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Dirty Fraud by Eden Beck


Savage Royals

Callie Rose - 2019
    Now I’m back, and they hate me for it.Plucked out of the harsh life I was living and thrust into a world of unimaginable wealth, power, and privilege, all I want to do is keep my head down and survive until graduation.But they have other plans—Mason, Finn, Elias, and Cole.Everyone at my new school calls them the Princes, and that’s exactly what they act like. They always get what they want… and who they want.And they want me.I’m not sure why, since they all seem to hate me.The Princes are gorgeous, flawless, and cruel. They own this town, and they’re determined to own me too.To break me.What they don’t know is that I’ve already been broken once.I won’t let it happen again.***AUTHOR’S NOTE: Savage Royals is a reverse harem high school bully romance, the first book in the Boys of Oak Park Prep trilogy. It contains cursing and sexual situations.


Cassie James - 2019
    Everything Juliet is not. After spending the first sixteen years of her life in a dead-end town, she’s thrust into the spotlight of a legacy she never knew she had. With it comes a decades long mystery about a hidden family fortune. But if Juliet wants to claim the treasure her grandfather left behind, she must survive a dangerous game of cat and mouse with four boys that are equally as hot as they are cruel. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing. Not everyone will survive. There are two types of people in Patience: The sinners.And the pawns. Sinners is the first book in a series of full-length reverse harem high school bully romances. Some scenes portray subject matter that may be difficult for some readers. Enjoy at your own risk!


M.J. McKinlay - 2019
    They pursue in packs, choosing their prey carefully, just like their forefathers did. Three mouth-watering, gorgeous alpha males rule these school halls. There is no question. They're cruel, they're powerful, but most of all, they are irresistible. They have power and they know how to use it. They're well practiced, and I'm their next target. I don't belong here. I'm nothing to them. I won't stand for it, they don't know who I am or where I've come from. My pride is at stake, this opportunity is all I've ever dreamed of. I won't give in. I'll find their secrets. I have to do what I have to do, even if it means risking it all. AUTHOR’S NOTE: St Alderville: United is a Bully Romance, High School Reverse Harem book. This is the first book in the trilogy. This book contains sexual scenes, triggers and very bad-boy language.

Surviving Amber Springs

Siobhan Davis - 2018
     First place honors go to my twin, Ethan; however, hate isn’t a strong enough word to convey how people feel about him. Not that I blame anyone—some days, I hate him too. Mostly, I’m just lost and afraid, drowning in a sea of betrayal and guilt, wondering how this happened right under my nose. There’s no choice but to leave. To move clear across the country in a last-ditch attempt to start over. Transferring to a new school midway through senior year is hellish for most people. For me, it’s a welcome relief—until someone discovers our secret and now everyone knows. The pointing, whispering, and scathing looks follow me around again, and I’m back to square one. Except, this time, I’m not alone. Axel, Skeet, and Heath took me under their wing from the minute I arrived here. I’ve no idea why three of the hottest guys in town took any interest in me or why they continue to have my back, but I’m so grateful to have them in my corner. Because, right now, they’re the only reason I’m not following my brother into an early grave. This is an upper YA/NA standalone. Due to sensitive content and possible triggers, this book is recommended to readers aged 18 and older.

The Secret Girl

C.M. Stunich - 2019
     The sinfully gorgeous members of the Student Council—Church, Ranger, Spencer, Micah and Tobias—can't ever find out. I already get picked on because my father's the headmaster. I don't need them to know I’m the only girl, too; I’d rather dress like a boy. Adamson All-Boys Academy now has its only female student, but I'm not about to be their guinea pig. Not when there's a secret at this school nobody is talking about. Not when the last female student here ended up dead. ***THE SECRET GIRL is a 90,000 word lighthearted reverse harem/high school bully romance novel with a mystery/suspense twist. This is book one of three in the series. Contains foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual.


Bea Paige - 2019
    Reform school has met its match in me, even if it is full of young offenders. Thieves, graffiti writers, drug runners and other petty criminals reside within the walls, and I'm just like them. But what they didn't tell me was that I'd be one of only a handful of girls in a hoard full of boys. It'll take more than just street smarts to keep my wits about me. Everyone here has a chip on their shoulders, and I'm no different. Mine's one of the biggest, that's why they call me Asia because I have one as large as a continent. Rules or not, these bad boys are about to discover I've earned my label for reason... I'm the biggest misfit of them all. **Delinquent is book one of this new gritty, contemporary reverse harem academy trilogy for 17+ readers and deals with adult themes and some subjects you may find upsetting. Contains foul language and sexual scenes**

Take My Crown

Louise Rose - 2020
    Like in all the pretty pictures, King Town looks perfect. But underneath the cracks, that a painting can never altogether hide, lies and sins rule the town with the Academy right in the middle of it.Kidnapped and forced from my latest foster home into the dangerous world of King Academy and the games they play, I find out I’m from here and now there is no escaping this world. I’m born to play the same games they do. Four houses rule this small gated town, and they always have done, poisoning the waters with their sins and darkness. And their heirs? Well, they think they rule everything and everyone. They use their money and good looks to charm the academy into calling them their kings.But I’m not falling for that bullshit. Romeo Navarre, Archer Knight and Declan Dauphin may think they own the academy, own the town, and get everything they want…but then they have just met me.They will soon find out I’m not falling for the sexy boys of King Academy. Recommend for 18+ readers due to content. This is a full-length book and the first of five books in this series and a reverse harem romance which means the main characters has more than one love interest.Release dates for the series-Take My Crown #1- July 10thTake My Place #2- August 10thTake My Throne #3- September 10thBe My Traitor #4- October 10thBe My Heart #5- November 10th

Devious Little Liars

Elle Thorpe - 2020
    Some of us are just better at not getting caught.”He murdered my uncle then covered it with fire. A fire that should have killed me, too. Instead, he hauled me from the floor while flames licked the walls, strong arms holding me close.He saved my life.Now I want to know why. I never saw his face. All I know is the letters on his shirt. SVH.Saint View High.The worst school in a hundred miles. Full of drugs and despair. Breeding ground for future criminals. Armed security guards and weapon checks at every door.A far cry from my privileged life of money, private school, and fancy vacations.With the police doing nothing, I take matters into my own hands. I enroll in a school I have no business being at.But the Untouchables are quick to let me know exactly how big a mistake I’ve made. They’re the group of boys even the teachers are scared of.Colt. Banjo. Rafe.Every teenage girl’s dream. Good looking. Popular. Powerful.And determined to break me.Thing is, I’m not that easily broken. And I’m coming for them, too.Devious Little Liars is the story of three bad boys and a girl who knows how to stand her ground. It is a mature high school/new adult, reverse harem, #whychoose romance, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This book contains enemies-to-lovers and bullying themes. It is the first book in an ongoing trilogy.

Dirty Little Secrets

K.G. Reuss - 2021
    Cunning. Gorgeous. Killers.They are the Kings of Bolten, an elite academy I have no business being in. My desire to remain invisible is dashed when I find myself bound to one of their enemies.Now, there’s no escape.With me in the crosshairs in a war between Kings and Lords at Bolten, will I be another victim or will the Kings spare me on the condition I belong to them?One thing is certain. I have a few dirty little secrets. Maybe I’m not the good girl everyone thought. Maybe I’m meant to be queen. Maybe… I’m meant to rule.Dirty Little Secrets is a mature #whychoose romance with three sinful Kings of Bolten. Contains dark content and scenarios. Reader discretion advised.

When Rivals Fall

J.L. Beck - 2019
     Two years ago she set us up, tainted our family image, ruined my brother’s life. She made it personal. It was no longer just a rivalry between our parents. Now she’s here, at Bayshore University, without her family’s protection. There’s nothing to stop us from getting our revenge on her, no one to tell us enough is enough. And so my brothers and I have devised a plan. We’ll break her, have her falling at her knees for us in no time, and then we’ll send her back to her family with a warning… Cross the Bishops again and you’ll pay. *** HARLOW I’ve despised the smug, stupidly gorgeous Bishop brothers since I was a small child. Our families rivalry was one that started years before us and one that I wanted to end. I was tired of being my parent's puppet, tired of the games, of the hate. All I wanted was to enjoy college and move on with my life. But your past can never stay hidden, right? When the Bishop brothers turn up at my school I have no place to run. I know then they’ll make certain I pay for every single bad-mouthed remark I or my parents ever made about them. At Bayshore, I’m at their mercy and they won’t stop until my heart is a bleeding mess. AUTHOR NOTE: This is a reverse harem college bully romance that contains subject matter not suitable for all readers.

The Pawn

Lucy Auburn - 2019
    They call themselves the Elites, and together they decide who deserves to be part of the upper echelon. Two months ago they harassed my twin brother until he took his own life. Now I’m going to take his place at the academy, and take my revenge on them one by one. I’ve been studying these boys for months. I know just exactly who and what they are—and how to destroy them. But what if I’m wrong? What if, in the middle of the storm, there’s a sharp, painful truth? One I fear to face, because it might mean that my brother lived as he died: broken inside, and willing to hurt others. Justice is a messy thing in the hands of a girl with nothing left to lose… The Pawn is a bully/revenge romance with a reverse harem element. Reader discretion advised. Please read the author's note inside with applicable warnings.

Cruel Riches

Elle East - 2019
    They’ve been replaced with these cruel, gorgeous monsters. Archer, Brett, and Grayson—I don’t recognize them anymore. Powerful. Rich. Vicious. They rule the school and everyone in it. Everyone except me. I didn’t want to come back here. They didn’t want me to come back either and are determined to make my life hell until I leave. But I can’t. To save my mom I need to get close to them again. I need to find out what secrets they are hiding. I need to betray them. Dean is the only one keeping me from going insane but I don’t know how much more I can take. They want me to break. They want me to run. They want me. CRUEL RICHES is a reverse harem high school bully romance. It’s the first book of the Kings of Crestmoore Academy series so heads up this one ends in a cliffhanger. It’s an eventual enemies-to-lovers story. It contains swearing, sexual situations and scenes of bullying.


Ruby Vincent - 2019
    My hair was on point. My skin was flawless. And now I wore the hell out of my clothes instead of hiding them.Even running into Ryder hadn't thrown me. So what that the green-eyed devil who tormented me for years now ruled my new school with a band of boys everyone called the Knights. The four of them were devastatingly rich, enviously handsome... and heartbreakingly cruel.But the Evergreen Knights didn't scare me. I had my own plans and no reason to enter their little world... until one fateful night and a masquerade ball changed everything.I saw something I shouldn't have and now I've been Marked.They'll do everything they can to break me but they don't know the monsters I've faced. They don't know I've been broken before.If they want to take on Valentina Moon... bring it on.Marked is a high school bully romance with a sweet tinge of mystery. This is book one in the series and features language and sexual scenes. If you're cool with that, dive in!

Princess Ballot

Jaymin Eve - 2019
    Those four words change Violet Spencer’s whole life, when against staggering odds, she's selected in the "princess ballot." Arbon Academy is affectionately known as the school for Royals. Only the rich, powerful, or heir to a throne gain entry ... except for the one scholarship student accepted every five years. It's a worldwide lottery, and one that Violet entered without giving it any serious thought. But the media got it wrong and Arbon Academy is much more than a simple college for future leaders.It’s a dark world of politics, intrigue, and dangerous guys who will stop at nothing to get their own way. Despite her best efforts at remaining off the radar, Violet finds herself a pawn between two of the most powerful monarchies in the world. Prince Rafe of the Switzerlands and Prince Alex of the Australasias are bitter enemies both on the soccer field and in the political arena. Monarchies rule the world now, and every waking breath is a competition for the princes. Control the ball.Control the world. Control Violet. Whether it's through love or hate, someone will ultimately win.*This is book one in a dark college romance. This is not a RH or traditional love triangle story, but it does include a-hole princes, nasty princesses, and one chick who will take none of their shit, all the while doing her best to make it out alive. HEA guaranteed. Eventually. 17+. #darkromance #collegeromance #sportsromance #royals

A Piece of Heaven

Angel Lawson - 2018
     I learned that lesson the hard way when I agreed to helping my friend Justin with a favor. My platonic friend Justin. A favor that helped him with his reputation but turned mine into the trending topic at my school. In a matter of days I go from quiet, nobody to school slut. The problem with that? I’m still a virgin. The whispers, the stares and the constant gossip could bring me down but I’m tired of hiding in the dark, covering up my anxiety and being alone. I decide to take on the bullies and find a few surprising allies along the way; the Allendale Four. Oliver, Anderson, Jackson and Hayden make up this tight-knit circle of friends and they make it their mission to protect my reputation, my heart and my soul. For the first time I’m not alone and I’m not afraid, but will the closed-minded town of Allendale accept our relationship? A Piece of Heaven is a contemporary young adult reverse harem novel.