Highlander’s Lesser Evil: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Highlands' Deceptive Lovers Book 4)

Adamina Young - 2020
    Desperate for a solution, Theodore agrees to marry a woman chosen by the people to proclaim his loyalty to them.Gemma Merrimen was the fiancee of the powerful and feared Laird Fletcher MacSeaver, who abandoned her to wed another lass. She thought she had escaped his claws, but now that Fletcher is widowed, Gemma lives under the fear that he will reclaim her and agrees to do something she'd never thought she would; wed someone willingly.Highly regarded by everyone, Gemma is chosen to marry the new mysterious Laird Theodore MacDougal, a man she does not trust, but compared to her previous wicked betrothed, the enigmatic Laird looks like the lesser of two evils…She and Theodore are cautiously circling each other, and sparks of passion ignite, but there are inner demons that keep their hearts at bay. Gemma fears that she might have wed the wrong man, and if that is true, she has doomed not only herself but also her beloved clan.Enjoy this Highland Historical Romance story filled with plot-twists, mystery and romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after, by best-selling author Adamina Young! Get your copy TODAY for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!Enjoy!

First Blood

Rawlin Cash - 2019
    Their first kiss. The first time a bullet bit into their flesh. The first time they killed a man. They say everyone comes from somewhere. Well, the place I come from, they say you ain't really a man until you've been shot. So I guess that means I'm a man. This is a story about a couple of things. It's about my grandpa and the Nazi memorabilia he keeps hidden in the barn. It's about the time he killed my dog and knocked me near to death. It's about my daddy's rifle and the first time I really used it. It's called First Blood, and that's an apt title. Everyone comes from somewhere. Everyone has a first time. Everyone has a story. This is mine. This prologue novella sets the scene for one of the most full-throttle CIA assassin series to hit bookstores in years. It has been created from the ground up, with the help of present and former national security operatives, to fill the space between Jason Bourne and Mitch Rapp. The extensive series will see one new novel every six weeks during 2019. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the series that has already garnered critical praise and a passionate readership. Reader relations: http://eepurl.com/dN8rC5 Prequel Novella: Jack Hunter Origin Story Prequel Novella: First Blood Book 1: Headshot Book 2: Super Sniper Book 3: Coming October 2019

The World of The Gateway (The Gateway Trackers #1-2)

E.E. Holmes - 2018
    Holmes’ captivating follow-up paranormal series that obsessed readers have described as “unputdownable” and “spellbinding”. If you love paranormal fiction at its spookiest, with plenty of action and suspense, along with a tough and independent heroine you’ll want to stand up and cheer for, you will fall in love with this best-selling series… but proceed with caution: you’ll be up all night reading! Whispers of the Walker: It’s been several years since the cataclysmic events at Fairhaven. After breaking the code of secrecy and facing the judgement of the High Council, Jess and Hannah have no choice but to become Trackers, working to take down those who would exploit the spirit world for profit or power. Their first assignment takes them into the deep South, where Jeremiah Campbell, a self-proclaimed spiritual guru, lures wealthy and desperate devotees with promises of a deeper connection with the dead. As the girls go undercover, it soon becomes clear that Campbell is not merely the con artist they suspected him to be, and that they, and the spirit world they are sworn to protect, are once again in unimaginable danger. Plague of the Shattered: Something dangerous is stalking the halls of Fairhaven. It lies in wait, striking down victim after victim, undetectable and inescapable. No one knows what it is, or what it wants, but one thing is clear: no one is safe until it is captured.

Firestorm: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (The Awakened World Book 3)

William Stacey - 2020
    But now an unknown enemy wants even more…The war we feared has come, and leading the invading army is the only remaining dragon, the “Black Death.” If it’s not stopped, the dragon will slaughter thousands. I’m Angie Ritter, former army mage and the first source mage to be born in centuries. I might be able to stop the dragon.If I can learn to control my new magic.If I can master the ancient entity possessing me.If I can act like a grownup and stop fantasizing about the sexy were-jaguar I’m traveling with.Oh, and if I can avoid getting my heart cut out, or drained of my blood, or burned to death… or, well, any of the countless other grisly deaths that await me.Now something haunts my dreams.Something hungry.FML.

Edge Case (Cassidy Book 3)

M.R. Forbes - 2021
    Gaining mastery of his past has unlocked his full potential, and the final fight against the Immortals is about to begin. But will his next move free humankind…....or destroy an entire universe?

A Slave To Him (Book 2) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Kelly Favor - 2016
    From New York Times bestselling author Kelly Favor, comes a sexy and gripping new series that will leave you breathless… HIS OBSESSION Orlando Parker is one of the richest, most powerful men in the free world.And when he decides he wants something, or someone, he gets it.If he chooses you, be ready to give him everything.Be ready to take everything you can take.Be ready to be… A SLAVE TO HIM.

Sinners (Tribulation #2)

Jamie Lee Grey - 2021
    At the same time, new concerns fracture the group of persecuted saints. Some consider leaving for perceived safety deeper in the forest.Meanwhile, Maxwell Flynn finds himself drawn to Grace’s selfless character and charming personality. At any other time in history, he’d fall head over heels for her. But the world has never seen times like these, and he needs to keep his focus on providing for – and protecting – the fragile group hiding in the woods.Soon, troubles rise from all sides. Nature itself seems to become one of the group’s greatest adversaries. From predators to meteorites, danger constantly lurks outside their flimsy fabric tents.As their difficulties mount, the group suffers a tragedy that threatens to rip them apart. Can they find a way forward through the turmoil? Or has their ragtag band of believers reached the end of the road?SINNERS is the second book in the suspense-filled, post-apocalyptic TRIBULATION series. Like all books by Jamie Lee Grey, it’s a faith-based, clean read. Join the adventure today!Jamie Lee Grey is the author of numerous novels, including the Band of Believers and Daughter of Babylon series. She and her husband live in the northwestern United States.

High Treason (The High Stakes Saga Book 5)

Casey Bond - 2019
    All the humans outside the Compound have either been killed or turned. Those living inside are starving. Everything else lies in ruin. The future has changed. And so has Eve. Will she be strong enough to stop Victor and Kael before they destroy them all? Or will she become the monster foretold in the past, and singlehandedly usher in a new age of terror?

Higher Law 3

Sheldon Siegel - 2019
    San Francisco criminal defense attorneys Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez have been called two of the most  beloved characters in contemporary crime fiction. HIGHER LAW 3 continues with novels 8-10 in the series: FELONY MURDER RULE, SERVE AND PROTECT, HOT SHOT. FELONY MURDER RULE (4.6/5 stars, 500 five-star reviews!)Thomas, a high school senior, was just sitting in the car. Now, he's on trial for the murder of his best friend who died in a botched robbery attempt. Mike and Rosie are the co-heads of the Felony Division, where they spend more time running the office and supervising younger attorneys than trying cases. That changes quickly when Mike is visited by Thomas' mother Melinda Nguyen who asks for help for her son. Things become personal when Melinda reveals there may be a connection to Mike's older brother, Tommy, who died in Vietnam forty years earlier. Mike and Rosie face their most compelling challenge yet as they race to represent their client and try to find closure for old wounds. SERVE AND PROTECT (4.5/5 stars)It starts with a routine traffic stop. Moments later, a young man is killed by a rookie cop. Self-defense or murder? As San Francisco descends into riots and chaos, it's up to Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez to prove that the cop is innocent. Or is he? Mike and Rosie face their biggest challenge yet in a high-stakes case where San Francisco's streets turn violent. ​HOT SHOT (4.8/5 stars)Everything you've heard about sex, drugs, and misogyny in Silicon Valley is true...only it's worse. In San Francisco, one in 11,000 residents is a billionaire. Now, there's one fewer when Lexy Low's sugar daddy Jeff King dies as she injects him with heroin. Was it an accident? Murder? Bad drugs? Mike and Rosie search for the truth in the billionaire's club where everybody has something to hide.

Patricia Fisher's Mystery Adventures - A boxed set

Steve Higgs - 2020

His Submissive (Fifteen Volume Box Set)

Hannah Ford - 2017
    But when she starts working for the sexy and mysterious Noah Cutler, Charlotte can’t help but dream about the gorgeous billionaire, even though she knows it’s just a fantasy. Men like Noah – gorgeous, dark, and driven-- usually aren’t interested in women like her. Noah Cutler is a man who doesn’t take no for an answer. His drive to go after exactly what he wants has made him one of the most powerful men in the city. And while he could have his pick of any woman, his sights are set on Charlotte. And he won’t stop until he’s taken control of every inch of her deliciously curvy body… For His Pleasure by Kelly Favor (Books 1-8) When twenty-two-year-old Nicole Masters gets a highly coveted internship working for one of the largest advertising companies in the world, she can't believe her luck. But Jameson International isn't just any company. It's owned by thirty-two-year-old business mogul and celebrity, Red Jameson. Red is known for his high-flying lifestyle; dating models and hanging with the rich and famous. The powerful billionaire can have any woman he wants, and the naive college graduate can't imagine making much of an impression on her new CEO. But when Red Jameson takes notice of her and invites her up to his secluded office one day, everything changes. As it turns out, the powerful businessman also has a voracious sexual appetite, and it's been whetted by none other than Nicole herself. And Red needs to be in charge at every turn. Nicole isn't just any girl though, and Red Jameson's shocked to find that the young intern is more than a match for him in a battle of wits and will. His Submissive contains fifteen searing volumes from two of today’s top romance authors, guaranteed to leave you breathless!

Whispers of Hate

Sanchit Garg - 2019
    Rameshwar and his family are thinking about leaving their ancestral home to get away from the strange deaths happening around them. Why is he experiencing strange recurring dreams? Who is responsible for all the eerie events that are happening around him? Were they bound to happen and no one is responsible or is there a ghost or someone else involved? Who is the black shadow that is changing shape and tormenting him? Is it just his imagination, a collection of souls, a sinister presence, or a devil incarnate? He hopes to find some correlation between the existence of the otherworldly and the reality. Can he? He is up for any solution, but it’s like someone or something doesn’t want him to. Who or what it is? Read to find out more... A story which transcends half a century.

Hidden Desires (The Hidden Series Book 5)

Kristin Coley - 2018
    An unexpected arrival turns Wade's world upside down even as the rest of the gang struggles with their own desires for the future. Futures that may not happen if they don't stop the threat coming at them from all sides.

Dear Mr. Tindle (Mail-Order Bride Ink Book 12)

Kit Morgan - 2020
    What's a matchmaker to do?Mrs. Mahulda Brock had been tasked with a very important mission. Matchmaking! Not that she hadn't done a little before ...But this was different. For one, she had to find ways to bring two young people in her home town of Independence together. Finding things to make that happen wasn't easy. But with the help of her long time friends, Mercy, Martha, and Maude, she'd manage, wouldn't she? After some trial and error, she wasn't so sure. Worse, she noticed the young couple in her charge weren't the only ones bereft of love. There were others. How was she going to manage to bring together so many lonely hearts? Find out in this sweet, clean romantic romp that only Kit Morgan can deliver!

Streamed to Kill (The Dead Speak Book 3)

Emmy Ellis - 2019
    That is, until his psychic aide, Oliver, hears the voice of someone he knows… Who are the women dumped in the stream? Can a female sergeant pull off acting as bait for the killer? David is that killer. After growing up in a dysfunctional household, he has very important reasons for abducting then killing women. With his doll, Sally, by his side, he’s convinced he’ll find the answers he seeks…