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One Red Thread by Ernie Wood


The Exile

William Kotzwinkle - 1987
    During waking fantasies that take him back in time to the horrors of Nazi Berlin, David becomes Felix, the ruthless Gestapo black marketeer. As reality and dream become inextricably merged, David must take control of Felix before Felix takes control of him.

Aeon Legion: Labyrinth

J.P. Beaubien - 2016
    To protect the Edge of Time from the disastrous alterations of time travelers, the Aeon Legion seeks the greatest soldiers and warriors from the most bloody, war-torn eras in history. Those they deem worthy gain a chance to compete in the toughest training program ever designed.Terra Mason, a plain eighteen-year-old girl from the modern United States, has an impressive stubborn streak. Her persistence and bravery gains the notice and sponsorship of one of the Aeon Legion's greatest heroines. Now Terra must turn that stubbornness into determination if she is to contend with history's finest soldiers and somehow pass the Aeon Legion's final test, the mysterious Labyrinth. She will not quit. Terra will prove that even someone as average as her can still be a heroine.Hanns Speer is polite, good-natured, charming, a genius inventor of a time travel machine, and a dedicated member of the Nazi Party. Yet he cannot understand why people from the future regard him and his fellow Nazis as monsters. Now he must use his charisma and cunning to challenge the seemingly invincible Aeon Legion and its monopoly on time travel. He will not quit. Hanns will steal history itself if he has to, mistakenly believing it will prove him to be a hero.

Threads in Time

Hannah De Giorgis - 2019
    Something went wrong with the programme for which she volunteered - a programme that employs Einstein’s laws of relativity to send travellers forward in time. The ruins overrun by green woodland in which she wakes are a far cry from the urbanised world she left behind in the 2200's. Lyndall embarks upon a journey that will leave her questioning her very identity. She must choose between the new life that beckons and the old life from which, even thousands of years later, she cannot escape. She will discover that the mission was never about sending people into the future. Much more is at stake."Thoughtful, clever, poignant and thought-provoking in equal measure"- The Scotsman"A thinking person’s sci-fi novel with plot twists a-plenty"- Boston Standard"Given its cinematic potential, it is possible – perhaps likely – that Threads in Time, the first in a planned trilogy, will follow its literary forefathers to the Big Screen."- The Yorkshire Post

The Man That Time Forgot

Paul Mitchell - 2013
    Just open any book or talk to any history professor and they’ll tell you that history is filled with nothing but glorious battles, great leaders, plagues, large fires, earthquakes, famous inventors, Egyptians and Louis Pasteur. This couldn’t be further from the truth. History, in fact, is filled with a whole lot of nothing. Andrew Adams knows that only too well. He’s an ordinary man living his life in the all too abundant and mundane spaces between those great moments. Just like all ordinary men he spends much of his life wondering what the point of it all is, struggling to form meaningful relationships or find his place in society. Andrew’s life follows a daily routine much like that of many others: he wakes up, does the minimum required to get himself through the day - careful not to learn too much or create a lasting impression on anyone - and then goes back to bed. There’s only one, ever-so-minor inconvenience that continually stands in the way of Andrew’s ignorantly blissful life Time-travel. Since before he can remember every time Andrew sleeps he’s randomly flung through time and space, never knowing where or when he’ll wake up. The only thing he can be certain of is that the location he arrives at won’t be anywhere exciting. He’s a cursed man who had no idea why this happens to him, clueless to how it all started or how it can be stopped. Rarely does he find a place to fit in and, on those rare occasions that he does, he can only stay there until he loses his fight against sleep. Andrew Adams has all but given up hope and given up on life.That is until he meets someone else like him who sets in motion a chain of events that will lead him on a journey of discovery and answers to questions that perhaps even he didn't want to know. With the help of a mysterious and tenacious woman, an old drunken priest and a seven-foot, psychopathic assassin Andrews life is about to be given a purpose. Finally he might start to view his abilities as a gift instead of a curse and perhaps learn that there’s always something to be thankful for. Whether he wants to or not

The Fury Out of Time

Lloyd Biggle Jr. - 1965
    After the explotion, searchers sifted through the immense pile of debris ... to discover a fantastically instrumented capsule, and a strangely human pilot, stone dead. Bowden Karvel's theory, that the capsule's port of origin lay in the distant future, seemed a plausible explanation. But while investigating, the capsule was accidentally dispatched again through time ... only to reappear with an alien navigator, this time destroying a small French town. One thing seemed imperative: a human operator must man the intricate controls of the capsule, riding it forward to its mysterious point of origin. And Bowden Karvel seemed the perfect choice to make the trip...

Seven Rules of Time Travel

Roy Huff - 2020
    . . over and over again. The same car blocking his driveway, the same horrific accident he witnesses, the same cop that keeps preventing him from saving his boss from dying in it, and the same memory of a girl from his past that gets sharper each time.Then he realizes he has the power to travel through time and change the future. With infinite opportunities to alter the past, the possibilities are endless. Could he prevent terrorist attacks? Natural disasters? The deaths of friends? Or even go back in time and say the right thing to the girl who haunts his dreams?Unfortunately, the rules of time travel are more complicated than he imagined, and before long, Quinn is thrust into the greatest race in human history. His actions can either save the world or destroy it. And now the man who could turn back the clock is running out of time.

Shadows of Reach

Troy Denning - 2020
    It has been a year since the renegade artificial intelligence Cortana issued a galaxy-wide ultimatum, subjecting many worlds to martial law under the indomitable grip of her Forerunner weapons. Outside her view, the members of Blue Team—John-117, the Master Chief; Fred-104; Kelly-087; and Linda-058—are assigned from the UNSC Infinity to make a covert insertion onto the ravaged planet Reach.Their former home and training ground—and the site of humanity’s most cataclysmic military defeat near the end of the Covenant War—Reach still hides myriad secrets after all these years. Blue Team’s mission is to penetrate the rubble-filled depths of CASTLE Base and recover top-secret assets locked away in Dr. Catherine Halsey’s abandoned laboratory—assets which may prove to be humanity’s last hope against Cortana.But Reach has been invaded by a powerful and ruthless alien faction, who have their own reasons for being there. Establishing themselves as a vicious occupying force on the devastated planet, this enemy will soon transform Blue Team’s simple retrieval operation into a full-blown crisis. And with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance, mission failure is not an option…

A Shape on the Air

Julia Ibbotson - 2017
    She lives with her partner Pete Adamson in a flat she loves, and is very happy with her life. Then Pete comes home and tells her he’s leaving her for Viv’s good friend Gwyn and that he has leveraged the flat for his business, so she no longer has a home. Viv’s world collapses. After drinking far too much wine Viv goes out for a walk and slips into the local pond known as Cooney’s Mere. It acts as a time portal, and Viv finds herself in the year 499 in the body of Lady Vivianne, orphaned and betrothed to Sir Pelleas, a man whom she despises and who only wants Lady Vivianne for her inheritance. But Lady Vivianne is a feisty lady and Sir Pelleas is not going to simply take what he wants without a fight. When Viv awakes, she thinks she was dreaming, until she finds a small gold key in her bed, a key she has never seen in her life, but remembers from her dream. Could she be having a breakdown? But how would that explain the key? Viv is being helped through her heartache by her good friend Ellie and her crazy upstairs neighbour Tilly. She also becomes friends with the local vicar, a man named Rory Netherbridge, who looks uncannily like Sir Roland, a man who serves Sir Pelleas but looks out for Lady Vivianne. Rory tells Vivianne that he, too, has been to the year 499. He tells her about time slipping, and how her fragile emotional state might have opened the portal to another life she had once lived. As Viv sees the similarities between her current life and her life in 499, she discovers correspondence from her dead parents, about a locked chest and a key, and knows what she has to do to find the answers. But will Sir Roland win, or Sir Pelleas? And what role will Rory play in Viv’s life when the mystery of the portal is solved? Filled with historical detail, A Shape on the Air is for anyone who believes in love that lasts for lifetimes and beyond. Praise for Julia Ibbotson "Enchantingly told" - Daily Mail Award-winning author Julia Ibbotson is obsessed with the medieval world and concepts of time travel. She read English at Keele University (after a turbulent but exciting gap year in Ghana) specialising in medieval studies, and has a PhD in linguistics. She wrote her first novel at 10 years of age, but became a teacher, lecturer and researcher. Julia has published four books, including a children’s book S.C.A.R.S (a fantasy medieval time slip), a memoir, and the first two novels of her Drumbeats trilogy (which begins in Ghana). Apart from insatiable reading, she loves travelling the world, singing in choirs, swimming, yoga, and walking in the English countryside.

Flesh and Blood

Graham Masterton - 1994
    But unknown to the surgeons, the child was a descendant of the vengeful and psychotic "Green Traveller", and the huge pig embarks on a bloody and unstoppable rampage.

Jedi Academy Trilogy

Kevin J. Anderson - 1994
    Han Solo is an official envoy for the new government, traveling the galaxy on diplomatic missions. And Luke has been given leave to seek out candidates for a Jedi Academy that will not only herald a renaissance of the Jedi Knights, but also provide future champions of the Force to protect the New Republic.Yet the peaceful and benign reign of the Republic is far from secure....Though the Empire was finally vanquished, remnants of the Imperial forces are scattered throughout the galaxy. Die-hard loyalists, they're intent on waging a brutal guerrilla war against the New Republic.Among the most dangerous is Imperial Admiral Daala, who has added the ultimate weapon to her fleet of Star Destroyers. More powerful than the Death Star, the Sun Crusher, a small ship, is capable of annihilating an entire solar system by triggering its sun to supernova.To make matters worse, there are those from Han's bad old days still anxious to avenge the past. And, as Luke will soon discover, even the most promising Jedi recruit can be unwisely tempted by the dark side of the Force.....Includes "Jedi Search," "Dark Apprentice," and "Champions of the Force".

I Am Number Four

Frederic P. Miller - 2010
    J. Caruso, and starring Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer, Dianna Agron, Kevin Durand and Callan McAuliffe. The film is based on the novel I Am Number Four, the first book in a planned six-book series written by authors Jobie Hughes and James Frey and published by HarperCollins. The screenplay was adapted by Al Gough and Miles Millar, and Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg are producing the film through DreamWorks Studios. The Hollywood Reporter projected the budget to be between $50 and $60 million for the film; a February 18, 2011 release date is scheduled.


Bob Blink - 2010
    Several things bother him however. Despite his technical skills he has made no progress in his attempts to understand how to control his destinations, or in understanding the basic operation of the time complex. Is there something special about the dates and locations pre-programmed into the machine? Is travel to times and places other than he has found even possible? There are clues that the answer to this question is yes, but he has yet to find a way to test what he suspects. He also has no more idea now than when he first chanced upon the time complex as to who or what built it, and why. Despite the hundreds of hours spent in the complex itself or traveling to other time periods, he has never encountered another traveler. The odd symbols on the equipment and what appear to be handwritten records lead him to suspect that the time complex was not created by future humans. If this is so, is there a sinister purpose behind the device, and why were the ‘Builders’ completely absent for so long? Perhaps they have finished their investigations, and have left. If so, why leave it powered and operational?He is also concerned how the complex might be used if he reveals its existence to the wrong people, yet he has come to the conclusion that he needs help if he is to make any headway understanding the secrets locked inside the hidden complex. His decision to disclose the secret to two of his closest friends will set in motion a chain of events he could not have anticipated.After a disastrous trip into the past to ‘show off’ his secret, Jim gains the trust of a fellow traveler from his own future. Together they assemble a select team to unravel the mysteries locked inside the complex. Their investigations lead to a race against time to determine the future of mankind.

Doctor Who: The Eight Doctors

Terrance Dicks - 1998
    He knows only that he is called the Doctor - nothing more. But something deep inside tells him to trust the TARDIS, and his hands move over the controls of their own accord.The TARDIS takes him to a strangely familiar junkyard in late-nineties London, where he is flung into a confrontation between local drug-dealers and Samantha Jones, a rebellious teenager from Coal Hill School.But the Doctor soon finds the TARDIS transporting him to various other places in order to recover all his memories - and that involves seeing seven strangely-familiar faces...

Time Sensitive: A Time Travel Novel

Elyse Douglas - 2019
     “A gripping, intimate story, profoundly human and relentlessly surprising.” —Felicity Jennings In 1968, Charlotte Vance was one of the few women employed by the National Security Agency in Washington, D.C. She put in long hours and was working when a fire started in her home. Her daughters and husband were killed. For fifty years, she has felt responsible for their deaths. In 2018, when a former colleague from the NSA mentions a top secret government agency that is experimenting with time travel, she decides to apply. She discovers that TEMPUS has many secrets. The scientists are mind-bendingly strange and brilliant. She must endure grueling physical, emotional and psychological tests. She fears her age and weak heart might disqualify her. After a difficult time travel journey, Charlotte learns a shocking truth: TEMPUS has hidden motives for sending her. She struggles to change the tragedy of her personal past while also struggling to stop TEMPUS from violently altering history.

Time Split

Patricia Smith - 2011
    His search for the truth soon becomes a fight for survival and a race against evil, with any chance of correcting the timeline slowly slipping away.*** Time Split is also available in paperback. Also by Patricia Smith: Distant Suns, Distant Suns - The Journey Home, Islands - The Epidemic and Nebathan.