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Comanche Moon Rising by Constance O'Banyon


Angel In Marble

Elaine Coffman - 1991
    Her glorious honey-colored hair wouldn't stay hidden under her bonnet. Her drab dresses couldn't hide her alluring curves. Once she'd loved a man who'd ruined her. Now a gifted healer and herbalist, an angel to the sick, she swore she'd neve surrender to passion again.Life on the frontier had taught Nick Mackinnon some hard lessons. Orphaned young, he'd left Texas to learn a shipbuilder's trade. Richer, lonelier, he came back to realize his dream—a seagoing dynasty. And now Tibbie was part of that dream. But Tibbie had loved before, had known the sting of betrayal, the burden of shame. She would flee from love and the man who ached to free her, the man who saw her imprisoned in the past, an exquisite...Angel In Marble.

No Other Man

Shannon Drake - 1995
    And no other can set the heart racing with such glorious unbound abandon.No other man.Skylar Connor was widowed before she met the man she married by legal proxy. Now she has come to the Dakota badlands for the home and goldmine left her by her late husband. But it is a painted savage who welcomes "Lady Douglas" to the Black Hills. The handsome half-breed son of a Sioux woman and an English lord, he steals Skylar from her stagecoach ... and declares it is he whom she wed sight unseen. Now Hawk has a wife he doesn't want a sensuous vixen who ignites his rage and his desire ... a beautiful schemer he must punish with ecstasy, and let no other man claim.

Indian Summer

Rosanne Bittner - 2015
    But her husband's increasingly cold and unfeeling ways trouble her, as does his disdain for the Cheyenne Indians his mission is to convert.His unwavering beliefs have left her questioning how she feels, and even their relationship. One chance encounter with Wild Horse, a gentle soul who the frontier soldiers have painted as savage, cements what she knows to be true: her husband, her neighbors, her community were all wrong. But will her secret encounters with Wild Horse set her free—or lead her into a world of sin?

Gunfighter's Bride

Dallas Schulze - 1995
    It all started when Bishop McKenzie, a rugged gunslinger with whom Lila had spent one passionate night, barged up the aisle and claimed the bride as his own. Too shocked to argue, Lila was swept away to Colorado, and the adventure of a lifetime.

Apache Flame

Madeline Baker - 1999
    His father was the town drunkard, his mother was an Apache, and his only friend was Alisha Faraday, the sweet, innocent daughter of a preacher.But as adults, their secret affection turned into a powerful love that neither could deny. And when the forces of prejudice and anger drove Mitch from his hometown, neither forgot the joy and desire they'd once shared in each other's arms.Now Mitch is back --- to put to rest memories that have haunted him for years. What he finds instead is a love for Alisha that has never died --- a love he is willing to fight anything and anyone to keep, even as the shocking secrets of their shared past threaten to tear them apart once again.

First Love Wild Love

Janelle Taylor - 1984
    And in First Love, Wild Love, she continues her bestselling traditional on the sprawling plains of western Texas where a sheltered beauty loses her heart to a rugged rancher leading a dangerous double life... First Love, Wild Love Reared in the civilized society of far-off England, Calinda Braxton was unschooled in the ways of passion until she arrived in the exotic wilds of the untamed western frontier and a rugged, gunslinging stranger stole into her hotel room - and her bed! Roused from slumber by his breathless kisses, the beguiling innocent surrendered to her bold seducer's virile charms...never dreaming that he was a Texas ranger on a dangerous secret mission... or that his searing caress would awaken her heart to the soul-stealing ecstasy of a magnificent, once-in-a-lifetime love!

Behind a Lady's Smile

Jane Goodger - 2015
    But raised in the forests of Yosemite, she’s met precious few men to practice her smiles upon. Until a marvelously handsome photographer appears in her little corner of the wilderness and she convinces him to take her clear across the country and over the seas to England, where she has a titled grandmother and grandfather waiting to claim her. On their whirlwind journey, she’ll have the chance to bedazzle and befuddle store clerks and train robbers, society matrons and big city reporters, maids and madams, but the one man she most wants to beguile seems determined to play the gentlemen and leave her untouched. Until love steps in and knocks them both head over heels…

Hearts of Starlight

Audrey Adair - 2017
    She escapes across the sea to the western prairies, unknowing what is ahead of her but intent that she will never again allow a man to dictate her future. He will honor his promises and hold his family together… Callum McDougall, future chieftan of the McDougall clan, is journeying to the North-West Territories to determine what has become of his missing cousin. Once his mission is complete, he will honor the family tradition and return to Scotland to lead his clan. Together in the new world, what will the future hold? Callum and Victoria fight their intense attraction to one another, as Callum must return to Scotland while Victoria vows to remain true to herself. Soon, however, they find themselves unlikely allies in their respective predicaments. With a future continents apart, will they succeed in denying their growing feelings for one another, or will love prevail? "Hearts of Starlight" is a historical romance novel of approximately 57,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Delilah's Flame

Andrea Parnell - 1988
    Tabor Stanton is a brooding cowboy fleeing his own troubled past who finds himself unwillingly caught up in the mysterious Delilah's web of deceit.Determined to get his own revenge on the seductress, Tabor learns too late that no man can escape being burned by the passion and desire of Delilah's Flame.Delilah's Flame — a scorching Guns & Garters Western Historical Romance from Andrea Parnell!Guns & Garters Western Historical Romances by Andrea Parnell Delilah's Flame Devil Moon My Only Desire

Dream Warrior: His Savage Kiss

Bobbi Smith - 1993
    He is an Indian warrior who will protect his people at all costs. Yet resisting the desire he feels for Cari McCord is a battle he will never win. For when he saves Cari from certain death in a blinding Dakota Territory blizzard one night, her beauty mesmerizes him and her passion leaves him yearning for more. THE WOMAN HE YEARNS FOR But Cari McCord shares the same beliefs and customs of the white men who have brought so much misery to his tribe. She is one of them. How can he ever trust her with his heart and soul? But the more he denies his love for Cari, the more he is drawn to her and he surrenders to a temptation that could set him free—or devastate him forever. BONUS This edition includes a bonus excerpt from WANTED: THE HALF-BREED by Bobbi Smith. REVIEWS OF DREAM WARRIOR 4.07 average rating all editions, 96 ratings, 6 reviews, added by 301 people, 68 to-reads, 90% of people like it–Goodreads4.4 stars out of 5 stars (13 customer reviews)—Amazon“I enjoyed this book very much! Cari stood up for Silver Wolf at the end and believed in his innocence which is very commendable. I would recommend this and other Bobbi Smith books so everyone. Keep up the great work.” –Valencia Verified Purchase, Amazon ABOUT BOBBI SMITH Bobbi Smith, “The Queen of Western Romance,” is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author with more than 6 million books in print. She has been awarded the prestigious Romantic Times Storyteller of the Year Award and two Career Achievement Awards. Since she sold her first book, Rapture’s Rage, in 1982 she has published more than 38 books and contributed to six collections of short stories. When she’s not on deadline, Bobbi teaches writing at The Write Stuff at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, and is a frequent guest speaker for writer’s groups. Her western historical romances appeal to readers of C. J. Petit, Shirleen Davies, and Judith E. French. Bobbi Smith is the mother of two sons and lives in St. Charles, Missouri, with her husband and three dogs.

After Sundown

Shelly Thacker - 1999
    Marshal Lucas McKenna has brought down some of the most notorious outlaws in the West. Now he’s on a personal mission: hunting the woman who killed his brother. Antoinette Sutton is running for her life. The evidence against her is overwhelming—and no one will believe the truth about what happened. Lucas captures the dark-haired beauty in Colorado, but before he can take her back to Missouri to stand trial, the two are snowbound in a remote mining town. During the firelit nights of a Rocky Mountain winter, lawman and prisoner are caught in a dance of danger…and desire.An RWA RITA Award Finalist: Best Historical Romance of the Year"Fast-paced and poignant. One of the best romances of the year." -The Oakland Press"Refreshing. Capable and strong characters, true emotion...this is a much better offering in the western romance department than many I have read, and if you've been looking to try a novel in this genre, I recommend this one.""Shelly Thacker's masterful handling of complex emotions is as impressive as her storytelling ability. This fresh, intriguing, sensual tale is just what romance readers are looking for. 4-1/2 stars (highest rating)" -RT Book ReviewsOriginally published by Dell under the title Into the Sunset. This Author's Preferred Edition has been revised by the author and includes new scenes never before published.

Gerrity's Bride

Carolyn Davidson - 1995
    Her 'citified' ways went next, along with her plans for a quiet, dignified life. Instead, she found herself bound to a hotheaded cowboy in a most inconvenient marriage!Ranch foreman Matthew Gerrity was used to having things go his way... So why was he having so much trouble getting his eastern beauty of a wife to accept that he was the one in charge?And the town of Forbes Junction, Arizona, would never be the same!


Linda Lael Miller - 1986
    Her own husband had died at the door of a town saloon. With hymns and hatchets, Lauralee and the women of Halpern's Ferry closed down all the taverns--all but the one Jay McCallum was determined to save.After his brother, a saloonkeeper, was found brutally slain, Jay had come to town ready to accuse Lauralee--only to be captivated by her winsome beauty. The proud, powerful man melted Lauralee's defiant heart with the aching hunger of his love--and with the sweet, urgent ecstasy they shared.But even as she surrendered to her rich and wild desire, Lauralee's joy was shadowed by the haunting mystery of Jay's brother's death...a mystery whose shocking outcome could forever destroy her future's radiant promise.

Lonesome River

Dorothy Garlock - 1987
    This is the romantic saga of a courageous widow who forges the Illinois frontier to make a new life. The author is an expert on the pioneer era, and she uses actual diaries and letters from that time to authenticate her stories.

No Longer A Stranger

Joan Johnston - 2005
     1865: The Civil War was over, but new dangers lay in wait across the open frontier. Disguised as a boy in buckskins, pretty Rebecca Hunter wasn't afraid of any enemy who might cross her path in the Rocky Mountains. She vowed never to belong to any man...until she met city-bred Christopher Kincaid, the stranger she rescued from a fierce band of Sioux. All too quickly she learned how powerful an attraction can be between a man and a woman. No Indian ambush could scar Kincaid as deeply as the tragic loss and broken heart he suffered in the war. Now, being nursed back to health by Reb in an isolated mountain cabin, he found himself coming alive with a powerful desire for her. But how could he know that his mission for the government would jeopardize his chances of winning Reb's heart, bring down the wrath of a renegade Sioux chief, and test the lengths he'd be willing to go to convince this passionate woman to stay beside him for all time?