Adler and Orrick

Chloe Gray - 2020
    He didn’t expect to find a new Daddy too.With his pride shattered from a nasty breakup, Adler Jones vows to never settle for a vanilla relationship again. He moves to the small mountain town of Bartford, intending to keep life simple and avoid relationships for a while.When Adler meets his neighbor, he realizes that won’t be so easy to do.Orrick Matthews loves his life. He runs the family hardware store with his brother and spends his free time fixing up old houses. Would he like a man to share his life with? Sure, but what's the hurry? When he meets Adler for the first time, Orrick knows everything is about to change. He just doesn’t realize how much. When Orrick discovers Adler is less "vanilla" than expected, they have to decide if Orrick can be the Daddy that little Addie needs.C.W. Gray writing as Chloe Gray.This is a 26k novella that includes love at first sight, age play, a crumbling Victorian, cute pets, supportive and nosy friends, and one quirky small town.

His Accidental Daddy

Luna David - 2020
    He talks to plants more than he does humans and prefers it that way. Though he's always felt like something is missing, understanding what that is and how to get it feels like an insurmountable task.Making a living out of helping other's achieve their professional dreams serves to help Thornton Hayes realize his own. He’s also a Daddy, through and through, and Thornton’s one dream of finding a boy who needs a man to take care of his every need is one he’s had no luck of fulfilling.When a terrible accident brings the two men together, neither of them expect their intense connection. Has Daddy found a little he can pamper, protect, and provide for, or will Asher deny every instinct he has to regress?

Caring for Little Ollie

Izaia Winter - 2019
     All Oliver wanted was some more paint, a new box of crayons, and a maybe some more candy. Scared of putting himself and his needs out there in fear of rejection, Oliver never expected to meet eyes with the Daddy of his dreams. He definitely didn’t expect the man to hunt him down in the store and ask him out while standing in the baby aisle holding a basket with a bottle of his favorite strawberry bubble bath, a new yellow sippy cup, and an awesome dinosaur coloring book. He might as well have the word ‘little’ stamped permanently across his forehead. Marshall never expected to be anyone’s Daddy. While enjoying his coffee and reading a book, Marshall never expected to feel someone watching him and he definitely didn’t expect to meet the eyes of a beautiful man that pushed every one of his buttons but in a second he was gone. Unwilling to let him slip out of his grasp, Marshall searches everywhere and when he finds him in the baby aisle perusing the pacifiers, he boldly approaches. Once he realizes Oliver is a little in every sense of the word and is in need of a Daddy to love and care for him, Marshall finally succumbs to the desires he’s suppressed for so long. Follow Oliver and Marshall on their sweet journey of discovery and acceptance as they both reach for the connection they never thought they would find. WARNING: This book is Intended for Adult (18+) readers. While not all books in this series will feature Age Play, Daddy Kink, or Adult Babie/Diaper Lover elements, this book does. I understand this kind of content is not for everyone and if this is not your cup of tea, feel free to skip this book. I try to write all books so that they can be read and understood as stand alones although reading them all together will create a more complete and rich experience. ~60k words Story Contains: MM Sexual Content, Daddy Kink, BDSM Elements, Power Exchange Relationships, Age Play, Mild AB/DL, Brief References to Past Child Abuse, Fast Feelings, Sweetness Overload, Happily Ever Afters, and No Angst

One Cup of Daddy and a Dash of Love

Victoria Sue - 2020
    Homeless, and convinced adulthood is some cruel joke forced on him to make him lonely, Dash is overawed by the sexy older man who seems to offer him everything he's ever wanted including story time, bath time, and special play time. One Cup of Daddy contains an overworked businessman who finds out that cuddling a sweet boy and keeping him safe might be the best thing he's ever done, and a scared boy who discovers that finding a Daddy and holding on tight might just be the best recipe for love ever written. #AgePlay #NoABDL

It's Just Us

R. Phoenix - 2019
    Used to pretending he's someone he's not, twenty-one-year-old college student Micah has been hiding his true self. When a prank sends him into a bar on kink night, he finds something he never knew he needed: a world so strange, yet so alluring, where someone offers to take care of him... even though escaping all the pressure sounds too good to be true. But can he find something lasting with a Daddy who likes to pamper him? Can he trust Carter to be his first in so many ways? At forty, Carter is a widower. Though he's past the stages of grief, he's still completely lost without his late husband. There's a hole in his life he doesn't think he'll ever fill. But Micah doesn't only fit perfectly in Carter's lap -- he's also curious about all things related to age play. Can he coax Micah out of his shell so he can become the femme, carefree, happy little he's meant to be? ~71k words.  Tags: Daddy Kink, Age Play, ABDL, Panties/Manties, May/December, age gap, age difference, sweet, taboo, femme sub

Baby Boy

Athena Steller - 2020
    Being able to let go of all his worry and stress? The promise sounds too good to be true and Avery knows he should run away. But Jace is everything he’s ever fantasized about. The words Daddy and baby boy hang between them. Erotic, enticing, and exciting.The DaddyJace has been watching Avery for months, ever since he’d first set eyes on the shy and nervous young man. Finding out that Avery is killing himself working three jobs while going to school has Jace fighting his instincts to take control of the situation. Being a caretaking Daddy Dom Jace knows he has so much to offer Avery. If the boy is brave enough to accept what Jace is offering.Baby Boy is the first book in the Daddy’s boy series by Athena Steller.This book contains MM sexual content (men having sex with each other), light BDSM elements, Age Play, Daddy/boy relationship, ABDL, and age gap relations. This book is an exploration of a relationship between two (Male) consensual adults that are looking for love and acceptance. All characters are over the age of consent. No cheating or cliff hangers.Each book in the Daddy’s boy series will concentrate on a new couple although the characters from other books will visit often.The books can be read as standalone novels but for better enjoyment watching how the characters grow from book to book adds to the enjoyment of the series.Each book in the Daddy’s boy series ends with an HEA although we do in a peek into the earlier relationships as they progress as the series continues.

Pretty Boy

K.M. Neuhold - 2020
    You get used to feeling unwanted.Until he walks into my bar…Tall, gorgeous, and all kinds of out of place. And the way he looks at me ain’t like no way I ever seen before.Does he mean it when he says he wants to take me away from here? Nobody’s ever wanted me around for long. Can I believe Barrett when he says that’s what he wants?Something about the word Daddy on my lips makes it all seem possible. Even if I don’t really believe anyone would want to keep an ugly boy like me forever…*** Pretty Boy is a low-ish angst, steamy, sweet Daddy story with NO age play.


Carly Marie - 2019
    He graduated college, found a job he loves, and has a place to call home. Unfortunately, he knows what he desires in a relationship is considered too “high-maintenance” for most men and he has decided to not even bother looking. He’s happy with his decision until a sexy man with salt-and-pepper hair limps into his physical therapy office and turns his world upside down. Careful attention to detail and a need to be in control have helped Travis Barton become the owner of a successful construction company. But that same desire for control is what has pushed his past boyfriends away... Travis knows what he’s looking for in a relationship isn’t easy to find, and the last place he expects to find the man with the potential to be everything he’s ever hoped for is in his physical therapist’s office. But when Travis overhears an intriguing conversation between his cute physical therapist and a co-worker, he’s suddenly not so anxious to be back at work. Is it possible for two men, both content in their lives, to find what they’ve both needed in a partner in the most unexpected of places? Or will their desires be too much for the other to handle? This 83k word Daddy/boy novel contains adult topics, including age play and ABDL themes.


M.A. Innes - 2018
     Ryland was convinced that there had to be something better than racing toward adulthood. He just wasn’t sure what it was. Between the decisions about college majors and careers, and never-ending responsibilities, all he wanted to do was let it all go and just unwind. Unfortunately, everyone else’s idea of fun was more stressful than relaxing. Holden never expected to find the sub of his dreams at the grocery store. Overhearing the voice on the next aisle talking about how much fun baby biscuits and kiddie snacks were was the last thing Holden expected to happen at the grocery store. But it was music to his ears. Except, the sexy voice didn’t seem to understand what his preferences might actually mean. As Ryland discovers that growing older doesn’t have to mean growing up, Holden wants to be the Daddy who gets to show him how perfect being little can be. 65K Words Story Contains: M/m Sexual Content, BDSM elements, Spankings, Age Play, Mild ABDL

My Kind of Man

A.G. Silver - 2018
     Michael knows what he wants. He wants a daddy. When yet another attempt at a relationship fails, Michael decides to find himself his daddy. The one man that will care for him, nurture him, and love him for who he is. Twenty-six-year-old and successful in his career, Michael knows he’s missing out on life. He’s a quiet, introverted man with desires that seem too far out of his reach. Until he goes to Escape one night. Callum is tired of being lonely. He has everything to offer the right man. When forty-year-old Callum is encouraged to visit Escape, his hopes are high, but his expectancy of finding the perfect man is low until he sees a young man nervously looking around the club. Everything about him ticks Callum’s boxes. Shorter than his six-foot frame with blond curls that cry out to be stroked, and a look of anxious longing on his face. Callum is transfixed. With only a few words exchanged, the two men are hooked, eager to explore everything they have ever dreamed of. Is this a life they can fulfill, or will they find too many obstacles in their way? My Kind of Man is an age-play story and contains M/M sexual content, spankings, age play, ABDL.

Teddy and His Bear

Andi James - 2018
    After all, he’s been dealing with it most of his life. But a recent breakup takes him completely by surprise and now he’s on his own again. Nursing new and old hurts, he leans on his makeshift family and finds solace in a growing and unexpected friendship with an older man. Forty-two-year-old Barrett has successfully ignored his biggest need for years. His last boy left him questioning everything he knew, and he is determined to lead a vanilla life, no matter how much his friends try to convince him to be true to himself. When he learns his favorite barista needs a new place to stay, he offers a solution that leads to spending more time with the younger man. A change in circumstances brings both men together and their buried feelings to light. Teddy knows he’s attracted to Barrett but isn’t sure if he’s ready to risk his heart again, and Barrett is losing the struggle against his dominant nature. Will learning Barrett’s sexy secret be too much for Teddy, or is it just the thing he never knew he needed? Teddy & His Bear is a 90K word slow-burn, May/December, Daddy kink MM romance featuring one hot Daddy, his sweet new boy, coffee, and unicorns.

His Someone Special

Sammi Cee - 2020
    On the brink of complete poverty, he’s desperate enough to accept a job at a biker bar, even though it terrifies him. It’s not like he has a choice when the hot, older owner is the only one willing to give him a chance.Sarge has a full life. He’s made his dream of owning a successful bar come true. He has good friends and valuable employees. If he gets a little lonely, it’s easier to just scratch the itch than to put his heart back on the line. At least it was until Davis, constantly looking to him for reassurance, melts through his defenses with his big blue eyes.When Davis reveals his curiosity about Daddies, will Sarge give into the desire to claim Davis as his boy?

A Daddy for Alexi

Joe Satoria - 2021
    Starting a new job with the same anxieties, he doesn’t think he’ll ever feel wanted, let alone someone who will understand him. But will the kindness of a stranger change that?Overworked and under-laid, Warren Raines is searching for someone special to share himself with. Touch is his love language. He’s armed with a giant stuffed teddy, and a need to please. Will he finally find someone to have fun with?Dressed up and playing the part, they find something special... but can they complete each other?A DADDY FOR ALEXI is the start of a brand new series! You’ll find age gap, age play, and plenty of femboy fantasy. Each book in the series is standalone, although characters are known to make a guest appearance.

Disciplinary Action

Onley James - 2020
    For fifteen years, Gideon had everything, but then tragedy strikes, leaving him alone once again.CALLUM WHYTE was raised with every conceivable luxury but one: loving parents. When his father is indicted for federal crimes and his assets frozen, Cal has to learn to survive with nothing. When a friend offers him money to spend the night with the hot older man they all call Daddy, Cal has no choice but to say yes or literally risk going without medication he needs to stay alive.One night with Daddy Gideon leaves Cal’s head spinning and his body longing for something he never thought he’d want: discipline. Too bad Gideon never plays with the same boy twice, not even ones who beg as sweetly as Cal.Just when Cal thinks all hope is lost, he discovers Gideon is the new headmaster for his school, leading him to devise a plan to get what he wants by blackmailing the older man into spending the next six weeks with him. But Cal is about to learn it doesn’t pay to blackmail someone who doles out his punishments.Will this battle of wills end in a ceasefire or heartbreak?This book contains BDSM, Daddy Dom, Age-Gap, Teacher/Student and Domestic Discipline and is complete at 70,000 words with no cliffhanger and a HEA.

Rooming Together

Quinn Ward - 2020
    That's not possible once Jayden learns my secret... Being a little in the dorms isn't easy. When my first roommate found out, he freaked. With a new semester and a new roommate, I promise myself I'll keep my gear locked away. Except at night when everyone is sleeping... Jayden's not nearly as inclined to let me hide after he finds my binkie in the laundry. Correction, after his mom finds it. Shoot me now. Even though he's never considered himself to be a Caregiver, Jayden makes it his mission to help me find a daddy. Neither of us knew he'd be the best fit for the job. He's always there and he's a natural caretaker. No matter how close we get, the D word is off-limits for him. Will he ever accept the role he's assumed in my life? Or will I start the next school year once again looking for a place to stay? Rooming Together is the first in a new series set in the kinky town of Annandale featuring binkies, stuffies, and adorably padded backsides. It features cameo appearances from The Lodge series characters but can be read as a standalone.