One Last Dance

Anna Stone - 2019
     Twenty-eight-year-old Zoe is heartbroken. Her career as a principal dancer in a prestigious London ballet company has just been brought to a screeching halt by an injury. Needing to re-evaluate her future and make sense of life away from center stage, she returns home to the States, where she runs into her former ballet teacher—and once forbidden love—Natasha. Ten years older, and the ice to Zoe’s fire, Natasha captured Zoe’s heart a decade earlier. Undeniable sparks danced between them, yet they were never able to give in to temptation. When Zoe moved to London, both were left shattered. Neither woman has been able to move on since. Now, they find the same heat smoldering between them, with no reason to resist it. However, the specter of how they last parted still casts a dark shadow on them—one neither woman can seem to let go of. Secrets from the past, desires of the present, and the uncertainty of the future might keep Zoe and Natasha from having their chance at true love. Or perhaps they’ll realize fate brought them back together to dance the ultimate pas de deux.

Freedom to Love

Ronica Black - 2017
    But Brynn is hopeful for a new future and excited to see her sister, who pulls up in a stolen car, high as a kite. Brynn feels used and trapped as they drive back to more family drama. But something happens on the way home, testing not only Brynn’s core as a human being, but her loyalty to her family as well.Sergeant Kat Vander is one hell of a cop. She turns heads and leaves suspects shaking in their boots. So when she and her partner are ambushed and shot, the department is up in arms. But more surprising is who helped them after the attack. Brynn Williams belongs to the town’s most troubled family. She helped Kat, but now she’s on the run. Can Kat find her, and more importantly fight her feelings for a known criminal?Cover Artist: Melody PondGenres: Intrigue & Thriller / Romance

Passion Bay

Jennifer Fulton - 1992
    When Boston securities broker, Annabel Worth inherits remote Moon Island, she travels there to solve a mystery that has haunted her family. Dumped by her lover, laid off from her job, New Zealander Cody Stanton flees to the island seeking solace and solitude. Both women are burdened with secrets that could destroy the passion that ignites between them. When Hurricane Mary strikes, each must make a choice that will change her life forever.

Bittersweet Homecoming

Eliza Lentzski - 2015
    They say you can never go home again, but sometimes you have no choice. A phone call in the middle of the night and news of a death in the family has Abigail Henry catching the next flight out of Los Angeles and traveling back to the small hometown she hasn’t visited in a decade. Nearly everything and everyone looks untouched by time, but it's Abigail herself who has changed. A love story by genre, Bittersweet Homecoming grapples with the basic question: Can you really ever go home again? You might never be able to go home again, but it’s Charlotte, the beautiful bartender at the local pub, who can tempt Abigail into staying.

The Ballerina

Nicolette Dane - 2015
    I knew this invitation would make the other dancers jealous of Dinah, I knew that it was a risky proposition.With her own dancing career unfortunately behind her, Mish has taken the role of assistant director at a prestigious ballet company in New York City. Her path to success in the dance world appears clear until she begins to fall for 20-year-old protege Dinah, a rising star in the dance company, a young woman who is as naive as she is beautiful.Against Mish’s own better judgment, she’s unable to stop herself from becoming romantically involved with the young ballerina. But when another dancer, envious of Dinah’s success and Mish’s involvement with her, hatches a plan to take over a lead role in the company’s current production, Mish sees the career she’s built begin to crumble into jealousy and threats of extortion.Will Mish be able to navigate the politics of the theatre and salvage her future in the ballet? Or will her romantic feelings for Dinah cause her to give up everything she has worked for?

It Takes Two

Harper Bliss - 2015
    Will Ella be able to overcome her fear of tying the knot and give Kay what she wants more than anything? Find out in this sequel to Amazon No.1 best-seller At the Water's Edge.It Takes Two is a 15.000 words lesbian romance novelette and the sequel to At the Water's Edge

Guilty Hearts

Jade Winters - 2014
    Little does he realise that the honey trap is to leave a bitter-sweet taste for everyone… Central London. The honey trap is set. The bait: the young, uninhibited Rachel is in every way the perfect temptress. Intelligent and attractive, she is no stranger to sexual encounters and relishes the thought of her latest challenge: the unsuspecting wife Kathryn. When the two women meet, the attraction is instant and electric. However, Rachel soon realises her ‘love-target’ Kathryn is more than just a bi-curious wife, she is in fact a revered and successful Interior Designer, someone who Rachel has long admired. As genuine feelings between the two women intensify, will their chance of happiness be destroyed by the truth?

Hard to Get

Cynthia Dane - 2016
    If it's not some old (and married) guy trying to impress her with diamonds and trips to paradise, then it's...Well, it's Eva Warren, an old-money heiress whose tabloid exploits are as sordid as they are really, really gay. Nadia is no stranger to lesbian lust. But no matter how much she wants to give in to Eva's seduction, one mantra lurks in the back of her mind: Never date a billionaire!Until the one night she does give in, anyway. Then everything goes to hell.EVALife as a billionaire heiress isn't all sunshine and kitty whiskers, especially if that heiress is Eva Warren. She's managed to shake off tabloid gossip that's ruined more than one woman's life, but she'll never be able to shake the two things she wants most: to work for her family's business, and to date every beautiful woman she meets.Curvy Nadia isn't like the others, however. Even though the mutual attraction exists, for some reason she keeps shooting down Eva's advances. Until Eva finally gets Nadia right where she wants her...So begins one of the hottest games of hard to get to ever befall womankind. High society might not survive it.-EXCERPT-Nadia glanced at her. "Do you actually like me? Or do you flirt with me because you flirt with everyone who pings your radar?"Maybe it was the words. Maybe it was the tone. Either way, Eva snorted incredulously. "I would never flirt with a woman I wouldn't want to take things to the next level with."The words were out of Nadia's mouth before she could check them. "I was hoping you would say that.""Uh huh. So she does like me." Eva may be crossing every limb she had, but her casual posture was more than inviting. "Why are you always playing hard to get, then?""What can I say? I'm a romantic at heart. I want a woman to work to have a piece of this."Eva's eyes went up, then down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Face. Chest. Hips. Rear. What piece was she thinking of taking? Even Nadia was impressed that she had said something like that. It's like admitting I want her too. Her lips twitched. Suddenly, poor Nadia was hyper aware of her body and what it looked like. Oh, God, Eva couldn't see the cellulite, could she? That didn't show up through a dress, right? Or the fact her chest wasn't as perky without a bra as it used to be? Would someone like Eva care about that? In Nadia's experience, hungry women like Eva fell into two categories: those who loved every part of every woman's body, and those who could make a girl cry with one mean comment."Time to cut the crap." Whoa.

Love in the Stacks

Cara Malone - 2017
    One of the youngest library directors in the state, she has been climbing ladders for so long she’s forgotten what life is like outside the library. Not that she has time for love and all that mushy stuff - Westbrook Public Library is the most challenging place she’s ever worked, and every day there’s a new crisis to avert.Her new library page, for one.Chelle Tate is young, wild, and free, with fiery red hair and a confidence that instantly draws Mira in – perhaps too close, as Mira finds herself crossing professional boundaries against her better judgment.As tensions mount between the two women, so do the bizarre occurrences at the library – boycotts and vandalism and sex in the stacks all conspire to threaten Mira’s job and keep her from finding balance and happiness with Chelle.Mira finds love in the stacks, but will she have the courage to pursue it?

The Domme Tamer

Kat Evans - 2017
    What was the one thing they had incommon? A fetish for breath play...Homicide Detective Jillian Robichaux is smart and persistent. When a string of brutal murders hits the Big Easy's ultra-secretive BDSM community, Jillian rolls up her sleeves and gets to work tracing the victims' last steps. In her search for the truth, she enlists the expertise of the FBI. But as each clue is uncovered, the deeper she is lured into an underground world of sadomasochism.In a case that threatens to expose high-profile members of a conservative Southern culture, only one question remains: How far will she go?In the world's first provocative thriller of its kind, #1 bestselling author Kat Evans takes you on a bold race to catch a killer.

Ticket To Love

Donna Jay - 2018
    The sassy Australian, ten years her junior, is as charming as she is off-limits.When lines are crossed, fireworks explode, and not all of them good. Emotions run high, loyalties are tested, bonds are made, and bonds are broken.Just when Tara thinks life has settled into a comfortable routine, a door to her past looms ahead. Taking a giant leap of faith, with Kathryn by her side, she steps through.

Best Lesbian Bondage Erotica

Tristan Taormino - 2007
    In Skian McGuire’s “Phoebe’s Undercover Bon Voyage,” a group of well-equipped tops indulge a friend’s cop fetish before she — a real cop — goes undercover. In Elaine Miller’s “Fee Fie Foe Femme,” a girly-girl reaps a sweet punishment for refusing to mess up her raspberry pink lipstick. Whether readers dream of surrendering to a lover or of taking control, Best Lesbian Bondage Erotica offers plenty of erotic inspiration.


Blayne Cooper - 2006
    An old promise leads to a reunion, which unearths memories, mistrust, and hidden agendas as the former friends—grown up and grown apart—reconnect and realize the impact they've had on each others lives. Real and perceived betrayals jeopardize the entire well as the hopes of a rekindled romance.The bonds of love and friendship can be as strong as steel. But are they unbreakable.

Good Composition

Lily Seabrooke - 2020
    An unsatisfying job, a relationship gone south, she’s heading nowhere fast—until she sends one little text to an old best friend, estranged with time.But bringing Aubrey back into her life changes everything for Erin, as the last things holding her relationship together fall apart. With nothing left to lose, what’s stopping her from leaving home, crossing the country and staying with Aubrey instead?In the middle of struggles with her self-image, with health and with work trying to start a new life starting from scratch, she finds herself falling into something unfamiliar—she never thought she might be a lesbian, but before long, her best friend starts to feel like maybe more than a friend.Good Composition is a 50k-word low-angst friends-to-lovers romance. Content warning for an emotionally abusive relationship, hospitalization, an eating disorder, open-door sex scenes and Britney—just Britney. Pick it up for a lighthearted, fluffy and easy read that feels like a shippy fanfiction or a teenage romantic daydream!

Say Yes

Mish Daniels - 2014
    In the past, it has always been followed with disappointment. Now, when it comes to relationships, she's more than a little skittish. When her best friend asks her to be best "man" at his wedding, how can she decline? Through a series of coincidences and mishaps, she and the gorgeous maid of honor end up sharing Jess's apartment for a long weekend. In that short amount of time, Jess discovers something very significant. Things are so much better when you let go and just say yes…