Bloody Iced Bullet

Andrew McGregor - 2014
     Leutnant Hausser, a young experienced infantry officer with the 76th Infantry Division is assigned with a handful of men to the south of Stalingrad. As the fighting heightens in the city, the officer and his men are sent to bolster the defences of their allies, the Romanians. The front is relatively quiet, most believe the Russian Army is finished. The end of the bitter war in the east may only be days away. Thinking of loved ones and home, they await the conclusion of the battle, comforted by promises that the victorious outcome will decide the war…that it will soon be all over. It may only be a matter of time before they see their families again. Daily life has become more relaxed, in warm bunkers and well dug defences, they write letters and socialise with their allies. It may soon be time to go home. As the German Sixth Army discovers just how vicious the fighting in Stalingrad can become, they take troops from their flanks in final attempts to take the city before the onset of 'another bitter Russian winter.' One last push will finish the Russians once and for all. The German Air Force, the Luftwaffe, has virtually driven the Red Air Force from the skies. The Russian high command, STAVKA, are secretly planning to turn the tide of the war in the southern sector of the front as they see the weaker German allies occupy defensive positions either side of the city that holds Stalin's name. As the Russian offensive engulfs the flanks around Stalingrad, the young officer and his men desperately begin a battle for survival against bitter temperatures and time, oblivious to what the overall picture may be…and what their future holds. Not everything is as it seems in the deepest cold of winter as a small group of men combat nature and a vicious and cunning enemy motivated by revenge to survive and escape. With temperatures dropping to minus 25 to 35 degrees Celsius and a vicious struggle for survival against both nature and the cruelties of war, the portrayal of individual human reaction to fate and historical events is a gripping insight into the soldier on the frontline, thousands of miles from the decisions that will forge their individual destinies. Having spent thirty years studying World War 2 and in particular, the Russian Front, these offerings are based on historical fact. The characters are fictitious, attempting to portray a realistic account of what the battle would have been like for individual soldiers. All units and actions are in accordance with actual events, including propaganda, deployment and individual division engagements. Bloody Iced Bullet is available as an E-Book on Kindle, paperback in US book stores and via mail order across the world. The author aims to provide a thoroughly enjoyable and imaginative reading experience at an affordable price for the reader. All three works from the author's World War 2 Series concentrating on Stalingrad have achieved Best Seller status on Amazon in the UK and many more stories are outlined. Imagination is personal, free and to be cherished.

Stranger from Another Land (erilaR, #1)

Hector Miller - 2019
    The Great Khan, Attila, overlord of the Scythian and Germani hordes is no more.The lands of Rome lie in ruin, razed by the Scourge of God.From the ashes of civilization a new power is destined to emerge. Warriors whose fearsome reputation would remain for more than a thousand years.On the plains of Pannonia a boy is born. A boy destined to shape history.Meet Ragnaris, the son of no man.

The Sea Shall Not Have Them (WWII Naval Thrillers, #1)

Max Hennessy - 2019
    An essential flight from France crash lands in the North Sea, leaving the four remaining crew members of the RAF Hudson stranded on a dinghy.One man is critically injured, and another, a rocket expert, is carrying a briefcase stuffed with vital war secrets, that could prove devastating if allowed to fall into the wrong hands.As the days begin to stretch out, they can only pray that the rescue team can locate the dinghy in time, before exposure kills them, or worse, the enemy finds them… A novel which charts the daring and courage of four castaways, and the men who rescued them in a breathtaking mission with the most awesome of consequences, perfect for fans of Alexander Fullerton, David McDine and Alan Evans.

The Frenchman's Daughters

Paul Sinkinson - 2013
    Following an emotional and traumatic escape from the advancing German forces they arrive in England. As a result of their experiences, and the manner that they combated the Nazi regime, the three sisters, all civilians, are seconded, along with the survivors of their group, into the intelligence section of General De Gaulle’s newly formed Free French Force. After extensive training in England they return to occupied France living in fear of betrayal and capture.

Escape to Dunkirk (The Second World War Series Book 1)

Stuart Minor - 2019
     As the German Blitzkrieg rolls across France, the British Army is forced to retreat back to the coast. It seems, as the net tightens around the surrounded divisions, that only a miracle can save them from destruction. As the Royal Navy attempts to rescue the men from the beaches, the British rearguard is locked in a vicious struggle to prevent the Germans from breaking through. Jack and his section, after weeks of brutal action, are forced to struggle on against the relentless enemy, the men standing together as they fight their way back to the blood soaked beaches, where their only hope of salvation lies beneath the smoke filled skies of Dunkirk. This is the first novel in a new series by Stuart Minor.

The Crusader's Blade

James Mercer - 2015
    Amongst his few possessions is a dagger which bears an unknown heraldic symbol. He joins a band of mercenaries heading for Venice where the Christians are assembling for the Crusade. On his journey from boy to manhood, discovering a surprisingly natural aptitude for combat, he encounters a secret Brotherhood and their avowed enemy The Order of the Blooded Cross. “The Crusader’s Blade” is the first of three novels that draw heavily on historical detail, intermingling real and fictitious characters and events to give an enthralling portrait of the religious battles of the age.

Hell to Pay

Peter J. Azzole - 2017
    Folded skillfully into this riveting tale the reader will find naval action, history, espionage, government corruption, personal challenge, romance and so much more.It's July 1950, a mere month since the North Korean People’s Army stormed overwhelmingly across the 38th parallel. Captain "Hal" Kirby, U.S. Navy, is a pilot's pilot and happy to be on the leading edge of a war held in balance by Naval air power. North Korea wants South Korea at all costs. Kirby's Air Group on the USS Valley Forge is playing a major role in holding the NKPA at bay until significant military forces can be mobilized. A disgruntled officer's six-year-old promise to get even with Kirby and the Navy for ending his career as a pilot also occupies Kirby's attention.The multifaceted plot also includes Kirby becoming an unknowing victim of government corruption that thrusts him into a political incident with the Soviet Union.Kirby is faced with many life-changing experiences throughout the story that impact his professional and personal life.You will not want to put this novel down.

The Sixth Martyr

Eric Meyer - 2017
    A former SEAL, and contractor for the CIA’s Alpha Squad program in Afghanistan, he has vowed never to go back. That was until 9/11. His older brother is the only family he has left, a successful broker working in the World Trade Centre when it is hit. Tyler has nothing left to live for. Except a burning desire for revenge. With the image of the bearded Saudi psycho who ordered the attack in the forefront of his mind, he returns to Afghanistan. The million to one chance of getting a shot at him drives him on. Yet while he is there, he becomes embroiled in more than he’d bargained for. A series of chance encounters draw him more into the coming conflict, including teaming up with his old Alpha Squad buddies. Tyler has to use every one of his old skills to survive. Bullet for bullet, bomb for bomb, he fights desperately to survive the new madness that has gripped the country and threatens to destroy it. Alpha Squad – The Sixth Martyr is an incredible story of Afghanistan in the fiery aftermath of 9/11. A full-length novel by the bestselling author of many Spec Ops series. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo stories, Heroes of Afghanistan, Raider, Echo Six, and Devil's Guard titles.

Beyond the Rhine (Combined Operations, #10)

Griff Hosker - 2017
    With new men to replace the dead they are sent to destroy a factory making parts for V-2. As the war enters its final months they are attached to the 1st Commando Brigade in Montgomery’s Army and they lead the drive to the German heartland. Tasked with trying to save the lives of as many of the inmates of a death camp they have to go deeper behind enemy lines and, once again face the S.S. A fast-moving novel which brings the Commando’s war to an end.

The Flames of Resistance (Women Spies in World War II Book 2)

Kit Sergeant - 2021

Zero Hour Trilogy: Well Past Trouble: (3)

Rob Lofthouse - 2016
    But first they must cross the heavily-defended Rhine into Germany's industrial heartland. In the savage fighting for this crucial gateway, Robbie Stokes and his airborne division must drop into enemy territory and hold off German reinforcements.Exhausted after fighting through France and the Netherlands it falls to Robbie to lift his company for one final operation and the push into Germany. But despite his experience, nothing he's seen yet can prepare him for what they find as the Germans retreat and their cruelty is revealed. The end is insight, but Robbie and his men will have to fight every inch of the way.

Knight of Rome Part III

Malcolm Davies - 2020
    He stands looking forward at what is to come with one face and with the other contemplates what has already been. He stands at the point where past becomes future. He is the God of meetings and partings, crossroads, fords and bridges. Imperial Prefect Otto Longius, Son of Badurad of the Suevi and Knight of Rome, falls under the influence of Janus as unlooked for news drags him back into a world he thought he had left forever, then forward, reunited with old friends to carry out the Emperor’s will.

The Gathering Clouds

Andrew Wareham - 2019
    Young Thomas witnessed the atrocities that the Nazis had carried out in Spain and trained his pilots to show no mercy when towards the end of the book, he breached the rules to attack German planes. Published by The Electronic Book Company

Crown Jewel (The Battle for the Falklands)

Peter von Bleichert - 2013
    During the 1980s, Argentina invaded and fought an unsuccessful war with the British. However, despite this failed campaign, Argentina has never abandoned its claim to the islands, what they call 'Las Islas Malvinas.' Prince Albert—an Apache helicopter pilot fresh off a haunting tour of Afghanistan—is sent to the remote islands for a royal visit, an affirmation of London’s commitment to their windswept, oil-rich overseas territory. Argentina, manipulated by a former Nazi and seeking to cure economic malaise, invades once again, catching Prince Albert in the unfolding operation, forcing him to face personal demons, as well as an Argentine commando sent to hunt him down. This novella is an exciting action-filled military thriller that incorporates real places, tactics, and weapons. Please visit "Crown Jewel: The Battle for the Falklands" on Facebook for items of relevance to the book.

Across the Wilderness

Pamela Ackerson - 2014
    A time-travel romance where a Sioux warrior from the 1800's meets a contemporary woman doctor, Across the Wilderness is a love story that transcends time, bringing two soul mates together on a journey interwoven with romance, revenge, and intrigue.