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The Iron Facade by Catherine Cookson


I Know My Love

Catherine Gaskin - 1962
    The story of two women - and a man; of Emmy and Rose, bound to each other irrevocably by ties of friendship and love, and still locked in a ceaseless struggle for the same man, Adam.

A Bevy of Suitors

Jann Rowland - 2015
    Everything is twisted around so that many roles are reversed or at least greatly altered. But in spite of that the writing seems true to the style of Jane Austen." "Clean, fun, engaging, and generally well written (especially compared to a lot of JAFF)." "I loved it, so good!" ***** When a chance remark from Mr. Darcy causes Mr. Bingley to rethink which Bennet daughter he wishes to pursue, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself the focus of Mr. Bingley’s attentions. Though her dearest sister encourages her to allow herself to determine her feelings for the man, Elizabeth finds her eye caught by the more reserved Mr. Darcy. But these are not the only suitors for Elizabeth’s hand, as Mr. Wickham and Mr. Collins also prove themselves determined to draw her attention. Though Elizabeth would never have imagined that she would be the focus of such attention, she finds herself forced to choose from among a bevy of suitors . . . .

A Hasty Decision: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Wynne Mabry - 2019
    Darcy makes a hasty decision. After all, if he cannot have the lady he loves, it little matters whom he marries. Or so he thinks at the time. It is not long before he regrets his choice, but there is no turning back. As a miserable marriage threatens his own happiness and his sister’s, he finds comfort in friendships, including an unexpected one with Elizabeth. When the unthinkable happens, she remains a loyal and valued friend. But what will it take for them to have a second chance at happiness?

When The Boys Come Home

Pamela Evans - 2007
    But when owner Dai Morgan is killed in an air raid, his daughter Megan is determined to continue in her father's footsteps and she braves the ravaged streets alone to do his milk round by horse and cart. Megan finds comfort in the knowledge that her twin girls are tucked away in a Welsh village, but she worries about her husband, Will, abroad with his platoon. And when Will's best friend, Doug Reynolds, returns, wounded and disfigured, she doesn't hesitate to take the poor man in. However, Doug is not the man she thinks he is. And when the boys come home, Megan has battle scars she can't allow Will to see...

The Inn On The Marsh

Lena Kennedy - 1989
    Talk of Dumb Lukey's crazed acts and the romance between Lucinda and Joe Lee, the Thames bargee. Talk of the Crimea and the terror of Napoleon.At the tavern, hard-headed Beatrice and her sister Dot care for their invalid father and for Lucinda, their pretty orphaned niece. The inn is their livelihood but village business is ever Beat's business too. And now some dark cloud has descended on them all . . .

A Life Apart: A Darcy and Elizabeth Pride and Prejudice Variation

Harriet Knowles - 2018
    Enraged at the Bennet family's manipulation, Darcy takes his new wife to Pemberley and leaves her there. He returns to London, with every intention of making his life apart from her. But as time goes on, he cannot avoid the feeling that he has left something very special in Derbyshire. Perhaps it is not just Pemberley he misses? Estranged from her family, and now trapped in a marriage she never wanted, Elizabeth must make a new life alone. With her husband's family against her, she needs to take drastic measures if she is to find a way through this. The only question is, does she want to escape from Darcy, or to him? Can a family's betrayal ever be forgiven? And when a marriage starts without love, can love ever be found? A Life Apart is a sweet and clean Regency Romance of 94,000 words.

Let Love Come Last

Taylor Caldwell - 1949
    . . Even when, brutally overriding her refined sensibility, he imprisoned her in a mansion of overwhelming opulence, an accursed house that brought all who lived there grief. . . Even when, before her eyes, she saw him destroying their children with his misguided indulgence. . . For here was a man more powerful, more truly gigantic than any she had ever known, a man she knew she would love until death. . .

When They Fall in Love: Darcy and Elizabeth in Italy

Mary Lydon Simonsen - 2013
    Included in the invitation is Elizabeth Bennet, who has taken on the responsibility of governess for her niece.In the intervening years, Elizabeth’s opinion of the Master of Pemberley has altered greatly, but has Darcy’s opinion of Elizabeth changed? After all, he married another and fathered a child. Will they be able to put their troubled history behind them?When They Fall in Love is set against the background of the greatest city of the Renaissance, a perfect place to start over.

Mistress of Marymoor

Anna Jacobs - 2002
    So when a handsome stranger named Matthew Pascoe appears bearing a summons from a long-lost wealthy relative, Deborah agrees to return to Marymoor House with Matthew. On arrival, Deborah is told she shall inherit the estate on one condition: that she immediately marry Matthew. With no hope of a future otherwise, Deborah consents and soon after becomes owner of the estate when her benefactor dies.Despite the unconventional circumstances of their marriage, Deborah and Matthew are surprised at the degree of affection that develops between them. But trouble soon befalls the couple in the form of Anthony Elkin, who claims that the Marymoor estate rightly belongs to him. The marriage of Deborah and Matthew secures their ownership, but they don't anticipate just how far Elkin will go to see the pair parted.Can Deborah and Matthew outwit Elkin and find happiness against all odds? From the bestselling and much-loved Anna Jacobs, this involving and uplifting saga is perfect for fans of Kitty Neale, Ellie Dean and Margaret Dickinson.

Days of Hope

Lyn Andrews - 2007
    For the Devlin family in Liverpool, the wartime years have been almost too much to bear. But at long last sisters Grace and Chrissie can return to their normal lives. Level-headed and hard-working, Grace wants nothing more than to meet a nice man and settle down. Vivacious Chrissie, though, craves fun and excitement – and there’s not much of that to be had in the austere post-war years. So when Chrissie meets Pat Kilroy, a handsome Irishman, she’s swept off her feet and eagerly follows Pat to Ireland. Chrissie soon realises she has made a terrible mistake, and Grace rushes to her side to help. But the consequences of Chrissie’s actions are to be as far-reaching as they are devastating.

Cockney Orphan

Carol Rivers - 2006
    The Isle of Dogs, heart of London's docklands, suffers the first terrible night of a nine-month Blitz. But for Connie Marsh, the discovery of an orphaned baby boy amongst the rubble brings a glimmer of hope to a time of darkness and suffering. She also finds herself falling in love with handsome Vic Campion, the man who helped her rescue the child they've named Lucky. But Connie's happiness is not to last. When his call-up papers arrive, Vic leaves for the navy - and Connie knows she might never see him again. And when a sinister figure emerges, claiming to be Lucky's grandfather, she is terrified of losing the child, too. Will she turn for comfort to Clint Hershey, the dashing GI who makes no secret of his admiration for her? Will she stay true to Vic, the man she really loves? Previously published with the title Connie of Kettle Street.

You Are My Sunshine

Katie Flynn - 2011
    The precious few days she spends with her new husband are quickly forgotten once she starts work as a balloon operator, trained for the heavy work in order to release more men to fight. There she makes friends with shy Emily Bevan, who has left her parents' hill farm in Wales for the first time; down-to-earth Biddy Bachelor, fresh from the horrors of the Liverpool bombing, and spirited Jo Stewart, the rebel among them, whose disregard for authority looks set to land them all in trouble. The girls stay friends through good times and bad, through romantic encounters and, ultimately, tragedy.

The Secret of Summerhayes

Merryn Allingham - 2017
    Now a shadow of its former glory; most of the rooms have been shut up, the garden is overgrown and the whole place feels as unwelcoming as the family themselves.Struggling with the realities of war, Alice is plagued by anonymous letters and haunting visions of her old household. At first, Beth tries to convince her it’s all in her mind but soon starts to unravel the mysteries surrounding the aristocratic family’s past.An evocative and captivating tale, The Secret of Summerhayes tells of dark secrets, almost-forgotten scandals and a household teetering on the edge of ruin.

The Return: A Pride and Prejudice Story

Timothy Underwood - 2015
    Bingley returned after the Netherfield Ball and asked Jane to marry him. He admitted to Jane that Mr. Darcy’s advice had nearly stopped him. Elizabeth, eager to hear anything ill about Mr. Darcy, made her sister tell the story. Jane said Mr. Darcy discouraged his friend because he sincerely believed her to be indifferent. Elizabeth knew better. Darcy was selfish and unfeeling. Elizabeth wasn’t naïve and willing to believe every story told to her. At the wedding Darcy said he approved of his friend’s marriage because Jane clearly loved Bingley. In fact, he might follow his friend’s example and marry for affection. Elizabeth wasn’t going to let this hypocritical gentleman get away with his deception. Not after he tried to hurt Jane. She loudly said what she truly thought of him. Now Elizabeth realizes she was horribly mistaken about Darcy’s character. Now she loves him. But, is it too late for her? Has she lost his esteem forever?

Melbury Square

Dorothy Eden - 1972
    It is expected that she will conclude the season with a brilliant titled marriage---but it is not to be so. Both idolized and dominated by her flamboyant father, Maud finds her search for love and happiness thwarted at every turn.How this vibrant, headstrong beauty is liberated and comes to learn what love is all about make Melbury Square an unforgettable reading experience.