Our Cross To Bear: Crossroad Soldiers MC

Liberty Parker - 2019
    Together they built an unshakable brotherhood, one that’s stood the test of time. That is, until Lorenzo crossed paths with them, then we were in a war that took several of our beloved brothers and one of the old ladies from us. 
The MC and family were forever changed. War, one word, it’s almost all I’ve known and can remember since I was a young boy. It’s one that is forever ingrained into my memory. I live and breathe the MC. A pact between the kids was made, it was meant to keep us safe from outsiders trying to make their way in. 
I was ready to spend a loveless relationship, bound by honor and respect, an eternity of understanding and compassion, with her. With Amberly, but somehow, she snuck under my defenses and my world spun on its axis. The MC was no longer the only thing that mattered in my world, that became her. I always knew she’d be the one, but I never told anyone that secretly, I’d worshipped the ground she walked on since I was ten years old. 
But nothing could prepare me for the turbulence that was her. I thought I knew her better than anyone, I’ve never been so wrong in my life.


: Women are to be servants and old ladies to the men. What a crock of shit. I’ve grown up in this lifestyle just as much as any one of the boys did. I lost loved ones like they did. My father is a member, he’s one of the founders. He helped build this club from the ground up and I’m his only child. I should be allowed to take his seat just as the boys take their fathers! 
I’m ready to take a stand, start a movement in the club, if I must. Change isn’t always a bad thing, but something that’s necessary. Us girls can keep up with the men, we are just as badass as they are. But old-fashioned values of ‘protect the girls’, are still ever present in their minds. I understand things happened in the club to cement this mentality, but I will have Kobe’s ear, and I will force him to listen to reason. 
I was in no way prepared for my man to be as alpha as he is. 
He took me off guard, made me need things that I didn’t realize I’d wanted. It’s a ride I wasn’t expecting, but one I’m willing to get onboard with. 
We were supposed to be convenient; we weren’t supposed to get our emotions involved. But he evoked every one that laid dormant inside of me. Ones that I’d coveted, and hidden, from the outside world. 

Will the war that started at their fathers’ hands be the one that destroys them? Things are changing, the MC is growing…but does it keep them together and make them stronger or does it divide them in the end?
Kobe and Amberly are the ones who set the precedent…but will the others fall in line and back them up, or will it start a riot within?
This is Book One in the Crossroad Soldiers MC and it’s a wild one. Hold on tight and buckle up. Things will be rocky and full of chaos.
 This book contains content that should not be read by those under 18 years of age or younger.


Penny Dee - 2020
    And the last thing I want to do is get involved. But when I overhear the plans to abduct her on the eve of her wedding, I know I have to do something. My past stops me from going to the authorities, and I don’t know how deep this conspiracy goes in the small town of Mirror Lake Mountain, so asking for help is too risky. I can only trust myself.I have no choice. To keep her safe, I’ll have to kidnap the pain-in-the-ass heiress myself. Call the fire department because things are about to get hot in here! Axel, book one in the Men of Mirror Lake Mountain series is straight up what fantasies are made of, with an over-the-top sexy hero, a heroine who gives as good as she gets, and so much Kindle-melting deliciousness you will lose your mind!So, sit back, check reality at the door and get ready for one lip-biting, toe-curling read!

Worth Fighting For: A Kit and Bobby Rollin On Novella

Emilia Finn - 2019
    In fact, I’m not sure he knows how. His mom and dad taught him how to do it right, how to do it fully, and how to never let go. ‘Worth Fighting For’ is the family reunion that you never knew you needed. Through Kit and Bobby Kincaid’s eyes, we’re thrust straight back into our favorite gym to experience family life, gym life, shenanigans on the second level of Club 188, past the band, through the police station, and right around until the guys from Checkmate say hey. Catch a glimpse of the Next Gen babies doing their thing, and get a taste of how the guys handle their girls dating. Hint: they don’t handle it. One-click this fun novella today and fall back into the world that hooked readers on Emilia Finn in the first place.


Rae B. Lake - 2020
    Or at least I was. I thought the biker scene was where I wanted to be. That the forged brotherhood of guns, bikes and club bunnies was where I would find my way. That was before. Now, I was a prisoner. Betrayed by those I once called brother, left to die by those I once killed for, forgotten. Now I am on the brink of insanity, I feel the grip I had on the life that was stripped from me slipping away. I have nothing left to fight for, nothing but Angel. I made a promise to her that I would get her home, I intend to keep that promise. JazminePeace. I just want peace. My whole life has been crisis after crisis, mayhem followed by more mayhem. When I walked out of my family's life, I knew I was alone with no one to fall back on. Slowly, I built up a life. I bought a small shop near the pier where I could teach my art classes and live peacefully. That was until the tide brought in a new problem. Ink is a dangerous man, a caged animal suddenly set free with nothing on his mind besides revenge and death. He trusts no one and is reckless with his own life but I can see the pain. I still see the fear. So when they come looking for him, I do the only thing I can do. I protect him.

Billionaire and Nanny Secret (Daddies and Babies Book 1)

Lauren Wood - 2021

Tempting Propositions (Strictly Business #1)

Tania Joyce - 2015
    A hotel billionaire. In town temporarily.She's savvy. A perfectionist. At the top of her game.Behind closed doors, more than professionalism is stripped away.Kickass businesswoman, Jessica Mason, wins the gig of her lifetime to open the new luxurious Somers Hotel. She thought delivering the spectacular event would be easy. Then she meets charismatic Nate Somers, the heir to the British hotel empire, and things don't go to plan.From Jessica's first meeting with Nate, the chemistry is undeniable. Unable to resist, her rule to never mix business with pleasure falters and passion overrules.With their troubled pasts, family obligations and opposing careers, their fiery fling is intended to remain temporary, fun, with no strings attached. After all, he lives on the opposite side of the globe. But what is she supposed to do when she falls for him hard?

My Boss’s Daughter (Bossed by the Billionaire #1)

Kelli Walker - 2020
    No Cliffhangers and a HEA!

Deceitful Reflections: Soul Shifterz MC: Book 4

Kayce Kyle - 2018
    Will Casper’s past meet his present, and become his future? With a club that’s already been ripped apart and dissected from the inside out, can one man handle such a shocking revelation? Or will this finally be his undoing? Relationships will be tested. New bonds will be formed, and old ones will be restored. More lies will be exposed and some will lose their lives.

Bourbon & Bullets

Elizabeth KnoxClarise Tan - 2022
    The ones who have the ability to start wars with one signal. They make no apologies for the power they hold.What do they all have in common? None of them wait. They take what they want and make no apologies for doing so. In Bourbon & Bullets, a collection of dark romance and romantic suspense authors take you on a wild ride while their heroes, or anti-heroes, find their happily-ever-after.***Bourbon & Bullets is a mafia romance themed anthology organized by Knox Publishing. Please be aware this is intended for mature audiences only, and the contents within may be triggering to some readers.

Judge Me Not

Maggie Cole - 2020
    And my merry-go-round is so far in debt it doesn’t spin anymore. I’m never getting out.But I don’t need money for frivolous things. I need it for my daughter and time is running out.So when Colton Ash tells me he wants an exclusive contract with me, I agree to things I never thought I would.Until you’re in my shoes, Judge Me Not.(Judge Me Not is a standalone, steamy, all the feels Christmas novella (approx. 30k words). No cliffhangers with a feel-good HEA.)

Our Last First Kiss

Darlene Tallman - 2018
    She had always dealt with self-esteem issues thanks to a domineering mother and having her ex cheat on her and then compound it by marrying the woman, she sank into depression. At the one-year mark, she had slowly taken some of the weight off but her doctor advised it needed to be a bit faster, so she turned to a personal trainer/nutritionist who was highly recommended. Thorne Baker has his own painful past but has worked hard to move beyond the betrayal. When Tinsleigh walks into his gym the very first time, he feels an attraction he's never had before with a client. Hours spent together working out as he gets her ready to compete in a triathlon only deepen his feelings. He knows, however, that he will have to let her set the pace because of her past. What if everything you've always believed about yourself since you were a teenager turns out to be a lie? What if the man your heart desires lets you know he wants you too? Come and join Tinsleigh and Thorne and see if they get their happily-ever-after!

Damaged (The Vigilantes, #1)

Stoni Alexander - 2021
    I’m a heartless savage hunting down the thug who murdered my mother. Watching her die in my arms has turned me into a killing machine. Revenge runs bone-deep for me. It’s burned into my soul, baby.​When I become the one with a damn target on my back, my life turns into a raging dumpster fire. But not because my company gets breached or because some SOBs are trying to off me.​There’s this woman…the one woman I can’t freakin’ stand. An impulsive cop who arrested me for a crime I didn’t commit. She gets too close to me, she’s gonna learn about all the ones I did pull off.​The problem is, I’m crazy attracted to her. Insane, over the top, can’t-get-her-outta-my-head kind of attraction. She pushes all my buttons and makes me madder than hell. If anyone can bring me to my knees, it’s her.​Turns out, I took a vow of celibacy. And I don’t break so easily.Except the hot cop is now a detective…and I gotta help her with a serial-killer case ‘cause I got wicked-good hacking skills. But that’s all I’m gonna help her with…__________DAMAGED is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers, romantic suspense with a vigilante anti-hero and a by-the-book detective heroine. Fans of The Touch Series will love seeing Sin & Dakota in this full-length novel. Stoni hates cheating, and she loves her HEAs!

Single Dad’s Spring Break: A Billionaire's Second Chance Romance

Rye Hart - 2018
    Bonus content included after the main story, including an exclusive single dad and nanny romance: Filthy Daddy. Grab your copy today!

Country Love

Kate Swain - 2019
    Success, women, money. The name Walker Holcomb meant something. I was on top of the world. It was a damn long way to fall. My third album tanked, and I looked for answers in a whiskey bottle. I went from the top of every sexiest man list to the butt of every joke on late night. Only thing in worse shape than me is the family farm. Old place is as ramshackle and beat up as I am—another damned lost cause. Until I open my screen door one day and find her on my front porch. Luscious and fiery. Stubborn as hell. Irresistible. Nothing’s had me this fired up in a long time. She makes me crazy. I want to shout and cuss at her. I want to get my hands on that body. Part of me wants to throw her off my porch, tell her to keep walking till she crosses the property line. The rest of me wants to back her up against the rail and hike up her skirt. Even bloodshot eyes can see she’s just what I’ve been waiting for.

Risk (With Me, # 1)

Sue Wilder - 2020
    With a deputy sheriff with him, who is convinced you're an intruder.Even worse?He had every right to do it. Even though the house is yours--oh, and he's your neighbor and catches you in every other embarrassing moment until you're convinced the Universe is against you and this new life you have to start.And did I mention that he's drop-dead gorgeous?And exactly what you do. Not. Need.But the heart makes its own rules and a girl has a choice.If he's worth the risk.CALEBTalk about a cluster.She invades a house she claims is hers, while I'm responsible, so, of course, I have to rush in.And she's standing.Naked.With that towel.Doesn't stop there. Just when I'm pulled in other directions, trying to keep my uncle from driving the company into another version of cluster, this girl disrupts. Everything.It's not enough that she's beautiful.That she belongs here more than any woman I've ever known.She has to disrupt the privacy in my cove.The routine of my life.When I need to focus and stop thinking about what she looks like.Naked...