfully

Sara York - 2013
    Devastated by Greg's abandonment, Randy runs, taking on a new name and starting over. Randy never gets over losing Greg even when he finds a new partner, Mike. Tragedy strikes on September 11 and the world seems to be falling apart around him as Randy learns Mike is HIV positive. As war rages around Greg, he vows to find Randy to prove that "forever yours" doesn't come with an expiration date.

The Law of Desire

Talia Carmichael - 2012
    But when he meets rancher Vic Masterson in the middle of an unexpected shootout, he’s drawn to him just the same. Brian doesn’t know what he wants, so he decides to wait it out. Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t explore a few kisses in the meantime.Vic is willing to go along with the experiment, but he wants Brian for keeps. Let Brian call the shots; Vic will make sure things go his way. Each moment they spend together makes Vic more certain there’s something special growing between them, but for the experiment to be a success, he has to make Brian see they’re a perfect match for the long haul.

Bryan & Jase (Something About Him, #1

A.D. Ellis - 2016
    Bryan’s sexuality is no secret, and being deployed overseas together allows the two men to forge a solid friendship. The sexual attraction is undeniable, but after one lust-filled week, they must go their separate ways.A year later, a chance meeting gives them one more weekend together, even though they know Jase can’t risk his military career or his family obligations to be with Bryan. Several years pass before Jase finally accepts the desperate longing in his heart and body. But when fear and hatred threaten to tear them apart, Jase must make a tough decision, one that he isn’t sure he and Bryan can overcome. Together, they must choose to weather the storm or say goodbye forever.**This is a male/male romance meant for ages 18+ due to adult language and adult situations.**

Until the World Stops

L.A. Witt - 2020
    Without an honorable discharge or a college degree, his job prospects are grim. If only he knew a service member who was willing to get married, make Tristan a dependent, and transfer his GI Bill. Such as, say, a former coworker who’s single, gay, and wants his family off his back about his refusal to settle down…and who maybe feels guilty for his role in Tristan losing his career.Casey has never liked Tristan, but the plan is irresistible. In fact, it’s perfect. Now Tristan has health insurance and a place to live, and he’s going to school. Meanwhile, Casey’s conscience is assuaged, and he’s still sleeping his way through town while his family is none the wiser. The guys stay out of each other’s way, and it’s all good.Right up until a pandemic locks everything down. Suddenly it’s just Casey and Tristan…and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. In a time when they’re both desperate for strength, support, and human contact, they find them in the most unexpected place: each other. But when feelings come into play, is it something real? Or just two lonely men making the best of terrifying times? And how in the world do Casey and Tristan tell the difference?Until the World Stops is a 72,000-word standalone gay romance.CW: COVID-19 A note from the author:As the events of 2020 have unfolded, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve debated when and how to incorporate that reality into my work. It’s not something I want to make light of or capitalize on, but it has become a part of our lives, and one that doesn’t look to be going anywhere any time soon. There comes a point when—if I’m to write about life—I need to write about the ugly parts too. For that matter, writing is how I process the world around me, and as time has gone on, I’ve found myself needing the catharsis of looking this reality in the eye and putting it into words as best I can.Most importantly, however, this is a time when we all need hope and even moments of peace. While pure escapism is important to me, so too is finding that hope and peace when everything feels so bleak.So it’s with that in mind that I give you a couple of guys finding a little bit of light when all the world feels dark.

On the Rocks

Garett Groves - 2018
    A country singing sensation. A small town second chance. Jason Smith has spent his whole life trying to escape Beauclaire, North Carolina, the tiny town where he was born and raised. But when his father passes away and leaves the family’s troubled bar to him, Jason’s sure he’s never going to escape the town and the painful memories that haunt him. Dan Montgomery never wanted to audition on America’s Next Top Singer, but gave in when he felt Beauclaire sink its dream-killing hooks into him. His unexpected success on the show launched a smash country music career—but it also cost him the only man who loved him before he was famous: Jason. After two exhausting, tumultuous years on the road, Dan longs for Jason and a quiet life in sleepy Beauclaire with all its quirks. So when he learns his mother is ill, he rushes home to care for her—and to croon his way back into Jason’s heart. Though they’ve both changed for the better since Dan’s been gone, Jason’s afraid to give their passionate but rocky romance a second chance. With a struggling bar to save and the eyes of the world watching Dan’s every move, it seems downright reckless—but Jason’s never been able to resist Dan. Can the two find a way to be together again? Or will they water down like whiskey on the rocks? On the Rocks is the first in the Southern Comforts series of small town, southern romances. Though each can be read and enjoyed alone, they fit together like butter on a biscuit when read as part of the series. If you like your romances with healthy sides of sweet tea, town gossip, “bless your hearts,” and scenes so steamy they’ll make your Mama drag you to church, you’ll love this latest book from Garett Groves!

New Tricks

J.D. Light - 2019
    What he finds is a gorgeous, sweet, funny and patient man... with a penchant for tricks and manipulation... but in a good way. Of course, he falls for the sexy older man. The thing is, Haven Hills is a small town, and he knows all too well how hard a small town can kick you when you’re down. Could he ever feel comfortable coming out to Byrum? To the town? Byrum Rodgers knows there is joy to be seen under the dark cloud of gloom that weighs Jefferson down when they first meet, and he makes it his mission to bring it to the surface. He knows it’s a bad idea to bring someone into his home that he is so attracted to and completely inappropriate for, but he can’t just leave the guy hanging in the wind. Their friendship comes easily, and Byrum loves that Jefferson seems to be trusting him more and more with each day that passes, and he’s not surprised at all to find himself in love with the young man. Acting on their attraction is scary because they both value what they have already, but spending so much time together... something’s got to give.

Mixed up in You

Sammi Cee - 2019
    I thought I could play where I didn’t belong. I didn’t think his drugs would ever touch me, until they owned me, and he controlled me. And as I piece my life back together, I meet a good man who shows me nothing but compassion and kindness. Vaughn ~ My family doesn’t understand the humiliation that kept me from coming home for ten years. Now that I’m back, my brother’s pushing me to date. It’s the last thing I’m worried about, but I’m too ashamed to tell anyone why until I meet the man who makes me want to love again. Can two men who can’t forgive themselves find a way to be together? And if they can, what happens when a sin of the past comes looking for more? *This is intended for mature audiences

A Little Lesson

Pandora Pine - 2017
    Kindergarten teacher Nash Spencer is fresh off a bad break-up. Meeting the handsome single father on the first day of school is the last thing his battered heart needs, but he’s drawn to Bronson. With the help of Bronson’s five year old, Tucker, the men start spending time together. Despite Bronson’s fears of his sexuality costing him custody of his son, he can’t help developing feelings for his son’s teacher. When Tucker shows up to school with bruises, Nash is pulled into the court case, and the custody battle turns into an all-out war. Are Bronson’s and Nash’s feelings for each other strong enough to win the day or will their love become a casualty in Bronson’s fight to save his son?


Jenny Wood - 2018
    When the man pretends he knows him and has a one-sided conversation that proves his suspicion correct, he almost ends the call. The fast thinking of the stranger on the other end of the line likely saves his life, but what will Dalton find when he gets there?Kannon Butler is an old soul. Working at an old folks home, his friends are his clients and he’s okay with that. Being attacked in broad daylight just doesn’t happen in their small town, except this day, it does. To him. Quick thinking and a prayer, he ends up on the line with Dalton Davis, who quite literally saves his life.Healing and living are a struggle after being attacked, but Dalton can’t seem to stay away and Kannon doesn’t want him to. With an amazing family who takes him under their wing, and a gorgeous private investigator that makes it his mission to find out who hurt Kannon, what do you think happens?

A Life For Nicholas

Matt Zachary - 2013
    He has to deal with adolescence, his sexuality, the loss of friends and abuse as he figures out his place in the world. This book is a novella of about 13,000 words and the prequel to "A Home For Christmas" by Matt Zachary. Other Books by Matt Zachary:New Discoveries (Book 1 of the New Discoveries series)Broken Hearts (Book 2 of the New Discoveries series)Life Changes (Book 3 of the New Discoveries series)New Beginnings (Book 4 of the New Discoveries series)The New Discoveries Series: Complete Collection (All 4 Books)12 Days of CraigslistA Life For Nicholas (Book 1 of The Nicholas Chronicles)A Home For Christmas (Book 2 of The Nicholas Chronicles)A Year For Change (Book 3 of The Nicholas Chronicles)The Nicholas Chronicles (All 3 Books)

Home to Danger

S.C. Wynne - 2015
    After leaving home at seventeen, Jason has spent the past four years doing everything he could to stay away. That changes when he learns his mother is dying of cancer, and he grudgingly returns to Larame Bay to say good-bye.Word on the street is that Jason will sell his family’s property and run back to LA the minute his mother dies, but when Jason meets the new groundskeeper, the sexy and confident Adam Trent, all that changes. As Jason begins to fall for Adam, he surprises everyone, including himself, by sticking around after all.However, it doesn’t take long to realize someone out there desperately wants Jason gone from Larame Bay and will make sure that happens—one way or another.


C.J. Bishop - 2014
     But when he learns that the “payment” involves acts that will cause him to betray Cole’s love and trust, he is torn between his fear of losing the man he loves - and the threat of harm that could come to Cole should he interfere. WARNING: This book contains homosexual relations and language not suitable for readers below 17yo. NOTE: For those coming across the 'Phoenix Club' series sporadically, they were written in this order, and if possible, should be read accordingly, due to story lines that run through all the books : ABEL CALEB ANGEL GABRIEL MAXWELL

The Plunge

Ruthie Luhnow - 2016
    One day, he leaves it all behind and heads to the mountains in a desperate attempt to find himself. Matt can’t outrun his problems, though—and things only get more complicated when he meets a young, charismatic stranger he can’t seem to stay away from. Wild, passionate, and deeply troubled, Josh Day is interested in one thing: forgetting his crappy life. Whether it’s at the bottom of a bottle or in bed with a fling, Josh moves too quickly and parties too hard to give himself a chance to think about everything that’s gone wrong. When Josh meets Matt at a party, it seems like the perfect opportunity for his next hook up. The two men are quickly drawn to each other, opening up to one another in ways they never have before. As Matt and Josh grow closer, they are forced to confront their inner demons. To be together, Matt will have to leave his old life behind completely and Josh must face the trauma he’s been hiding from—but they find that love alone may not be enough to overcome their fears. Will both men be brave enough to take the plunge? The Plunge is an emotional m/m contemporary romance with hurt/comfort themes, plenty of heat, and a happy ending.

The Battle for Jericho

Gene Gant - 2012
    Gay activist Dylan Cussler stirs up the establishment when he moves in with his boyfriend and sues the state over its gay adoption ban. Sixteen-year-old Jericho Jiles and his best friend, Mac Travis, decide to do their bit to convince Dylan and his boyfriend to leave town. But when Dylan turns up before they can finish trashing his house, Jericho panics, leaving Dylan unconscious and wounded.Drowning in guilt, Jericho returns to Dylan’s home to make amends. He is surprised when Dylan forgives him and opens his eyes to the world around him. Soon Jericho comes to a life-changing realization: he is attracted to boys as well as girls. That’s a problem, considering Jericho has a girlfriend and very strict, very religious parents. Accepting his sexuality means he must question not only his identity and his place in the world but his relationship with his girlfriend, his parents, and with God.And so begins the battle for Jericho’s soul.

Scarred Souls

T.T. Kove - 2012
    All I want is to start medical school and keep full focus on my education. At least, that’s what I used to want. Meeting Josh one rainy night changes everything.JoshAll I’ve ever wanted is someone to love me for me; without caring about my past or my scars or my personality disorder. But since I’m scarred both inside and out, used and abused by the person who was supposed to protect me, who can ever look past my exterior to see what’s underneath?