Austin Wyrd

Steve Curry - 2019
    But that proves difficult once police start investigating a ritualistic looking murder behind the bar. Can Magnus clear his boss of any connection to the crime, while avoiding the attention of Police, overly curious government agents, and the wife and bandmates of the victim. That doesn’t even count his psychotic ex-girlfriend with potent mystical powers and an immortal and vengeful ex-employer.Even with the help of his wealthy, powerful, or conniving friends, his own “alt-natural” abilities, and the dubious help of his pets, can Magnus maintain his freedom and remain hidden? Can he stay unentangled with the handful of exciting and alluring women around the case? And can someone please explain how the Raven is learning to speak Norse?

Hiding Haelo

T.M. Holladay - 2016
    Real mermaids don't have fins. Summoning ocean currents at will and feeling the auras of those around her are Candeon capabilities completely wasted at high school. When the memory of an underwater battle surfaces in her dreams, Haelo realizes there is more to her story than she thought. And Dagger, the only other Candeon at school, might have the answers she needs. Haelo is about to discover that high school is poor preparation for the alarming future set out before her.

Alora: The Wander-Jewel

Tamie Dearen - 2014
    Only while in the shower. And only of one stranger: a handsome boy with long brown hair, intense green eyes, and the oddest clothes. A boy who vanishes whenever she opens her eyes. And then one day, he doesn't…Alora's safe world soon turns upside-down as she's thrust into another realm where her soulmate waits, magic abounds, and unfathomable evil seeks to claim her."A captivating, young-adult fantasy that will keep turning the pages and leave you ready for more!"

Polly and Buster: The Search for the Silver Witch (Polly and Buster, #3)

Sally Rippin - 2019
    With the witches furious and the monsters in uproar, their whole town is heading for a war … and yet no-one realises that a much greater menace lurks nearby. Can Polly and Buster bring everyone together in time to save their town from the biggest danger of all?The thrilling finale to the much-loved Polly and Buster trilogy, written and illustrated by award-winning and best-selling author Sally Rippin.

Pears and Perils

Drew Hayes - 2013
    Then again, Clint Tucker has never been like most people. Ushered to the tropical paradise of Kenowai, he and the other winners undertake an island tradition for the cameras, one meant to free a local imprisoned deity. One with very specific requirements that have yet to be met. One that might just be a bit more authentic than any of them expected. One that will begin a journey fraught with danger, excitement, and more beer than is wise or healthy. “Riveting. Ground Breaking. Truly Impressive.” – People talking about a shipment of tools in a hardware store.“Dude, this digibook is so solid it four take powerlifting bros to budge it.” –Thunder“It’s a masterful piece of fiction with laugh out loud humor and sparkling characters. There, I said it, now get the hell out of my house and leave me alone!” –Some guy we thought worked for the Wall Street Journal. (We were way wrong on that one)

The Forging of the Sword

Mark Robson - 2000
    Unbeknown to him, a magical talisman has been recovered, and the whole of Thrandor stands blissfully unaware that disaster is poised to strike.

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat, Vol. 1

Rui Tsukiyo - 2020
    With both his modern-day knowledge and experience and the special magic and techniques of this new world, he could very well become the most unstoppable assassin in history...!

As I Fall

G. Bailey - 2018
I can’t remember the men that pulled me out of the sea.  
I don’t remember who I am. 
But they know me and they say we all grew up together on Sixa.
 They say that I saved them from death a long time ago, and I know a secret that could save our town. 
That could save the world of Calais...
 When everything goes wrong on the islands, and war is whispered in the winds, will her men be able to get her memories back before it’s too late? **
This is a short novella set in the world of Saved by Pirates Series. 
Reverse harem and 17+**

Triplet Babies for the Mountain Man (A Mountain Man's Baby Romance)

Ella Brooke - 2018
    Until I found her. I said goodbye to the world a long time ago. There was nothing left for me in it. I wasn’t worthy of a second chance. But then I found Marnie on my cabin’s doorstep. She was injured and lost. And her gorgeous face and body did things to me I hadn’t felt in years. She made me want to step back into the world again. It didn’t take long – our attraction was uncanny. Irresistible. We started something, a fire, that neither of us could fan out. Marnie soon got pregnant, and it was okay. I wanted a family. I’d always wanted one. Things were looking up. Happiness was within reach… Until he came to get his revenge. Now Mercer, my rival, wants to harm my woman. Well, not on my watch. I know I did a terrible thing, but that doesn’t mean Marnie should pay for it. I will protect her, even if it costs me my life…

The Bonner Incident

Thomas A. Watson - 2016
    All it takes is for an officer of the law to ‘think’ the items were obtained through criminal means. The person is presumed guilty and must prove innocence to get back what was taken and the government doesn’t have to provide legal counsel. What if this law is just another way for the US government to supplement their income while destroying every innocent person they deem a threat? What would you do, and how far would you go to protect yourself and your family? Joshua Anderson is the owner of a small logging business in rural Idaho, with over a million dollars in assets, and when the Forestry Service begins making bogus accusations, Joshua knows that it is only a matter of time before his country takes everything from him, including his life. But the government has no idea that Joshua will never back down setting off the Bonner Incident. It is time to take a stand, and the only question left: who’s side are you on? Thomas Watson finishes the story started with his good friend Michael Rider after he passed from an accident.

Romancing the Escape (Survive the Romance Book 2)

Cami Checketts - 2021
    How will he react when the prison they're stuck in softens his heart and the woman he's supposed to protect breaks through all his barriers?Eight tough ex-Navy SEALs who can win any battle. Eight determined women hoping to earn half a million dollars for their charity.As the SEALs protect the women and help them secure the money for their charity, will they be able to protect their own hearts as well?

A Little Truth

Allysa Hart - 2017
    After months of growing apart, Keith makes the decision to reclaim his wife and whisks her off to an exclusive BDSM resort. Rawhide Ranch had come highly recommended as a place for lifestyle couples to congregate and play out their fantasies. But upon arrival, they realize there is a lot more to the ranch than meets the eye. Keith and Rose aren’t quite sure what to do about their discovery, but a vacation is a vacation and they decide to embrace the experience and all it has to offer. What they find opens up a whole new world and a journey they could have never foretold.

Kaitangata Twitch

Margaret Mahy - 2005
    Kaitangata seems to have a will of its own, and a voice, though only Meredith can hear it.Can Meredith save the island from an unscrupulous developer?Kaitangata Twitch is an engaging family story and a spellbinding supernatural thriller.

Transcendental Misappropriation

Robert Harper - 2017
    He had a steady job and plans to buy his own place. That was until some rogue junk mail decided he needed a change of scenery.Now Danny's got a new start in another world and he needs to make sure he doesn't squander this opportunity at making the most of this new life.

Congo Dawn

Katherine Scholes - 2017
    This is, in the best sense, a big, lusty novel. But it exceeds most such novels in sensitivity and imagination, in potent narrative and artistic terms.' Tom KeneallyYou can't go back and change the past. All you have left is the future.Melbourne secretary Anna Emerson's life is turned upside down when a stranger hands her a plane ticket to the Congo. The newly independent country is in turmoil, Simba rebels are on the move - but the invitation holds a precious clue to the whereabouts of her estranged father. Dan Miller signs up as a mercenary commando to fight the Communist uprising. He supports the cause, but that's not really why he's there. A devastating tragedy has taken all meaning from his life, and he's got nothing left to lose. In the Congo, Dan's belief in the war begins to crumble. Anna heads deeper into danger as she travels from a grand colonial mansion to an abandoned hotel on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, to a leprosy mission in the jungle and beyond. Their two paths collide through circumstances more extraordinary than fate. Inspired by real events, Congo Dawn combines epic drama with an intimate journey into the heart of a fractured family, as two characters, in search of people they lost, at last find a way to come home. It is a landmark novel about good and evil, and the inexhaustible power of love.