Don't Break (The Reluctant Heart Book 1)

Jeannette Winters - 2020
     The Reluctant Heart Series Book 1: Don’t Break Book 2: Don’t Hesitate Book 3: Just Trust Book 4: Just Feel Book 5: Don’t Quit Book 6: Just Believe

Chief Dragon (Dragon Fire Crew Book 1)

Scarlett Grove - 2021
    The Mafia is after her.When her old car breaks down and explodes at the foot of Fate's Peak, Daphne's at the end of her rope. With the last of her strength and money, she applies for a job as a nanny.Erik Sorensen hates Christmas. As the dragon chief of the Fate's Peak Fire Crew, he takes pride in his job. That didn't prepare him for the squirming surprise on the doorstep of his firehouse. With one whiff, Erik knows the baby is his. Now he'll do anything to protect him.When Daphne shows up at Erik's door for the nanny job, he begins to believe that fate has something new in store for him this Christmas.Daphne is surprised when Erik tells her she's his mate. She loves taking care of baby Hagen. Erik's son is the sweetest. Eric is sweet with both of them.Erik makes Daphne believe they could have a safe and loving life together. Too bad the truth of her past could ruin everything.Finding love at Christmas is an easy choice. If the past doesn't come back to haunt them.

Seth: The Brothers of Hastings Ranch Series: Book Seven

Katharine E. Hamilton - 2021

Capsizing Her Billionaire Boss

Sarah Gay - 2020
    When his assistant shows up unannounced and tells him to get his head back in the game, she has no idea how her presence, and his mounting attraction to her, affects him—in the most terrifying and scintillating way.

Maid For You

Paisley Lang - 2016
    That's how they see me--all they'll ever see when they look at me. But I am more, so much more. We can't change the past, the hand we've been dealt, But we can play that hand and win in the end. And that's what I plan to do--what I've always planned to do. Then he came into my life. Jaxon Prescott. He's everything I want, But nothing I'm permitted to have. He's too good, too perfect, For someone like me. After all, I'm just a maid, To them. They don't know the real me, My dreams, my fears, my past, My secrets. Jax A rich playboy.... That's how they see me--all they'll ever see when they look at me. They've got it all wrong, So wrong. I've been living a lie, a fabrication of what they want, And I thought it was what I wanted. Then she came into my life. Ava Williams. She reminded me of what I want, What I need, And who I really am. She's everything, But nothing I'm supposed to have. She's not right, not polished enough For someone like me. After all, I'm high class society--better than everyone else, To them. They don't know the real me, My dreams, my fears, my past, My secrets.

The Sheikha's Determined Prince

Erin Snihur - 2019
    What he doesn't anticipate, is the Sheikha of Kulaz -- will confound his angry heart and melt his cool exterior.All Sheikha Amina Aqila of Kulaz wants is to prove to her father's advisors that she is the right ruler for Kulaz, as her deceased father intended. What she doesn't expect, is the cool and handsome Prince who appears determined to set her heart aflame and -- ruin her plans to rule without the control of a man.Amina soon realizes, she enjoys Maarku's control, just a bit too much.

Drawn To The Billionaire: Alpha Protector On The Run Romance Book I

Hope Paris - 2021

Sheikh's Surprise Love Child: A Sheikh's Baby Romance (Alpha Sheikhs Series)

Sophia Lynn - 2020
    Sheikh's Surprise Son is a steamy romance between a powerful Sheikh and a strong willed American he is determined to win over.

Dirty Queen (Covington High #3)

Amelia Winters - 2021

The Sheikh's Secret Twins (Sweet Sheikh Surprises Book 4)

Holly Rayner - 2021

Devil's Due: Sarge (The Bedlam Horde MC 2)

Sarah Zolton Arthur - 2021
    She fights me at every turn, yet I can't stop thinking about her. Her disdain for most men is palpable, but I can't stop myself from making her aware of my presence—to touch her, to breathe her in. Her smart mouth is bound to get her in trouble and I can’t help but smile at the kind of trouble she’ll find with me.When an outside threat, a threat she’d been running from, catches up with her, threatening her life, which means threatening my plans for trouble, I’ll give everything I have to neutralize that threat and see her safe.GreerI’m not like the other women who sheltered at the safehouse in Texas. My problems with men were a different set of problems, and now they’ve caught up to me. If that’s not bad enough, I have Sarge to contend with. He’s pushy and loves to bark orders to hear himself speak. He’s also tall, tatted and a god among men who moves me to hurt him before he hurts me. A man like him, that’s exactly what will happen once he finds out my truths.This man has the power to ruin me more than any other, and I’m scared that I’m ready to let it happen.Gun the engine and prepare for one wild ride! USA Today Bestseller, Sarah Zolton Arthur, delivers sizzling romance mixed with a thrill a minute adventure in the Bedlam Horde series!

Cowboy's Fate (Silverstone Dude Ranch Book 4)

April Murdock - 2021

Cowboy Bodyguard: A Western Romance (Cowboy Confidential Book 4)

Lori Wilde - 2021

Caleb (Members From Money Season Two #50)

Katie Dowe - 2021

Trusting a Scot (The Soulmate Chronicles #2)

Keira Montclair - 2020
    Can they learn to trust one another? Two soulmates, Catherine and Graeme, are about to be reborn again, and their new lives will bring them back to Scotland. Only this time, they will find themselves in the midst of a bitter conflict between Scotland and England. With new names and no memory of their connection, will they be able to find each other and stay together? Cara Breckenbridge’s life is torn apart when the English storm her small village. Her husband knew they were coming, but bitterness toward the English convinced him to stay and make a stand, even though he knew his wife and sons would pay the price. Cara’s husband is killed and the baron who ordered his death nearly slays her, too—only his marshal, Gabriel Montgomerie, saves her life. Instead of killing her and the lads, the baron entrusts them to Gabriel’s care, with a rather distressing order: Cara is to spy on the Scots for the English, or else the boys will be killed. Although Cara is a true Scot, she will do anything to save her family. To her shock, as she spends more time with Gabriel, she begins to realize that the Englishman is a good man...and she feels inexplicably drawn to him. But when they catch whispers of a plan being concocted by rebellious Scots, what will win out, Cara’s loyalty to her sons and the man who saved them or her love for her country ?