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Endless Love by Marilyn Lee


The Romanov's Pursuit

Eve Vaughn - 2016
    The downside is watching the people you care about eventually die. Unable to deal with the constant losses throughout her life, vampire Nya shuts herself off from the rest of the world despite the protests of her friends. Her self-imposed solitude is soon disrupted, however, by two determined warlocks. Centuries old warlock twins Cutter and Blade Romanov have suffered loss of their own, but the hope that they’d find a worthy soulmate has kept them motivated throughout the years. From the moment they laid eyes on the lovely Nya, they knew she was the one. The problem? She belonged to someone else. Biding their time, they wait for the day when she could be theirs and when it happens, Nya disappears. The twins will search the ends of the Earth to be with the one woman destined to be theirs for all eternity. They’ll track her down until they make her their own, but unbeknownst to them, a specter from the past is hunting them down. Can they find their love and convince her of their fate together before an ancient evil destroys them all? This is the first book in the Warlock series. These characters are featured in the Blood Brother's world.


JanJan Untamed - 2019
    These are not the hands of a working man. These are not the eyes of a pampered son. The tears glazing their enchanted depths look out of place. Each drop is an oddity that never sees the light of day. I blink when his tears burn my eyes. They make my heart hurt for reasons I can’t explain. This is what it feels like to be turned out. And when I think I can’t take anymore of this pleasure that feels like torture, he joins our bodies with the sweetest kiss that I will ever kiss. With the softest lips that I will ever touch. This is deeper and far more erotic than sex. We are making love. His tears glisten in the firelight when he smiles and collect on the tips of his ridiculously long lashes. Tears that are more precious than the diamonds they mimic. My heart beats in answer to the call of whatever is happening in his heart that makes my lover want to cry. Maybe the way I kiss him. And touch him. And hold him is filling in the aching crevices of his broken heart. The way that being with him fills in mine. There is pain in healing. And maybe. Just maybe. They are tears of joy because this is the start of something beautiful.

Volatile: The Empress and the Executioner

Jeanie Johnson - 2007
    She has spent half of her young life avoiding matters of the heart. And she’s spent ninety-five percent of that time avoiding the one male that always sets her heart racing and her blood pumping: Lukas Montague, the Commander of the Locke Brotherhood. Being the only female Scout for The Society and having a peculiar relationship with the ruler of the Vampire Nation has set Star apart from “normal” vamps. Of course Lukas Montague is anything but normal. He’s also not patient. After 200 years of Star avoiding him, he’s decided that it’s time that she realise that she belongs to him. Lukas’ patience is put to the test by events that come dangerously close to spiralling out of control. What happens the end … well read on and you will find out!

Best Made Plans

Nia K. Foxx - 2008
    Or so it seemed from my view. Being alone and facing the big 3-0 only seemed to reinforce the observation, especially when the best relationship I ever had turned out to be major a hoax. The pressure was on, and an evening of downtime in a crowded club sounded perfect. It was the last place I would ever dream of finding Mr. Right. How was I to know I would meet six feet-three inches of pure male sex appeal with eyes that made my panties melt? Only more surprising was the man behind the hot gaze was white, and, boy, was he intent on having lil-old me. [Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, exhibitionism.]

First Born

R.S. Holloway - 2014
    Unable to carry on their species as only males remain, they do their best to enjoy life while they wait for extinction. But when a vampire has sex with a human female, a female who doesn't even know vampires exist, against all laws of nature she gets pregnant! The first baby to be born with vampire blood in hundreds of years is now a real possibility, but how will the community react to this news? Both the vampire one, and the humans? Find out in this gripping new BWWM paranormal romance by Esther Banks... A must read! Due to scenes of a sexual nature, this Kindle book is only suitable for over 18s.

Pull My Hair

Kimberly Kaye Terry - 2006
    No more long, extended love play, spankings or sweet kisses.nothing but "let's get this over with" sex. Sex has become mechanical and the only time Liza catches a thrill is when Greg needs an itch scratched. Enough is enough when she cuts off all her glorious locks and Greg doesn't even notice She is determined to figure out what has gone wrong, and how to get her man to notice her again. After seven years of marriage, Greg realizes he doesn't know his wife and is tired of the game she's playing. He too misses the sweet love they once shared, but a recent surprise from the past shows him that his wife has hidden part of herself from him and has him wondering what else she has hidden. Will Liza and Greg get past the lies and half-truths to rediscover a love worth fighting for, or is their once hot, loving marriage doomed for failure?

Billionaire's Black Sextuplet Babies

Ciara Cole - 2018
    I had my share of bombshells, but SEXTUPLETS… Nothing topped that. I knew the minute I saw her it wouldn’t take long.She would submit to me.Cry out my name.As I drove into her, again and again.Oh yes.I was one dirty boss.My doe-eyed little intern didn’t stand a chance. Erica would be mine. She thought she could resist me.That our time tangled in my sheets was a one-night-only deal.But that’s what made the chase all the more fun.Plus, she was my intern.My property.Which meant Erica needed to do as she was told.But as they say: ‘What goes up, must come down.’And our little affair created a media storm…Topped up with another bombshell… A helluva pregnancy. Erica and I had a choice to make:Put everything on the line and make it work, or succumb to the clusterf@#k of conflicts being thrown our way? Time for this billionaire to reap what he sowed. Note: Billionaire's Black Sextuplet Babies is a steamy bwwm romance between a billionaire boss and his sexy intern.

Bow Down To Alpha: A BBW Shifter Romance

Lara Reyes - 2020
    And that´s true, I have no husband, no family and I´m pretty okay with living this way for the rest of my life.Then on a work trip to Montana, Ryker finds me and turns my world upside down. He´s a wolf shifter, rough, blunt, gruff and controlling and has a need to take care of me.Ryker wants to breed with me, I´m his mate and I want to have a family with him just as much. But our happily ever after is threatened because somebody out there does not want him to have me...Bow Down To Alpha is an interracial short romance with a big, beautiful woman and a dominant, obsessive and possessive alpha. A little suspense, a little tugging at your heartstrings, a lot of steam and of course with a you know what in the end. 18+ only.

Beast's Claim

Piper Stone - 2020
    But some of us know that to save both our species, humans and shifters must work together…

Her Master

Jenika Snow - 2011
    This story has been revised. A bite of a story… Claret isn't just a bar for the paranormal, but a portal to another dimension. It plays tricks on the mind, and whoever enters will experience agony or ecstasy. Once Nena steps insides Claret she realizes that the price to leave may be more than she is willing to pay. But once she is in Master Erach's hold, she realizes that the life she has experienced thus far doesn't compare to what the dominant and alpha vampire has in store for her. *This short story is told in the first person from the heroine’s point of view. This is also a quick read with an ending that doesn’t fit in the HEA or HFN category. It’s purely for enjoyment purposes and has some darker content. Please be advised.

Who's Your Daddy: Pleasure Palace Series: A BDSM/BWWM Romance Novel

Rose Marie - 2021
    Sydney Rain is one of those people you'd definitely consider spoiled, bratty, and immature. She has little to ask for in life, with two loving and caring parents, one a prestigious doctor and the other a devoted wife and stay-at-home mom. Money? Her dad gave it freely. Love, advice, and support, her mother offered it in droves. Friends? Easy to come by. Popularity and smarts, it was all there. So when Sydney goes gaga over the rude and demeaning Dustin Homes, no one, especially her best friend Jayla, has the slightest clue as to why.They wouldn't know that he and his best friend Rafael Deluca are the two most sought-after Doms at playhouse Pleasure Palace or that she, the very self-centered Sydney is one of the "pets" seeking to be owned by them. On hands and knees with a collar around her neck, she wants to crawl for then, and when she's naughty, she will happily welcome any punishment they gave. Sydney wants it all, and she gets it, but when insecurity, jealousy, and secrets surface. Sydney has to grapple with her self-discovery and maturity as she questions if she can take the heat that comes with being owned by the two hottest Doms around.

Urban Vampire Complete Series

Pepper Pace - 2014
    Unfortunately her Vampire after-life is a big mystery. The ones that know are out to kill her for being turned by a rogue and her allies happen to be her food. In order to survive the Vampire Nation, Kim will have to outsmart and out think her enemies. Their big mistake; underestimating a black woman with the will to survive. CREATURE OF THE NIGHT; In this second novel Kim finds herself girlfriend of Tony and mated to the dangerous Elder Council Member, Alexis, whose betrayal haunts her…until she learns the truth. Her discovery sends her on a journey through Europe, and in touch with new Supernaturals. But could one of them be Paul? THE RETURN OF ALEXIS; Now is the time for Alexis to seek vengeance on those that have betrayed him, and in doing so will he demand what he feels is rightfully his; Kim…?

Masters of Eden

Loki Renard - 2014
    Unfortunately for Eden, two firm-handed men stand in her way. From the moment the beautiful, defiant prisoner first set foot on their ship, Ghost and Mixer knew this job was going to be like nothing they’d faced before. Eden’s constant deceptions and endless mischief keep the men constantly on their toes, and though each attempt at escape earns her a long, hard paddling on her bare bottom, no punishment seems able to keep her compliant for long. Despite their best efforts, the men soon grow close to their troublesome captive and her charms attract them more each day, until at last they can resist no longer. Eden has always craved someone strong enough to handle her, but until now no man had ever come close. Though she would blush to admit it, Eden quickly finds herself craving both their strict discipline and the confident, powerful way they lay claim to her body—sometimes both at the same time. But no matter how much she longs to be theirs forever, Eden knows that escape must be her top priority. Can she find a way to keep both her freedom and their love? Publisher’s Note: Masters of Eden is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, sexual scenes including threesomes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

La Patron Series: Books 4 -6: BirthStone / BirthDate / BirthSign

Sydney Addae - 2015
    When she meets the Alpha in charge, his disdain is obvious, and after living with a cold, uncaring husband she’s determined to fight the building attraction between them. When her son quickly rises from death’s door, her suspicions open a door to a world she never knew existed. Which proves you’re never too young to keep secrets or too old to find the love of your life. This collection features books 4 -6 in the Birth Series!

Addicted to Santino: (A BWWM Christmas Romance)

Amarie Avant - 2020