Zahra Girard - 2020
    Contains dirty-talking, protective bikers who will do whatever it takes to keep their women safe. 'Trips' features tons of action, steamy scenes, no cheating, and has a HEA.

Texas Hold Em'

Ali Parker - 2021
    Either way, this Texas boy ain’t scared. I’m looking for love in all the wrong places.

Magic Man

Annie Buff - 2019
    As the president of the Stone Sinners MC he has to be. Magic deals in guns, drugs and anything else that makes money. He's single and that's the way he likes it. Women just complicate an already fucked up situation. Then he meets Melanie and sparks fly. She's taken up residence where he stashed his merchandise and that isn't good. He wants her in a bad way but with his lifestyle it's not a good idea. But this is Magic so bad ideas just seem to be the norm.

Devil's Advocate: Vlad (The Bedlam Horde MC Book 1)

Sarah Zolton Arthur - 2020
    I’m no choirboy and don’t shy away from hard living, but I draw the line at hurting women. Rage, our president, wants war with the Brimstone Lords—yeah, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I let that happen. He’s toxic to the MC. It’s about time the Bedlam Horde clean house. If this is how he wants to play—then game on.NicolaI’ve devoted my life to helping women escape trafficking ever since the day I was rescued. But when I saw our safe house destroyed, one woman having survived the nightmare and the others I swore to protect dead or missing, I knew I needed stronger allies in this battle. Our enemy knows us by name. They’re coming for us, if we don’t take them out first. In order to protect us, I have to put my trust in the thing I fear most—a man.Gun the engine and hold on tight! USA Today Bestseller, Sarah Zolton Arthur, delivers sizzling romance mixed with a thrill a minute adventure in the Bedlam Horde series!

Southern Ballz (Royal Bastards MC: NYC #3)

B.B. Blaque - 2021


Trent Jordan - 2020
    And then I met her.The first time I met Angela, she swore she’d get me arrested.She believed I was responsible for the murder of my ex-fiancee and her childhood best friend, Shannon.But as soon as I laid eyes on Angela, the only cuffs I wanted were her to my bed. Yeah, it was a "love to hate." So what?I knew that as she got to know me, she’d see the truth. She’d know what kind of a man I was. She’d fall hard for me.And guess what? When she started to get involved in our war? When she found herself caught between us and our rival club?I knew the truth. I knew how I felt. If I had to kill everyone to protect her, so be it.Because eventually, it wasn't a love to hate.Somehow, she made me believe in true love again.


T.O. Smith - 2021
    Instead, not only did I end up involved in a mass murder, but I also ended up taking home a beautiful, blonde-haired, gray-eyed woman.She's got a past that she needs protection from.And I have a thing for playing hero.O L I V I AIt's my first day on the job, and the unexpected happens.Someone decided to shoot up the supermarket I'm cashiering at.Thankfully, there's a man there that acts fast enough to save not only my life, but his. But the shooter and I have history . . .And Brett is my only chance at survival.

Devil's Vow: Bloody Wraiths MC (Outlaw Biker Brotherhood #4)

Naomi West - 2019
     ISABELLE He’s a snarling, overprotective beast. There’s no room in his life for manners, decency, or any other normal-person behavior. Heck, there’s no room for anything but his motorcycle club and his ride. That’s it. No exceptions. No hope for a future. But Logan is going to have to make some room, one way or another. Because the savage, rugged biker just got me pregnant—whoops. And now his enemies are coming to strike. LOGAN I shoulda known better. But Isabelle was too tempting to leave alone. I’d kept away from women like her for a long time. Wasn’t saving myself for Mrs. Right. Just didn’t want to unleash my darkness and demons on an innocent girl. But I couldn’t help myself. I had to have her. And now that she’s mine… I’ll go to war to protect her. Oh, and also— The baby she’s carrying inside of her.


Joy Blood - 2020
    Every part of the club is embedded deep in his roots, but he will go against them and his President for the woman he loves. When Cammy is banished from the club she is forced to go back to where she came from, with Show as her escort. Only when they get there, things aren't as they seem. Even with his orders Show knows he can't leave her there so he comes up with an idea. The only way for Cammy to be accepted back into the club.Marriage.A happily ever after couldn't be too far off, right?If only things worked that way.

Rebel Rising: A Rebel Storm MC Romance

Tahlia Gold - 2016
    He’s a gangster on a motorcycle who lives to break them. What could possibly go wrong? Jess Dylan. I never thought I would have his name in my mouth again. Not after the way he left. But when he shows up in my ER after a bar fight, I can’t help thinking about what could have been. When I was younger, I was sure he was the one. Now, I’m just as sure he’s not. Seeing him without a shirt on though, seeing the tattoos and muscles that weren’t there before, sets my mind reeling with desire. He’s still just as irresistable and cocky as ever. But can I let him into my life again? Dylan My life is chaos and danger, no commitments except to my club. They’re my only family and I’ll do anything to protect them. With a war brewing, they need me more than ever. Then Jess comes back into my life and everything changes. She’s not like all the other girls; there’s something about her that drives me into a frenzy. And I want her… bad. Note: This is a full-length, standalone romance novel with a HEA ending. Enjoy!


M. Merin - 2019
    Or they did. Their numbers decimated, the President on his deathbed, the Club becomes unrecognizable. When his cousin and her son are threatened and secrets are exposed, Chains must make a choice. Protect his family or stand with his sworn Brothers. The words that are burned in his mind are 'Blood in, Blood out'. Who's blood will it be? Will help be found within or from an allied MC? This short story was originally released as part of the TNT19 Anthology Collection and is meant as a prologue to introduce new members of the Northern Grizzlies MC collection.

We Shall Make It: A Single Mom Baby Biker Romance (Bad Boys With Benefits)

Melissa Devenport - 2018
    Something’s up...It feels like my life’s moving backwards.I’m back in my teen bedroom. With my baby.Useless son of a b… coward. Just leaving us.I’m picking myself up. Dusting myself off.I can make it. Alone. For sure.My dad’s garage looks the same. Almost.Who’s the new guy? Hardly says a word.A hard working man. Determined. Strong.His blue eyes tell a story. A rough one.He’s like a solid rock. Confident.He looks at me too. It feels good.But he keeps his distance. A lone wolf.It’s like he knows he soon must be leaving.I don’t want him to disappear.But he knows something...***The Bad Boys With Benefits series (originally published as Dirty Mechanic) revolves around the car repair shop where they all work. Some say it’s the hottest garage in town.Introducing Percy and Jack from the Lonely Rider Series. You saw them here first.We Shall Make It (originally published as Hard and Dirty) is a steamy hot Single Mom Baby Biker Romance that will keep you up at night. Full length, standalone, no cheating, no cliffhangers and a Happily Ever After.

Jax (Ink-Fusions)

Penny Anglene - 2019
    I had sworn off women for the last couple of years because of what one female had done but then she walks in. She’s a natural brunette that has hair down her back and a body that dreams are made of. I fell hard, then one unpredictable disaster struck. How do I make it right again?RiaAfter a very troubled past, I am content with my life. Through love of family and counseling I pulled myself out of the darkness. I finally meet the man of my dreams and then the unthinkable happens. Ghosts from my past have come back to haunt me. Is it real or just coming from my subconscious? Can I trust myself enough to let Jax into my life, or are we both to damaged? Do I trust my ‘dream man' to save us both?

Road Tripped (Satan's Devils MC Utah #1)

Manda Mellett - 2020
    I was angry; I admit it. I love my MC brothers, but they couldn’t understand. I could still ride a bike, allowing me to stay in the club, but I could no longer compete. Drummer decided to give me something else to think about, and temporarily gave me some distance from Tucson. It was a simple enough task—make my way, of necessity slowly, to Utah, and check that chapter out. Sure, the Utah club was friendly enough and never hesitated to support other chapters, but they were secretive. Drummer’s instruction was to discover what went on behind closed doors, and for me to return with the assurance they were following the Satan’s Devils rules and regulations. The time on the road would give me a chance to clear my head, my welcome assured at my destination as they wore the same patch on their backs. Then I’d return home, hopefully with my mood improved.Neither Drummer nor I had anticipated the mishaps along the route, nor that there was a possibility I might not make it back alive.

Stryker's Salvation (A Savage Saints MC #3)

J. Lynn Lombard - 2019
    Evil lurks in my soul. Blood stains my hands. One woman quiets the voices. One woman eases the misery. One woman is my salvation. Holly I have secrets. I battle darkness daily. Lust and pain sear my soul. My heart bleeds for redemption. One man can ease my burden. One man holds the light. One man worships my body. One man could be my salvation.