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Maid for the Italian Mafia by Flora Ferrari


Dad's Royal Buddy

Mia Madison - 2017
    I don’t pay for anything. But when Kennedy Summers appears, on vacation with her father, I’d break open my own vaults to make her mine. Just once. Problem is she thinks I’m the world’s biggest p***k. Nothing but a playboy muscle head. Did I mention I went to school in the States with her father? Making her double off-limits but is that likely to stop me? ***k no. Because when Daddy warns me off, telling me she’s still a virgin, that’s enough to set the beast boiling. My old pal could be playing me again. She could be in on the ruse. I don’t give a ***t This time I’m going to claim her. For reals. Dad's Royal Buddy is a steamy hot, dad's best friend novella length romance of genuine forbidden attraction. What will Lucien and Kennedy do to get their happy ending? For a limited time, the companion standalone novella "Dad's Billionaire Buddy is included as a bonus book.

Stupid Hearts

Kristen Hope Mazzola - 2015
    If he’s too nice, smiles too perfectly, says all the right things, then he probably isn’t prince charming. Nope. Of course he’d be freaking married. And I didn’t see it. So here I am, in a city that I hate doing a shoot I don’t want to do. Suck it up, Jolene. That’s what I have to keep telling myself. It’s time to swear off smooth talking men and just focus on the only true loves in my life: photography and Dozer, my dog.

Playing with Power - Book 2

Adele Huxley - 2014
     Lauren's life will never be the same when a twist of fate takes her on a last-minute trip to San Francisco over the Fourth of July weekend. With Ali at her side, she quickly learns there's a lot the West Coast can offer. When she meets Landon, Lauren realizes she may have just gotten more than she can handle. Notes to the reader from Adele: * This book contains detailed (and incredibly hot) sexual scenes and is intended only for adults. * This book is part of a long series. First section = Books 1 - 5, Second section = Books 6 - 10. All stories have been fully planned, I just need to write them! As such, expect cliffhangers!! * There will be a happy ending. It might not be the ending you want but it will be the one Lauren earns. * Book 2 is 28,900 words long * Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance


Shae York - 2018
     “You want me to do what?” “Get me hard.” Hearing my sexy porn star neighbor wanted to hire me to be his fluffer was laughable. Until the day he offered me more than I made in a year. How difficult could it be? Stroke a man, get him hard, walk away, and cash my check. Except it wasn’t as easy as that. Not only did I need to be on set, but I had to watch him... in action. Watch as he made love to his costar while the cameras rolled. Little did he know my lady parts furled with pent-up desire. He unleashed a side of me I didn’t know existed. A side that made me do things I never thought I would. A side that had me wondering how I could be falling for a porn star. Warning: This book is meant for mature readers who are 18+. It contains explicit language, and graphic sexual content.

Inked Stepbrother

Stephanie Brother - 2015
    rude beyond belief. Meet my stepbrother, Hunter Parker." It's been five years since he walked out on me, never looking back. He's back now, but I have a plan of my own - and I'm thirsty for revenge. Watch out, Hunter, because I'm coming for you. "Innocent, sweet, sexy as hell. I don't know how long I can resist little Candy Winters ..." It's been five years since I left, too tempted by my innocent stepsister. I thought I could deal with her, but she's all grown up and hotter than ever. Run, little Candy ... I've always had a sweet tooth, and I bite. **This is a standalone stepbrother romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger!**

Crashing Down

Cathryn Fox - 2014
    Straight A student Kathryn Lane is all work and no play. She's determined to keep her scholarship, and that means no distractions...until she takes a summer internship at Stone Cliff Resort and meets bad boy Noah Ryan. She knows she should keep her distance—after all he’s not the kind of guy she can bring home to daddy—but his disarming smile and dangerous ways are entirely too tempting. College dropout, Noah Ryan takes one look at Kathryn and instantly knows her type—ambitious, driven and determined, just like he used to be, before the accident that derailed his life and left him an emotional wreck. He vows to avoid her, but when a co-worker backs him into a bet he can’t refuse, everything he’s been running from is challenged and he’s forced to confront his demons. Soon, Kathryn and Noah are lost to everything except each other. As their lives become entwined, their passion is reckless, their heat all-consuming but when hurtful truths spill out, can Noah prove himself worthy of the one girl who can heal his wounded heart, or will the fire they ignited turn to ash when it all comes crashing down?

Off Limits

Emma Jay - 2012
    Don t touch. Definitely don t want. "There s no boundary Zach Purser won t push. Three-ways, four-ways, sex clubs, he s tried it all. It s all about the freedom, but lately he s had the nagging feeling that something is missing.At a friend s engagement party, he spots the missing piece all tied up one hot little package of a woman. Trouble is, she s his best friend Adam s baby sister. Adam knows all of Zach s dirty secrets. Which means if he even "thinks" about touching her, he s dead.Paige Clark has crushed on Zach since she grew breasts, but he s never so much as glanced her way. Until now. She knows desire when she sees it, and Zach s eyes burn with that unmistakable heat. Finally, she s got his attention now if only she can get him to act on it.Zach tries his best to push her away, but she doesn t push back, she pulls tumbling them both over the edge of resistance and right into bed. Panic isn t far behind. Now he s stuck between a big brother who d like to bust his nose, and a woman who s gotten under his skin. And of all the things he s tried, romance isn t one of themWarning: A bad boy who can t follow rules, a woman determined to lead him astray, a big brother with a hell of a right cross, and a smoking-hot sex-club seduction. "

Dirty Little Secret: The Nora Heat Collection

Nora Heat - 2017
     Naomi Parker is a lot of things. Beautiful. Sweet. Innocent. But even good girls have a kryptonite. For Naomi, it’s Dominic Thomas, the man she babysits for. Dominic Thomas is handsome, smart, and an amazing father. But every man has his downfall. For him, it's little Naomi Parker, the babysitter and his best friends daughter. They shouldn’t want each other, but the temptation is too hard to fight. Whatever happens will be their dirty little secret.

Sweet Torment

Georgia Cates - 2017
    but wanting Claudia is wrong.She's been like a little sister to me since the day she was born. Now, everything between us is changing--including the special bond we've always shared. It's stronger than ever... and becoming something so different. Something so hot. Something so forbidden.My little dove is growing up.Doesn't matter how wrong it is, I can't stop wanting her. I will have her.CLAUDIA—Bram Windsor. I have loved him my entire life.For years, I was nothing more than one of the boys to him. Owen's little sister. The pest who tagged along everywhere the boys went. But now, everything has changed.I've grown up and it's time Bram sees me for what I am. A woman. A sexual being who wants him. A virgin more than ready to give herself to him.I don't care what our friends or family say. I love him and everything about being together feels right. I will have him.***Note from Georgia--Sweet Torment is a 33k+ word standalone novella. It is a rewrite of a 12k word short story previously published as Cherry Popper under the pen name Jade Sinner and is no longer available for purchase. HEA. No cheating. No cliffhanger.

Dirty Deeds

Ryan Ramsay - 2019
    But now I’m at Brentmoor Academy, which is even worse.After my mother died, I found out my father is a famous movie star. His one contribution to my life? A full ride to Brentmoor Academy, a playground for rich kids. The most popular and elite students here make up what is known as “The Council.” The leaders of The Council are Sebastian, Braxton, and Harrison. Sebastian is from old money. Braxton is the stellar academic son of a billionaire and Harrison is the musician son of a rock star. The Council runs the school- even the teachers. Too bad I’m on their hit list. No one wants a poor girl at Brentmoor Academy, no matter who her father is. I definitely don’t fit in here, but I have nowhere else to go. They won’t leave me alone- constantly teasing me during the day and haunting my dreams at night. The worst part is that the three Brentmoor bullies are really hot. And they seem to be taunting me in good ways as well as bad. I know this attraction to my enemies isn’t good, but it sure is hard to ignore. It’s as if all three of them secretly want to get with me. Perhaps I could use one for my plan to get back at the rest, but I don’t know which one to choose. And maybe I don’t have to. They say sharing is the best gift of all... But I think getting sweet revenge would be even better. Books in the Bullies of Brentmoor series include:1) Dirty Deeds2) Dirty Secrets3) Dirty Lies4) Dirty LoveNote: This book and series are about three damaged alpha males and the feisty, curvy female who stands up to them until they’re on their knees for her! It contains mature language and scenes, including high heat steam, and potential triggers related to bullying.

Crown Jewels

Gigi Thorne - 2018
    Now he wants me to stroke his jewels. I wasn’t going to steal anything from the royal family—I swear. I only wanted to touch the massive pair of rubies I found in the castle jewelry collection. I only wanted to feel what it was like to be rich. I’m so busted. Prince Bastian caught me red-handed on the day of his sister’s wedding, and now he’s making me pay the price. On my hands and knees. With my mouth. With everything I have to give. I’d pay him forever if I could keep the handsome prince to myself. I’m hot for the way he whispers you’re my little thief. But time is running out. When the wedding is over, I’m back on the streets. Unless I can find a way to steal his heart... Crown Jewels is a steamy royal novella that you can devour in one sitting! It's a little bit angst, a little bit sweet, and all Gigi Thorne. Consider this your invitation to the royal wedding...

Restore My Heart

Chelsea Camaron - 2013
    She struggles to find herself after the tragedy of loss. Ryder Davenport is a master mechanic who has restored hundreds of classic cars. -My-He's fallen hard for Dina, but unlike a car, he can't fix her. The two of them must be ready and the time just right.-Heart-Only then can their hearts be open to love each other. Good thing, love is patient and so is Ryder!

Blurred Lines

Jenika Snow - 2015
    Landon is hardened, rough around the edges, and has a chip on his shoulder. He's a bad boy who boxes, and seems to hate the world. But Lyric wants him. Lyric doesn’t want to ignore what she feels for Landon, but she can’t help but worry what others will say if they had a relationship: wrong, twisted, disgusting. But when a fellow classmate drunkenly assaults her, it’s Landon who saves her. It’s after this that her emotions morph into something stronger. Landon has been called many things: deviant, destructive, and an all around bad boy. But he’s never cared what anyone thought, not until Lyric. It only takes opening up to her to see that she’s it for him. But how can she possible want a guy like him? Is Landon even capable of giving her everything she deserves? Can he control himself and protect her when she’s attacked again?

Finding Destiny

Christa Simpson - 2014
    He has never strayed from those rules. And yet Destiny has him breaking every last one of them. Destiny was looking forward to a bit of solitude in the north. She figured surrounding herself with her two besties, at an expensive spa retreat, would beat away the winter blues. That was the plan. Destiny liked plans. But plans don’t always work out the way you want them to. Skylar never expected to find three ladies trudging through the snow. But after finding them stranded, in the middle of nowhere, during the biggest snow storm of the year, he’s forced to invite Destiny and her friends back to his cabin. Though he tried to ignore what was subtly unraveling between them, he couldn't discount their attraction. The way Destiny could read into his thoughts and the way his jealousy raged at the thought of his brother taking her to his bed, he knew he had better stake his claim. But when tragedy strikes, torn from her arms at lightning speed, Skylar’s left to wonder whether he would ever find his destiny.

Forging Forever

Dani Wyatt - 2017
    Even from fifty feet away, she’s never felt this sort of heat. And it’s coming from between her legs. Miller Rhodes has a gigantic problem. He’s met the woman he knows is destined to be his. Only, she’s disappeared into a crowd and took his heart and his future with her. For once, even work can’t distract him from thoughts of the way her lips tasted for one brief moment under the July sun. Can a sock-chewing puppy and a meddling mother be the solution to Miller’s problem? Will this knife forging hard-ass find his soft spot in the girl that stole his heart after just one kiss? Author’s note: Lose yourself in the heat radiating from this filthy talking alpha. He’s a man of few words, but he definitely isn’t lacking on how to use his mouth in other ways. Suspend reality for a bit with this love at first kiss, happily ever after, scorching hot read. Safe, indulgent and *touches finger to butt and listens for the sizzle*.