Book picks similar to
Diplomacy by Zahra Owens


Blind Items

Kate McMurray - 2011
    So when a rumor surfaces that Granger's son Jonathan might be gay, Drew finds himself in the middle of a potential scandal. Under the guise of an interview about Jonathan's new job teaching in an inner-city school, Drew's job is to find out if the rumors are true. Drew's best friend Rey is also Jonathan's cousin, and he arranges the meeting between Jonathan and Drew that changes everything. After just one interview, it's obvious to Drew that the rumors are true, but he carefully neglects to mention that in his article. It's also obvious that he's falling for Jonathan, and he can't stay away after the article is published. Still, Jonathan is too afraid to step out of the closet, and Drew thinks the smartest thing might be to let him go-until Jonathan shows up drunk one night at his apartment. The slow burn of their attraction doesn't fade with Jonathan's buzz, but navigating a relationship is never easy-especially in the shadow of right-wing politics.

Man to Man

G.A. Hauser - 2006
    Breaking up after a six month relationship with Luis, his partner and co-worker, Josh decided to make a total change in his life. Yearning the sun and sand, Josh tested to become a Los Angeles County lifeguard.Tanner Cameron was a permanent lifeguard and had made a career out of life-saving and being a paramedic. Divorced for a year after a five year marriage that ended badly, Tanner was trying to be content with his job and stayed away from the advances of the women he worked with. It seemed to Tanner that all the young ladies he met wanted marriage and babies, two things he no longer felt as essential. But Tanner was alone, and not happy about it.When Josh is assigned to Tanner during his mentorship program, Josh instantly falls for the tall, handsome guard in the red swimsuit. The only problem is, Tanner is straight. Very straight. And constantly reminds Josh of that fact when Josh's flirting gets carried away.The attraction and admiration Josh feels for Tanner soon sweeps him away. In a job where distractions can be fatal, Josh and Tanner struggle to keep their focus on the job as the chaos of nearly sixty million visitors flood the California coastline.As Josh’s good looks and seduction tactics begin to find a way through Tanner’s barrier of fear and intimidation, Josh finally makes some headway with the straight stud. But soon Josh wonders if all his efforts are in vain. Tanner is straight and always will be, and any hope Josh has to change him seem insurmountable. Or are they?Can Tanner get over the terror of the label he fears the most and open up his heart to the right partner? Or will he be unable to rescue his heart from a charming lifeguard whose idea of bliss is working it out, man to man? Note: This is a previously published work. The title, author, and/or publisher may have changed.

Willow Bend

Ally Blue - 2002
    A place where he can move on after his lover's death, alone and anonymous. Cory Saunders is just trying to survive. Between working two jobs and caring for his ailing mother, it's all he can do to keep his head above water. When Paul and Cory meet, their mutual attraction is undeniable. When the intense physical attraction starts to blossom into something deeper, neither wants to admit to what's happening. Cory doesn't have time for a relationship, and Paul isn't sure he's ready for one. But sometimes, what you thought you couldn't have turns out to be exactly what you need. Warning: this title contains explicit male/male sex and graphic language.

Clay's Challenge

Cassandra Gold - 2011
    Partying and one-night stands have gotten old, but how’s a boy supposed to find someone when nobody looks beyond his surface to the man inside? A wilderness retreat seems like just the ticket for proving he’s more than everyone else believes—until he actually gets there. Everything is a lot more difficult than he expected, including the man he’s partnered with for the week. Sexy, surly Trent Raines is a puzzle Clay would love to solve, but the man pushes him away at every turn. Totally out of his element and stuck with a survival partner who barely tolerates him, it’s not long Clay starts to wonder if he’s made a huge mistake. If Clay can get through the week, he just might find himself… and a lot more.


Cara Dee - 2015
    He loves his sunny Florida. He's only heading north so he can get answers from Declan O'Connor, the man who dated Quinn's aunt six years ago.The relationship ended abruptly, and Declan left Sarasota without a word. For Quinn, it had been the beginning of hell, because most of his family suddenly blamed him for the breakup of a relationship he'd had no part of, and they refused to say why. Now it's been six years, and he's done being the black sheep. He deserves to know how it could've possibly been his fault, and he's not going to let the crush he harbored for Declan stand in the way.After finally tracking down Declan, Quinn gets on a plane. Or death machine, as he prefers to call it. But in his quest to find out the truth, he discovers there's a lot more to the Land of the Midnight Sun than seeking answers.

Finding Love

T.A. Chase - 2009
    His secret lover has married, breaking his heart and making him chose a life in the open rather than a relationship built on lies.Little does Tim know that four days later he would grab dinner at a diner and find a place to stop. Somehow this diner in the middle of nowhere becomes his home and the people who work there his family. In addition to the workers at the diner, Tim meets Bernie Capley, a long-haul trucker who isn’t all he seems to be.Falling in love with Bernie is easy for Tim, but the past has a way of barging into the present, forcing decisions that affect their future...

Off the Record

Matthew Haldeman-Time - 2005
    Because of his infamous birth (and famous parentage), Jordan Jennings' every move made the headlines, and he soon learned that the only way to keep the media out of his life was not to have a life at all. Charged with keeping his family's secrets, as well as his own, he put aside his own desires for the sake of family pride. With the chance of love on the horizon, will Jordan have to sacrifice his family's reputation in order to have a life of his own? Patrick Wright was a fearless reporter headed straight to the top. He was a man who knew what he wanted and always went after it. With money, success, and a very healthy social life, Patrick had no idea that anything was missing until he met Jordan, someone he suddenly couldn’t do without. But when careers hang in the balance and Patrick is faced with losing everything he's worked so hard to achieve, will his love for Jordan conquer all?

Sparks Fly

Clare London - 2008
    Aidan West is his cleverest programmer, fiercely committed to his work and with little time for friendship or socializing. Together they created the successful dating agency, Sparks, with a new and refreshing approach to matching people.A year later, their lives are very different – Nic has all the trappings of success and as much company as he wants; Aidan is solitary and disapproving of such a lifestyle. When Nic decides to update the agency's unique matching program, he and Aidan must work together again. Getting along gets harder as they deal with a malicious hacker and face a crisis at the agency. It will take both of them to make the agency work, and somehow they have to find a way to put their differences aside. Nic and Aidan have secrets to keep, and whether they'll admit it or not, they each need something – or someone – to help Sparks fly.


Vivien Dean - 2009
    The passionate, two-month-long court battle has left Derek frustrated, angry, and ready to take it out on Sam. But when Sam surprises him with a kiss, Derek has absolutely no idea what to do. All he knows is his preoccupation with the other lawyer now includes more than wrangling in the courtroom with him.The only problem is, Sam honors Derek’s request to leave him alone. Derek thought that was what he wanted.But now, with memories of the kiss consuming him, Derek doesn’t know what he wants at all anymore...NOTE: Don’t miss Wranglers: Voir Dire, the second story in the series, available September 2009...

By The Numbers

Chris Owen - 2011
    When he realizes that it’s his apartment building that’s on fire, Nathaniel can only think of one thing: his pregnant dog, trapped inside.When firefighter Trey Donovan delivers Nathaniel’s unharmed dog to him, Nathaniel is exceedingly grateful. After all, it isn’t every day that he meets muscular, attractive rescue workers. Nathaniel manages to find out where Trey’s station is with the idea of saying thank you and offering him a puppy, but discovers that he and Trey have something else between them that needs exploring.Trey, however, has responsibilities that could prove to make that exploration difficult. He has shift work to contend with. His seven year old daughter is a priority, plus he shares custody with his less than friendly ex-wife. Since Nathaniel is the new owner of one dog and six puppies, and doesn’t even have a place to live, he isn’t exactly in an ideal situation to explore a new relationship. Even if it is with a hot, handsome fireman.Can Trey and Nathaniel find some common ground amid the yapping of puppies and Trey’s complicated family life?


B.G. Thomas - 2017
    It’s not an easy life, but he’s happy. He has everything he really needs: the clothes on his back, a house to squat in, a sweet dog. Everything except that special someone to love him.Six months ago, John Williams’s wife left him because she was bored. “Even your *name* is boring” were her last words to him before she walked out. Now he’s by himself in a big house, trying to figure out what direction his life should take. He’s never been so alone.A chance encounter sets John on a new path, a path that becomes clearer when loneliness sends him to a local animal shelter to get a dog—and he finds an angel instead. An angel named Blue. A crisis brings them together, but it is something else that keeps them there. Could it be love? A love that can forever end two men's deep loneliness and bring them the support and sense of belonging they've searched for all their lives?

Until It's Time to Go

Connie Bailey - 2013
    Between the cheesy straight-to-video action scripts and his drinking problem, he’s surprised to get a call from Tony Kendall, the award-winning director he was slated to work with just before he fell off the map. After some persuading, Isaac agrees to help Tony realize his modernized vision of The Picture of Dorian Gray.On set, Isaac is horrified to find the lead role filled by heartthrob superstar Colby Lightner, an actor Isaac believes embodies everything that’s wrong with Hollywood. Colby, on the other hand, couldn't be happier to work with Isaac and resolves to make Isaac like him. As Isaac deals with his unwelcome attraction to Colby and the stress of writing a script during production, Laith, his troubled godson, shows up at his door looking for help. Isaac knows if he turns his back on the boy, he’ll never forgive himself. But how can he juggle his craft, his crush, and his godson’s problems when he can’t even take care of his cat?

Wings of Love

Scotty Cade - 2011
    Bradford Mitchell tries to escape the emptiness and loss by leaving his life in Seattle behind. Traveling to the Alaskan mountains where he and Jeff often vacationed, Brad reconnects with Mac Cleary, the ruggedly handsome and very straight floatplane pilot who had flown them to Hyline Lake many times in the past. Brad and Mac form an unlikely friendship and buy an old log cabin together, and as he and Mac begin to bring the old cabin back to life, Mac watches Brad come back to life as well, stirring emotions in him he’s never felt for a man before. When fear, confusion, and a near tragedy threaten to force the two men apart, they’ll face some tough questions. Can Brad let go of Jeff and the guilt he feels about beginning to care for another man? And can Mac deal with his fears of being gay and accept the fact that he is in love with Brad? It will be a struggle for both men to keep their heads and hearts intact while exploring what life has to offer.

Car Wash

Shawn Lane - 2009
    He’s already been laid off from his job, compelled to sell his motorcycle, and now faces eviction from his apartment. Things can hardly get worse. Now, forced to work a low-paying job at a car wash and barely surviving, Kevin is too embarrassed to even tell his friends. Hotshot lawyer, Michael Bennett, comes into the car wash to have his Maserati cleaned. Kevin knows Michael well. When Kevin was fifteen, an openly gay twenty-one-year-old Michael was Kevin’s dream. But when the teenaged Kevin made his move, Michael rejected the young man. Nine years have passed and Michael is surprised how attracted he is to Kevin. He soon takes him out, then takes him home. This time the beautiful man is not too young. When he learns of Kevin’s situation, a smitten Michael makes it his job to clean up the disaster that Kevin’s life has become. But his take-charge, bossy way irritates a sensitive Kevin, who starts a fight, ending in the breakup of their budding relationship. A breakup neither of them really wanted. Can they repair their fractured relationship or will their differences and hurt feelings keep them apart for good?

A Sure-Fire Cure

Kate Steele - 2006
    After betrayal at the hands of a former lover, even a guy as sweet as Scott Whittaker seems dangerous, but he can't deny the attraction. While Dean struggles against his own fears, Scott wages a tempting campaign of seduction. As the walls come down, Dean and Scott discover a love greater than either could have foreseen and a danger that rises to separate them forever. Publisher's Note: This book is a homoerotic love story and as such contains acts that may be offensive to some readers: male/male sex practices.