Fishers of Men

Adam Elenbaas - 2010
    After hitting rock bottom at his grandfather's house in rural Michigan, a chance experience with psychedelic mushrooms convinces him that he must change his ways to achieve the sense of peace that he has always desired. Several subsequent psychedelic experiences inspire him to embark on a quest to South America and take part in a shamanic ceremony, where he consumes ayahuasca, a jungle vine revered for its spiritual properties. Over the course of nearly forty ayahuasca ceremonies during four years, Elenbaas discovers the truth about his own life and past, and begins to mend himself from the inside out. "Fishers of Men" is the gripping, heartbreaking, and yet ultimately

Hair Like a Fox: A Bioenergetic View of Pattern Hair Loss

Danny Roddy - 2013
    But in the scalp of a balding man, they do not get everything they need and as a result, the hair-producing cells gradually die off. Here we have an example of a mild ‘disease’ which is caused by cellular malnutrition.” —Dr. Roger J. Williams “A living cell requires energy not only for all of its functions, but also for maintenance of its structure.” —Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi "What could be more important to understand than biological energy? Thought, growth, movement, every philosophical and practical issue involves the nature of biological energy.” —Raymond Peat, PhD ======== The Current View of Pattern Hair Loss is Unproductive (and Dangerous) While it is often stated with great confidence that pattern pattern hair loss is the result of defective genes and "male" androgenic hormones (e.g., dihydrotestosterone or DHT), the theory is physiologically unsound. After 60 years of research the "genetic-androgen" hypoheses has produced a single FDA-approved "therapy" that works less than 50% the time and can result in permanent chemical castration (Minoxidil is a nonstarter for many men and women). In contrast, castrates and pseudohermaphrodites--who serve as the foundation for all baldness research--are protected from pattern hair loss 100% of the time. Steps Towards a 'Bioenergetic' View of Pattern Hair Loss Standing on the shoulders of giants (e.g., Otto Warburg, Albert Szent-Györgyi, Gilbert Ling, Ray Peat and others), HAIR LIKE A FOX sets up an alternative 'bioenergetic model' of pattern hair loss with a focus on the smallest unit of life, the cell. This same context elucidates simple yet effective therapies for halting and perhaps reversing pattern hair loss in a way that harmonizes with our unique physiology.

Crude Chronicles: Indigenous Politics, Multinational Oil, and Neoliberalism in Ecuador

Suzana Sawyer - 2004
    As the source of this oil, the Ecuadorian Amazon has borne the far-reaching social and environmental consequences of a growing U.S. demand for petroleum and the dynamics of economic globalization it necessitates. Crude Chronicles traces the emergence during the 1990s of a highly organized indigenous movement and its struggles against a U.S. oil company and Ecuadorian neoliberal policies. Against the backdrop of mounting government attempts to privatize and liberalize the national economy, Suzana Sawyer shows how neoliberal reforms in Ecuador led to a crisis of governance, accountability, and representation that spurred one of twentieth-century Latin America’s strongest indigenous movements.Through her rich ethnography of indigenous marches, demonstrations, occupations, and negotiations, Sawyer tracks the growing sophistication of indigenous politics as Indians subverted, re-deployed, and, at times, capitulated to the dictates and desires of a transnational neoliberal logic. At the same time, she follows the multiple maneuvers and discourses that the multinational corporation and the Ecuadorian state used to circumscribe and contain indigenous opposition. Ultimately, Sawyer reveals that indigenous struggles over land and oil operations in Ecuador were as much about reconfiguring national and transnational inequality—that is, rupturing the silence around racial injustice, exacting spaces of accountability, and rewriting narratives of national belonging—as they were about the material use and extraction of rain-forest resources.

Journey to the Sacred Garden: A Guide to Traveling in the Spiritual Realms

Hank Wesselman - 2003
    The Journey to the Sacred Garden guides us along a well-traveled path into this extraordinary experience and includes an experiential CD of shamanic drumming and rattling, providing us with an effective, easily learned technique for expanding awareness and shifting consciousness safely. The first goal: to find our Sacred Garden, a place for personal empowerment; as well as physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual restoration. Once there, we learn through direct experience that the garden can be used as a gateway into the other levels of the inner worlds. Anthropologist Hank Wesselman, Ph.D., reveals that our garden operates by four primary rules: oEverything in the garden is symbolic of some aspect of ourselves or our life experience. oEverything in the garden can be communicated with, enhancing understanding. oThe garden can be changed by doing work. oWhen you change your garden, some part of you or your life will change in response.

The Three Halves of Ino Moxo: Teachings of the Wizard of the Upper Amazon

César Calvo - 1995
    Award-winning Peruvian author Cesar Calvo takes us on a quest through the mysterious, dreamlike world of powerful Amazonian sorcerers.

Thirty Days In Quito: Two Gringos and a Three-Legged Cat Move to Ecuador

K. Kris Loomis - 2017
    They left their comfy life behind and moved to Ecuador! Follow along as they battle ‘mañana’ time, stinky buses, and the dreaded ‘Frankenstein’ shower. Will they adjust to South American culture? Will Triplet learn to meow in Spanish? Will the stupid black beans ever cook at that altitude? Thirty Days In Quito: Two Gringos and a Three-Legged Cat Move to Ecuador is a humorous first-hand account of a couple stepping out of their comfort zone, holding on tight, and learning to breathe at 9,000 feet. Also by K. Kris Loomis How to Sneak More Yoga Into Your Life: A Doable Yoga Plan for Busy People How to Sneak More Meditation Into Your Life: A Doable Meditation Plan for Busy People The Monster In the Closet and Other Stories Visit and get a FREE short story! You can connect with Kris on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest @kkrisloomis. Thirty Days In Quito: Two Gringos and a Three-Legged Cat Move to Ecuador is a fun read for anyone interested in travel or curious about other cultures, and future expats will get a glimpse of what moving abroad is really like!

Spirit Guide

Raym Richards - 2009
    The latest quantum physics discoveries are converging with ancient esoteric knowledge, held for centuries, by spiritual teachers and shaman in many cultures. Our consciousness affects everything around us.Spirit Guide explores many aspects of holistic beliefs and philosophies and our potential as human beings. It contains over fifty practical exercises that will help you experience our changing reality and assist with your own personal growth.Over 50,000 readers have enjoyed this book to date.Are you ready to boldly go where you haven’t been before? This book is for you!“Raym’s very comprehensive introduction to holistic thinking and living leaves no stone unturned. If you are just embarking on the journey of discovery for yourself, you will be lightly and often humorously guided in every facet. Contrasting the light style, some of the concepts covered are deep, but Raym at all times has your welfare uppermost in his approach. A master healer himself, he is there to guide you in deep meditative and healing experiences, and it may be that these are the real gems of this excellent primer of holism.”Elizabeth Stephens, Editor, LivingNow and Dare to Dream magazines“I really enjoyed reading Raym’s book.I found it inspiring and enlightening. It is a “must read” for everyone, especially those embarking on a spiritual journey. I highly recommend it.”Dr. Patricia Bragg ND. Ph.D. Health crusader

The World Is As You Dream It: Teachings from the Amazon and Andes

John Perkins - 1994
    Perkins’ insider’s view leads him to crisis of conscience--to the realization that he must devote himself to work which will foster a world-wide awareness of the sanctity of indigenous peoples, their cultures, and their environments. Perkins’ books demonstrate how the age-old shamanic techniques of some of the world’s most primitive peoples have sparked a revolution in modern concepts about healing, the subconscious, and the powers each of us has to alter individual and communal reality.Deep in the rain forests and high in the Andes of Ecuador, native shamans teach the age-old technique of dream change, a tradition that has kept the cultures of the Otavalans, Salasacans, and Shuar alive despite centuries of conquest. Now these shamans are turning their wisdom and power to the problem of curing a new kind of illness--that created by the industrial world’s dream of dominating and exploiting nature. John Perkins tells the story of these remarkable shamans and of the U.S. medical doctors, psychologists, and scientists who have gone with him to learn the techniques of dream change. These shamanic teachings have sparked a revolution in modern concepts about healing, the subconscious, and the powers each of us has to alter individual and communal reality.

Lonely Planet Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands

Regis St. Louis - 2009
    Our 8th edition gives you the tools you need to create your own adventure, whether you want to browse colorful handicrafts at Otavalo's Saturday market, climb active Volcan Cotopaxi, swim with the Galapagos penguins or relax in chilled-out Vilcabamba.Lonely Planet guides are written by experts who get to the heart of every destination they visit. This fully updated edition is packed with accurate, practical and honest advice, designed to give you the information you need to make the most of your trip.In This Guide:Dedicated Outdoors chapter: hiking, biking, surfing and kayakingInsightful, respectful coverage of Ecuador's rich indigenous culturesGreen Index identifies sustainable options

One River

Wade Davis - 1996
    In the 1970s, he sent two prize students, Tim Plowman and Wade Davis, to follow in his footsteps and unveil the botanical secrets of coca, the notorious source of cocaine, a sacred plant known to the Inca as the Divine Leaf of Immortality.A stunning account of adventure and discovery, betrayal and destruction, One River is a story of two generations of explorers drawn together by the transcendent knowledge of Indian peoples, the visionary realms of the shaman, and the extraordinary plants that sustain all life in a forest that once stood immense and inviolable.

Castaneda: The Wisdom of Don Juan

Carlos Castaneda - 2002
    Castaneda has come to be seen as an anthropologist of the soul, showing us that the inner world has its own inaccessible mountains, forbidding deserts and awesomely beautiful dangers which we are all called to confront. This audio program presents the first two and the best known titles in the Don Juan series, the Teachings of Don Juan and A Separate Reality. Listen -- and marvel -- as you are drawn into a breathtaking world of magical reality and ultimate truth from one of the most influential writers of our time.

Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon

Stephan V. Beyer - 2009
    Some mestizos have migrated to Amazon towns and cities, such as Iquitos and Pucallpa; most remain in small villages. They have retained features of a folk Catholicism and traditional Hispanic medicine, and have incorporated much of the religious tradition of the Amazon, especially its healing, sorcery, shamanism, and the use of potent plant hallucinogens, including ayahuasca. The result is a uniquely eclectic shamanist culture that continues to fascinate outsiders with its brilliant visionary art. Ayahuasca shamanism is now part of global culture. Once the terrain of anthropologists, it is now the subject of novels and spiritual memoirs, while ayahuasca shamans perform their healing rituals in Ontario and Wisconsin. "Singing to the Plants" sets forth just what this shamanism is about--what happens at an ayahuasca healing ceremony, how the apprentice shaman forms a spiritual relationship with the healing plant spirits, how sorcerers inflict the harm that the shaman heals, and the ways that plants are used in healing, love magic, and sorcery.

The Falling Sky: Words of a Yanomami Shaman

Davi Kopenawa - 2010
    Representing a people whose very existence is in jeopardy, Davi Kopenawa paints an unforgettable picture of Yanomami culture, past and present, in the heart of the rainforest--a world where ancient indigenous knowledge and shamanic traditions cope with the global geopolitics of an insatiable natural resources extraction industry.In richly evocative language, Kopenawa recounts his initiation and experience as a shaman, as well as his first encounters with outsiders: government officials, missionaries, road workers, cattle ranchers, and gold prospectors. He vividly describes the ensuing cultural repression, environmental devastation, and deaths resulting from epidemics and violence. To counter these threats, Davi Kopenawa became a global ambassador for his endangered people. The Falling Sky follows him from his native village in the Northern Amazon to Brazilian cities and finally on transatlantic flights bound for European and American capitals. These travels constitute a shamanic critique of Western industrial society, whose endless material greed, mass violence, and ecological blindness contrast sharply with Yanomami cultural values.Bruce Albert, a close friend since the 1970s, superbly captures Kopenawa's intense, poetic voice. This collaborative work provides a unique reading experience that is at the same time a coming-of-age story, a historical account, and a shamanic philosophy, but most of all an impassioned plea to respect native rights and preserve the Amazon rainforest.

Teaching English in a Foreign Land: A Humorous Travel Writing Biography of a TEFL Teacher's Adventure Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Barry O'Leary - 2012
    After doing a TEFL course in London, he flies to South America alone. He has no job to go to but hopes that teaching English will fund his travels – ultimately, it opens up opportunities all over the world.During Barry's two-year TEFL adventure he has several nervy encounters with local louts in Ecuador and Brazil, collapses after a trip to Machu Picchu, gets stuck next to ecstasy raving loonies and a transvestite on a Greyhound Bus across America, struggles to settle Down Under, finds himself working for strict Catholic nuns in Bangkok, and meets some sex mad Babushkas on the Trans-Mongolian railway.This book is essential for anyone who wants to see how rewarding it can be to teach English in a foreign land.


Joe Kane - 1995
    Includes eight pages of photos.