The Haunting of Elleric Lodge

Cat Knight - 2017
    Until she got there. Blair sunk every penny into the renovation intending to make it a business venture. But part way through the renovation Blair realised perhaps this wasn’t a good place to host guests. With no staff and terrible things beginning to happen, she had nowhere else to go for all the money was gone. Are the ghosts the locals talk about real? Is someone or something trying to hurt Blair? Can she find out the secret of Elleric Lodge? If she doesn’t once thing seems certain. Blair will turn up dead.If you love ghosts and Haunted houses, you really should be reading Cat Knight’s other books. List of Books The Haunting of Grayson HouseThe Haunting of Fairview HouseThe Haunting of Weaver HouseThe Haunting of Keira O’ConnellThe Haunting of Ferncoombe ManorThe Haunting of Highcliff HallThe Haunting of Stone Street CemeteryThe Haunting of Knoll HouseIf you read stories in the occult, occultism, horror, supernatural and paranormal genres then add these to your reading list.

The Sarah Roberts Series Vol. 7-9

Jonas Saul - 2014
    7-9 - Three novels in OneThe Vigilante (Sarah Roberts Book Seven)*Starring Sarah Roberts and guest starring Aaron Stevens from The SpecterDuring a five-month break in Toronto, Sarah has fallen for Aaron Stevens. When the police seek her help to find a serial killer who has operated in the Toronto area for more than twelve years, Sarah receives a series of messages from her dead sister, Vivian.As she closes in the on The Leap Year Killer, Sarah runs into a street gang bent on revenge for her shooting one of their members. Aaron won't accept that she willingly puts herself at risk doing her sister's bidding. Sarah wonders whether the messages are truly from Vivian, or if she possesses a unique psychic ability.With all that she has seen of man's darkest nature, it makes her question why she hasn't given up on humanity yet.The Rogue (Sarah Roberts Book Eight)*Starring Aaron Stevens and guest starring Darwin and Rosina Kostas from The Mafia TrilogySarah Roberts travels to Rome to assist the FBI with their hunt for an Italian-American drug lord with a penchant for violence, despite the warning that she will die within twenty-four hours.Shortly after arrival, Special Agent Penn Kierian is murdered in his hotel room, and Sarah's fingerprints are on the murder weapon. The Italian authorities want to talk to her, but she can't risk exposure to an unseen enemy. She flees to a city she had visited years ago, Umbertide, where she runs into hit men and the ruthless man who wants her out of his way.Parkman, her colleague, an ex-cop turned private investigator, is summoned to Italy to identify Sarah's remains after a massive explosion.Sarah's parents, and the people she loves, must face reality and prepare for her funeral, but Sarah has one more trick up her sleeve.Killing Sarah (Sarah Roberts Book Nine)Sarah Roberts receives a phone call from her colleague Parkman. It's important they meet right away as it's a matter of life and death. Because Parkman is a close friend, Sarah ignores a warning from her dead sister Vivian to stay away. When Sarah is shot, Parkman fires on the retreating four-door sedan, but is not successful in stopping the shooter. He attempts to revive Sarah until the paramedics arrive to take over. When Parkman gets to the hospital, the police question him about who really shot Sarah. After emergency surgery to remove the bullet and reduce the swelling on Sarah's brain, preliminary results show the bullet came from Parkman's gun.He asks to visit Sarah in the ICU, but now no one can find her. He is informed that Sarah Roberts was never admitted to their hospital and the doctor Parkman was talking to earlier about her condition has mysteriously disappeared.Sarah is gone.When Sarah wakes in a modified ambulance, far from the hospital in Toronto, she has retrograde amnesia, leaving her with temporary short-term memory loss. All she can remember of the night she was shot is the image of a man named Parkman. He is standing in front of her with a gun in his hand as a bullet enters her head.The people who shot Sarah are still after her. She needs to work with Parkman in order to stay alive, but all Sarah can think about is revenge for the head wound and Parkman is in her sights.The pain of betrayal goes deeper than the physical wound as Sarah hunts for her former friend while sorting the memories that return in pieces.Killing Sarah is an explosive ride into the depths of a strong woman who makes mistakes and learns the consequences the hard way.


F. Paul Wilson - 1997
    he's one of the best at what he does--and what he does is kill people for a living. But it's a young man's game and he wants out.And his instincts are right. When Jake reluctantly agrees to go on one last hit, he's double-crossed, and ends up completely paralyzed. The mob thinks he's done a deal. But what they don't know is that a brilliant doctor has developed a dangerous and deadly new technique. And if he succeeds, Jack Nacht will not only walk away again--but might also get a shot at revenge.

Insects: The Complete Trilogy (The Insects Trilogy)

John Koloen - 2016
     A scientific expedition journeys deep into the Brazilian jungle in search of a career-making discovery: a carnivorous insect so rare that no team has ever managed to confirm its existence. But surviving the rainforest's many unknown and mysterious dangers will be far more difficult than the team could have imagined. Insects: The Complete Trilogy includes three full-length novels: Insects (Book 1): a team of scientists journey into the uncharted Amazon rainforest in search of a deadly, career-making discovery: the rare carnivorous insect reptilus blaberus. But when rising floodwaters cut the expedition off from civilization, the hunters quickly become the hunted in the terror-filled night. Insects: The Hunted (Book 2): the team returns to a different section of the remote jungle again in pursuit of reptilus blaberus, this time accompanied by a reality TV production crew to fund, document and protect the expedition. Insects: Specimen (Book 3): the team attempts to continue its studies of reptilus blaberus under different circumstances, but the carnivorous insect's lethal instincts aren't dulled by a change of scenery. This exclusive set contains all three full-length novels (1000+ pages) in the Insects Trilogy: Insects, Insects: The Hunted, and Insects: Specimen.

Verona: A Ghost Story (Kindle Single)

Benedict Ashforth - 2015
    Finally, a ghost story that reminds you why the basement is so terrifying!’ Brett McNeill of Rue Morgue Magazine ‘Ashforth does Edgar Allen Poe and Bram Stoker proud delivering a solid contribution to the literary movement. It is time that the ghost story made a comeback. With writers like Benedict Ashforth writing Abbot’s Keep, a revival just might be at hand.’ Matthew J. Barbour of Horror Novel Reviews ‘A really entertaining read with a delightful frisson of fear.’ Simon Ball of Horror Hothouse ‘Ashforth builds on the tension and the feeling of unease with each page to revel in a wonderfully tense and unnerving finale.’ Jim Mcleod of Ginger Nuts of Horror ‘Reminiscent of Poe, Abbot's Keep by Benedict Ashforth is a haunting novella with unique form and beautiful prose.’ Michael Bailey (HWA Bram Stoker Award Nominee) ‘. . . an eerie, atmospheric ghost story . . . has a gentle eeriness that keeps the reader wanting to find out more.' Julie K Top 50 Reviewer ‘Perfect ghost story.’ Christine Waddington 'Ashforth successfully builds a dark and relentless dread that steadily creeps through the text. Extremely accomplished.’ L Sharif ‘A gripping read right from the beginning. Couldn't put it down.’ D Boydell ‘I just could not put this story down. I wanted to know what happened as soon as I picked up my kindle. Strongly recommend.’ Mr Tony Cordon ‘The actual writing is wonderful, beautifully descriptive.’ Fiona White ‘I could not stop reading! it was as though I was in a trance, the story is captivating and very original.’ Safa R ‘A fantastic read, lots of twists and turns. Would recommend this to all Mystery readers. A book that is hard to put down.' Ms P Frain ‘. . . great plot and a well developed storyline. It is elegantly told with well built atmosphere and tension . . . a well conceived idea and would make excellent viewing were it ever to be dramatized.’ Cate Hamilton Read over 190 more reviews on

The Dead Summer

Helen Moorhouse - 2011
    Living in a tranquil cottage in the heat of a perfect summer, it seems that all her wishes have come true.Until the noises start.Plagued by mysterious footsteps, scratchings, and crying in the night, Martha is at first unnerved and then terrified. What is happening to her idyllic existence? Is it all her imagination or is someone persecuting her?Little does Martha know but the cottage has witnessed terrible hatred, fear and pain in the past, when two young Irish sisters lived in it. The fate of these girls and the baby born there now casts a dark shadow over Martha and her daughter.Martha begins to unravel the story of the cottage's past, and uncover the terrifying secret that still haunts it. But can she discover the truth in time to keep herself and her little girl safe from the evil that threatens them?

The Perfect Crime: An Asher Benson Short Story

Jason Brant - 2014
    He meticulously plans and executes kidnappings, murders, and other unspeakable acts to children. No one has ever come close to solving the atrocities he perpetrates every few months.Phillips thinks he's successfully committed the perfect crimes.And then he meets Asher Benson.*The Perfect Crime is a short story in the Asher Benson thriller series which takes place between Ash and Madness. The series is full of snarky humor, nonstop action, and scary thrills.

Spooky Nook

Robert Swartwood - 2011
    Spooky Nook is a 10,000-word "prequel of sorts" to The Calling, a supernatural thriller by Robert Swartwood.

Rotten Apple

Natasha A. Salnikova - 2012
    He has his own advertising company, a few girlfriends and a perfect wife, who is so naïve she doesn’t even notice her husband’s multiple affairs. But, one day, Alexander meets Karen. The woman is five years older than he and she wants to marry Alexander instead of letting him go, as others did. She doesn't want to give up; she wants Alexander to belong to her and only her. Alexander finds a reason for leaving that he thinks is good enough for Karen – his wife is pregnant. He obviously can’t leave her now (except she’s not). He hopes it will bring them to the finale of the relationship. He just doesn’t know how far a woman in love can go, a woman who was betrayed. When Karen finds out that Alexander wants to break off their relationship she doesn’t step back, but takes the reins of fate into her own hands. She decides to fight for her love no matter what the consequences. But everything turns out differently than she had expected and she becomes a marionette in somebody else’s game.The book was originally published in Russian in 2011, becoming an instant hit. This is translated and adapted version for English speaking readers. Enjoy!

The Curse of the House on Cypress Lane: Bacalou's Revenge- Book 2

James Hunt - 2017
    Ever since, death has hovered like a storm cloud, and the remnants of two families are locked into a battle of survival. The final days have come, and the creature is out for blood. Who will win?

The Pen Name

David Jacob Knight - 2013
    He can't even afford medical treatments for his ailing son.When bestselling novelist Jack Fleischer takes an interest in him as a co-author, Ben thinks he has found his big break. But he quickly learns that working with Fleischer is no dream job. The bestseller is demanding, angry, and cruel.BEN IS LOSING EVERYTHINGSince signing the contract with Fleischer's publisher, Ben is being followed by shadowy agents. His wife is accusing him of things he doesn't remember doing, and the contract is full of bizarre terms. Like dangerous research trips that involve binge drinking, torture, and worse. Writing has become nearly impossible, and if Ben breaches the contract, he'll lose everything.But Ben is not about to surrender to Fleischer. He is willing to do anything in his power to save his family, and his life.

Heart Swarm

Allan Watson - 2015
    Five years ago Harlan headed up the investigation of an identical murder in the same woods; a mishandled investigation that effectively destroyed his credibility as a detective. The new case immediately takes a bizarre twist when the body is identified as the same girl found hanging in the woods five years ago. The following day a local man commits suicide and the police find more dead girls hidden in his basement. The case seems open and closed. Until the killing spree begins. Harlan finds himself drawn into a dark world where murder is a form of self-expression and human life treated as one more commodity to be used and discarded. The only clue that links everything is a large oil painting of ‘Sagittarius A’ – a massive black hole at the centre of the galaxy orbited by thirteen stars daubed in blood with the words – Heart SwarmThis edition is no longer available.


Ally Summers - 2019
    Hikers are missing. Shifters' bodies are turning up. And a precious shifter artifact has been stolen from the local library. Hunter's Lake used to be a quiet place to live, but now it doesn't feel safe. Bear shifter, Beau Rawlings has never had a case so hard to crack. Especially since he can’t get the main suspect, who happens to be the new girl in town, out of his head. Jessa Langdon is ready for a new life in Hunter’s Lake. Leaving her world behind in Denver, she takes a job at a local library for a fresh start. But her first shift ends in a burglary and she's way too attracted to the cop who shows up to help. Rawlings and Jessa have to focus on the case, to prove her innocence and catch a killer. But you don't get to choose when you fall in love, and they're about to find out what happens when the rules are broken. They just hope their hearts aren't broken too. The small town of Hunter's Lake has always been a refuge for shifters, until now. The Undercover Shifter unit must fight against the clock to save the town they love, and the people in it. Get ready for mates, drama, and murder in the new Undercover Shifter Series.

One Night in Drake Mansion

Channing Whitaker - 2015
    When several bystanders died in their mansion, the house was sealed. After nearly a century of rumors and haunted stories, the mansion will be opened for a live TV event, allowing five contestants to spend one night and win their share of a million dollars.The contestants: a psychic, a high-tech ghost hunter, a Hollywood scream queen, a local woman, and a paranormal skeptic named Harlan Holt fuel excitement as each tries to solve the mystery. Upon entering the journal of the family patriarch, Vinton Drake is discovered, illuminating the puzzle, rooted all the way back to Vinton’s service as a medic in WWI when he first met the magician.Departing from the familiar haunted house tale, this story explores the very nature of belief in the supernatural with consequences more frightening than any ghost story. Intensity soars when the contestants discover their lives, and thousands more, are in genuine peril. Is the mansion haunted? What fate befell Malvern and the Drake family? And will the contestants uncover the truth in time to save themselves…One Night in Drake Mansion is the first book in Whitaker's Skeptic Detective Series.


Amy Cross - 2015
    All the residents seem nervous, and no-one seems to have a clue what happened to her aunt. And then there are the strange figures that are sometimes spotted at night on the train tracks that run past the building.As Megan searches for answers about her aunt's disappearance, she learns that the ghosts of Marshall Heights seem to have their own agenda. Meanwhile, a young girl living in another of the flats finds herself drawn closer and closer to a strange darkness that waits in the basement. Why are there piles of human teeth in the shadows? And who keeps knocking at the door, calling out for help using the voice of a dead man?3AM is the story of a group of people living in a haunted building, and their gradual realization that someone or something is trying to break through from the world of the dead.