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BIKER by Ashley Harma


Cards of Love: The Tower

Linnea May - 2018
    The day my world came crushing down on me.And it was all because of him.Keane Hastings. Wanted criminal, ruthless assassin - and now my sole protector in a world that is out to get me.But he is part of that world. There’s a bullet left in his gun, and it’s meant for me.Strapped to his strong chest I fall into the abyss, unsure what I will find at the bottom.Death? Mercy?Or… love?No. How could I possibly fall for the man whose job it is to kill me? A man who took everything away from me and is now holding me as his captive, just waiting for the right moment to turn the passion between us into a deadly finale? We both know what he has to do. We both know that there’s hell to pay if we don’t stop this. Yet, here we are. On our road to ruin…


Serena Akeroyd - 2020
    I feel it like it’s my own.He’s a killer. Shameless. Some might even call him a psycho. I just call him soul mate. We were born to raise hell together, born to make sick b*stards pay for their sins, born to be the king and queen of darkness…Now, the king just needs to get that memo. NYX is the first book in the eleven-book ‘A Dark & Dirty Sinners’ MC’ series. It is not a standalone.

Scorpio Stinger MC Box Set

Jani Kay - 2015
    Saved by the Scorpio Stingers MC boys, he owes his life and allegiance to them—they are his family. He doesn’t need a smart mouthed woman who pushes every one of his buttons. But he can’t get Jade out of his head. Jade Summers is a good girl. She wants a man just like her lawyer daddy. Not the alpha male, cocky biker who storms into her life, who looks like a sex god with tattoos and piercings. He’s demanding, controlling and won’t take no for an answer. Their chemistry is off the charts and they are drawn to one another like magnets. Neither can resist the other. Two worlds collide. Their families are determined to tear them apart. With everything stacked against them, is what they have strong enough to overcome the odds? They must choose: family or one another. The ultimate price may be too high. Will their polar opposite worlds destroy and rip them apart forever? The Beauty & The Beast Eva has never known a man so lost, so broken, yet so cocky. Harrison can unravel her with a mere look, set her heart beating with a touch, make her wanton with his words. He demands her submission. She is willing to give him her body. But her heart? No way. He’s hard, cold and distant. Set on revenge. Harrison Summers has never wanted anything this much. It destroys his plans of living for his career only. No ties, no tomorrows. Add his dark past and uncontrollable desire for revenge and he’s one messed up dude. But Eva? Is she the beauty who can tame the beast? Is she the one who can Unchain His Heart? Cobra Malone is the President of the Scorpio Stinger MC He never looks in a mirror. If he wants to see what he looks like, he just looks at his twin. Daemon and Cobra are identical in every way — from the outside. That’s where it ends. Born five minutes after Cobra, his brother hates that he came second. It irks him that Cobra breathed life into his lungs first. Ever since he’s been trying to steal everything Cobra has and loves. To own it first. Until the day Cobra becomes president of the Scorpio Stinger MC. He throws Daemon out like the garbage he is. Rotten filth won’t be able to taunt him any longer. How wrong he is. Evil knows no barriers. It stops at nothing. It won’t rest until it gets what it wants. And Daemon wants what belongs to Cobra. He wants Cobra's woman. Cobra will die before he gives up Mia. Will this be a battle to the end? Till the last man is left standing? When two wills this strong clash, there will be chaos . . . and blood. Who will win? The God or The Monster? TORMENTED Book #4 in The Scorpio Stinger Series release date: OCTOBER 8, 2015 Recommended to read the series in the order above, all contained in this BOX SET (books 0.5 - 3) before reading TORMENTED JOIN US: GROUP: Jani Kay's Krusaders http://goo.

Slow Burn

Autumn Jones Lake - 2014
    Forced to represent the outlaw biker, Hope is rattled by her immediate attraction to Rock. Hope is a good girl in a good marriage. Rock thrills her, but she's not going to throw away everything she's built on a fling with her criminal client. Rock respects Hope enough to leave her alone, even as he realizes he's become a little obsessed with her. When their connection endangers her life, he'll have to destroy her in order to save her. After tragedy strikes, Rock is determined to earn Hope's forgiveness and convince her that even with their staggering differences, they're meant to be together.

Wrapped Around Him

Debra Kayn - 2015
    He's gambled with his life to finish the gun chain running across the states, get the majority of his MC brothers working inside the prison system, and place the smoke screen in Federal, Idaho. He only needs one more thing—Christina. What he wants, he takes, and freedom doesn't mean a damn thing.Christina Nickelson keeps to herself and uses her part-time job for Silver Valley's Department of Children's Services to help those who are also alone and hurting. The anger and fear she thought she'd overcome after her parents were murdered resurfaces when an ex-convict and leader of a motorcycle club claims a teenage boy in her care. She can't let her worries go. Putting herself at risk, she finds herself held hostage, witnessing a murder, and questioning fate. The only person she can rely on is the biker who will kill her if she tries to leave.


Lane Hart - 2018
    He never wanted the responsibility that comes with being at the head of the table, preferring to leave that to his brother, Torin. But after an unexpected attack on the Kings sends his brothers on a path of vengeance, Chase will have no choice but to take on the burden of being the man in charge.Reporter Sasha Sheridan has steered clear of any and all bad boy bikers wearing the bearded skull for the last ten years. While investigating a story, she suddenly finds herself back in the crosshairs of the Savage Kings. Uncovering the secrets that the club's president is trying to keep hidden may very well put her life in danger. She may be able to handle the threat, but she can't escape the man who broke her heart.Chase hasn't forgiven himself for hurting Sasha and causing her an unbelievable amount of pain. He still wears her name on his chest, a reminder of the night that he wrecked his bike and everything the two of them had together. Now, with secrets, lies, bloodshed, and violence causing chaos in the club, Chase is determined to use his second chance with Sasha to keep her safe. He never imagined that the best way to do that would be to get her as far away from him and the MC as possible.This is an emotional story full of suspense and steamy scenes. While the main characters in this book will get a HEA, the struggles of the MC will continue to unravel throughout the series.


Stella Rhys - 2015
    But two drinks later, a drunk stumble landed her in front of the tallest, broadest, most devastatingly sexy man she'd ever laid eyes on -- standing over a dead body. Twenty-nine-year-old Abram Lenox is the city's king of sin. The head of Manhattan's biggest underground gambling ring, he has dirt on just about every celebrity, billionaire and politician in town. His fast-paced world revolves around indulging secret vices and there are no priorities beyond cash, thrill and satisfaction. Until Isla Maran comes along. Now, he's got a murdered mafioso on his hands and a girl who shouldn't have seen. But it doesn't take long before he realizes that he'll stop at nothing to protect her. All that matters now is whether or not she'll break. Her simple life thrust in the fast lane, Isla suddenly finds herself facing a revolving door of chaos, extravagance and unspeakable crime -- as well as a lust so deep and forbidden it's bound for disaster.

Dirty Liar

K.B. Winters - 2017
    You know what that means? No one messes with me. I’m the head of the O’Brien syndicate and my only obligation is to the family. Until Ava. The curvy lass with a body made for sin. Ava is brilliant and beautiful and wears a suit of armor so thick, I crave to get a look inside. But I’m hiding a dangerous secret—a dirty lie—and come to find out, she has one of her own. I'm forced between a rock and a hard place and I have to make a choice— Killing her would protect my family...but pulling the trigger would destroy me. Dirty Liar is a full-length mafia romance with no cliffhanger and no cheating. Intended for readers 18+ due to Kindle-melting scenes and other mature content.

Lessons in Corruption

Giana Darling - 2017
    The heir to a notorious, criminal MC. And my student. There was no way I could get involved. No way I could stay involved. Then, no way I could get out alive. An MC student/teacher romance.


Bella J. - 2019
    It's an ugly thing. It consumes you. Controls you. Dictates your every move.You can try to fight it, try to resist. But its stronger than you. It always wins. The day I first saw her, obsession took root inside me. Suddenly there was nothing else. Just her. My obsession left me no choice. I had to have her. No matter the cost. No matter the risk.In the end she will be mine. Until then...I wait. *DEPRAVED is a dark MC Romance with scenes that might offend sensitive readers*

The Debt

S.R. Jones - 2019
    In my world, women are a pastime and nothing more. In my world, emotions are dangerous and need to be locked down. Maya was born into this, but she doesn’t understand it. It makes her vulnerable, and now she’s been promised to a man I wouldn’t let my worst enemy marry. She needs help – my help. I step in and take her as my bride in order to save her skin. Our marriage might be fake, but our passion is real. My ring on her finger is the tie that binds us. Maya thinks she can walk away once the danger has passed. She believes our passion is fleeting. She hopes I will simply let her go. She’s wrong. On. Every. Single. Count. We’re playing a dangerous game. One where the lines are so blurred, we can’t see them. I’m going to take her and make her mine, and in this game, she’ll play by my rules. But someone wants Maya out of the game completely, and our world is about to implode. ***Please note this is a romantic suspense with dark themes and as such trigger warnings apply. Reading order of the series is: The contract. A Mafia Vows prequel The Debt: Mafia Vows One The Promise: Mafia Vows Two. ***

Devils Comfort MC

Brair Lake - 2014
    Meet them here before they tell you their stories on how their lives are changed when they meet and fall hard for five Strong willed women, who don’t take no bullshit from their men. There is no real story to this book, as it is mainly an introduction to the characters of the Brothers of Devil Comfort MC, however there are wee teasers and tasters on what to expect from this series This book contains explicit sex and is intended for mature audience of 18+ only There are acts of female on female action, ménage, self pleasure, anal play (male and female), strong language BDSM child physical abuse, Arrogant Dominant Alpha Men If this offends you please do not purchase


M.K. Gilher - 2014
    I feel as if I know him, yet I'm sure I don't. Dr. Jacade J. Jordan, my mystifying sex god on a stick.Damn, she's delectable. My sweet Ivy. I want to eat her alive. But how can I possess her when she doesn't even know me? When the deception runs too deep? When I've killed for her and would do it again in a heartbeat? How can I watch her submit so perfectly when I am the one at her feet?Enjoy the ride in the Windy City as Ivy and Jacade's timeless love story unfolds in the Return to Us Trilogy.55,700 words (approximately 222 pages)

Biker Schmiker

Bella Jewel - 2021
    At the young age of twenty-five she became the proud owner of the town’s most infamous café, Wildflowers. Not only does this café make the best cakes in town, but it hosts the most successful open mic nights, bringing singers from far and wide to own the stage and take their dreams to the next level.Coming from an Italian background, Evelina has a large family, a bubbly personality and the kind of drive that makes her café the best of the best. She prides herself in her witty personality, bubbly demeanor and strength to take her dreams by the horns. She is unstoppable and determined.That is, of course, until a biker club moves into the empty garage she shares a parking lot with. For years, that garage has been empty and Evelina has had the space entirely to herself. Now, there are cars, motorbikes, parties, half naked women, alcohol and a President that is rude, gorgeous and refusing to keep the noise down.Her café is going to struggle if she doesn’t do something right away.The problem is, they are refusing to move.Evelina is going to have to dig deep and find any way she can to get them to leave…even if things have to get messy.She’s worked too hard.This is her lot. This is her town.That gorgeous biker and his club are going to find themselves in the midst of a war…a turf war.And Evelina plans to win.*Contains Adult Content*

The Captive Series

C.M. Steele - 2016
    Includes sexual violence against our heroine.The Captive Series The three original stories of insta-love with captor and captive. One captor found his captive tied up, one snatched her from her family, and the other carried her out of her bed: Luciano’s Willing Captive is a dark tale of sex, romance, violence and abuse. This is a HEA story, but with a gritty center that's gut wrenching. ~Luciano Rossi is the head of his outfit. Amber McLaren is a fresh faced high school graduate. Luciano wants to possess her forever but others plot to separate them. Will they be able to be one or will the horrible events to come take away their forever? The Russian’s Captive leaves our hero claiming the spoils of war. He believes the sister/daughter of his enemies belongs to him. Nothing will stop him from making her his own. ~Nikolai Rykov spent a year in America under the alias Vladimir Zarachenko; where he headed his criminal organization. Then he was betrayed and sent to prison in Russia. After the charges were dropped, he was out for revenge. All evidence pointed to the one family, he actually aided. They were in his debt, and this is how they repaid him. He would get his revenge one way or another, and the young beautiful daughter Bianca was looking like their only bargaining chip. Nikolai is rough, unapologetic and instantly in love with the enemy's own. Bianca had a secret crush. She kept her feelings about him to herself. That is, until she'd been caught by her mother. Forcing her to move on, her mother accidentally pushes her and her family into the arms of trouble. What happens when her crush becomes her captor? Sergei’s Stubborn Captive finds our hero frustrated with a woman who was so stubborn, she didn’t know how to quit. She had to learn, though. ~Claudio Santini had been wreaking havoc on all those who crossed his path. When he disappeared no one asked questions. That was until a rookie detective named Lana Grey waltzed into town looking into his whereabouts. Starting with his rivals, the Rossi and Rykov Families, she was certain they had something to do with his absence. Her superiors forced her to back off, but she only changed her tactics. Lana went after Nikolai Rykov’s right hand man, Sergei Antonov. Sergei was immediately intrigued by the beautiful pain in the ass. The biggest issue he had with Miss Grey was her persistence in the search for Santini. After one too many encounters with the nosy woman, he took matters into his own hands. She became Sergei’s stubborn captive. Bonus stories: Love, sex and absolute devotion. All three heroes are captivated with their brides, even when the bloom should have left the rose. Years and kids do nothing to diminish their captivation.