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Birth Of The Phoenix by Jessica Wayne


Daughter of the Everstar

Laura Jo Phillips - 2017
    Beautiful, big-hearted, and very very tall Toni Traverse may have wished she had paid that worn-out truism some thought—some very careful thought, indeed. You see, according to family legend, if you dropped a coin into an old well on the family property, a spirit that dwelt there would, very rarely, grant your wish--if it was worthy. So, on the last day she owned the property she had a coin, dropped it into the well, made a wish, and the spirit of the well deemed it to be worthy. So, she woke up on another world, Ronan, which she was told would be her home for one year, or—if she chooses—forever. A world where she was considered petite. A world with magic, most of it broken. A world where the now all but vanished magic had taken the place of science and technology and medicine. A world where the people have conquered aging, but in which no child has been born in hundreds of years. And, a world with Markus and Linq, the impossibly handsome, unbelievably virile, amazingly tall, astonishingly strong, and meltingly sexy co-rulers of Wolf House, the most powerful House in the realm. On Ronan, Toni isn’t just some stranger from Earth. The Bright Queen, a powerful magical being, announces her upon arrival to be the Bright Lady, who—in a strictly hierarchical society—holds a rank higher than any mortal. The Bright Queen tells Toni (and all the good people of Ronan) that she has a choice to wed the head of any of the Houses in the realm and that, having done so, it is possible that she will have a child and bring the joy of childbearing to men and women who have been without it for so long. Somehow. But, not everyone greets Toni with open arms. Not only have the leaders of the rival Wyvern House decided that they will have her or no one will, deadly black widow spiders lurk in Wolf Castle in the form of Ursa, Marcus and Linq’s mother, and Jalina, a scheming cousin who sees Toni as a threat to her own plans to become queen of Wolf House. Toni finds herself at the center of a web of intrigue and of plots within plots, all the while coming to grips with the overwhelming attraction she feels for both brothers, and a sense of obligation to use her own knowledge and skills in conventional science and in herbology to try to bring healing to the people of Ronan. Her sense of obligation to a people she has come to love and who love her, on top of the volcanic desire she feels for both brothers, are challenges like none Toni has ever faced. Can Toni survive the plots and schemes that abound in the castle? Can she find a way to bring her limited knowledge of the healing arts to help a people who have relied on magic for so long that they lack even the most basic medical knowledge? Will she choose to wed Markus or Linq or both or neither, and will she bear a child to bless this barren realm with fertility? Will she be able to save the realm? And, will she find the love and healing that could persuade her to make Ronan her home forever, or will she return to the life she left behind? Daughter of the Everstar is the longest Laura Jo Phillips novel to date, about 203,600 words of reverse harem hotness, set in a universe completely different from the one depicted in her Thousand Worlds books. And yet, the exquisitely detailed and totally absorbingly intense emotional journey of the heroine, the amazingly creative world building, the overwhelming swell of love and fear and loneliness and belonging and pain and ecstasy, and the compelling sweep of events that span an entire world are 100% Laura Jo Phillips, and just what her fans have been waiting for. The thrills, the heartache, the joy, and the soul-melting passion are all there, to draw you into another world that you will never want to leave.

By the Fates, Freed

Patricia D. Eddy - 2013
    Imprisoned. Tortured. Used. I pray for death, but the Fates have other plans.Raven’s touch awakens me, saves me, sets my soul ablaze. He says he loves me, but I’m too damaged to love.When evil finds me once more, will my fear hold me prisoner? Or will Raven give me the strength to fight, to survive, to love?Warning: This book contains several graphic scenes of physical and sexual torture and is intended for readers over 18. The first two chapters are intended to be difficult to read and should not be read by sensitive readers. Please check out the Look Inside feature before purchasing.

Blaze of Secrets

Jessie Donovan - 2013
    However, before she can finish the deed, a strange yet determined man shows up in her cell, throws her over his shoulder, and carries her right out of the prison for elemental magic users.Jaxton Ward is ordered by his superiors to train the stubborn elemental fire user he rescued. There’s only one problem–she claims her magic is gone and he has no idea how to train a woman who spent the last fifteen years inside a prison cell. He’s determined to keep his relationship professional, but as the danger amps up and they’re forced to go on the run, he starts to fall for the newly confident woman who ignites his temper like no other.Kiarra’s final secret is the key to them staying alive, but can they outrun the prisoner enforcers long enough for her to embrace her unique magical talents and finally learn to love again?


Kim Fielding - 2009
    Ordinary criminals become bond-slaves, but the Wizard places traitors in Stasis, a dreamless frozen state.Ennek is the Chief's younger son. He has grown up without much of a purpose, a man who cannot fulfill his true desires and who skates on the edge of the law. But he is also haunted by the plight of one man, a prisoner for whom Stasis appears to be a truly horrible fate. If Ennek is to save that prisoner, he must explore Praesidium's deepest secrets as well as his own.


May Sage - 2016
    Then, William came and set her free. She's enrolled in the Academy, alongside humans and vampires alike, and there, she learns that she wasn’t just one amongst many; she was a victim. She strips herself of every vulnerability she can shed. But after spending such a long time as a slave, can she adapt to a world where she has to carve her own path? William is used to freeing slaves, he's done it again and again. He knows the drills. But from the beginning, Fay is different. For one, his rule of never getting involved with an ex-slave is about to go down the drain… just as soon as she can open her mouth and actually say what's on her mind.--Age of Blood is a series of steamy, paranormal romance novels with dark and explicit content. Each book is a standalone.

Mother of Shadows

Meg Anne - 2017
    When her childhood friend returns to tell her she is the prophesied ruler of the Chosen—those blessed with the gift of magic—there’s no avoiding her destiny. Suddenly, Helena is surrounded by a circle of protectors, each man having sworn their loyalty to her since her birth. All except for one: her Mate. It’s not enough that she learn how to use her magic and undergo a trial to prove her worthiness; in order to claim her title, Helena must also find the man who carries the other half of her soul. Exiled due to a past he had no part in, Von is the last man the Chosen expect Helena to select. Despite their protests, his soul calls to hers, and there’s no denying he was made for her. But the prophecy stands...and all isn’t as it seems. There’s an enemy lurking within plain sight who will stop at nothing to destroy her. Fans of KF Breene and Ilona Andrews will fall in love with The Chosen by Meg Anne.


Sofia Daniel - 2019
    Imprisoned in this vampire hell. They say I’m a one-in-a-million genetic freak. But I’m no-one. Just a human girl who wants to escape. Nero, Dante, and Raphael are the vampire princes who want my blood. They want me kneeling at their feet, a perfect slave. But I will resist their deadly games. Withstand their charms and seduction. But can a human girl survive in a school full of vampires? Captured is a reverse harem PNR academy bully romance that contains cursing, dark themes, and sexual situations.


Gaja J. Kos - 2017
    A witch on her father's side, a demon on her mother's. Only she wants absolutely nothing to do with the darkness of her heritage.Devoted to beauty and light, she uses her material empath skills to aid people in need. But when a Fae walks into her antique shop, Liva's idyllic life shatters.Because not only is Cian a member of a demon-hunting race.The Fae is as sexy as he is lethal.Windstorm is a standalone HEA paranormal romance.

A King so Cold

Ella Fields - 2020
    There, and only there, would she unveil a time when she once allowed herself to be vulnerable. A past detailing how her heart was coaxed to beat outside her chest, only to have it crushed by the cold hands of betrayal.But true vengeance will need to wait. War is coming, and with it, decisions and danger masked in treacherous beauty.All too soon, the young queen will learn that time could be the most dangerous foe of all.For it is time that would reveal all the ways a dead heart can beat anew.Contains dark themes and a HEA. Recommended for 18+

Wicked Omen

Megan Montero - 2019
    . .   All my life the only kind of magic I’d ever seen was the sparkling jewels on fifth avenue. On the night of my sixteenth birthday all hell breaks loose, and by hell I mean me! I never felt power like this, so dark, so tempting, so out of my control! No one is safe around me. And now I’m being thrown into Warwick Academy.   An academy for the darker side of magic. . .the warlock side.   My captor, my savior, and the bane of my existence, Beckett Dust insists on keeping me here even though we can’t stand each other. I don’t care how drop dead gorgeous he is or that he rules the school like he owns it, I need to stay as far away from him as I can. His deepest desire is to turn me into a weapon in the great war to come. My deepest desire is . . .him. There’s a thin line between love and hate and right now I’m walking it.


Serena Nova - 2019
    I’m the last Savill Royal.I’m the heir to a throne four King’s rule the world from. I told my secret twice now, to you and my best friend Astra.Now it is time to keep that secret again. Because if they knew I was still alive, it would mean losing my freedom. Maybe even my life. Only for me to end up in the wrong place. Their place.Protector is the first of a series, it is a reverse harem, this will mean there will be M/M scenes and long and steamy sex scenes. Reading it at your own risk!

Vampire Huntress

Rosemary A. Johns - 2018
    But first, they want their daughter back. Half vampire/half angel, Violet, was abandoned amongst the humans in London as a baby. Suddenly discovering monstrous powers on her twenty-first birthday, she thinks she’s the most dangerous creature to prowl the streets.She’s wrong.When a snarky angel falls into her lap and her adopted sister disappears, Violet is forced into a new role: Huntress. But the deeper she’s dragged into this supernatural world, the more she struggles to survive. On the run, Violet’ll have to rely on a sexy vampire geek, while facing off the harem boy angel threatening her sister. And there’s only one way she’ll win: by letting out the monster...

An Imperfect Witch

Debora Geary - 2013
    Now she's a hot young realtor with a great life, an awesome guy, and enough friends to chase away the ghosts of her past.Almost.The crystal ball has spoken - life isn't done messing with her yet. And neither is the need brewing in the eyes of the man she loves.The eve of Halloween approaches. And whatever the sexy poet realtor wants to believe, moving beyond your past isn't the same as facing the future.This is the first book in my new Witch Central series, featuring my well-loved clan of modern witches and those who love them. Light contemporary fantasy with a good dose of humor, a little romance, and characters you won't want to leave.

The Wolven Mark

Megan Linski
     Not long after, a letter arrived from a supernatural school for fae, claiming I was a sorceress. I’m forced into a world where dragons breathe fire, griffins fly, alicorns battle and wolves hunt monsters. At this academy, sorceresses are bound to alpha shifter mates, and pagan rituals are used to connect with the gods. I know my mate is somewhere within the school… along with those who want my blood. A cult of dark magic is following my every move, and I have to master my powers before they come for me… Ethan I never meant to kill my own father. What happened led to the loss of my leg, and my reputation as heir to the throne. I found a way to pay for my sins by playing the role of Prince Ethan during the day, and a vigilante hunting cultists by night. Keeping my secret identity hidden has been far more difficult than I imagined. But now my kingdom is at stake. A new leader will be chosen through the King’s Contest, a fatal competition where contestants battle for power and, more often than not, die in the process. Without a mate, I cannot compete for the crown. I formed an unbreakable bond with Emma upon first sight. But I have to keep my love a secret. Emma can’t know she’s my true mate; otherwise, she’ll be in more danger than ever before. But the King’s Contest is rapidly approaching, and if I don’t choose a mate soon, the fate of my country will fall into the wrong hands…

Impossible Things

Kate Johnson - 2014
    But despite all his power and prestige, he is plagued by a prophecy that threatens to destroy everything he loves. When Kael summons Ishtaer to his room and discovers the marks of the Chosen on her body, including the revered mark of the Warrior, both Warlord and slave seem to have met their match. But as their lives become increasingly entangled and endangered, Ishtaer is forced to test whether the Chosen ever have the ability to choose their own fate.Kate's UK debut, The UnTied Kingdom, was short listed for the RNA's 2012 Romantic Contemporary Novel of the Year award.