Sexy SEAL Box Set: A SEAL's Seduction\A SEAL's Surrender\A SEAL's Salvation\A SEAL's Kiss

Tawny Weber - 2014
    The Proud. The Sexy as Hell! Enjoy the first four stories from New York Times bestselling author Tawny Weber's SEAL collection. Featuring super-sexy navy SEALs and their blazing romances, these sizzling stories are impossible to put down. Includes A SEAL's Seduction, A SEAL's Surrender, A SEAL's Salvation and A SEAL's Kiss."Fiery hot sex scenes, strong characters and exciting action make this one of the best stories in the Uniformly Hot! series--and one of the best Blaze reads in a while."--RT Book Reviews on A SEAL's SEDUCTIONDon't miss A SEAL's Fantasy available September 2014!

Lunchtime Chronicles, Issue 13: Blackberry Pie

Reana Malori - 2020
    Women flock to him like moths to a flame. He enjoys having them in his bed, and then sending them on their way. When the beautiful, curvy woman literally crashes into his life, he knows she’s meant to be more to him than just a good time. Will Logan be able to do what it takes to prove to Alisha she’s more than just a sweet treat? Alisha – She doesn’t need a man to be fulfilled… but she enjoys what they offer behind closed doors. She’s tired of being the woman they sleep with, but never bring home to meet the family. When she meets the tall, blue-eyed temptation, she knows this is her chance to have fun on her terms. Alisha's determined to be the only flavor he’ll ever want on his lips.BLACKBERRY PIE is an interracial erotic romance (BWWM) with a HEA. It is a part of the Lunchtime Chronicles series which can be read as standalone novels.*BWWM Romance | Interracial Erotica | Novella | HEA*

Dog Tags

Anna BlakelyD.D. Lorenzo - 2020
    A romance anthology featuring military and canine heroesDog Tags is a powerful collection of stories about the men and women who sacrifice their lives—mind, body, and soul—fighting to defend our country, and the extraordinary dogs that help them heal.Not all injuries are visible to the naked eye and sometimes it takes a furry friend to mend what’s been broken.From love at first sight to long lost lovers reunited, these twelve military romance novellas range from ready, fire!Love is worth fighting for, and so is helping our courageous, wounded warriors find their way back home.We are proud to provide support to K9s For Warriors’ mission to end veteran suicide and give a new “leash” on life to rescue dogs and military heroes.

To Protect & Serve: 7 Military Romances

Alicia Hunter Pace - 2016
    . . what's not to love about a military man? Meet these seven irresistible heroes who fight just as passionately for true love as they do for their country. Healing Beau: USA Today best-selling author Alicia Hunter Pace spins a poignant small-town story of healing and homecoming. After recklessly destroying his military career, Ranger Sergeant Beau Beauford retreats home to Beauford Bend . . . only to promptly impregnate his best and oldest friend. Christian Hambrick is made of guts, steel, and plain good sense, except for that lifelong torch she's held for Beau. When old secrets resurface, she'll wage full-scale war on Beau's past to preserve their future.Her Soldier's Touch by J.M. Stewart: When U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Colten Taylor returns briefly to Phoenix to bury his brother, he's shocked to see Rachel Madison waiting for him at the airport. He regrets the morning he walked away from her; coming from an abusive home taught Colt to put limits on all his relationships. But now that she has his son in tow, will he keep running?California Homecoming by Casey Dawes: After returning from duty in the Middle East wounded in both body and spirit, Hunter Evans volunteers to help Sarah Ladina fix up a run-down Victorian in the beach town of Costanoa. Can they get beyond their painful past and complicated present to find the love and respect they need?Island Pursuits by Heather Rodney-Diaz: Former U.S. Marine Adrian Mendez returns to his homeland of Trinidad and Tobago only to run into a feisty island goddess with one flaw - she has no love of anything military.Angel Without Wings by Mari Manning: After resigning from a promising army career to help his mother and wounded brother, Jesse McCormick struggles to save the family farm. Only one plan will earn him enough money to get his family out of debt - a dangerous assignment with a paramilitary group. But he's slowly losing his heart to Linnea Reyes, a war widow helping to save the farm. Can he give up her love just when he's found it?The Cormorant Club by Anji Nolan: When they're reunited by chance, Holly and Scott's attraction is as undeniable as when they met in a MASH unit in Vietnam. But when a murder-for-hire group starts targeting their war contacts, will they lose their second chance at love?Enlisted by Love by Jenny Jacobs: Ex-army officer Matthew Blake is eager to start a new career, until he comes up against the most challenging obstacle he's ever encountered: Greta Ferguson, the interior designer who challenges his every order.Sensuality Level: Sensual


Andrea Bills - 2018
    The house is home to a beautiful woman and a little girl with big blue eyes. Day after day, he drives back only to hide in the shadows and wonder why he can’t seem to walk away from them.His therapist says it is PTSD. His handler tells him he’s just not cut out to be part of the civilian world. Luke can’t help but feel like it’s more. The dog tags that once hung proudly around his neck, now feel like a collar; leashing him to a life that he fears he didn’t choose. After the terrible things he’s done in the name of freedom, could he possibly be worthy of something as precious as the woman and child he continues to watch?When the two worlds collide, Luke needs his mind to be stronger than the implant the government placed in his back. They’ve told him he can’t survive without the implant they use to control him, but Luke’s wondering if he can survive without the little girl with big blue eyes and the gorgeous woman she calls mamma.


Anne L. Parks - 2017
     Mia Rowland is happy in her quiet, comfortable, and highly predictable life in Washington DC. Her work as an accountant for professional athletes is all the excitement she can stand. Her peace is destroyed when the suspicious death of a colleague reveals secrets involving Mia’s firm and a terrorist organization. Navy SEAL Ben Wells is in DC transitioning from his team in San Diego to a deeply covert military unit, the existence of which is known only by the highest level government officials. Set up on a blind date with Mia by Wolf and Caroline, Ben has no way of knowing that dinner with the beautiful young woman will thrust him into the middle of a terrorist plot targeting a highly-respected Senator, one whose sole ambition is to destroy terrorist cells in the U.S. As Mia and Ben grow closer, the terrorists realize Mia has information against them, and they want it back at any cost. Once she goes M.I.A., it’s up to Ben to rescue her. But saving Mia could be the ultimate sacrifice for Ben, one that could lead to more than just the death of their promising relationship--it could cost them their lives.

Another Moment in Time: A Collection of Short Stories

Susan Stoker - 2020
    But when he asks what he can do to help, he’s even more surprised by the answer.Best Christmas Ever- When Chris and Sienna meet during an accident in Texas, the perfect strangers soon discover they’re inexplicably linked…in more ways than one. Coincidence? Perhaps. Or maybe the makings of their very own Christmas miracle.First Kiss- Annie Fletcher is far more tomboy than girly-girl; Frankie Sanders has a disability most boys don’t have to endure. But in each other’s eyes, they’re perfect—and the teen sweethearts have waited nearly a decade for their first kiss.If they can find more than a few minutes alone during his holiday visit, Frankie and Annie’s Christmas promises to be the most magical ever.

A Soldier's Promise

Angelica Kate - 2014
    Upon graduation he joined the military, providing him structure, meaning and a great career of which he could be proud. After twelve years he has a life he is comfortable within, a team that he would die to protect and little else in his solitary existence. Unfortunately, all that changes when one of his team doesn’t make it out of the latest covert operation and Ryker is made to keep a promise that will take him on a trip toward everything he always claimed he didn’t want. Darby is the all-American girl that her fiancé left behind to serve on a covert military team. Engaged to be married that summer when he returned she is knee deep in getting her organic produce and therapeutic horse farm operation off the ground. She is busy working toward her goals when the first letter is delivered by impersonal military personnel ending her dreams of the marriage she had planned since high school. The next three envelopes will be from members of her fiancé’s team, all making good on a promise they made him. One of those letters will bring the loner Ryker to her doorstep for one surprising month.

Claimed by the Desert Sheikh

Susan Mallery - 2011
    This title presents a collection of stories featuring hot-blooded, hard-hearted kings of the desert who have chosen their queens!

3, 2, 1...Married!

Sharon Sala - 1999
    Three women are determined to ring out the years of being single and ring in a new year as newlyweds in this special holiday collection from Silhouette! Don't miss three brand-new, lighthearted, romantic stories of women determined to find love -- by the New Year!

Slow Burn: Seducing Mr. Right / Take Me

Cherry Adair - 2014
    Right Catherine Harris has been head over heels for Luke Van Buren for as long as she can remember. But he's always regarded her as a kid sister, not a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants. When Cat asks Luke to help her meet—and seduce—Mr. Right, the request stirs up feelings in Luke that are definitely not-so-brotherly. But he's never been able to say no to Cat, and now he's finding her more irresistible than ever…. Take Me Jessie Adams knows exactly what she wants. Long nights of incredible sex and a baby to call her own. Then she's moving on. A sizzling affair with no strings attached suits business executive Joshua Falcon just fine. He's used to getting what he wants, both at work and at play—and gorgeous Jessie is too tempting to resist. But the pair share a surprising past. One that's poised to take their no-obligation arrangement somewhere they never dreamed….


Lutishia Lovely - 2011
    . . .White Mocha Michele GrantJayla has always played it safe, personally and professionally. Finding the perfect cup of coffee is about the most exciting thing in her life. But one look at free-spirited café owner Jason, and she's suddenly inspired to venture out of her comfort zone. . . Wanted: You Lutishia LovelyChaz Covington is the guy every man wants to be and every woman wants to have. So when a series of anonymous erotic letters begin arriving at his office, he is only mildly surprised. His prudish assistant, Lois, is shocked. But before it's all over, she won't be the only one. . .From One Lover to Another Cydney RaxLorraine Eafford is done with bad boys. She's ready for someone nice and reliable--someone just like her new co-worker, Wendell. But her ex won't take no for an answer, and Lorraine is about to show him just how bad this good girl can be. . ."Vibrant characters, artful storytelling, and an original voice make Lutishia Lovely worth every moment."--Donna Hill"Talented Grant entices, captivates and mesmerizes her readers." --Romantic Times on Heard It All Before". . .you'll find yourself drawn to Rax's juicy tale of out-of-order Buppies in love and lust." --Essence® on My Husband's Girlfriend

Lost and Found Pieces 2

J.M. Madden - 2020
     In Return of the Warrior we’ll catch up with Mac and Roz from Flat Line as she struggles to regain balance and maybe take a step forward in her life. In A Family Affair Aiden has a surprise for his big brother John Palmer, but he’s left reeling when the tables are turned on him… In Oh, Louie, BB Jones takes a sick puppy into her heart and home, and struggles to feel secure while Lincoln is deployed, especially when faced with an unexpected gift. Raine Walters fights to bring the holiday spirit to the tortured men that the Dogs of War have recovered in Christmas Raine. Lost and Found Series Reading Order The Embattled Road- Prequel- 0.5 Embattled Hearts- Book 1 Embattled Minds- Book 2 Embattled Home- Book 3 Embattled SEAL- Book 4 Embattled Ever After- Book 5 Connected Novellas- SEAL’s Lost Dream- Book 2.5 Her Forever Hero- Book 3.5 Unbreakable SEAL- Book 3.6 Embattled Christmas- Book 3.7 Loving Lilly- Book 4.2 Her Secret Wish- Book 4.3 SEAL’s Christmas Dream- Book 4.7 Mistletoe Mischief- 5.1 Lost and Found Pieces 1- Book 5.2 Lost and Found Pieces 2 Connected Spinoffs- The Lowells of Honeywell, Texas Forget Me Not- Prequel Untying His Not- Book 1 Naughty by Nature- Book 2 Trying the Knot- Book 3 The Dogs of War- Genesis- Prequel Chaos- Book 1 Destruction- Book 2 Retribution- Book 3 Catalyst- Book 4

Navy SEAL Surrender

Angi Morgan - 2014
    He never expected to reunite with the girl whose heart he broke. But when Alicia Adams’s daughter is kidnapped, the fearless SEAL jumps into action.However, the off-book op poses unfamiliar dangers to John. To regain her trust and protect her from the kidnappers, he’ll risk his career and his life. It all hinges on one daring scheme that could prove he's the hero she needs — or break her heart all over again...

Hot Extraction: SEALs, Marines, and Infantry - A Military Romance Boxed Set

Kathryn Thomas - 2015
    HEA Endings An opportunity to own 10 military romance titles from five authors in one limited-edition digital boxed set Laura Day: SEAL of Fortune trilogy - Veronica Baker is about to find herself the center of a deadly plot by a dangerous terrorist, and the only person able to help her is Navy SEAL Ryker Evans--who's far too sexy for his own good. A. L. Summers: Pulling Rank - Eliza Cameron and Danny Anderson will fight each other every step of the way to determine who's top dog in their outfit. Kristin Fletcher: Broken Arrow - Sophie Bryant and Jake Reynolds walk a fragile and broken path together to elude the shadows of war that haunts them both. Kristin Fletcher: A Ranger's Love - Daisy Fuller thought she knew everything there is to know about military guys, but that was before she met Mike Hanover. Kathryn Thomas: Lima Six Motorcycle Club Trilogy - Jamie Boyles finds herself torn between her responsibility to her community and her love of Leo Graves, VP of the ex-military outlaw club: Lima Six MC