Minecraft: 14 Book Mega Minecraft Box Set: Minecraft Wimpy Zombies, Minecraft Creeper, Minecraft Steve, Minecraft the island, Minecraft Enderman, Minecraft Wimpy Ender Dragon, Minecraft Crash

Craft Steve - 2018
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Beast Control (The Crossroads Series #5)

Stephen R. King - 2015
    King’s “Crossroads” series that will help keep you entertained late into the night. Discover the bright imagination, suspense, thrilling drama, picturesque visions, and a deeper look into the true landscape of the “Crossroads” series.WARNING: Not the famous Stephen King from Maine.

Yuma Prison: A Western Adventure (Marshal Jack Black Book 6)

Ash Lingam - 2019
    Deputy Marshal Harold Stampede. But the outlaw has managed to break out and take a dozen hardened convicts with him as they sweep a path of violence across Southern Arizona. The leader of the gang has sworn an oath to kill the deputy marshal for shooting dead his partner, Jimmy So-Fast. And Marshal One-Eyed Jack Black intends to do whatever he can to stop him and protect the citizens of Cochise County – all this, while an unsuspecting killer is on the loose in Peirce City during the lawmen’s absence.

51 Inspirational Sweet Western Romances Box Set (Mega Box Set Series Book 11)

Katie Wyatt - 2019
    Included in this amazing set are our number-one best sellers by Kat Carson, Brenda Clemmons, Ellen Anderson, and Ada Oakley, as well as some of my own stories. This collection will introduce you to some of our popular historical mail order bride stories as well as historical westerns and contemporary westerns.51 Inspirational Sweet Western Romances Box setBook 1 The Fur TrapperBook 2 Home For Christmas GiftBook 3 Sally’s ChristmasBook 4 New Christmas DreamsBook 5 The Cowboy pirateBook 6 The Pony's Tail RanchBook 7 Catching Christmas SpiritBook 8 Clara and BenBook 9 Freeman's FarmBook 10 Smoldering FuryBook 11 A love So UnstagedBook 12 The School MasterBook 13 Vagabond HeartBook 14 Mary's English GentlemanBook 15 Katie and JaneBook 16 Trixie, Bella and EvaBook 17 Rose, Annie and LauraBook 18 JenBook 19 MaryBook 20 Maggie's MaelstromBook 21 Hanna's HazardBook 22 Anna's AnswerBook 23 Fanny’s FlawsBook 24 Gloria's GloryBook 25 Jesse JamesBook 26 Stolen BridesBook 27 Love Never FailsBook 28 Deborah’s DiscoveryBook 29 Valentine ElizaBook 30 The Lost BrideBook 31 Belle’s TrainBook 32 Fallacies of LoveBook 33 Emily’s True LoveBook 34 Rachel’s LessonBook 35 A Musical InterludeBook 36 Song of The HeartBook 37 The Sheriff's SweetheartBook 38 Bodie's Most WantedBook 39 Nature's BountyBook 40 Ella’s MiracleBook 41 Grace’s TruthBook 42 Love of JaneBook 43 Heather’s HealingBook 44 Juliet’s CourageBook 45 Martha's CourageBook 46 Dusk of AcceptanceBook 47 A Sublime NightBook 48 Midnight TranquilityBook 49 Three BridesBook 50 Mary’s Frontier FreedomBook 51 Jenny’s Unexpected Love Read all the books by bestselling author,Katie Wyatt! - 50 Boxset Inspirational Historical Western Romances, Mail Order Bride (Mega Box Set Series Book 8-24 Books Western Women Tales of Love Box Set : Historical Western Mail Order Bride and Contemporary Western Romance (Mega Box Set Series Book 9-31 Sweet Inspirational Romances Mail Order Bride & Christmas Box Set: Historical Western ,Christian Contemporary Collection (Mega Box Set Series Book 10) Mega Box Set Complete Series -25 Book Mega Box Set 5 Complete Series: Mail Order Bride-27 Book Mega Box Set 5 Complete Series-Box Set Wild West Brides of Bodie Complete Series-Complete Series Emma Jackson's Western Frontier Love Plus Oregon Trail-Orphans of Albany Complete Series-Christmas Brides Collection: 7 Book Heartwarming-25 Book Mega Box Set Complete Series-Box Set Unexpected Love Complete Series-8 Book Complete Series Peril or Prosper Plus The Grant Boys Katie Wyatt’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American Mail Order B ride historical Western box set romance series is enjoyable for all ages.

The Vane-Martin Conundrum (Terrorist #3)

Phillip Strang - 2015
    There is only one person who can save the country, but she's not in authority - YET! It is clear that the Prime Minister, a pacifist at heart, cannot stop the carnage, but the tough-minded Anne Argento, a member of his government can. She needs to take control, and she can only do that if she is Prime Minister.The Prime Minister of Great Britain is to be assassinated – Frederick Vane and Andrew Martin, two government analysts, are sure of it. Do they allow the assassination to continue? Do they tell DCI Isaac Cook, a tall black man of Jamaican heritage? Do they inform Anne Argento? Can a policeman and a politician be trusted with the information?A nuclear-powered submarine has been lost. A cathedral prevented from destruction at the last minute. Shopping centres and churches throughout the length of England subjected to random attacks. Patrons at public houses enjoying a quiet night’s drink slaughtered.The Master, the head of the Islamic State in England is orchestrating the attacks. Durrani, the bomb maker, is giving him the weapons of destruction. Shafi, an unscrupulous drug dealer, is out on the street aiming to infiltrate the Islamic State, and the Master’s daughter, the beautiful Sara, seduces her future husband, a Naval officer, and forces him to sabotage his submarine after she has inadvertently fallen in love with him.The lead policeman, DCI Isaac Cook, and Anne Argento, the Deputy Prime Minister are heading towards a romantic entanglement where their professional proprieties conflict with their personal feelings.

Lies, Deceit & Rara Skirts

Sheree Holder - 2019
    However, all that changes when they meet and marry men from completely different backgrounds, forcing them to choose where their loyalties lie. Shelley marries Chris Charlton, an educated pretty boy who’s still tied to his mother’s apron strings. Blissfully contented Shelley believes she has it all, but when Chris’s head is turned by the forbidden fruits of his colleague, Mandy, her perfect life come crashing down around her. On the other side of town, the once outgoing and confident Tina, is now a shadow of her former self, leading a miserable existence as the downtrodden wife to chauvinistic brute, Darren Doyle. Now moving in different circles, neither women are aware of the others plight. When Shelley and Tina’s paths finally cross again, will the women realise the importance of their once steadfast friendship, or do they cling in desperation to their failing marriages?

When A Rich Thug Loves the Nanny

Nikqua - 2019
    Now a single father, Landon didn’t know who to turn to when it comes to taking care his kids for him when he’s a working man. Fresh out of jail, headstrong Patricia is ready to get her life back together after losing a year of it behind bars. Needing a place to stay and a job, she turned to her brother. When Landon’s best friend told him about someone who could help him take care his kids, Landon jumped at the chance of meeting the person. Not knowing it was his first love. Shocked, guilt, and regret filled Landon at once when he laid eyes on Patricia again after what he did to her nearly 5 years ago. Not only does Landon wants Patricia to be there taking care his kids, he also wants her in his life—his bed and his heart. Would Patricia put her hurt aside to help Landon out knowing she needs a job? Will Landon be able to break down the wall Patricia have around her heart when it comes to him and let him in? Will Patricia be able to forgive Landon for the pain he caused her? Come hell or high water, Landon will soon finds out how it is when he loves the nanny.

Hounds of Rome

Tom Clancy - 2013
    But, out of the blue, he is transferred without explanation to a temporary university teaching post. Shortly after, he is ordered to a prison-like correctional monastery deep in the Sonora Desert of Arizona. Murphy knows that he has been a devout priest and is puzzled and angry that he has been thrown in with the derelicts of the Catholic clergy. At the monastery, he finds that he has been cast among the pedophiles, alcoholics, embezzlers and other serious offenders who the church hierarchy is pressuring to resign or be defrocked. Convinced that God wants him to continue his ministry, he escapes. Murphy is now a fugitive, pursued by monks from the monastery who are little more than thugs with others to "do whatever it takes" to stop him and return him to the monastery, or even kill him, if necessary. Why, Steve Murphy asks himself, is his church doing this to him?

The Best Couple Ever

Novoneel Chakraborty - 2018
    If yes, then congrats! You are their next target.

7 Free Crochet Prayer Shawls

Prime Publishing - 2015
    With this 7 Free Crochet Prayer Shawls eBook, you can make sure your crochet skills are put to one of the best uses you can think of. It’s one thing to work up a crochet shawl for yourself; it’s another to make a wonderful gift for charity or a friend in need with a crochet prayer shawl.

Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Creeper

Diary Wimpy - 2015
    What kind of mischief will he get into? Will he win his father's approval and cause more destruction than any creeper in history? This diary book is a great read or gift for a Minecraft lover of any age! *** Read It FREE With Kindle Unlimited Or Prime Membership *** Don't have kindle? No worries! Read it on your PC, Mac, Tablet Or Smartphone! *** Download Your Copy Or Read It FREE With Kindle Unlimited Or Prime Membership ***

Gwen's Honor

Sandra Wilkins - 2013
    Although engaged to Walter Manning for more than two years, she has lived away from him and worked as a society reporter for the Shawnee Globe. But an unexpected reconnection with the handsome Josh Flynn, her childhood sweetheart, leads to jealousy from Walter. Gwen insists that she loves Walter and would never be so dishonorable as to break off her engagement…Yet she can't brush off the feeling that her lack of enthusiasm and mounting pressure from wedding preparations are pointing her in a different direction—one that would shake her comfortable life to its foundation. Faced with an impossible decision, Gwen must choose between honor and love in this historical romance set in the Oklahoma Territory.

Art Deco Apparitions: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel: (Hallowed Homes) (Haven Hollow Book 14)

J.R. Rain - 2022

The Fashion Designer, SAMPLE

Nancy Moser - 2019
    Joining the project is Annie’s new husband, Sean Culver, her best friend at Butterick, Maude Nascato, and a mother figure, Edna Holmquist.   Annie and her colleagues give up their careers, risking everything to follow a shared passion: clothes that are both fashionable and functional for modern, busy women in 1912.   Personal and financial setbacks test old relationships and new romances while threatening to keep the business from ever selling a single dress. No one said it would be easy. But the promise of the American Dream holds a deep hope for those who work hard, trust God, and never give up.

The Reed Ferguson Mystery Series, Books 4-6

Renee Pawlish - 2015
    So Reed tries his hand at the detecting business and what follows is a humorous journey into suspense territory. FAREWELL, MY DEUCE (Book 4) Reed Ferguson returns in his most harrowing adventure yet! Life and the detecting business are running smoothly for private eye Reed Ferguson, until one of the Goofball Brothers goes missing. Reed leads the search and soon discovers Deuce's connection to some unscrupulous characters. As Reed learns more about Deuce's activities, the clues point to intrigue, danger and death. But will Reed find his friend alive, or will it be "Farewell, My Deuce." OUT OF THE PAST (Book 5) Compelled by a dark secret from his past, private investigator Reed Ferguson takes on his most unique case yet: bodyguard for young, spoiled trust-fund baby Stephanie McMahon. As Reed tries to protect her from her father’s enemies, he gets more than he bargained for. Things are not what they seem, no one can be trusted, and the past has a way of coming back to haunt us. And when suspicious deaths begin piling up, Reed knows he might be next. With a twisting plot and film noir fun that readers have come to expect, Out of the Past is Reed Ferguson at his best. TORCH SCENE (Book 6) Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson is between cases when a house fire threatens to consume the home of his girlfriend, Willie. The police think it's arson, and they look to Willie - the owner of the building - as the logical suspect. Worse yet, when a body is found in the charred third-floor apartment, the police think Willie is the killer. Reed hops into action to clear her name, but as his own list of suspects grows, so does the danger. Can Reed find the culprit who committed murder, or will his investigation go up in flames?