Book picks similar to
Wick by Joy Blood


Strike Fast

Alivia Grayson - 2018
    He'll kill me if he knows I've even thought about her. However, from the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I'd never be the same. There's just something about Coral that makes me want to break the rules and taste the forbidden. But I can't, so I'll do as my president ordered and I'll stay away from the beautiful blonde who has my insides tied up in knots... I'll fake it anyway. There are some things worth defying the people you call family for. I've never asked for anything in this life, never needed anything, but I have to have her, no matter what it costs me. My place with the club, the family that took me in when I was a punk street kid, even my very life. Some things are worth dying for. Coral I spent my life being protected from people like Stryker. Bad men. Motorcycle riders. Bad things happened to me thanks to men like that. Very bad things. So why then do I feel my heart beat wildly the second my eyes land on him? I've never wanted a man as badly as I want Stryker, but he has been warned to stay away from me. Every member of the Snakes Henchmen MC has been warned what will happen to them if they even touch my hand. Who warned them? The man who is like a second father to me. Shepard, President of the MC. He means what he says, and he says what he means, and when he says he'll kill his own men if they touch me, he means it. I know if I push what I feel and make it known, it could get Stryker killed. However, I can't stop this feeling inside of me for him, even when he ignores me like I'm not even there. But I am Coral Harmon, and if the horrors of my past have taught me anything, it's to never walk away from the things you want most in life. What I want is Stryker, and I won't stop until he's mine, no matter what it costs me. Some things are worth fighting for.

Magic Man

Annie Buff - 2019
    As the president of the Stone Sinners MC he has to be. Magic deals in guns, drugs and anything else that makes money. He's single and that's the way he likes it. Women just complicate an already fucked up situation. Then he meets Melanie and sparks fly. She's taken up residence where he stashed his merchandise and that isn't good. He wants her in a bad way but with his lifestyle it's not a good idea. But this is Magic so bad ideas just seem to be the norm.


Ainsley Summer - 2021
    But I didn’t care. I was doing it anyway.My father demanded I quit nursing school because women are only good for cleaning, cooking, and making babies. Instead, an hour later I walked into a biker-owned tattoo shop and walked out with a job. It didn’t exactly mesh with the good girl image my father insisted on, but I was going to do whatever it took to follow my dreams.The fact that the tattoo shop came with a never ending supply of eye candy in the way of hot muscular bikers was certainly a bonus. And Hawk was the sexiest of them all. When I was around him it was too easy to forget everything else, and why I even took this job to begin with.But I didn’t escape my father only to end up under the thumb of another overbearing man - even if that man was as irresistible as Hawk.HawkAs soon as Heidi walked into my life, I knew I would lay down my life for her.The fiery redhead had nerves of steal but was as innocent as freshly fallen snow. All I wanted to do was throw her over my shoulder, drag her off to my bed, and keep her there until she promised to be mine forever.But she was skittish from being raised by an overbearing father, and my firecracker was determined to do things on her own. I needed to show her that being my girl didn’t mean giving up her freedom. I just had to convince her to give me a chance.Book One of the Souls of Bedlam MC Series is a steamy romance novella featuring a sexy MC bad boy and the curvy redhead he wants to possess. It has no cheating and a happily ever after.

Phoenix's Plight (Dogwoods Treasure Book 2)

Tiffany Casper - 2021

Finding Allie

Meli Raine - 2015
     My stepfather turns out to be a rival drug dealer, and I'm pretty sure he killed my mom two years ago. I'm not supposed to fall in love with Chase. He's not supposed to know I even exist. But when he finds me, he can't let go. And when I find myself in his arms? I hold tight. I have to. Because if I don't, I might just die. * * * Read all three books in the Breaking Away series: Finding Allie Chasing Allie Keeping Allie With or without him.

A Savage Saints MC Xmas

Carmen Jenner - 2017
    Find out how the Savage Saints MC spend Christmas in this fast holiday read filled with your favourite outlaws. **A Savage Saints MC Christmas is not a full-length novel. It’s a quick, entertaining read that will leave you wanting more of those dirty-mouthed Alphas who definitely made Santa’s naughty list. The events in this short story take place before the Epilogue in Kick, and after the Epilogue in Tank.


Honey Palomino - 2019
    I watch from afar. They have so much fun, so much life in them left to live. Although I deeply yearn to be included, I know it’s best to stay back. They would never accept me, even with their good hearts. I don’t deserve to be included. I’ve done things. Things I’m not proud of. I’ve taken souls. I’ve taken fortunes. I’ve ripped away loved ones and left strong men drowning in the darkest despair. I am broken. I’m evil. So, I hide. I watch. I listen to everything…" NOTE: This is the TWELTH book of the GODS OF CHAOS MOTORCYCLE CLUB series. Each book may be read alone, but they are best read together. To find book one, search for Gods of Chaos Motorcycle Club: The Trilogy. This book is intended for adults 18 & over.

New Bloodlines Of Destruction

Vera Quinn - 2019
    I’m not a good man but I have the respect of every brother in our club. We found us a new home, a new direction to take our club, and we are recruiting new members. Life is good except for the little Texas Tornado that keeps sweeping in and out of my life. I will never commit to one woman again; it was the only failure in my life. Micah says she’s only in it for the sex but her eyes tell me a different story. She needs to run back to her safe life. She’s in a downward spiral. My life will destroy her. Micah I won’t be tamed. I live my life my way, and I don’t apologize for it. I don’t want a cookie-cutter life with a white picket fence and accepting a long line of disappointments of what might have been. What I want is a man that can kiss me breathless and set my body aflame with one caress without being in my business twenty-four seven. Men can’t take what they dish out. A little bit of sass and a taste of their own sh** is good for them. The world is my playground and I am going to take full advantage of it. Sarge can have his love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude because all is fair in my game of life. ***WARNING*** This ebook is meant for mature readers over the age of 18.

Rebel (Hellion MC Book 1)

Ava Manello - 2018
     Abandoned at birth, Rebel has been raised by the men of Hellion MC. Happy and successful, living the life she’s chosen outside of the MC, everything changes when her mother surfaces on her 30th birthday, desperate to forge a relationship with her daughter. All is not is as it seems. Duplicity and betrayal threaten not only everything she holds dear, but her very existence. Forced to decide between the mother she’s always wanted and her MC family almost destroys her. Who will she choose, and who will she lose?


Vanessa James - 2021
    Nothing will make us lose focus.But then I meet Danielle. I don’t usually hang around women for too long… but she’s different. Little do I know I’m about to learn something about her that’ll shock me to the core.DanielleI hate my job at the bar, but it’s the best I can get. I knew I was walking into trouble when I met the Satan’s Outcasts. Now their rival Griller gives me a mission I can’t refuse. The only problem is, it goes against everything my heart desires.With two blood-thirsty biker clubs going head-to-head, how can a relationship survive all-out war? As tensions begin to flare between the Satan’s Outcasts and their arch-rivals the Ghosts, Tintin and Danielle are given a tough choice to make. Can they hope to form a relationship with their futures on the line? And what will happen when he discovers her treacherous secret?Packed with an exhilarating blend of drama and steamy romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat, the first book in the Satan’s Outcasts series is an MC romance like no other.Scroll up and grab your copy now – the Outcasts are waiting…

Hellions Ride On

Chelsea Camaron - 2019
    Axel Devon Crews was born a Hellion and proudly found his place within the club. He has been ordered to transport a female to Chicago alone.He has one job to complete.She has this one chance to feel free.They have this one ride to share.Can one ride turn lust into love… a second time?


Brynn Hale - 2020
    Taking the law into their own hands when necessary. Slater, a natural born leader, ex Marine turned badass biker. Della, a scared sweetheart running from a man who doesn't deserve her. He'll save her and in the process she'll find out what she really deserves in life.  This is a STEAMY, instalove, short story romance. No cliffhangers, No cheating. This is the first story in the Graffiti Street Guardians MC Series. Come take a ride through your wildest fantasies!

Devil's Vow: Bloody Wraiths MC (Outlaw Biker Brotherhood #4)

Naomi West - 2019
     ISABELLE He’s a snarling, overprotective beast. There’s no room in his life for manners, decency, or any other normal-person behavior. Heck, there’s no room for anything but his motorcycle club and his ride. That’s it. No exceptions. No hope for a future. But Logan is going to have to make some room, one way or another. Because the savage, rugged biker just got me pregnant—whoops. And now his enemies are coming to strike. LOGAN I shoulda known better. But Isabelle was too tempting to leave alone. I’d kept away from women like her for a long time. Wasn’t saving myself for Mrs. Right. Just didn’t want to unleash my darkness and demons on an innocent girl. But I couldn’t help myself. I had to have her. And now that she’s mine… I’ll go to war to protect her. Oh, and also— The baby she’s carrying inside of her.


Kasey Krane - 2020
    She might be the enemy.When Cassie shows up looking for her brother,I know she's trouble.Just the kind I like.Chip sold our shipment to a rival MC.He's a traitor.But is she?I'll make it my mission to find out.Even if that means tying her to my bed,I'll get the answers I need.She's feisty and stubborn,Just my type.She might be the enemy,But, in the end,She's the girl for me.


Zahra Girard - 2018
    Taking her could ruin me. But there’s nothing sweeter than stolen property. I'm one of the Rebel Riders MC. Fearless, ruthless, and always one step ahead of my enemies. My life is fast bikes, easy women, and always looking for the next score. Until I meet her. Alice. Alice is the new bartender for a rival MC, the Reaper’s Sons. Fiery, sassy, and smart. No way in hell she belongs with those Reaper’s Sons. But she owes them a debt and they’ve taken her captive to work it off. They own her. But she belongs to me. I know I should stay away. Our town is ready to explode and taking her could start a war. But she needs my help. I’ll start a war if I have to. I’ll destroy every last Reaper’s Son. Just to set her free. Even if it costs me everything. Thrash is a full-length, enemies to lovers, standalone novel with a HEA and no cheating.